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on 8 January 2014
Really pleased with this printer/scanner. Print quality is excellent and the scanner works well. The wifi functionality is also really good and easy to set up. I've not used the fax features as these are not required. Other reviews of this unit moan about the high cost of toner cartridges. This is only true if you buy the genuine Dell toner, but you don't have to - for £28 I bought a complete set of cartridges including a spare black unit. So far (3-4 months) I've not needed them because the original set is still at 80%.

The replacement toner is http://www.amazon.co.uk/COMBO-PACK-Compatible-Cartridges-Printers/dp/B00977H4AG/ref=pd_rhf_cr_p_img_1

Conclusion: Thoroughly recommended.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 20 February 2014
After my rather finicky canon pixma mp780 multifunction inkjet printer gave up the ghost I decided it was time to search for a worthy replacement. As ever I did a fair bit of Googling to see what the best laser options were and found that most of the big online reviews weren't particularly favourable with complaints regarding cost of renewables and wifi function. Despite this, I still opted for the Dell even though its apparently LED not laser based.

Setup is really easy with the supplied disc but just make sure you go to the Dell website to ensure you have the latest firmware as I'm sure this is why I have had absolutely no issues with WIFI network coverage. Scanning/ Photocopying can be done directly or via the automatic document feeder and the print quality will knock the socks off any inkjet on the market (colour or greyscale).. It can do duplex printing but only via manual feeding which is the only gripe I have with the unit as it would be nice to have the auto duplex feature that my old canon had.
Aesthetically it's a boxy but smart black design with approx 14inch footprint. The paper feed and output is all frontally based which is great as it can be situated close to a wall on the desktop. The Dell software package that it comes with is simple to use as is Paperport image and you can also scan/print directly to and from USB which is a very useful feature. I cannot comment on the toner longevity as I've not gone through it all yet, but will report back in due course when I have a better idea of its capacity. Thankfully there are many aftermarket toners available which may be a more cost effective option but I will just have to check that it will not void the 3 year Dell next day warranty that it came with.

Overall for the total cost of £130 and 3 year Dell warranty I'd say that this is the best value printer currently on the market and it is certainly the best I have ever owned. Thoroughly recommended.

PS make sure you do a firmare update when you set it up for the first time to avoid any problems.
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on 9 July 2015
Wonderful printer would recommend it
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on 2 March 2016
I've not used this to its full capacity but it does everything I need and more!
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on 29 January 2016
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on 28 April 2014
This is a great printer in terms of print quality. I cannot find it wanting at all in this department. It creates consistently sharp printouts in both b/w and color. The document handler for scanning also works as advertised though it is abit on the slow side.

Just be aware:
- the interface takes a little bit of getting used to, and the on-line manual is not particularly helpful

As mentioned by other reviewers:
- It does not provide for duplex printing and I could not find anything in the driver that you could set for manual duplex printing.
- It does not support Apple's AirPrint

