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Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I wish Tefal had spent less on the shiny box and more on the booklet. After all unless you have to return the appliance, the box will be quickly recycled/disposed of; whereas the accompanying info which is a cheaply produced leaflet, has stuff in it you may want to refer to in future, and recipes that are actually worth keeping to use over and over.

The machine is easy to set up - although the flip up lever is at the back so it is best operated sideways to save making blind grabbing movements looking for it behind. There's a reasonable length of cord - over three foot. The 3.5 L bowl is light and bright, with a solidly made base arrangement that locks into the machine anti clockwise and then is clockwise to unlock which somehow seems counter intuitive. Feet with suckers on them keep everything steady and still on the worktop. Altogether the Tefal Kitchen Compact 700W 3.5.L mixer is attractive, clean and free of any nasty dirt collecting areas (Kenwood could learn a lesson for this as the base of the Major is always grotty underneath and won't come up clean).

There are four speeds to use plus a pulse function so you are in control. Happily the machine is reasonably quiet, I could still hear the play on 2. Well the play was on 4 but the speed was 2!

The attachments are proclaimed to be `high quality' but I was not so sure. They are a light plastic and metal combination and feel almost toy like in the hand. However I think their being lightweight could be very helpful to a cook with arthritic hands so not necessarily a disappointment. The splash guard is handy and prevents snowstorms of flour or icing sugar. And protects little fingers that might get too near the mixing.

The Whisk is wonderful - making the meringue recipe from the leaflet was a doddle, the mix stood up stiff and strong, and turned itself into a perfect Pavlova with no trouble. I found it much less hassle than standing around with an electric whisk and a bowl (my Dualit resembles an outboard motor).

The Dough hook looks spindly and bendy but is fine; it produces a ball of elastic springy dough from 350g flour very quickly, leaving the bowl clean in moments. Again using the Tefal leaflet recipe I made a batch of white rustic rolls easily. I was a bit befuddled as to why after mixing the dough together, with the machine, I was then told to knead it till smooth. This is not necessary with larger mixers.

The 1 L blender jug is brilliant, set at a comfortable height, watertight and light to use, it made an ice cream milk shake in seconds. Simple to wash, the ease of use was impressive. Less so was the fact that the blades will go round when the machine is turned on with no lid on, this is basically an accident waiting to happen.

It was the beater that disappointed a little. I set to with the Vanilla Sponge slab cake recipe that weakly called for softened butter. What a wuss - a prima donna demand. If you have the patience to wait for butter to soften well your name is probably Mrs. Beeton and you'd be happy with a wooden spoon and an earthenware bowl under your arm. Isn't softening butter what machines are for? The much vaunted planetary motion which worked so well with the whisk was less effective with the beater. It's boring having to scrape mix back down the sides of the bowl, it causes curdling and separation when even at top speed the ingredients aren't incorporated. However once all the mix was in the thing got going and produced a perfectly satisfactory cake mix. It did look a bit dull so I added a pot of glace cherries. Later I made an oil based ginger cake which mixed perfectly. It is just creaming butter and sugar that seems awkward. But then I could have mixed the ginger bake by hand just as easily!

We are invited to customise the machine with further extras, the graters and slicers look tempting, there's also a mincer and a mini mincer should you get the urge to produce your own non equine version (although the mixer is made in France).

In conclusion, most half way committed cooks will already own a stick blender and an electric whisk, maybe a table top blender. So who is the target market for this all rounder? And is it worthy of the work top/cupboard space it will take up. It all depends on the kind of cooking you do. I am now trying to come to terms with the fact that everyone is grown up and I am no longer cooking for a large and hungry family. So this more small scale mixer is ideal for my everyday needs. It is hygienic, bright and modern in style. I like it and so yes, it can stay.

p.s. a couple of weeks on and I am pleased to say that I like this even more than I thought I would. I've used it every day for one thing or another and am having great success with all in one cakes that my now defunct magimix used to whizz up. As long as you do soften the butter, or choose oil instead, and employ the whisk instead of the beater, the mix gets thoroughly incorporated very quickly and thickly, without curdling or leaving debris on the sides of the bowl. Now I have got used to that extra step I declare this to be a four star item, a very handy friend indeed.

