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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2013
I caught up with this series last year and I was devastated to realise that it would all end in 2013 with, With All My Soul. I really love this series and I was worried about saying goodbye to my favourite characters but after reading, I can assure you that this is a great ending to the series. This book made me feel so many emotions while reading. I knew this was the end but I wanted to savour every sentence and each individual word Rachel Vincent had placed in the final book of the Soul Screamers series. With All My Soul, is a remarkable ending and one all fans will love and cherish.

With All My Soul begins at Emma's funeral, together the group watch the burial of their friend who isn't actually dead. It's while watching that Kaylee realises that she must put an end to Avery's evil plans once and for all, especially before anyone gets killed. She will be in charge of the plan to end the hellions rein over her school but she needs her friends to help her carry it out. Kaylee begins to realise how much her friends are willing to sacrifice to help her and it makes a lot of thinking necessary on Kaylee's part. Time is ticking and when her dad is taken she gets angrier than ever. It doesn't help that her anger just draws a whole new hellion to her. It's time for Kaylee to make the ultimate and final sacrifice.

Through the course of these books I have watched Kaylee grow and develop as a character and she does even more so in this final novel. Kaylee has watched her friends sacrifice themselves for her, her family have suffered because of her, some relationships have become strained and others have developed, and it all revolves around Kaylee and Avery's need to have her soul. If Kaylee wasn't there they would be safe. Kaylee makes a plan but she knows it's a long shot if it's to be successful and when her father is taken she realises that more and more people are going to get hurt because of her. Kaylee learns a lot in this book, we see her become very independent and sometimes reckless but she does things on her own without input from any of the others. Kaylee has grown so much and now is an individual woman who knows she doesn't need to rely on others. She has the power to stop this and only her. She comes to terms with a sacrifice she needs to make and it is heart-breaking to see her carry it out. Its here we see Kaylee as the courageous heroine she is, willing to make sacrifices to save those around her. I really enjoyed how this novel mainly centred on Kaylee. Yes the others are there but she does things independently and I think that's a big step for someone who only found out they were a bean sidhe a year ago. Kaylee has grown up tremendously and learnt a lot, it's with this realisation that the reader knows that Kaylee will be ok, even when there are no more books about her.

The others are as quirky as ever. My favourite of course will always be Tod. Sigh, he's so right for Kaylee and he knows she has to do things on her own and he lets her even if he doesn't like it. We see Kaylee keep things from him in this book and their relationship becomes stronger and more developed because of it. Vincent, when can I get my Tod? Nash finally comes to terms with a few things in this book, yes he still has some episodes of outrage but he makes some mature decisions. It really is like watching a child grow up before your eyes, it's happened so quickly and you try to savour the final moments before they go off into the world. Sabine is still her loud and confident self but she's a friend to Kaylee when she needs it. I liked the better view on both Sophie and Emma in this book as it allowed the reader to connect with them before the end. I've said before and I will say it again, the characters Rachel Vincent creates are always so fleshed out and you receive a wide variety of personalities and this just makes the journey more fun and enjoyable.

I also really enjoyed the introduction of Ira, the demon of wrath and how he proved to be a valuable asset despite the risk of his involvement and of course the payment. I didn't see the ending of this book coming at all, Vincent kept the ball rolling from the first page and even later on in the novel we don't know what Kaylee's going to do until she says some goodbyes. Oh my I was heartbroken reading one particular scene, I still can't fathom it, it was so right but so wrong at the same time. It hurt my heart. With All My Soul is full of action and adventure and there are some tough decisions being made by Kaylee. The results will shock the reader but the ending was so good. It really wrapped things up for me and showed us that no matter what happens life will go on.

With All My Soul is a magnificent ending to a strong and original series. The novel wraps up all loose ends and leaves the reader satisfied, also slightly emotional. Yes it may be the end of Kaylee and the gang but the journey has been worthwhile and one I recommend to all new readers. Rachel Vincent has written a very satisfying conclusion to her YA series.
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on 4 April 2013
I can't believe this series is over! I still remember the moment I decided to pick it up. I had been a fan of Vincent's first series - Shifters - and shortly after I started book blogging, I discovered that she had a YA series coming out in the UK. I just HAD to read it. And now, two years later, I've been recommending this series to everybody I come into contact with. I didn't want it to be over *sobs*

As always, this review isn't really going to be a review. It's a ramble. A stream of thoughts. I proved to myself that I can't review this series seriously before, and so I'm not going to even try this time.

