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on 17 February 2013
Great first season, can't wait for the next one. Lovely box and case art but the ending may leave some wanting more.
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on 11 August 2016
The show itself is fantastic, 5/5
However my gripes come with the DVD copy itself.
The standard non blu-ray edition has its audio sped up. I know many anime have a sped up opening and maybe a slight speed up in audio when placed on DVDs. Here though its very noticable to the point there is not even a small pause between character interactions in a conversation... its jarring and very very distracting.

I assume this problem is fixed in the blu-ray copies... and ive only had this problem with DVDs with the KAZE name on it.

So avoid KAZE unless your willing to buy the blu-ray...
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on 2 February 2013
I've watched a couple of eps online and I really want to get the dvd. I have to ask question though, does the dvd have English subtitles? I am deaf so I need subtitles on everything. thank you. x
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on 12 March 2014
First off let me say that this anime is one of the best i've ever seen and if you are on the bench about getting it, get it. You will not be disappointed. (4 stars is for the seller not the anime )

The seller (666 Media) delivered this product in the wrong packaging (Without the slip cover) meaning a lot of the art and information about the show was missing (Quite a disappointment if you like anime art as much as i do) The packaging on the product i received said it only contained 12 of the 25 episodes. After contacting 666 Media they replied quickly and said it was a packaging defect, which it was. They did offer a full refund it i wasn't happy with it as well. A very courteous company indeed and i am happy that the problem was resolved quickly but it would have been nice if they could have stated on the main page here on Amazon that there may be defects in packaging to stop the problem from occurring in the first place.
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on 22 March 2014
Fantastic series, keeps you on the edge of your seat each episode. The twists and turns within the story, the character development and the fantastic fights make this a must see for anyone that enjoys anime and/or great story lines.

Buy it, you won't be disappointed!
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on 10 July 2015
Absolutely fantastic anime series. I was hooked to it from the very beginning and each episode seemed to end on a cliff hanger, leaving you hungry to watch more and find out what was happening next.

I have to say, after a hard days work, it was a lovely thing to come back to. Just sitting snuggled up on the sofa to watch what Lelouch did next. Ah! It was wonderful!

The characters in it are relatable and loveable. You really get into it and just fall in love, hook on to their emotions and just rooting for them to succeed. There are so many twists and turns in the anime, but all in all its amazing. So wish there was more than just the two seasons, it deserves so much more. 5*s
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on 21 May 2014
Don't be fooled the item on display is not what they send. The box art is for the first half of the series (episodes 1 - 12.) However if you open it up you will see that it is the whole 25 episodes.

Aside from this, I still think this is one of the best Animes I've seen to date and the Blu ray edition does look nicer than the DVD version, however it is exactly the same in terms of extra content. i.e. This version is just an upscaled port of the DVD version with the wrong box art.
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on 21 February 2013
Lets get this out of the way because I'm not going to focus much on the show itself but this particular release, Code Geass is fantastic and one of the very few Anime series of the last ten years I have really enjoyed. This pack with the full 25 episodes of the first series in a slim case is great value and not too hard on my increasingly limited shelf space! The picture and sound quality are solid and definitely up to par.

The biggest problem I have with this release is the subtitles. First of all Kaze continue to force the language options on their releases. You can switch only from the title and pop up menu however if you want English with subtitles or Japanese without, tough. There is really no good reason to lock the subtitles. The subtitles themselves are white with black border which isn't the worst scheme but can sometimes be hard to read (personally I much prefer yellow on black) though this isn't that big a deal. The text encoding itself has some issues with quotation marks displaying as a random chain of characters. For reference I'm viewing on a PS3, I can't say for sure if this problem occurs on all players. It doesn't happen too often but it is pretty poor in that just watching through should have shown this problem and it's been a persistent problem across multiple Kaze releases.

None of these things detract too much from the fantastic show, not enough for less than 5 stars. In Kaze's long history of howlers this is actually pretty good for them.
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on 22 January 2013
There are only a handful of animes that I would consider a true Masterpiece and Code Geass is one of them. Everything in the series just works... the main character is probably one of the coolest characters of all time and his female counterpart isnt far off the mark either...
It has a GREAT plot and well thought of idea that can rival shows like Death Note
A lot better mecha action scenes than any you would find in a Gundam series
and Very Strong Characters and most of their developments has been handled extremely well

The art is also beautiful with a lot of detail on the characters, CLAMP at its BEST and several soundtracks are sure to stay in your mind for a long time

An entire season for this amount of money is just a bargain
Even if you have seen it already... you should definitely pick up this in Blu ray cos it's just so much better experience
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on 16 March 2013
This was a risky buy for me because i had no idea what it was about and i just bought it because it was reccomended to me if you liked Death Note. As soon as it came through my door i read the back of the case and i knew it would be good when i read 'Perfect blend of Death Note and Fullmetal Alchemist'. This anime did not disappoint and was way better than i had expected. A must watch for any anime fan!
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