P.S. in early 2015 I am still using this machine everyday. The fact that it is so discreet on the worktop means I reach out for it more often thanI might if it had to be stores. A long lasting peiee of kit!
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on 21 September 2013
A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to get back into baking. So I went to argos and decided to splurge on a stand mixer, as my hand mixer was getting old and the motor was beginning to smell a bit. I was originally going to go for a Bosch MUM, but I decided to save £150 and go for the Tefal. And though I've only used it twice so far, I can confidently say I have no regrets.
It's not as pretty as a kitchenaid, but it's not ugly either. It comes with a metal dough hook, plastic paddle beater and a wire (with a bit of plastic on the bottom) balloon whisk. Mine didn't come with the blender attachment, but that's what you get if you buy from argos! The 4 speed settings are quite adequate for my needs. 1 is a slow speed for kneading and folding, 2 is for mixing up cake batter, and 3 and 4 are for whipping and whisking. The bowl is relatively small, but I only make small-ish batches so this isn't an issue for me.
Last week I made cupcakes with the machine. With the dual planetary mixing, my butter and sugar were creamed within seconds! After adding the dry ingredients, I let it mix on speed 2 for a couple of minutes and voila, it was done! If you're looking for good, and quick results with minimal scraping then this mixer really is for you.
My only slight gripe is that my whisk attachment seems to touch the bottom of the bowl before the mixer head is even locked down, meaning you need to squash it down a little to close it. It functions perfectly well, but the mixer shakes a lot at high speed, and the whisk scraping the bowl makes a horrible noise.
But all in all, I'm very happy with my new gadget. If you're looking to buy this mixer, don't be put off by bad reviews- some people expect professional performance out of a machine designed for occasional home bakers. It's not a substitute for a kitchenaid, but if like me you want a sturdy, effective ( and value for money) mixer for your everyday baking needs, the Tefal really can't be beat!
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VINE VOICEon 20 April 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This appliance comprises a kitchen mixer and a blender. The manual refers to a grater assembly but this is not supplied. The bowl size is 3.5L. The full size appliance this is the compact version of has a bowl of 4L ie not that different. The materials the tools are made of are quite different - the ones supplied here are mostly plastic and have a cheap look to them with some rough edges whereas the full sized machine has metal attachments and though not tested by me look more robust on the pictures.

However, this machine costs about a third less at the time of writing and it has some good points going for it in addition: the non slip suction feet work a treat, the machine is easy to use with a positive click when fully open, and dealt well with the full amount of cake mixture that I tested it with. I used the fullest permissable amount - a 4 egg Victoria sponge mix.
On the minor side, when I was creaming the fat and sugar, there was lots of this accumulating on the edges of the bowl. Once I added the eggs and flour however, it dealt with the mixture well and it soon turned a nice light colour.
The cakes turned out light and even in texture.

Another negative I am afraid: it was not very nice having to pull the used attachment out of the mixer when I am used to having an eject mechanism of mixers. Also the lip to stop the flour rising up has too small a tray so you end up having to spoon minute amounts of flour into it and most of the flour sits on the lip and you have to move that too.

