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on 30 May 2015
The surface RT is the worse piece of technology? i have ever owned. I constantly get 2 cursors on the screen,and 4 circles in the bottom right hand corner. The screen also freezes and/or closes down. Microsoft will never get another penny from my hard earned cash. I bought a surface RT in October 2013 and 2 months after the guarantee run out it was totally unusable. I started searching the internet for a solution and it turns out there are many many others that have suffered the same fate as me. Microsoft knew about the problem(s) a long time before I bought mine and have never fixed these annoying bugs. I did a factory reset as Microsoft recommended and its made things WORSE.
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on 12 October 2013
I bought this tablet to carry on writing when I am unable to carry my big clunky laptop about. I am very pleased. The Word programme is fast, responsive and easy to use for both key board and touch. The added ease of saving documents on sky drive is fantastic so I can access my changes as soon as I'm back on the laptop. It also has a usb port to add documents, music, videos etc.

The tablet tends to start up in about ten seconds and is good to go straight away. Once signed in all my music, videos and preferences were ready too which saved so much time! I haven't had any crashing issues and all the apps seem to work perfectly.

For a tablet it is very "open" as it has the win 8 start screen and the option to go to desktop and desktop internet browsing. For me this was great as some websites still seem to dislike ie metro.

All in all, fast, responsive, smooth, best of windows 8.

I'd like to add that people complaining that it is locked... its a tablet, NOT a pc. In my opinion it has a much more open feel than an iPad though which is very limited in what you can do (and convoluted when trying to add photos etc). However it is windows 8 and so lacking in mass amounts of apps. I can also do everything I usually do on my laptop on this device; watch 4od, search the web, buy on amazon, play games, YouTube etc but it has the added bonus of been handheld.
For the sake on sanity ignore the 1 star reviews... they are simply trolling a device they either haven't used or feel doesn't add up to a pc... they should have know, as it has the word tablet plastered all over the adverts.

I would recommend for a cheaper alternative to a surface pro, or in some cases a laptop, if like me you use the pc for music, videos, writing and internet browsing.
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on 14 September 2014
Great bit of kit especially as it has a USB slot windows shop isn't to bad either a very good alternative to an ipad just as high quality but its the usb slot that comes in so handy. Windows 8.1 is a very good once you get to grips with it but you can also go to a traditinal desktop view if you wish.

I was worried that the windows shop was going to be barren it's not there's a fair amount in there. I orignaly got this to replace my laptop after it died glad I did.
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on 10 January 2013
I've been toying with the idea of getting a tablet for about 12 months. My husband has an original iPad, my mum has the 'new' iPad (i.e iPad3) and my best friend has the iPadMini, so I'm well aware of what Apple have to offer. You may be wondering why you would buy a MS tablet for a price that is very similar to what Apple charge for a similar product. Apple make great items, don't get me wrong. I'm not anti-Apple. In fact I don't care who makes what, I just want the best product for me. My desktop at home is an iMac and my phone a Galaxy (Android) S2 so I'm not dead-set against using one or the other brand of product, so hopefully you will read this as an unbiased review.

I wanted a tablet that I could use like a laptop when needed. I don't want to lug a proper laptop, even a notebook, around with me, but I want the flexibility of having one. Sure, you can buy a keyboard add on for the iPad but it's cumbersome and doesn't turn it into something that feels like a laptop.
Secondly, i wanted to be able to work from home or on the go on it if needed. I hot desk at work and often have to go to the office off-shift, when someone else is on 'my' computer. For this reason I needed something that could work MS office competently so I could do my excel documents etc. The compatibility of the iPad just doesn't match the surface in this regard.

The surface has two interfaces essentially - the tablet Windows (8) RT which is touchscreen and seamless (comes with a music player, photo app for the camera, internet explorer, store for buying apps etc), plus the normal, familiar desktop interface (still touchscreen of course, just more familiar). This really makes you feel like you've got the best of both worlds.

