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on 9 December 2017
Well, if you want to do nothing but square knots, this book might be alright for you, but to be honest, you really don’t need a book for that.

Extremely simple, many designs are almost identical to one another (or vary merely in material used or bead placement (things even complete beginners can figure out for themselves).

So maybe this is a book for complete beginners, but for that you should be aware that the instructions aren’t particularly detailed, nor are there many diagrams.

I don’t know whom this book is any good for. Maybe someone who needs visual inspiration for very simple designs they can technically do already.

I’ve returned it. Obviously.
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on 16 September 2010
I bought this along with another Micro macrame Book. Of the two, this is my fave, yes it is small, doesn't have step by step pictures but the stunning designs more than make up for it. I want to create every single design in the book - it's that good!

In response to the previous reviewer, you don't necessarily have to use the thread or cord she recommends, you can use what you have. The beauty of Marcame is that you can be flexible, once you have mastered a technique, the type of cord or thread you use doesn't matter. By the way you can get the threads and cords she recommended, do an online search. I don't want to break Amazon rules so I can't recommend the online shops I got mine from.

This is a great book for anyone who wants to their Macraming to another level. I love Macrame because it is so relaxing and can be addictive.

Happy Macraming!
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on 15 October 2012
I love doing different kinds of craft, but am hindered by large hands and small amounts of patience. I recalled my father doing macrame on a larger scale back in the 70s, and thought - as we are alike - I could manage micro macrame... if I could understand the instructions that is! I ordered this book, turning out to be smaller than I anticipated, and turned to the initial instructions. I used string as a first material as I guessed this would be easier to knot - and cheaper - than the proper cord. I fancied making a spiral braid... and to my delight, half an hour later - thanks to clear, coherent and well-organised instructions - I had 4 cms of spiral and a new craft to enjoy.

I recommend this book, for its coherence and organisation. It is so clear to follow. Even when you get to the pages showing how to make various items there is a clear reference back to the appropriate instruction diagrams. I congratulate the author.
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on 11 August 2013
I've been wanting to make beaded jewellery for a while now, I got some books from my local library but they seem very advanced. I have some other titles in this range a as I also knit and crochet which are excellent. This book looks perfect for a beginner combining beading and knitting- as most kids do I have made other knotted bracelets. In fact I'm off to explore the bead shops of London tomorrow so I can started. Fingers crossed it goes well :)
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on 25 August 2010
I was disappointed in this little book. Most of the necklaces seem quite 'commercial' and are very like anything you can buy in the shops, with purchased pendants and such. There is nothing that hasn't been done before and I found it a bit boring and repetitive. It did not inspire me to make any item from it. The 3 stars I have given it may be a bit generous but I don't absolutely hate it so that is the reason. I would not purchase any other book in the series eg, bracelets 20 to make as I would assume the content to be more or less the same. Beginners may like this book however, because the items are simple to make.
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on 15 June 2017
Simple easy to follow ideas to have a go at macrame & start practising knotting. I brought to make simple gifts to give to my g/kidz (trying to be cool/sick) & make for their friends too
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on 5 September 2013
This book is really bad and almost anyone could have written it. To give you an example, at least two of the 'ideas' consist of just threading a bead onto a ribbon. Job done. Another is threading several beads onto a ribbon. See what I mean? So unless you're buying the book for a child, don't bother.
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on 10 June 2012
I purchased this book as a starter point for revisiting macrame following my initial interest in the 1970's.

I found it a good buy for the money with good diagrams and plenty of projects to keep me interested.

Well worth the money.
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on 29 August 2012
I had been showing my daughters how to make friendship bracelets and this popped up on Amazon as a recommendation, when I read the reviews and previewed what was in it it renewed my interest in macrame so I ordered it and thought it was well set out with good pictures and instructions
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on 12 June 2010
Has a few interesting bits along with basic instructions and some useful ideas. Some of the cords called for may be difficult to source in the UK but with a bit of ingenuity others could be substitiuted. For the price this is excellent value.
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