I would not buy this mixer as it is not robust, promises more than it delivers - in addition to the issues adding ingredients via the anti splash lid inlet, there was also lots of flour at the back of the mixer where the lid did not cover the bowl and on the front of the machine. It does come with a blender too but I probably would not want to get the whole thing out of the cupboard when I can get my stick blender out in a trice.
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on 6 September 2014
The Tefal Kitchen Machine works very well and is a very good size for the smaller cakes and scones etc that i make now my family have flown the nest. My only reservation is that it is a bit 'wobbly' when mixing heavier consistency's such as scone mixtures. Otherwise i am very pleased with it.
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VINE VOICEon 28 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Whilst the machine seems well built on first inspection its soon becomes apparent all is not well at the house of Tefal! Firstly the motor, when there is a fair bit of blending and you want to start mixing with some vigour turning up the speed it becomes apparent that the 700w motor is not really up to the job. The whole unit seems to have been built down to a fairly low budget with the sorts of things that can make a unit of this kind to seriously lose its initial appeal. The tools and attachments are not the highest quality you would expect from Tefal products, so it leaves you wondering who is this aimed at.

The main mixing bowl is brushed stainless steel finish and should give no problems for many years to come. The blender jug is constructed from a clear crystal type plastic and I am not sure if dropped it would not break (not that I am about to find out).

The 3 piece tool-set consists of a whisk, beater and a dough hook, and these are of the poor quality construction seeming susceptible to breaking. The unit is able operate at four different speeds allowing a variety of blending tasks, however the power (or lack) of the motor makes this a bit of a trial. All attachments can be put into a dishwasher for easy cleaning. The 3.25 litre main bowl should suffice for most mixing jobs and is a good compromise from having a much larger unit. The blender capacity is 1litre and whilst this is reasonable perhaps could have been slightly larger. Dimension of the machine (after unpacking) are 35.2 x 20.7 x 36.7, with a weight of about 4Kg. The compact size might make it ideal where space might is limited

In use the blending/mixing is not the most foolproof, with even simple mixing tasks such as cake, fruit mixes require some level of manual intervention, which is annoying, after all isn't that what these things are for to thoroughly mix things?

Overall: Built to a budget which shows upon any significant usage. Whilst I wouldn't recommend this over any other as I think if you pay more money then you can get a much better product. However people looking to buy this might be on a tight budget and and even with the shortcomings this may be ideal for them at the modest price.

-Compact size
-easy to clean
-good bowl capacity
-good blender capacity
-dishwasher safe tools
-nice stainless mixing bowl

-motor not powerful enough
-Blender jug of a breakable plastic
-tools of low quality
0Comment| 3 people found this helpful. Was this review helpful to you?YesNoReport abuse'd be a Renault.

But not a punchy little hatchback with Nicole respiring heavily in the passenger seat; this is not that kind of Gallic get-about. It's more like an ultra-compact people carrier - basic interior; small enough to put in the garage, but not big enough to actually carry that many normal-sized people.

Plastic everywhere.

You close the door shut when you get in and it clanks instead of clunks. The suspension dips so alarmingly when you sit that you fear you've put on a colossal amount of weight. It's not the sort of vehicle to pull a caravan.

Never before have you so yearned for a bit of solid German engineering.

You test out the accelerator and you hear that tinny engine strain like a Shetland pony pulling a dray, sounding more like a two year old having a hissy fit than a fully-capable motor vehicle, and you feel a little flinch of guilt every time you speed up with any enthusiasm. Each and every time. It's like torturing the poor thing.

Similarly tortured, this metaphor has probably served its purpose for the time being.

This mixer, then, serves as a reminder to all sentient gadget consumers: always keep in mind the trade-off that manufacturers make between profit and quality - here the balance is tipping too far towards the modern day approach of making products that are designed to be temporary rather than permanent; why buy a kitchen item that won't be around in 10 years' time?

Will it be a mere reminder of what - to coin a phrase - you could have won, if you'd spent a bit extra.

In its favour, it does bring this level of gadgetry to a much more affordable level; this is more fun than a hand blender, and at least it does what it's supposed to, admittedly with less panache than a more expensive model.

I've been making a lot of bread with this little machine, with excellent results - but I'm left a bit underwhelmed by the whole thing.

It feels incredibly cheap - disappointing, as I always thought of Tefal as a luxury brand. Most baking recipes aren't as demanding as those for bread; the dough has to be formed and kneaded for seven or eight minutes, which makes the motor run extremely hot - it even cut out once!