KAYLEE IS SUCH A BADASS I LOVE HER SO MUCH. She's definitely one of my favourite YA heroines. She sacrifices so much for the people that she loves, and that doesn't stop in this book.

I also adore Tod, but I felt like he was a bit different - tonally - in this one. Which makes sense, since Avari has put these guys through so much, but... I don't know, he had less witty lines in this one, and more depressing stuff. And by depressing, I mean sad sad sad.

Did you know that I've been comparing Kaylee and Tod to Veronica and Logan? Well, I have. And Nash is totally Duncan. Veronica Mars has invaded my reading world.

There was one plot point that was introduced in the beginning but didn't actually go anywhere, and to me that seemed a bit pointless. Just... Why? I was looking forward to seeing more of it and then it was all suddenly dropped because Kaylee's dad was kidnapped. Which makes sense, I guess, but dropping plot points makes me sad.

The ending made me cry. A lot. Kaylee was so clever, and she didn't rely on anyone else to get s***t done. I'm really impressed by the way she resolved the Avari issue. I was a bit worried because you go into the climax not knowing anything about what Kaylee was doing, but it turned out that her plan was brilliant.

And there was no epilogue! PRAISE THE LAWD! I really hate epilogues, especially when things can be resolved or wrapped up in normal chapters at the end of the book. What is the point of epilogues other than to piss me off, most of the time? I just don't know. But anyway, ending of With All My Soul had me sobbing in a Google Hangout to Tatum, and then the final chapter made it even worse. Vincent proved that you don't need to go with epilogues to wrap things up or give an insight into the future! Of course, that wouldn't work with every book, but whatever. DOWN WITH EPILOGUES.

Slight spoiler coming up...

Is anyone else hoping for a spin off series set in the same world? ..... SPOILER With Traci's son? I think it would be really interesting to get a story from his point of view, and there could even be some guest appearances and it would be fabulous. If not I might have to start writing fan fiction. / SPOILER

Overall, I'm really pleased with how one of my favourite series ended. I cried, I laughed, and now I'm going to sit here and plot out my fan fiction, because I have some excellent ideas.
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on 25 March 2013
An awesome ending to a fabulous series.

Whether you love or hate the characters you can't help but be drawn in by the way there life are woven together. Read on as the conclusion of there struggle with the Neverworld comes to a finale.

They will be missed
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on 15 June 2015
I am in love with this series. It's up in my top three.

Many teenage books nowadays are all distopian and set in a far off land where the events discribed are extremely unlikely to happen, but this is just your normal everyday life with a perfect amount of supernatural thrown in. It's different and it's perfect.

Rachel Vincent's writing style flows easily. There are bits that I have had to reread due to not fully understanding them (but that's due to my fast reading I think, it took me six days to read all seven books the last time I read them).

It's nothing like your common teen fiction book at all. It's got the sense of belief to it and that its could actually be happening right here, right now. It makes you think that it could happen to you. It also has the most perfect, satisfying ending you could with for. It leaves you with a sense of "that's the end and I'm cool with that" but also "what happens with their lives now". It just has the perfect mix of both.

My only issue is that Kaylee is 16 in the first book, and being 16 myself now I have read the once again, I think that she believes she should have more freedom than she should. She's written to be 16, yet it gives the feeling she is actually older (it may be different in America where it is set to England)

