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on 10 June 2014
I carefully studied all other DAB radios available at around the same price range - my budget.

I have to spend 99%+ of my time in bed due to illness & disability, so I needed a radio that would not only fit on my side table, but that would allow me to reach and access all the controls that I needed, and this was just about the only one that met all my requirements, and more!

It has an Aux option and the socket is accessible on the side of the unit so I can play my mp3 player through the radio speaker - most such sockets are around the back in a difficult to access location. The headphone and software update sockets are in the same ;
location, so easy to access, as well, if required.

The central dial which not only controls volume, but also controls selection of other functionns, is a lot easier for me to manage than lots of little buttons, as I can't feel my hands very well. The problem is that the outer edge of the dial is smooth, so my grip isn't always adequate. However, this has been solved very simply and cheaply, by wrapping an elastic band around the dial which gives me a great grip.

It's a shame the clock display can't be lit up when the radio is off, as I can't read the display without it being backlit, but I think that probably depends on available lighting as well as the fact that my vision is deteriorating and contrast definition is my biggest eyesight deficiency at the moment.

The style of the radio is as its name describes - Classic. It looks like it would be slightly soft to touch, as it looks like it's coated in black matt rubber, but it's not soft, and it doesn't seem to be a dust magnet like most electronic products are, so maybe this surface coating makes a difference.

One thing that has pleasantly surprised me is that although there is only one speaker at the front left hand side of the unit, and it isn't a stereo unit, the sound is so good for that not to matter. You can even put something in front of the speaker (not completelly sealing it off, though, of course, though I've not tried this! LOL!), and it just doesn't seem to make a difference to the sound at all. The sound somehow just seems to float from the unit itself, and is clear and rich if you're listening to a DAB station. I can't say I've given it much of a ytest with fm stations, as I usually listen to the same DAB station 24/7, as TV is too much for me due to difficulties with sensory processing, and I sleep mucg better with music playing.

So, other than being switched off for a few short periods every day when my carers visit, the radio is playing 24/7, so it's definitely a tough little unit, able to stand up to a lot of use. However, iit isn't moved around at all, and is always left in the same place, even though it can be used with batteries and be portable, I have no need to use this facility, so I haven't tested this way of usage.

An extra feature that Ilove isthat the display can be set to tell you the currently playing songs title and singer, and for me, that's brilliant, as I always seem to want to know about the songs that the presenter doesn't give details about, and I end up frustratedly browsing the web, usually in vain, trying to identify the song! LOL!

