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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 15 January 2004
At the end of his twelve year reign, Moore closes the book and leaves the series with a bang. Although not my favourite Moore film, the plot has its strong points and there are superb performances from Christopher Walken as mad Max Zorin and the Avengers' Patrick Macnee as Sir Godfrey Tibbett. The action scenes vary from sheer thrilling to downright ridiculous such as the out of control Fire Engine in San Fransisco and the Renault taxi chase through Paris. The film however has one of the most exciting and credible climaxes ever in a Bond film whilst 007 and Zorin battle it out atop the Golden Gate Bridge.
The DVD has the usual booklet, special features and an interview with Roger Moore about ending his spectacular performance and proving that Nobody Does it Better.
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on 2 May 2004
I find it astonishing that many people rate Bond movies based on the performance of Bond himself (Witness Lazenby's perpetual drubbing over what is actually a fine performance in an excellent Bond film ('On Her Majesty's Secret Service')). 'A View to a Kill' is victim to the same sort of unfair judgement. Roger Moore does look like he has aged about a decade since 'Octopussy' and the film's particularly youthful Bond girl, matched with a strong focus on athletic stunts, stretches our willingness to accept him in the title role past breaking point (Although, to be fair, Moore wanted to give up the role after 'Octopussy'). However, I find that I prefer this film to 'Octopussy' (I hear the sound of Bond fans choking), and feel that it has been overlooked simply due to the inappropriateness of Moore in the title role.
Okay, it is far from a perfect Bond movie; Stacey Sutton is a forgettable Bond girl, due to no fault of Tanya Roberts, who gives as good a performance as could be given with such a weak character. Despite showing considerable mental and physical muscle in the first half of the film, ahe seems to spend the final climactic three quarters of an hour squealing and occasionally acting as a convenient plot device to explain the science of Zorin's scheme to the audience. The script is also fairly thin, both physically and artistically (but when has that stopped a Bond film?), failing to wring out even a couple of memorable one-liners. Although these criticisms may seem seriously detrimental to the film as a whole, they cannot overcome the serious strengths of the film in other areas.
Christopher Walken is fantastic as the psychotic Max Zorin, being, in my mind, one of the most sinister and memorable villains the series has ever produced (Zorin's twisted laughter as he pointlessly guns down dozens of his own employees is a particularly memorable scene). In a film usually described as farcical, Walken provides a bad guy of unusual depth and credibility. Grace Jones is also a hugely effective presence as the predatory Mayday, successfully banishing all memory of the ineffectual Ms. Sutton from the viewer's mind. Patrick Macnee is also excellent as Sir Godfrey Tibbett, and their are numerous other memorable support performances.
But lets come to the most important reason why this is a good Bond film - It's a very enjoyable piece of cinema. The film moves along at a frenetic pace, especially in the second half, with a series of incredible set-pieces; the climactic scene on the top of the Golden Gate Bridge is, for my money, the most exciting showdown in the series' history, again enhanced by Walken's gripping performance and a truly fantastic incidental score by John Barry.
So, forget the script, if you want a Bond film that consistently entertains (which face it, is what we all want from a Bond film), there are few better than 'A View to a Kill'.
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on 19 April 2015
I'm a huge Bond fanatic, so obviously I'll always defend a Bond film, but even if i wasn't I would still defend this film ! People seem to hate this but I have no idea why ! The action scenes are cracking, the score by John Barry is so fitting, the vilains are amazing (Zorin is very over-looked I think and May Day is my favorite henchman) and I really enjoyed the plot, as Bond always had to find little clues toet Zorin's evil plan as he goes on.
All in all, a great film (in my opinion !)
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VINE VOICEon 30 June 2006
A great addition to the Bond saga, and a fitting farewell to the greatest Bond of all, Roger Moore. The story tells about how psycotic industrialist Max Zorin(Christopher Walken) and his glamarous sidekick May Day (Grace Jones) plan to cause global destruction to the environment and economy by way of microchips and large explosions! The gadgets are fun, the stunt work is great (Eiffel Tower jump anyone?) and the supporting cast are on fine form, with a juciy role for Mr.Walken as always. With a rousing theme tune edging into the 1980s, Bond is back and still packing the punches!
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on 21 August 2016
I would not say this 126 min REGION B/2 DVD was my least favorite but not far short. I like Roger Moore as an actor but felt he was glad it was his last 007 appearance. I enjoyed the stunts, special effects and music.
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on 16 July 2006
Ignore all the miserable bond critics slating this because Sean Connery still isn't Bond - This is Roger at his finest. Eyebrows in high gear, bloke from the Avengers, Christopher Walken and Duran Duran soundtrack. Doesn't get better!!! Double o Heaven
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on 1 September 2016
Great movie and excellent quality I love the way they have digitally re-mastered on to a DVD. I love all James bond movies and the print quality is just great, bearing in mind it was originally a non digital print. The sound is great too at 5.1 dolby surround. Overall it's a great product to own instead of those old video cassette players.
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on 24 November 2002
I don't see why everyone does not like this chapter in the James Bond saga. Roger Moore is an amazing 007, and the fact that he is looking a little dated does not tarnish this film at all. The action scenes are classy, a great plotline and Christopher Walkne is superb as mad Max Zorin, a wealthy industrialist hell-bent on flooding Silicon Valley in order to increase the price of his new microchips.
The ending is the best part of the film (not because it's over, no) with Bond and Zorin battling it out on top of the Golden Gate Bridge. The final massive explosion marks the end of an era, with Roger Moore bidding farewell to the role which gave him worldwide success.
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on 28 November 2006
many people beleive this is the worst james bond film and roger moores worst.

i actually think its roger moores second best behind live and let die.

but i think roger moore being 57 at the time should of packed up before and it would have been good to see timothy dalton in this one.

but it really has some SUPERB scenes like the car chase when 007 is driving a fireengine(i beleive this is the best car chase in any bond film), the part when james bond and stacey are in the elavator when the building is on fire, and the fight between 007 and zoran at the end.

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VINE VOICEon 16 April 2003
Growing up in Scotland this WAS my favorite James Bond movie. Roger Moore (in his finale as 007) tones down the outright absurdity of its immediate predecessor (Octopussy) but the larger than life characters, impossible escapes and grand set-pieces are still in evidence here. The stand-outs in this caper (as with most 007 adventures) are the villains, Christopher Walken is over-the-top and obviously having a great time as Max Zorin as is Grace Jones as May Day. The worst actor award here without question goes to Tanya Roberts. the obligatory Bond girl, who (although incredibly beautiful ) just does not convince as a geologist with a personal grudge against the wonderfully psychotic Zorin. Action fans will be delighted with the action scenes here that range from the a heart pounding opening sequence, a pursuit through Paris, a police chase across San Fransisco to a final duel in which both an airship and the golden gate bridge play a part. Judging by the consistently great quality and fabulous features (audio commentaries and documentaries) on the previous two batches of DVDs this promises to be THE deifinitive record of this production - Zowie!
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