But anyway, read it, you won't regret it!!
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on 2 February 2016
I read all the books in the series and they were all so good! When I read the reviews for With All My Soul before I actually read the book, I saw some good ones and many bad ones, but when I actually read it it was great. Rachel Vincent didn't disappoint her loving, faithful readers. I felt like I was Kaylee; feeling what she was feeling and thinking what she was thinking. Everyone got a happy ending. I loved all of the characters, even though some were quite annoying and I didn't like some of them much (you probably know which I'm talking about), but you just couldn't hate them. If you're a real FAN then all of the bad reviews wouldn't bother you- so, just read it and make your own review. Keep Calm And Read :)
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on 12 April 2014
I've loved the Soul Seekers Series right from the beginning, such amazing books but i just wasn't too keen on the ending. I think the ending could have been better. But other than that love'd the story-line! Great Books!
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on 6 February 2016
I absolutely loved this book. I am a big fan of this series and this was a great way to end it. If you haven't read these books you definitely should. I'm finding it difficult to write this review without giving too much of the story away. It was great to see how the characters had evolved from the first book and how their relationships has strengthened. There were some tough times in this book but also some good laughs. Rachel really kept the mystery going until the very end. I loved the way it all unravelled. Additionally I think the last few sentences were absolutely perfect.
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on 16 February 2015
I haven't yet read this one but I'm mostly going off the whole series. (Also I'm sure I'll love this one too!)
I genuinely love the characters and the plots but the things that let it slip a little bit, was that little things have slipped through the editing process (like Kaylee's dad's age... one book he's 134 and the one after he's 132) and also I found it SO disappointing that her blurbs give away too many things that she is trying to keep a secret or shock reveal in the books :\
It's not like a standard teen love story though, I would say, because Kaylee is a lot stronger than most of the sops xD And while love rectangles do occur, I didn't actually notice it for a looooong time, it wasn't the whole point of the books :P
Other than that, a great GREAT series with bits that make you laugh, fist-pump the air and cry for half an hour... ^_^
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Over the past two months I've worked my way through Rachel Vincent's 'Soul Screamers' series and I've loved every single second of it. There hasn't been a dull moment in this series for me and I was extremely sad when I was reading the last book because I wasn't ready for it to be over. That being said, I enjoyed everything about this book. It was such a perfect ending to the series and, yet again, I was in tears.

With All My Soul is probably my second favourite book in this series (If I Die is hard to beat). I adored the character development, the story line progression and the way everything turned out at the end.

I have never once not liked Kaylee in this series. She's such a strong and badass character and she proves that even more in this book. I admire Kaylee for the strength she has after everything she's been through. She's so focused and driven to protect her friends that she's willing to do anything to keep them safe. I loved her so much in this one.

Tod is such a sweet and adorable character. He's made me cry countless times because of how sweet he is. He's willing to do whatever it take to protect Kaylee because he loves her.

Em dealt with everything really well in this book. It takes her quite a while to adjust but she eventually starts to feel like herself again.

Nash, Sabine, Sophie and Luca were all amazing in this book too - especially Sabine.

This whole series has been building up to what happened at the end of With All My Soul. Even though it'd been talked about in previous books, I never really thought it would happen. So when it did, I was shocked but also proud. It took strength and intelligence to do what was done, and even though it was horrible, it had to be done. I really loved all the build up to the ending though. The constant planning, the usual trouble that seems to follow these characters and of course, finding out what was going to happen to Traci. The story line was fantastic yet again.

The last few chapters had me in tears. I could barely even read the words on the page. The last two chapters were heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time. But it was really the last chapter that got me sobbing. The bond between all of these characters is so strong after everything they've been through and I loved seeing everyone grown up and that they all got their happily ever afters.

Overall, this book was everything I could have asked for. It made me smile, laugh and cry and I loved every single second of it. This series is definitely one of my favourites now and I highly recommend it.
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on 22 May 2013
I have to applaud Rachel Vincent on how she ended this series. For me, it was just perfect. I finished this book with a big smile on my face, but then remembered it was all over and wasn't quite so happy then. I truly enjoyed this series from start to finish and it's one I'll definitely look forward to reading again in the future.

Avari is back, and once again threatening the people that Kaylee loves. When he takes someone close to her, she realises that he's never going to stop until he gets hold of her immortal soul. And maybe it's time for her to make the ultimate sacrifice.

This series is a firm favourite for me now, especially as the ending was something that I was extremely happy with. Many series that I had enjoyed throughout, were ruined for me by events in the last book and how the series was ended, ensuring that it was a series that I would be unlikely to pick up again, or to recommend.

I love the characters in these books. The way they interact with each other, the sarcasm, the humour, the bickering and especially, the awesome swoonworthy moments all endear these books to me. And no matter what happens, or what they go through, they're all there for each other 100 per cent.

The Soul Screamers series has many ups and downs, sad moments as well as happy. I actually changed Teams about halfway through, something I don't think I've ever done before or since, but Nash lost his appeal for me when he was addicted to demon's breath, whereas this was around the same time that Tod seemed to capture my attention more. And Kaylees too.

Kaylee has been a constant favourite protag of mine and Emma, one of my favourite best friend characters. What she goes through in this series really broke my heart and only endeared her to me even more, especially in this book.

This is truly a fantastic series that I would definitely recommend to paranormal readers, and I'm really sad that it has come to an end. Bean sidhes were an original idea for me when I started this series, and I've yet to come across a book with anything similar. I'll definitely be making it my business to read Rachel Vincent's other series now.
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