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on 10 July 2010
In times gone by a writer would have met an untimely and unpleasant end for putting together this tome of alternative thinking and research. Luckily we live in a more open world and have access to this information so that we can re-learn how to think for ourselves. This book is dangerous, not because it is unsafe but because it empowers the reader to think in new ways and challenges deeply held beliefs. Karen writes clearly and fluidly so that you feel as though you are sat having a conversation with the alternative researchers yourself.
There is so much here to open your mind, even for the seasoned 'alternative' there are thoughts and ideas which you might not have come across before. The great thing about this book is that it is like a doorway into many new worlds - you could spend many hours delving into the work of those interviewed - such as Icke, Ellis Taylor and Alan Wilson or you could take it a step further and become Dangerous yourself. This book is an inspiration to the Dangerous soul - to be awakened in this world and to see it with open eyes - highly recommended!
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on 28 July 2015
This is a great book to start if you are waking up from the control system, or a great book if you want many different perspectives and introductions to authors who you never even looked at before. Great book for open minded people who have an awareness of what is really going on.
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on 8 April 2013
The word " philosophy " comes from the Greek philosophia: philo " Love " and sophia " wisdom "---"Love of wisdom." It is a rather more natural impulse than we have been led to believe. It really is an abiding and essential component of everyone's life. The more wisdom we hold the more fulfilling our life Path.
The Dangerous Man gives the reader an armchair alongside the finest and some say most dangerous, on the edge, thinkers of our time. We are given a unique insight into what makes these men and women tick...what happened on their own paths that pushed them to the edge of the abyss & indeed urged them to stare into an abyss that tends to stare back a hundred fold. Karen Sawyer has put it to these pioneers in their fields and delivered a fantastic exciting ream of information that so many in the Alternative media have failed to do. Many authors talk but not many truly walk their talk. Karen has delivered an absolutely riveting tome that truly is the most leafed through Book on my shelf. From David Icke to Neil Kramer and Cleve Baxter to Bruce Lipton...you will be astounded at the frankness these Great minds come out with. Karen Sawyer has produced an absolutely spell binding read in this book and her care free attitude with genuine deep understanding of our changing Paradigm takes you smoothly through the dimensions, oft-times passed by unnoticed. Truly a Book I will treasure for a very long time as I believe it contains vital information that is simply not found in your average Hay House production. This is one of a very few books I can honestly say produces the goods. If you buy one book this year buy Karen Sawyers The Dangerous Man and empower your own dangerous Self to view our reality in a much different light from the one you now experience...Go on empower yourself...you will not be disappointed...
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on 28 February 2014
This book should be read by everyone.
You will probably not agree or believe everything you read in this book, but that's up to you to research.
On the whole though, it is a fascinating look into some brilliant minds.
I have learned a lot from this book, and will definitely be coming back to it.
The chapters aren't too long, and I seemed to fly through it.
The kindle edition is full of grammatical errors, but that's a minor moan really.
You will be glad you bought it. Enjoy.
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on 29 May 2013
astonishing , amazing , incredible , essential. When you reach the end of the book you will turn straight to the beginning and read it all over again
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on 5 May 2015
It's good in part's but those part's are few and far between.Sounded more interesting than it actually is.
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on 28 June 2010
This is Karen's second book and strikes a balance with her first book, 'Soul Companions' which was perhaps the light to the darkness of The Dangerous Man..... That's not to say that this book is gloomy, far from it.

This is a collection of conversations with radical thinkers, many of whom might loosely be described as 'conspiracy theorists' although the term 'alternative researchers' is probably more apt. The book contains a wide range of perspectives and ideas, ranging from David Icke, who comes far out of leftfield (to this mind at least), to the wonderfully intelligent Neil Kramer. The common thread running through all of these conversations is that the contributors are original thinkers. They don't regurgitate other people's theories and beliefs, so this book is a treasure trove of ideas and insights that expand one's own thinking - which is a treat indeed.

Some of the contributers clearly have radical beliefs and theories about what is really going on in this 3D world of ours, 'The Matrix' as it's often called. While others pose more questions than answers, encouraging the reader to think for themselves too. Hence my title 'A Dangerous Read'- at least it might be for anyone who has strong beliefs and theories of their own about life on this planet!

I guess the reason I loved it so much is that I have always had a questioning mind and learn best through asking questions. I am also trying to give up beliefs- which I regard largely as being unhelpful habits! And this book helps me in that by challenging all that our culture tells us is true.

I very much enjoyed reading Karen's own narrative, which introduces each section of the book and weaves the threads loosely together. Karen writes with intelligence, humour and self-disclosure, with all the hallmarks of an author who can write her own very readable and original story.

Thank you for bringing this book into the world, Karen and I look forward to your next one.
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on 20 August 2010
If your unfamiliar with 'Free Thinking' or 'Truth Seeking', this book is a great introduction. Even if you are familiar with such things, its a fine read. What or who is a free thinker? I would venture to suggest that its simply someone who questions the commonly excepted veiw point, free of the restrictions of the conditioning or indoctrination of society. A true individual. It would appear that the majority of people in the world, past and present, have been stuck in a 'group think' or 'hive mentality', this is why books such as Karen Sawyers - The Dangerous Man, are so very important.

This book contains interveiws with the kind of people who inspire. It lifted my spirits and in places, the sheer diversity of the topics kept me fascinated and reminded me of stuff I'd forgotten and introduced me to some new subjects too. Its also a reminder that most of the greatest acheivments of mankind have been made by people who think outside the box and go against convetion, like Galliao or Ghandi for example.

This book helps you realise that the revolution will not be televised because the revolution isn't going to happen 'out there' but in the hearts and minds of every human being, one day, soon, hopfully.
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on 30 June 2010
Karen Sawyer's marvellous book `The Dangerous Man' is a veritable treasure trove of spiritual teaching and knowledge, resonating with magical flavour of blossom from the mouths of the many researchers who have taken the personal journey of Selfhood rather than enveloping themselves in the false world of media, glitz, entrainment and corporations.

The tresses of rainbow drops and flow emanate from thirty-four Souls, introducing personal wisdom with a deep care for humanity and the Now! For those who are fortunate to walk the same path as this glowing manuscript, the words will carry close to the heart.
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on 15 February 2013
Karen Sawyer change my life with her brilliant book in more ways than one. It gave me answers to questions that I had long been seeking. As a lay person trying to understand some of the most difficult questions we are facing in these challanging times, I was able to reach greater understandings. I often go back and re-read as my journey of understanding developes. Thank you Karen the world needs couragious women like you. I wish you every success.
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