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on 3 September 2015
First one (that's a give-away..) arrived as expected, and worked. The 'basic' manual didn't really help, but it wasn't rocket science working out how the device worked. All was good for a week, then the camera started turning off randomly while I was commuting on my motorbike. Very annoying and not expected of a product from a company like Polaroid (or rather ION).

The device also stopped working accompanied with a vibration that wouldn't stop. The light flashed Green/Red, which didn't help, as I had space on the card, and a charged battery. I tried resetting, reformatting the card (FAT32 as NTFS seems to be unsupported).
The Green/Red flashing seemed to indicate "something's wrong, but I don't know what it is, and its random"

Replaced the item. Second one arrived, worked for a day, then started to behave in the same way.

I really wanted to like this device, but its turned out to be an unreliable, poorly put together product. I believe ION make the original, hence why the manual states "update firmware by clicking Firmware", which is non existent in the software supplied by Polaroid, yet I suspect any ION camera user would find it available to them.

Bad product, try a Contour Roam2 instead, it can't be as bad as this.

Update 19th Sept
Having had a Contour Roam2 for over a week, I'd happily recommend it over this piece of rubbish any day. Its like night and day, centering beam, comes with 'software' (something Polaroid clearly hadn't heard of), excellent battery life. No Drama, just works.

Great buy over the XS100.
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on 26 July 2016
Horrendous, buggy product. I kept persisting with this as the slim form is a lot less cumbersome than a GoPro when fitted to a motorcycle helmet, but I don't think I ever managed three days in a row without having to reset it.

It fails to recognise cards, the battery life varies from barely adequate to non-existent, and recordings sometimes stop with no warning or reason.

To add to the woes, Polaroid Customer Support are only contactable by email, and they have not answered even one of the four mails I have sent them.

A total waste of money.
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on 27 November 2014
This is an update on this cam. Firstly after using this in so many action sequences it's a perfect yet awesome camera to have around. I have a Sony Go Pro the resolution of which is that much more crystal and handles most recordings especially underwater so perfectly. With the Polaroid I'm not knocking it as for a higher frame rate you can go to 720p and get an absolute quality picture.

Battery Now this is an important part of the equipment and in both cameras the battery is in a sealed unit, So once that goes that's the camera no longer working where the battery is concerned. This batter in this camera will last for ages, I always try switch it off in between shoots as to conserve the battery that much longer. I was able to record video in stages over two days after the last charge
is concerned. Just remember to switch off after any filming. Its very convenient to film sneaky pieces of video. It can be held in hand and switched on and off without even having to look at the switching area.