I use my surface with a touch cover. It is excellent, I can type normally on it (with, I'll admit, a bit of practice) and therefore doing my work on it isn't a chore. If I want to use it as a tablet in a more casual position than a laptop, i just flip the cover round the back and it's a tablet again. Cleverly, the cover knows which position it is in so if you type with the cover flipped back, it'll bring up the on-screen keyboard.

I also wanted a tablet that I could just quickly grab and check the net on, or read the news, watch a video, browse my photos on etc. I also wanted something that is easy to transport so it can go on the train, in my handbag, on a flight with me.
I did also want something I could read books on with the Kindle app. This is fine for reading on as far as tablets go, but the Surface isn't the lightest tablet and although it's almost shaped like a hardback book, I have to say that I've since got a Kindle Paperwhite and for reading it can not be matched. Having said that, the surface doesn't do a bad job and it's nice if there's coloured pictures in the book. The biggest obstacle to it being a good e-reader is its weight.

Talking of shape, it's widescreen. This again helps with the laptop feel when the kickstand is out and the keyboard 'deployed'. It looks a little odd turned on its side though but this is actually nice for reading long websites such as newspaper sites or for tablet reading word articles.

The surface touchscreen is very responsive, it's got one small 'button' with physical feedback but everything is either touchscreen, or mouse operated via the trackpad on the keyboard add-on. I was amazed by how good the mouse function of the trackpad works actually.

Finally what others can not do is the scope for improving the product - you can buy add-on memory for example and there are ports in the surface which is something the iPad doesn't offer.
Ultimately the surface does something quite extraordinary - it doesn't quite know if it's a laptop or a tablet so amazingly it is both, and at both roles it is brilliant. I would say though, you really need the touch or type cover add-on to make the most of the Surface.
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on 2 January 2014
I plumped for the Surface RT after a lot of research and matching my requirements to the products on the market. I discovered that my "perfect" tablet did not exist, so I had to accept that no matter what I went for, it would be a compromise. I just had to make sure that my priorities were best served.

I considered an IPad as I liked the high res screen and and knew about the large range of apps available. The negatives were the high price, the closed nature of the system particularly the lack of USB or SD slots. I considered the Nexus 10 but got tired waiting on the new model coming out.

I went for the Surface in the end for a number of reasons. It was greatly reduced in price at the time (due to the launch of the Surface 2)and came with the touch keyboard bundled for £259 from Tesco. I knew about the free OS upgrade to 8.1 RT and that it addressed glitches and came with Outlook which allowed for POP email connection - the lack of which had been a justifiable criticism in the past. It came with Office applications which would enable me to do some work if I so chose. I braced myself for a lack of apps but have found nearly all the ones I need. I am not interested in playing games so the lack of gaming apps is not an issue for me. I knew that you didn't get the full 32Gb due to the OS requirements. However, there is the expandable storage facility to offset this.

Its not perfect - the screen resolution could be better (although it still looks pretty decent). The Windows store is still lagging behind on the apps front when compared to Google or apple (again, no a huge issue for me personally but might be for others). The SD card slot is useful but requires a workaround for music, photos and videos to play from libraries in the native apps. Fiddly charger cable connection. 16:9 ratio is good for movies but is less suited to portrait reading than the 4x3 IPad. Landscape reading has not been a problem though.

However, there are some really great positives - multiple screen splits allow for a pc-like working experience which I believe is unique to the Surface. The ability to connect a USB stick or devices such as mice, printers etc make this more versatile than other tablets. The tile interface is a breeze to use. The alternative Windows desktop seems to irritate some folks but I quite like being able to set preferences and interrogate the familiar Windows control panel features. The fact that Office metro tiles lead to the alternative desktop to open the applications is a non-issue for me. I've found the touch keyboard cover an excellent design feature.

I bought this knowing it was not a laptop but also realising that the other tablets on the market were not laptops either. So, unlike some, I have not been overly critical in this respect. To do so is missing the point. Such a comparison is understandable with the more expensive Surface Pro tablet, but not the RT. The RT is great for occasional productivity usage which is exactly what I wanted. It will certainly feel and behave a lot more like a laptop than other tablets.