If you can get pass these 'minor' shortcomings, this is certainly one of the best value laser printers, and the print quality beats anything in a similar price range. I have had many printers in my time, and nothing I have owned surpasses the Dell.
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on 20 February 2015
OK, here we go...
Out of the box, I was happy enough with my purchase. It had good reviews which, like you I read the most helpful and the most recent. I didn't use the supplies software,just the drivers off the disk, I just wanted a windows printer etc and standard drivers should do it since they are supplied by Dell to Microsoft. Connected via wifi to a Win8 laptop it worked fine.
I connected other family laptops and desktops to it in the same way, but they all had issues of not being able to print, intermittently. It seems that whoever gets there first after a printer reboot, gets to print.
As the black toner got low I ordered one of the popular sets of after market toner from a top ranking seller, and I will cut this next bit short - bloody awful experience. The chip that is supposed to be compatible is rejected by the printer giving various warnings like toner density low, or just not working at all. I tried three of the most prolific Amazon seller and they all failed to work... so p;ease don't think after market toner is going to be as available as you first thought. I did finally find Cartridge World on the high street did a cartridge that worked, but at £13 each. Still considerably better than genuine Dell, but not the easy, low cost option I expected, or is implied by Amazon.
Then the printer stopped printing properly with various error codes on the display. I expected Dell to blame the after market toner, which they did not and they arranged a return.
In all day for collection... in all day to receive the new one.
Except it wasn't new! it was refurbished and the side door would not stay shut. So my NEW printer is now a repaired, previously broken down machine.... This is normal Dell policy.
After setup it seemed to be OK with the usual issues of no one being able to print unless it was rebooted, all the computers had been re setup for the new machine.
And it's gone for months being OK ish. Then recently it has started printing envelopes upside down and other odd things. I regularly have to reinstall the printer on family machines to allow them to print, but it seems this wifi issue is known about and I have found a review that details it too.
The reseller on Amazon has been Ok to deal with but insists I go through Dell to raise warranty issues. (I know my contract is with them).
SO I am about to go through another day of waiting for collection, and another day for return.
I am pushing for a new printer and a renewed warranty....but we will see.
All in all, I am ........ underwhelmed.
Some people my say I should use Dell toner, but I don't agree and can't afford the ridiculous premiums they charge. I would rather pay more for a printer and be treated fairly, but that is not the business model any printer company uses.
And to those people I would say, do you have your car serviced at the main dealer, with all their recommended parts and oils or do you use after market? Do you still have problems with it, do you still get punctures?
I make the point that owning something does not tie you to the manufacturer. By law, it cannot. But the quality of the product and the after market experience is what defines the quality and longevity of the company... and Dell is not impressing me at all with this one.
Lastly, if you think other people might want to read this you have to make it "helpful" by clicking the button. Otherwise Amazon will just ignore it.
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on 17 January 2015
Great Scanning/Copying and Printing but then its all down hill after that and here's why...

1 major problem is the printer goes into dead sleep for some special economy mode in order to power down the LCD fusers as they consume a lot of energy. The problem is it doesn't bloody wake up again!!!! The wake on LAN does not work and DELL are NOT fixing this. All it needs is a batch script to run and ping it at various intervals.
Not only does it not wake from sleep mode but when a print job is sent without turning printer on first, it will linger and block subsequent print jobs.

Every time I want to scan, copy or print anything I have to turn the power off and then back on!!!! CRAZY!!!
The copier function is very slow but does good copies.
The Network print feature is a veritable disaster unless you are a techie like me. SMS printing to my MAC did not work as you cannot create a localhost SMB share. So I had to setup and FTP feature for the system to work otherwise you cannot print as a PDF and choose your scanning options. I had to do the same for my PC's and create an FTP server through IIS in Windows 8.1 since the WSD printing offers you no scanning features whatsoever and just prints a JPG to your default scanned documents folder and also doesn't let you scan from the tray feeder!! CRAZY AGAIN!!.

You can't just walk up to the printer and hit the scan button. You have to first hit a button like Scan, assuming it's not gone into dead sleep, in order to wake it up and then you hit the scan button again to actually scan. Aaaargggh!

Quality of printing and scanning and copying is excellent though. But with all this dead sleep nightmare that is not being fixed by DELL I have had to keep my Brother Laserjet that prints B/W perfectly and fast in service as that goes into sleep mode and wakes up fine!
I won't be buying another DELL as they have not attempted to fix it since the complaints rolled in Nov 2013 and its Jan 2015. Clearly there is very little if any testing done in the field with users for new hardware. I have only had a it a week and found all these limitations.

One other thing to mention here is if you don't buy it direct from DELL, like I didn't, but from this link in Amazon, then you do not get the proper warranty. Mine says I have like 202 days left and its shipment date was a year ago, when I only bought it last week here. Whereas Dell offer you 2 years and a 30 day initial support service and warranty. So for an extra 30 quid I would have been able to have the extra warranty and support. This Amazon link does not warn you of this. So buyer BEWARE!!!
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on 6 April 2014
The printer itself is good when it works. Now I say when it works because the first one failed after 1 and a half years of ownership and was replaced under warranty only to have that one fail 2 years later.

the printer is fast, has toner that is so cheap its unbelievable but with issues like the rollers failing (see image) without any user error etc.. it's not something I can recommend. And as of the time of writing this its almost 2X more than what I paid for it.

In summary, not worth the money in comparison to a Samsung or similar
review image review image
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on 28 February 2015
fantastic machine
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