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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 7 December 2013
I've never written an Amazon review but due to how great this book is I thought I'd leave a few positive words for someone who is maybe looking for what I was. I've not a massive reader but when on holiday or bored of the Playstation I'll pick a book up. I'm usually disappointed in the books I read as they never go the way I want them too,that is until I read this book.

The only thing I can really compare this book too would be the films Seven or Saw, if neither of these films were already out this book would make a great film.

The very rough outline of the book is that the lead character gets back in touch with old school friends at one of their mutual friends funerals. They have an after party to drink to their friends memory,it all goes wrong from there. I won't go any further into this but it involves the main character saving his friends from traps that some nutter has put them in whilst trying to teach him something.

I'm not sure what other reviews mean when they say they couldn't guess the ending. I thought it was quite clear how it would end but the way it was delivered was amazing.

To sum up this book kept me more than interested,I loved reading it and was gutted when it was finished.

I hear he may be writing another book soon, I'll keep an eye out.

Cheers :)

PS. The reason I put the title as Surprisingly Great was that the book is so cheap I didn't expect much!
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on 20 April 2013
The only reason I purchased this book was it was under £1 and got decent reviews. However, having read it I would have paid rather more as I thoroughly enjoyed it. The plot is relatively simple but well put together and fast paced meaning I quickly found I didn't want to put my Kindle down (not good for lunch break reading!). I found myself engaging with the main character quite quickly and being drawn into his childhood and the awful situation he finds himself in which added to the gripping nature of the story. An added bonus is it was nice to read a good thriller which wasn't based in America-land!

The twist at the end of the book didn't entirely take me by surprise but it was clever (and I do have an annoying knack for guessing twists). My only complaint would be that I thought it was dealt with a little too quickly.

In short, for the price it would be foolish not to give this a go and I am looking forward to Mr Brown's next book.
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on 21 February 2016
This story is about a reunion gone wrong, when Peter goes back to town to a funeral he attends an after party with the “old gang”. Soon he finds himself in trouble that just seems to escalate further and further as Peter is pulled into Celo’s twisted game. Peter not only has to find each of his friends as quickly as he can before something bad happens to them, avoid the police (as he is suspected of being the killer) but he also has the twisted journey through his childhood memories trying to figure out who the real killer is and why they have picked him to torture.
For those that like psychological stories this is a great read and the pace is set almost instantly. The ending was very well written too and for those that really enjoy a clever twist will appreciate it. The whole book is laid out like a distorted puzzle with the reader and Peter trying to put all the pieces together. Reminiscent of the Saw movies that were out a few years ago.
I stumbled across this author by accident looking for something a bit different to read and at the time purchased the e-book was less than a pound, however I have to say it is worth much more than that. P.S.Brown’s writing is easily as good as the big name thriller writers. The descriptions were great (although a little graphic occasionally – I don’t mind that at all in this type of book), the characters were complex and the twists just kept coming. Everything you want from a good
My only tiny (and it is tiny criticism) was the endless chase scenes along with the descriptions of running up this alley and that street, over a fence, etc, although I can understand why the author included them for dramatic effect I actually found myself skimming over those parts to get to the next proper storyline as they seemed to slow the story down a little.
It is extraordinary that this is a debut novel from this author and I definitely look forward to reading more of his work.
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on 11 February 2015
The morning after the funeral of one of his old school friends,peter wakes up in a cabin with no memory of how he got there.Suddenly a mobile phone rings and a person called Celo tells Peter that his remaining friends are being held prisoner and Peter has only a short period of time to save them or they will die.
I loved this book,the action is non stop as Peter races from one place to another frantically trying to save his friends, while at the same time as trying to work out who Celo is and why he has set up the deadly game of hide and seek.It is quite a short book but it rattles along and I honestly didn't see the twist coming,really loved the way the book ended even though I didn't want it to end.
If you like the traps and twisty plot of the Saw films,or Simon Kernicks race against time books then you will like this book.
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on 1 March 2013
I really enjoyed this and it was a real page turner. Quite a suprise who the killer was in the end.I certainly hadnt guessed it!! The book starts with a killing and when all the friends of the victim congregate for the funeral things really get messed up.Peter wakes up in a log cabin in the middle of nowhere and cant rememember how he hot there and why he is there in the first place.However when he returns to his friends house to berate them for what he considers to be a practical joke he finds out his friends are in real danger and he has to play hide and seek to find them before they die. With a race against time to save his friends you wonder if he will make it or not.To complicate things the police suspect him and he is not only trying to save his friends but also evade capture.

Great book and would definitely read the author again.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 9 November 2015
Hide and Seek is absolutely brilliant. It hooked me in from the first sentence, and did not let up. It's a really fast paced thriller, which has similar themes to the Saw films and Fight Club (in fact I'm pretty sure PS Brown is a fight club fan, with a place and a character named after fight club characters).

Peter returns to his old home town of Bilton, to attend the funeral of a childhood friend, and in doing so reconnect with the rest of his childhood group "the excellent eight". He has no idea that they will all soon be involved in a game of Hide and Seek that is much more sinister than the game they played as children.

I was completely gripped by this book and read it far too quickly. If you like Horror and Thrillers I'm sure you'll love it too!
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on 15 February 2013
First time I have ever written a book review but felt I had to as this was such a brilliant read. From the very first page I was hooked. I am normally pretty good at guessing the end results but have to say I never saw this one coming. Can't wait for Paul Brown's next book. It will have a lot to live up to.
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on 20 February 2013
What a fantastic read I've not read a book so fast in my life I just couldn't put it down- fantastic
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on 27 July 2016
I enjoyed reading this book. Poor Peter, all he had to go through! He must have been thoroughly exhausted. I thought I'd sussed it about 60-70% in. Then I started doubting myself somewhat. It did end in the way that I'd thought though.

One thing that did irritate me was the constant use of the wrong tense. I think I.must have counted a dozen times when the word "sat" was used instead of "sitting". Twice the correct tense was used so why all these errors? This also occurred with "wore" instead of "worn", "laid" instead of "lying" and "hanging" instead of "hung". Another mistake was in saying "in the cage" when previously it had been "under the cage". Just a bit of editing required here. Sorry to be so pedantic. No-one is perfect but books go out to be read and hopefully enjoyed by the general public.

I would however, probably recommend this book and had already downloaded his second book. "Wrong Place Wrong Time" even before reading this one. It must have been because of the reviews. Decision - 4 or 5*? I'll put 4* because of the wrong tenses being used and also because I guessed the outcome.
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on 28 January 2016
I hadn't realised this was a first novel until I started reading. Once into it the 'plot' was so slow padded out with chases around some small town which only the author was familiar with. Page after page was full of questions about goodness knows what? The supposed twist at the end is ridiculous so I can certainly say I will not be reading another book by this 'writer "
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