Each time you switch off or on you get that vibration and you get to learn quick which is off and which is on.
A decent memory Mini SD card would be ideal. Series 10 don't bother with anything less then that. The one I am using is a Sanyo Evo 32Gb Series 10 Mini SD Card. The fish eye is not as convex as the Go pro so it does not distort the picture too much not like the Go Pro, however Sony does supply software downloaded from their site to take the fish eye out. However sometimes the video might look weird in places and you might notice something is wrong or not quite right with the picture after this. The Polaroids pictures and videos look perfect hardly any convex in the picture. It does film wide.
What camera could you buy where they supply with it everything your going to or might need? and i don't mean cheap little mounts and things that usually fall off your head because a strap has broken or the sticky pad was not man enough to cope. Well you won't get any of that tacky rubbish here. Take it from me this is my second Polaroid, I destroyed the first one. I will display pictures soon.. I want also to add some video I had with the Polaroid Cube camera a very odd problem. Anyway that one sorted now sent the item back. OK this camera absolutely no faults i could find, however one gripe, unless you carry a notebook around you and you are able to connect this camera to it you can alter the changes. So you go out any where far from a PC make sure the settings have been adjusted to your requirements once out far away you are stuffed.
Don't be put off about any negative points that may have been made about this camera because take it from me you have an awesome piece of equipment that doesn't have to be in a pros hands to get the professionals results and at a fraction of the price a Go pro Hero will set you back. I will be buying a third very soon so I have two of these cameras. I have found how awesome this camera has been and its come in handy lots of times for something happening live in front of you. I always make sure this is with me and fully charged.
Now then.. If you are planning to immerse this in any water of any kind always, always, before putting it into water, make sure the rubber seal between the lid and the housing is totally clean from any grit, sand, hair, Yes even a tiny hair! make sure this seal is clean, that you replace the top and make sure its tight and that the marks on top have aligned fully. Also move the lock so that the cap is locked in position so cannot be opened by accident. I damage my first one. Had it been fresh water I may have got away without damaging the camera. It was immersed into salt water on an adapted selfie stick. I saw two small bubbles rise and thought immediately I knew what was going to happen.. The camera tried to work a few times but it finally died. I decided to perform a post mortem on the camera, I will bring pictures of it soon. You can see that in places the circuitry has been completely shorted. A total mess and after this not salvageable. So beware of doing this, if it was me I would say do not open this camera any where near sand, and if it has stuck to the body make sure every particle is removed before opening. The only thing that survived on my old Polaroid was the SD card that worked perfectly. Charging time well give a chance it pays back in dividends once fully charged.. Don't leave home without it.! Look at the excellent case it comes in. certainly one camera I definitely can rely on. Note the following pictures included here are only for demonstration purposes. My previous Polaroid XS100 unfortunately got sea water inside it as the back cover could not have been screwed on tight enough, and was not locked. Had this camera been dropped in Fresh water and had not been turned on a very long drying process say a good month or two it might have. Being dropped in salt water you can see the rusting and oxidization forming almost immediately. This is what will happen to yours should you drop it in sea water. So don't do what I stupidly did that ended up costing me. Check out the pictures. The unit was very easy to dismantle however I am not saying you should take yours apart. I will add also that between this and the Go Pro the first edition Go Pro, The resolutions are much more crisp on the Go Pro. However the quality is not that much noticeable between the Go Pro and this Polaroid version. Between the two yes its swings and roundabouts and really all depends what your going to use it for. One thing I have noticed is that the battery on the Polaroid lasts a very long time compared to that of the Go Pro. I also note that the fish eye effect is not that convex on the Polaroid compared to that of the Go Pro. Yes the Polaroid still has a wide angle view. I absolutely love the Polaroid. It also comes with a perfect well made protection cover which with a Velcro strip stops the camera from falling out of its protective nesting place. This is one camera out of my entire kit that I always depend on and its to hand should I need it. I always keep this fully charged.
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on 16 October 2013
I found this camera whilst looking for something I could attach to my bicycle (as well as my car) without breaking the bank but also without losing out too much quality from the Gopro Hero range. To be honest, I can't see a notable difference between this and the Gopro Hero 2. If anything, the image can appear a little over sharpened but this in no way makes the quality of the output anything other than really quite impressive.

So. You've bought one and saved yourself a ton of cash from the price of a Hero 2 but what are the up and downsides. These are the ones i've noted so far.

- Cons -

1. There is no LCD screen and therefore any settings to the still images or video modes (granted you can select between the two video modes that you've set up in software via a little switch). There is also obviously no preview therefore however the image is so massively wide you'd have to be an idiot to not get it in roughly the right place.

2. The cap at the rear of the unit unscrews revealing the ports as well as a couple of switches for video modes. I've left this off a couple of times by mistake (it's not that hard to do if your not concentrating) which is ruinous to it's waterproof ability so BE CAREFUL and make sure you replace the cap and lock it properly.

3. It's white with a big red lens surround which doesn't make it exactly 'stealthy'. Riding a bicycle on the road in the Uk is dangerous and many motorist just don't understand the laws of the road which makes riding even more of a danger. I bought this to catch some of them out and to be honest, it's not easy to do with it sitting proudly on top of the handlebars. God forbid on your bike helmet (the best place) as it'll stand out like a sore thumb. It does however end up looking a bit like an expensive headlamp on the handlebars which cannot be said about the Gopro Hero's that look like little Tv's in a goldfish bowl (when they have their waterproofing case on obviously).

4. Non user serviceable battery and it won't operate on charge ;o(

- Pros -

1. Decent battery life. I get around two and a half hours on average which is great for time lapse and such like.

2. Image quality up there with the Gopro's. I think only the 3 black edition is going to provide a better image but seeing the image is so good (providing there is good light, as none of them are fantastic in low light).

3. Surprisingly good low light performance although there will be a noticeable amount of grain in the image so don't expect the world.

4. Waterproof to ten meters out of the box. Even the mic (which isn't too bad) works under the water as well although there is a muffled drying off period once you come out of the water.