In conclusion, I am very happy with my Surface RT and would not change it for anything else.
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on 10 July 2017
Microsoft is slowly yet steadily securing a reputation of a screw-the-customer company. It started with Windows VISTA, it exploded with Windows Phones and it now carries on with the SURFACE line up of tablets.

This may well be the worst tablet to ever be sold in the past 8-10 years. And not because it is slower than molasses and it comes with a an atrocious display (at 148ppi one would probably be better off with a $39.99 Chinese toy-tablet) but because Microsoft wanted to experiment with a new type of ARM processor, first made their own customers pay for and then abandoned them.

- No, it does not run Windows 8, it runs Windows RT which resembles Win8 but come with very constricting limitations.
- What is worst, the OS is NOT "upgradeable" to Windows 10. Because Microsoft simply does not care.
- Windows RT has been ABANDONED by numerous App developers - including (the horror!) Microsoft itself. Hence, after March of 2017, there is no Windows RT compatible SKYPE anymore - and Microsoft made sure that older versions of SKYPE will simply not work. Because screw you for giving us your money for our overpriced PoS.
- And if you are thinking to turn this into an Android tablet, think again: it comes with an extra layer of DRM between the BIOS and the OS that makes sure that even if one did locate an applicable Android version for Tegra chipsets, it would still refuse to work.

My sister made the mistake of buying one of these and it will be the very last Microsoft product she ever buys.
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on 17 April 2014
This is a great device from Microsoft, although there are a few issues, which Microsoft don't seem to be willing to fix.

All surface devices do not support Silverlight, which is a Microsoft programme. This means you cant run a number of video applications, with one of them being Lovefilm. Why you cant run a popular MICROSOFT program is not clear.

There is also a lack of apps, nowhere near as many as Apple or Android. There is also no Lovefilm (Amazon Instant) app, so you can stream anything from that service.

The good points are large tablet screen, attachable (via magnet) keyboard and Microsoft Office as standard.

If Microsoft listen to customers and fix the issues, then this could be better than the Ipad, but for now Ipad is still the best tablet around.
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on 24 December 2013
I love my surface tablet! It's easy to use and everything is very smooth. Nearly all of your day to days apps are there so you do not have to worry about not having enough apps. Some people complain it's hard to use which I partially agree but you will soon(I would say spent 30 mins just to see where everything is) get used to it. It's like your first time using a smartphone, you had no idea where everything is but you soon got the hang of it, it's exactly the same thing. There is also a desktop which you will be familiar with so no worries.

The new internet explorer is very smooth and looks fab! but you can choose other web browsers if you want but I do have to say give it a go! it's very good! Many of my friends have surface so that is why I bought it but also I do really like it!

The ports are nice edition to the surface.

In conclusion, just because something is different and you do not have any idea how to use it you give up? If you encounter a problem, fix it, search for answers! Not very difficult.

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on 8 January 2013
Surface bought for my wife who uses windows on laptop so did not want to have to manage two different systems. It is a hit as it is in use for much of the day and works very efficiently. Time will tel as to how easy it is to transfer material between tablet and laptop.
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on 19 February 2014
I did not want an Ipad which is dedicated to the Mac and burdened with games I will never use, so I researched and chose a Samsung tablet as my Notepad was too slow and awkward to type notes on. Then I learnt that Samsung text is not compatible with Word, which I must use for work. What to do? I was advised to buy the Surface, which I had not heard of. I tried one out at PCWorld, liked it, bought it and found it linked in perfectly with my Windows 8.1 PC, then went and bought the overpriced keyboard, begrudging the cost, only to find it to be excellent and far better than hoped for. So the Ipad may be pretty as is the Samsung but my Surface, for my needs, is far better and a joy to use. I should have bought my Surface at Amazon where they are cheaper.
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