Everything is lightweight and slightly flimsy. The blender just sits in its place, wobbly and awkward - is that really how loose it was designed to be? Yes, it seems it is.

The mixer bowl is difficult to add ingredients to when it's already mixing - the hole in the cover is awkward, and the attachments feel shortlived and temporary.

Fair enough - if you've got a tight budget then this does the job. It could be a false economy though, because I can't see this surviving long in a busy kitchen.

Mixed feelings for this mixer then...
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on 12 October 2013
Previously had a Kenwood for 40 years, this of course doesn't come up to that standard but a lot cheaper that £300+
Impressed with the speed this was delivered.
Works well, found the blades a bit difficult to remove but other than that fine

I notice that no liquidiser jugs are glass now - may be a sign of the times My Kenwood had a glass liquidiser and was made of metal

Still can't compare a Ford with a Rolls Royce and shouldn't try

All in all impressed with the service you provided.
PS you were much cheaper than PC World/Currys
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on 27 February 2014
I got this to keep at our holiday home, so I did not have to haul my large Kenwood back and forth. The price we paid was great..£66.50 from Sainsburys, then £15 off in necta points. It was not as good, but did a fair job. The only thing that I wasn't so pleased with was the feel of the rim of the bowl. it felt a bit sharp to me. All in all , I'm glad chose it.
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VINE VOICEon 1 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
What attracted me to this food processor was definitely its footprint. Having a small kitchen, I can't afford the space a Kenwood Chef would take up so this combination mixer and blender definitely fits the bill on that front.

Unlike many other food processors in this kind of range, the top section is not detachable to use as a hand-held mixer. Instead it has a fairly substantial lever to unlock and tilt backward for access to the aluminium bowl. This bowl also comes with a splashguard type attachment which covers the front of the bowl and leaves open a slot for adding ingredients. Here the design seems to go off the rails a bit. The splashguard only covers part of the front so splashes can easily get into the area between the motor and the bowl. It's also made of some fairly low-rent clear plastic.

On top of the device are the speed control and a detachable flap which covers the blender attachment socket. This clicks into place easily enough, but again seems to have been made of some fairly poor quality plastic rather than glass or a similar material.

In addition there are a number of attachments for the mixer, to cover just about all usage. However it's not a big mixing bowl, with a 3 litre or so capacity. Tefal have put some thought into design on this item as it certainly isn't ugly, but is let down by a number of cheap plastic bits and the odd poor finish. Maybe it would find a home with a single person or couple, but certainly not in a heavy use situation as some of those cheap bits do look a little fragile.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 May 2013
Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This kitchen machine is one which is more than adequate enough for what the majority of starter cooks want and need and is fine for people who don't cook all the time.

It looks OK (if a bit plastic) in the kitchen although personally I'd prefer not having the white which shows up every speck of dirt and dust. I'd prefer the all over stainless steel look or a bright and modern color - white is very bland and old fashioned for a kitchen gadget these days.

The size of the box is misleading since it doesn't take up too much room on the counter when you get it out. Although you'll need space for the blender and attachments somewhere.

Love, love, love the blender attachment which is so handy for making very quick and tasty milkshakes as well as smoothie type drinks - perfect for when in a rush in the mornings. I've actually made a huge deal of use with the blender. Not that the blender won't do really hard things like ice - you'd have to buy a special blender if you wanted it for mixing ice etc. It's fine on soft stuff which is what I use in shakes etc.

The 700 watt is very noticeable in comparison with my last machine that only had 400 watt power - this one is quicker to mix up cake batters etc and does seem more powerful. I don't bake all the time, so for me this is more than good enough for my needs.

I think if you are cooking for 1 or 2 or if you're just starting to get into making cakes and cookies etc then this machine will do a competent job of it. If you are a more experienced cook and you need something that will handle amounts for a large family, this one is not going to be right for you. For us it is more than good enough.
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