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on 30 June 2017
I bought this CD basically for the second track – “Diamonds”. The first time I heard the song (and here I should point out that I am not a Rihanna fan by any normal sort of idea of the word fan) was when it was sang along to and danced to in the film “Girlhood” (original French title “Bande de Filles”). "Diamonds" works so brilliantly in the film and the song has stayed in my head ever since I heard it.

For all that I love “Diamonds” this CD (and Rihanna for that matter) is a big departure from anything I would normally be listening to, which recently has been a mixture of Rolling Stones, Motown, Alabama Shakes, Pascale Picard and Édith Piaf to name a few. I doubted I would like much else on “Unapologetic” and most of it possibly won’t get played too much by me if I’m honest, but there are a couple tracks that I also like other than (if not as much as) “Diamonds” – those two tracks are: “Stay” and “No Love Allowed”.

So Rihanna’s music might not on the whole be my usual choice but even just for the second track, this CD, for me is worth a very well deserved five stars!

For any Rihanna fans who have got as far as this in reading my review who are not familiar with “Bande de Filles” I would recommend checking out a trailer for the film – I think that it’s a great film and the segment with “Diamonds” in is nothing short of brilliant.
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on 19 March 2015
Who would have thought I was a Rihanna fan? Not me...
Turns out I was wrong. I have a wide taste in music, and brought this album after having heard Diamonds (along with the rest of the world) and Jump in a café somewhere.
I thought I'd give it a try, and was amazed by the fact I like every track - love most of them, and repeatedly play six of them again and again and....
If you've never thought of trying Rihanna before, DO. This is a great place to start.
Who would have thought I was a Rihanna fan? Me!
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on 6 April 2016
I'm disappointed with this album - I've only listened to some of the songs on it once or twice so far but all but one have left me feeling disappointed and bored! The only song I like, and already know, is Diamonds which far and away is the best song on the album. For me, all the other songs are strangely dull and skippable ! !
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on 27 February 2013
I have been checking this MP3 out for a while but couldn't make up my mind. I ran through the tracks once again and decided that I definitely liked it. Upon playing some of the songs I wasn't overly impressed by the amount of bad language. I know that it is regarded as de-rigeur these days but is so much absolutely necessary? That aside the songs are excellent and are in true Rihanna style. I know that a cleaner version can be downloaded and I could have done that but then would it have been truly Rihanna? It's a good album with great songs I just think that some of them are a little excssive with the swearing
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on 4 May 2013
It is always exciting to hear a Rihanna album, because she always incorporates some interesting "sounds" on her albums (such as "Man Down" on her fifth album "Loud". So "Unapologetic" is album number 7 for Rihanna, and it really sounds refreshing and different from other albums out in the market, while still remaining current.

The album kicks off with "Fresh off the Runway", aptly titled with it refreshing sound, before moving on to the number 1 hit "Diamonds". She also collaborated with David Guetta on the dance track "Right Now", which is in the vein of "We Found Love", another great clubbing track I suppose.

Other tracks that I like on the album include "What Now", "Stay" and "Half of Me", where she showcases her vocals. And her performance of "Stay" on SNL was really amazing as well. It really surprised me that she can do such stripped-down performances. On the album version of "Stay", she duets with Mikky Ekko, whom I cannot really find information on. It sounds great as well, though I do prefer the solo version more. Another track that is quite personal would be "Half of Me". Somehow it just sounds different when a provocative and "loud" person like Rihanna do songs like these, and it sort of makes her more human in a way, less of a celebrity, if you get what I mean. "Love Without Tragedy/ Mother Mary" is quite a favourite as well, and it is quite reveals quite a bit of her personal matters, and sometimes she sounds quite vulnerable on the track as well (especially on the later half).

Of course there is also the controversial track "Nobody's Business" where she duets with Chris Brown. Enough said.

One thing that I do not really like would be the content and subject matter that are touched on in the lyrics. I find it inappropriate sometimes, especially for teenagers, and Rihanna is quite a big influence on pop culture, so I thought... Maybe it is just that I am a bit more conservative... then again, would you want your children to be listening to things like that?

All in all, I thought "Unapologetic" is a very well-crafted album on the whole - very current, refreshing, and sometimes even personal.
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on 12 December 2016
Bought this as a gift, already had the album myself. She'll become one of the biggest & best-selling artists of all time, no doubt about that! Even bigger than she already is at the moment this album came out...!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 March 2016
Love it. It's different from her previous albums but her versatility is such that she manages effortlessly and excellently. A thoroughly enjoyable listen, although much swearing so have had to avoid listening when kids are around
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on 8 September 2016
Album is really good, would definitely recommend.
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on 31 January 2018
good quality
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on 22 August 2017
It not a bad album in fact it great album
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