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on 29 March 2013
I bought this as a step up from 3 channel dual blade helecopters. It takes some time to get the hang of the transmitter sticks with throttle and rudder/tail rotor on the left and the cyclic controls on the right.

Not recommended for flying indoors at first get some space to get the hang of it, what the manual doesn't say is the top left button on the transmitter switches between full servo throw and less servo throw. Inside use less and outside use full especially if its breezy. You can also move the control arms onto some inner lugs on the swashplate to give it even less movement but I've not needed too. Its very robust but will get away from you if its anything more than a slight breeze but good fun flying it back as it lifts and settles with the breeze.

Hovering is good when its trimmed, mine needed a little right aileron and a little forward, these are remembered by the transmitter but any trim on the tail is reset as that alters as the battery runs down. Fast when full servo movement is selected. A very good little helicopter and I would recommend getting one as a step up from dual blade helicopters.
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on 10 January 2014
Excellent little heli for those ( such as myself) dipping there toes into R/C Helicopters for the first time. Tricky to master in comparison to 3 channel models, but very rewarding when you eventually get it right. The inclusion of two batteries is a bonus, but I would buy a pack of higher capacity batteries as it's amazing how quickly the 5-7 mins goes when you get into it. Multitude of spares available ( search for v911 spares) on ebay and such, so overall an excellent purchase that I'm very happy with.
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on 19 February 2013
Read lots of reviews because I hadn't got a clue and wanted to get this right as this was a present for my partner.
Works very well, loads of fun indoors and outside on calm days. Very pleased. Note order extra batteries.
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on 23 March 2013
Great little big boys toy that can be used as a useful stepping stone to the full 6 channel helis. As mentioned this heli is fast indoors and is more complex to control due to its fixed pitch (fp) single rotor blade, hence if you are looking to upgrade in future or want a decent challenge this is the best starting place as they handle closer to the 6 channel units. If you are looking for something more stable/slower indoors or for younger kids, look for the easier to fly co-axial (dual blade rotors, one rotor above and one below) helis and possibly consider 3.5 channels. 4 channel fp rotors are much more complex to control than co-ax but their performance and response is that much greater. Be prepared to buy replacement parts if you haven't experienced this level of flying before, however spares are cheap!
Absolute storming fun for the price and the missus even shredded her Valentines flowers I bought for her during a minor collision!!! Ornaments can and may be broken ;)
If you get serious about the hobby, check the heliguy forum.
Awesome fun, amazing price and great value.
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on 10 January 2014
My husband couldn't believe I'd bought a remote control helicopter and that it was for our daughter! She's 11, and although she's very careful with things, the plan was that they would learn how to break it together. Since Christmas, it's flown around the garden a couple of times, which is huge progress from the going up, going sideways, going down, they started with -- the sideways part wasn't intentional. She loves it (it was the only thing on her Christmas wish list), and I think she's better at flying it than the 41-year-old is. He's the gopher.

The helicopter looks small and fragile, but has held up better than I expected to the occasional crash landing. We haven't had to investigate the spare parts that came with it, yet. Having two battery packs has been useful, and was one of the reasons I chose this particular model. They recharge pretty quickly.

The box states that this is not a toy. I'm not sure what else it should be. The educational value in this is in teaching an older child to take care and to follow instructions.

I recommend this helicopter. We haven't tried to fly it indoors, and we probably won't. In the hands of a novice user, it needs space, and preferably grass to land on.

The sellers (Paramount Zone, via Amazon Marketplace) were great. The postal delivery was messed up, through no fault of theirs, but they refunded me the extra costs immediately and with no hassle. I recommend them, too.
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on 28 January 2013
had to send the first one back did so on thurs and received the replacement on monday great service from the company this helicopter is great my hubby is delighted
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on 12 January 2013
Started flying helicopters with a micro 3 channel dual bladed easy to fly beginners model. After learning how to fly this ( my first ever heli) soon wanted to go to the next level. After doing lots of interesting research and reading many reviews making full use of video on utube i came across this 4 chanel fixed pitched heli.
yes did take some time to master and must have crashed into walls ceilings and furniture too many times to count. But this heli was able to withstand all this with no damage. it is important to remember always come off the throttle when you crash any heli to help prevent any damage.
But what a great heli this is. So great fun to fly indoors or outside in calm wind conditions. The remote with its LED display panel has the look of an expensive heli and the heli itsself looks great too. The range of the model is so far when flying outside that it can become difficult to see what direction you are flying ! If you are looking to fly a 4 channel single prop at a great price you wont go far wrong with this model.
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on 10 January 2013
Have flown it outside, but even in very light wind it get a lot of buffeting so better inside. Inside one needs to apply a bit of right yaw to get airborne and the skill level needed to fly it will take a while to master. Having had a similar copter with fixed batteries and double propeller, which is good and easier to fly!, this is much better in several respects. Two replaceable batteries is the main plus point. After a while the batteries fail and then, if they are fixed, the copter is of no use. One can buy replaceable batteries and practicaly all parts for the the Speed Master, from [...], although I have not done that yet. The controls are very sensitive, which is good, and it does exhibit a tendency to gyrate when hovering, which together make it difficult to master. In all a brilliant mini copter.
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on 3 January 2014
Firstly this arrived in good time but had a fault in that it continued to spin slowly in yaw with all the trim applied. Contacted seller and they told me to return simply the controller and not the whole thing. They paid the postage instantly and sent me a complete set back promptly. So I now have two helicopters and sets of batteries and chargers. Both work on the same frequency so got a bonus. Compared to the 3 channel it works exactly like a real helicopter with banking caused by a swash plate and yaw by the tail rotor so you have to practise to convert and coordinate both hands more effectively. The power (collective stick) is very sensitive so needs a gentle touch but it hovers nicely once you get the knack. Two batteries is a brilliant idea meaning you can continue to fly without having to wait to recharge between flights. You also get useful backup emails with additional info on problems you may face after a crash and how to solve them. A simple tip for the batteries is that the writing on them is uppermost when fitted to the plane and facing you when charging. I do use rechargeable batteries in the controller though it is not recommended because there may be binding issues when they are running down, but I suspect if you keep them charged well there is no problem and certainly cheaper, especially if you charge the helicopter batteries from them. I always use the mains charger. Another good thing is that the power stick is not spring loaded, as on some versions. Finally, if you have never done this before I recommend the equally well made, but very much cheaper, three channel helicopter to start with, as you may find this very frustrating at first - the controls are different but you get the hang of reversing the direction change that occurs when flying towards yourself. On this one the advice to "master" the controls with "gentle" movements is paramount and requires patience which will be rewarded, in my opinion.
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on 11 March 2013
Great fun little RC helicopter. The step up from 3 to 4 channels gives you extra control and makes it much more enjoyable to fly than the sightly cheaper 3 channel helicopters on the market. It does take longer to get the hang of flying, but its worth the effort.

The overall build is good and it can withstand substantial collisions with the walls, ceiling and furniture and on that note it is also light enough not to damage the things it hits as long as you cut the power to rotors.

The skids are a little flimsy and did break quickly but nothing a paper clip some insulating tape couldn't solve. This was one of my only grips with it. It does comes with a spare set of blades which so far I haven't needed. If your like me and new to RC helicopters you will be crashing a lot as you push your skills to the limits so I'm sure they will come in a hand.

Definitely worth it and something charming about the warning message on the rotors stating: Do not fly if borken

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