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on 9 February 2013
I had a catastrophe shortly before Christmas: My iPhone3 lost all my Kindle books and it wasn't up to date enough to get them back. After a bit of a wait I now have a lovely iPhone4 and I've retrieved my books! (I had to read some actual books while I waited!)

My first new download was Exiled. I finished it in a day and enjoyed every page. As I have said before, Evangeline is my favourite writer and her amazing imagination was on form again with Saber and Lissa. I think this is the sexiest Brides of Kindred story so far, but I haven't read the others for a while. I'll have to re-read them to check!

I felt much sympathy for Lissa who was so reserved but who had to act the opposite in order to fulfill her mission. I had even more sympathy for Saber who had to suffer, as a Kindred Warrior, what would have been thought to be great indignities in order for him to keep up his end of the mission (as it were!).

The sexiest scene for me was when Saber intimately massaged Lissa under the tutelage of Llewellyn. Very hot!

I'm glad Evangeline has had yet more brilliant ideas for future Kindred plots and I wait expectantly for the next in the series, although anything she writes is much appreciated by me.

Very highly recommended but please do read the series in order. It is very fairly priced on Kindle and won't break the bank.
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on 10 January 2013
What a read ..Fantastic,sexy,romantic and yes great story lines.Some books can be repetative but these are certainly not.
It took just over a week to read these and was sad to finish the last one . I hope there will be a number 8 as it seems to have been left open,with new characters coming in.I mentioned them to a couple of friends that enjoy these type of books, and they love them and cant put them down..hence housework is being limited .
I would highly recommend this series and others by Evageline Anderson.
If you like Lara Adrian and J.R ward you'll love these all though they are a little more erotic but tastfully done.
Definatley read in series order as the old characters pop up in the various story lines.
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on 10 February 2013
I've read all the books in the series so far, and read them more than once. The plot is interesting, engaging and exciting and by the end of each book I can't wait to start the next. This writer knows how to keep the reader gripped with anticipation for each event in the story. These books would make a magnificent film series, I know I'd watch them.
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on 27 June 2017
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this series. I has knocked off a star, as I had felt considerably uncomfortable when reading particular scenes.
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on 28 March 2017
Another fabulous book by Evangeline Anderson. Couldn't put it down
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on 8 March 2013
I love all the books in this series. The stories are very different. This one was more about domination and I found that very interesting. I would have loved to read more on Draven and L. But the author has explained in her notes. I look forward to book 8 and every one. Thanks for keeping your book price reasonable, although I would still buy at a higher price.
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on 26 November 2012
I read this latest Kindred book in just under two days and as all the previous books it was a great read.

I really love how Evangeline brings all the characters back from the previous books so we can find out what's happening to them all.

You do really need to read the series in order, but at the price of each book that's not really a problem.

I'm not going to spoil the story as enough is given in the product description, but it was a really pleasant surprise to find out that this isn't the end of series and there's at least one more book to come.
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on 18 June 2016
This is the 7th book in the Brides of the Kindred series. Ten more to go. So far, each book has dealt with different aspects of sexual relationships. Some reviewers complained that the female characters are too weak. Well, in the real world, that’s very true, and most sexual exploitation is against females. Not this book. This storyline deals with the exploitation and dominance of the males by the females. Welcome to Yonnie Six, a world run by women and the men are only sex slaves. Yum! What a better place for a virginal priestess and a Touch Kindred to have to travel to to get information on how to stop the Hoard. Will their trip, and experience, be for naught?

Lissa is the typical weak female that Evangeline likes to portray, but under that blushing bride demeanor is a woman who want’s to dominate. And when she’s forced to punish her Kindred Warrior, Saber, emotions come to light that neither one of them expected. How will Saber handle his new found inner self?

As with the other books, this one is alive with different characters, adventures, and new worlds. Evangeline has the wonderful ability to pull her readers into the story. There’s a little subplot running that involves Draven, leader of the Hoard, and L, Lauren’s cloned sister. I just loved the nasty surprise Draven pulled on the Warriors and their brides aboard the Mother Ship. It made me laugh. Poor Baird.

What I’m starting not to like, the constant self-doubts and reiterating of those self-doubts. I know we need the drama and tension, but come on, enough is enough.

Anyway, another good book and I give it 4 feathers.
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on 13 May 2016
Having read all the books in this series so far, I felt compelled to leave a review about this one because of the twist in the story that had me laughing so hard it brought tears to my eyes.

Lissa, a rather timid character, is sent with Saber to Yonnie Six, a planet dominated by women who keep men as slaves, to retrieve some vital scrolls. There they experience some heart thumping adventures and are forced to play along with the society to fit in.

The best bit for me, and the thing that makes the book worth reading is the revenge that Draven, the villain in the plot hatches for those on the Kindred mother ship which is taking place just as Lissa and Saber return to the Mother ship. It is original and hilarious, and doesn’t involve any killing or bloodshed. Tip, make sure you’re somewhere where you can laugh out loud when reading this bit.

For me, it is Evangeline’s descriptions of Draven’s revenge which is absolutely comical, that makes this book memorable and worth a read.
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on 6 October 2016
Lissa is a priestess and Saber her brother (Not what you are thinking they are not blood brother and sister) you’ll have to read to get the full explanation,
There love is forbidden that is the reason that she became a priestess because his mother sent her to become one after forcing her to renounce her love for him.
So when they are forced to go undercover and pose as mistress and slave it’s hard for Lissa to deny her feeling’s but they have to do this to recover documents that were stolen and now holds the key to help them and to stop the end of the worlds.

So we all know as women we are objectified and now it’s time that men walk a mile in those shoes and that is what this book brings.
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