5. A good selection of attachments come with the machine but I did end up buying the suction cup for my windscreen.

6. Much cheaper than the alternatives and as good or even better than almost all of them at image quality.

If you're looking for a quality action cam and just can't justify the price of a Gopro Hero 3 Black edition then this is going to take you there. Although somewhat stripped down in features (no wifi or LCD screen for the controls) it provides a really solid image and feels solid enough to last for years.
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on 3 October 2017
I've been using this product for about 1 year now, using 2-3 times a day during the week on my 1 hour bicycle commute to work so I have a full life-cycle of usage.
This unit is heavy, and not helped by the fact that the bracket to attach to a helmet is quite tall so it makes it unsuitable to wear on a helmet, it makes your helmet flop around and become potentially unsafe.
The unit is also very unreliable, whereby you can't switch it off sometimes. It becomes unresponsive so you can't switch it on without resetting it too. Doesn't particularly like being attached via USB cable, becomes unresponsive mid-way through transferring the files to your computer.
I'd avoid this product, I cannot recommend it. Do not be attracted by the flashy Polaroid branding, it's just a piece of junk with Polaroid branding on it.
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on 12 October 2016
Couldn't afford the GoPro series of ActionCams as I generally won't use that often. I bought this for a horse riding holiday in Spain and it worked really well. Mounted on helmet using the sticky 3M pads which I was skeptical about but didn't budge. I didn't want to use the pads because it then limits me to the one riding helmet because the straps provided only seem to be for bike helmets or ones that have vents to put the straps through.
The video quality for me seems not too bad but then I'm not a techi, but for a record of a great holiday I was pleased. Audio quality wasn't particularly great and I'll need to work out how to take the hrs of video and condense into 5 min snapshot.
Will now be able to use the camera to record lessons and hacks etc but struggling to source arm band that means the camera can be worn on upper arm [some competitions don't allow cameras on helmets for health & safety reasons] and looking on Polaroid accessories doesn't seem to be any!
The main negative that I have is that there is no power plug to charge with. You have to charge through a computer and I wouldn't take a computer on holiday, so a bit puzzled why no plug for charging via a USB [like a norm camera] wasn't part of the accessory bundle? This is the only reason that I've rated 4/5 stars.
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on 2 January 2015
I have to admit, I absolutely love the product, the design is awesome and the fittings which come with it are perfect, I have used this on my motorcycle helmet, motorcycle handlebars and other places on the bike, my bars on my pushbike, I fitted it to my car and the results have all been amazing. The only downside is the still photo's, as you can't preview them at the time, they tend to be quite blurry unfortunately, although the video quality is great.

The sound quality is very good but you do get quite a bit of wind noise, not particularly great if you was to try and vlog on a bike, great for vlogging in the car though.

The ONLY reason which I gave this 4 rather than 5 stars, is due to the playback/editing features. Playback on the TV is good, the quality is spot on however there is no ability to fast forward or rewind, therefore to see something which happened near the end of your clip, you must watch the whole way through. With regards to playback on a computer, I found that Windows Media/Movie players only give the visuals and do not play back the sound. I would really like to find a free video editing software which I can use to edit this video type. *Any tips are welcomed*
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on 17 May 2013
I already have an HD camera in my car which comes on when I start the engine.

I wanted this for my bike but I wasn't sure what to expect.
I checked out some of the videos on youtube and that sealed the deal and I'm glad I bought it.
The video quality is superb although audio is very low.

You have to connect i to a PC to set it up and, with no monitor, you need to use "best guess" when attaching it but the wide angle lens helps.

I haven't used it in the wet but the reviews I've read praise it.
It only works on battery too. Can't have it working while charging but not really a problem

Very happy so far but I'll update in a few weeks once I've used it more
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on 1 March 2017
I have ordered it in Jul 2015 and is still going strong.
I use it as a helmet mounted camera when using 2 wheels.
No image stabilization, no recycling option are downsides of this product. Also low light quality is not the greatest but overall good value for money.
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on 1 July 2014
Read the description of the camera very carefully before you buy one !
Used it on my motorcycle on a ride. The HD quality is excellent, sound is ok.
Used it indoors recording my mates band..........not good. Audio was terrible and video is awful.
Remember it's a " OUTDOOR ACTION CAMERA "
Can't see how much charge is in the battery which is a bummer.
Needs charging via a computer usb :(
Photos are blurry more often than not..
A few gripes but if you use it as a " outdoor action camera in good daylight" it's excellent !
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