This is my second such radio in 11 months due to the fact that the volume dial decame disconnected inside the unit, but within less than 48 hours over a bank holiday weekend, I had received a replacement unit from Amazon, and I had a freepost label to print out to return the faulty unit. You just can't beat Amazon for service! They really are second to none, especially if there's a problem with your purchased goods, even so close to the end of the warranty period! You really couldn't ask for more!
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on 27 May 2014
I got this to replace my old Pure One radio, which finally gave up the ghost. The sound quality is good, but I am not a Hi-Fi buff, as I tend to listen to Radio 4 xtra. This newer model now features a sleep timer, very useful as I use the radio to drift off at night. My radio arrived less than 24 hours after ordering, so well done Amazon. However, you'll see it shows 3 year warranty (gold seal), but when I looked in the box my manual showed only 2 years, only valid in Australia! (I am in UK). I did email Amazon, but they told me it is not their guarantee - although they use it to sell the radio on their website (?) However, when I registered the radio with Pure, their website clearly shows a 3 year warranty for this model, so I guess there isn't a problem if I provide a copy of Amazon's invoice email - there wasn't one in the Amazon box, as they normally put one in. The menu system is pretty intuitive for anyone who uses any modern electronic gizmos, and the pre-sets are adequate for me. Casing is now matt finish rather than gloss. You can rewind digital stations and listen again - very useful if you miss what someone has said due to a phone call etc. I still had my chargepak from previous radio, but this can set you back a bit if you need it to be portable. Which? recommend Pure and Roberts radios as the most reliable brands, but my old one lasted 9 years, which is par for the course for DAB radios.
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on 21 August 2015
This is the fourth one of these radios that I have purchased. Two of them have been put in the bin because I have found that after a while they tend to become unstable and the sound goes off for no reason at all. A bit of a shake usually corrects this, but this seems to be a fault and suggests to a lay person that there is something a little loose within the mechanism. However I like the size of these radios and the sound quality - when working - is good and I love the colours they can come in. They are chunky and not easily knocked over and easy to use. I have two on the go at the moment - one on my bedroom table and one permanently in my suitcase to go away with me.
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on 17 August 2015
I had a DAB radio for about 4 years and it recently packed in (power supply problems) so I purchased a sandstrom one from Currys and I couldn't get any reception on it at all using it in the same place as my old one. Took it back and then bought this one online - I hadn't been able to see it in 'real life' anywhere local.
I was not disappointed at all! It gets great reception and has a lovely sound for its size. The dial to change options is nice and tactile and it's really easy to use. I have it in the kitchen and I'm really pleased with it.
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on 25 January 2013
Chose this after much deliberation. It is a nice looking, compact radio with all the functions I was looking for and at a good price. Was warned off other radios with similar spec in same price bracket by adverse comments about tone. However, I find the tone of the One Flow has far too much base for my taste (I tend to listen to a lot of talk programes) and, so far as I can tell, there is no way of modifying the level.
It does take a little time to switch on and tune in but it took me a lot longer to manually tune my old radio and to me it's not a problem.
I am glad though that I have the option of DAB and internet; I can't receive FM at all well where I live and I love to listen to Classic FM which is reasonably clear and stable over the internet.
I should add that I haven't yet been able to register on the Pure website (takes time to work through it) so there may be an answer to my problems with the tone which I haven't yet discovered.
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on 15 August 2015
This is a great little radio - easy to use and with high quality sound. Selling the battery pack as an expensive add-on is a bit cheeky though... The 'soft to the touch' case is a bit weird at first, but ours doesn't look any the worse for wear after a year in the kitchen.

Just one word of caution. The radio had one infuriating problem - if you switched it off, and then on again very soon afterwards, it would 'hang'. The only solution was to remove the internal battery pack, leave it for some time (10 minutes!) and plug it back in again. It would then work perfectly. This went on for over a year, until one day it just wouldn't switch back on at all. After a bit of haggling the manufacturer agreed it was faulty, and replaced it within a week free of charge (we had to pay postage to send it back). The new model shows no trace of this strange behaviour - we wish we'd sent it back earlier.

So the message is: if you get one of these and it acts a but strange, don't hesitate to return it for a new one. It's a complex piece of software, but that doesn't mean it has to have bugs ;-)
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on 17 November 2015
Good size, logical control buttons (if you read the instructions). Slightly large for a bedside table. Nice long strong aerial, picks up DAB signal better than our older radios. One irritating factor: I bought the rechargeable battery to make it more portable, but then discovered from the manual that the alarm only works when it is plugged into the mains which is slightly annoying.
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on 4 May 2014
This is a nice looking and great performing little radio.
Setup is simplicity itself, because it does it all for you, and it's easy enough to use.
Sound quality is good, even though it is only mono. No more crackly FM, just pure clean sound.
The casing is rubberised, and has a silky smooth feel to it. It is very stylish looking and would not be out of place wherever you decided to put it.
The radio comes with a mains adaptor, but does not come with a rechargable battery pack - you would need to buy one of those seperately if you want one.
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on 29 May 2016
I use this radio daily and can't really fault it. It started out in the kitchen and is currently in the bedroom. It is simple to use with a single dial for selecting ratio stations and changing volume. It finds most digital radio stations in the UK and the sound quality is good, considering how small it is. Overall very pleased, I might get another one for the kitchen.
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on 17 March 2015
With their own battery this was £120, so not cheap. It used to be easy to link to wifi but recently you had to log in via a pc to their own system which is more complicated but no better. DAB signal is no better than cheaper radios, ie bad. Sometimes it doesn't switch on at all, despite being mains connected. I asked Pure for advice, they replied 10 days later suggesting I let them look at it for £50. I just use my phone via a Minx Go speaker, which works every time.
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