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on 12 September 2013
My specs - 32GB Kingston HyperX Beast RAM - Asus Z87 Pro MB - Intel 4770k CPU - Kingston HyperX memory cooler. Plenty of 140MM Fractal R2 silent running fans - beQuiet Dark Rock2 CPU cooler.

Been using HyperX Beast 2400mhz memory for a few months now and it does what it says on the tin - a constant 2390+ mhz clock, awesome.
Checking the prices on amazon I noticed that it was currently listed as being £130 so decided to get myself another two sticks and boost up to that 32GB sweet spot. Btw I am a content creator and will certainly make use of this extra RAM. If you are just gaming then this would be totally overkill, unless you rock an AMD APU.

Having installed the extra two sticks of RAM and booted up I noticed that the BIOS had accepted the new RAM and was giving me that 2400mhz clock. On inspection in windows I noticed that even though it was showing 32GB installed - it was only running 16GB of usable RAM. Mmmm - I asked around, as well as checking in with some of the guys that had previously bought this RAM to see if they had any idea what was up.

Contacted the Kingston support team and got a very prompt reply on my mobile (impressive) and they checked what version of windows I am currently using "Windows7 Home Premium", I replied. That was the problem. 16GB is the maximum that W7 HP will run. When W7 HP was released it was designed for a home user and 16GB would have been the most memory that a home user would ever need (apparently)..

32GB of kick-ass HyperX Beast will run on - W7 Pro - any windows 8 desktop version.

I wholeheartedly recommend this memory not just for the speed and groovy looks, but their support team was prompt and knowledgeable, the guy had even trawled through the MS windows forums to see if there was a patch that I could download to fix this problem. Luckily I have a copy of W8 Pro that I have now installed and everything is hunky-dory.
Have since done some video rendering on adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects and it flashes through. No problem getting the almost top clock of 2400mhz and I have the HyperX Beast memory cooler fan that is silent running and keeps MB and memory temps constantly low....
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on 19 April 2014
Super ram these are spot on I will be getting 16gb kit (2x8Gb) to add to my 16gb when I can afford
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on 18 July 2014
System Specifications:
-Intel Core i7 4790k @ 4.7GHz (Overclocked from 4.00GHz) CPU
-Kingston HyperX XMP Beast Series 16GB (2 x 8GB) 2400MHz DDR3 CL11 RAM
-ASUS Z97 Pro (Wi-Fi AC) ATX Motherboard
-Sapphire R9 270X 4GB 1020MHz GDDR5 GPU
-Corsair H100i (Stock fans replaced with 2 x Corsair SP120 PWM Edition) CPU Cooler
-Corsair RM750 80 Plus PSU
-2 x Kingston HyperX 3K 120GB SSD (RAID0)
-Windows 8.1

I'd like to start off this review by pointing out this particular kits value for money. Other 16GB modules which are available on Amazon are priced roughly the same, however, none of them have a 2400MHz clock speed, most are at 1600Mhz. You may have read there isn't a visible or noticeable improvement between 1600Mhz and 2400MHz which is true but when there isn't a price difference it makes sense to go for the superior option.

The clock speed brings me on to my second point. After installing the RAM its default clock speed will be either at 1333MHz or 1600MHz. The reason why it is not at advertised 2400MHz is because 1333MHz and 1600MHz are default JEDEC profiles while 2400MHz is XMP (Intel Extreme Memory Profile). The first time round I ordered this I received a faulty kit which caused me a lot of hassle; it only went up to 2133 (XMP) but couldn't get to 2400MHz and my system would crash. This hindered the ASUS Auto-Overclock utility so I returned the kit and ordered another pair. This return process was a breeze thanks to Amazon, item was picked up from my house and I had the new unit a couple of days later.

The RAM itself is in my opinion the best looking RAM on the market. It has a black PCB which was a pleasant surprise and it matches the heat spreader. The heat spreader itself should cause no clearance issues with large CPU coolers, I use the Corsair H100i closed-loop water cooling kit and have no issues with clearance. The text on the module makes it look very high-tech.

Onto the main point; performance. Both modules are CL11, timings are 11-13-13-32, the required voltage at 2400MHz is 1.65V. I haven't been able to measure the temperatures accurately as such, but to the touch it stays at a sensible temperature. If you require high-speed storage consider ordering the 32GB or 64GB kit and create a RAM disk which will give you insane speeds, this is where the 2400MHz frequency is clearly distinguishable from a 1600MHz frequency. Games can be loaded onto the RAM disk as well as heavy applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects.

This is compatible with the Windows 8.1 task manager which gives extremely detailed information about the RAM. [IMG]http://i57.tinypic.com/33yndom.jpg[/IMG]

In conclusion, if you are building a new PC and require good quality RAM then this is the best kit your money can buy. At just under £120 for 16GB at 2400MHz this really is a steal, if you are an overclocker, benchmarker, developer or designer, the increased frequency will be noticeable.
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on 24 June 2013
I expected nothing else than a quality product,and what a shock I got a quality product. Very pleased with the performance and will be buying another kit soonish to have 32GB :-)
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on 14 May 2013
I dont play games so cannot comment on that but, I find it works very well for AVCHD Editing, I had to increase the voltage to 1.65v to make it run at 2400mhz, but, it has made a big difference to the performance, I will buy some more when I can Afford it as it is very expensive.
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on 9 May 2014
This RAM is serving me very well and is you are wanting a wide band access to memory I would recommend this kit especially if you're wanting to overclock your system given that there is native support for overclocking built into this particular kit. However, the numbers of 2400Mhz with a CL11 makes the access of the data average so the label of 'beast' is a little misleading ^_^ Though you will always find that either you have a wide data range and a high CAS latency or vice versa, unless you spend a small fortune.

Personally for me the wide data access of 2400Mhz, the heat dissipation and reasonable cost make this a perfect little kit and you really won't notice the difference between this and many of the other RAM kits. Perfect for designers, video editors who need access to a good deal of RAM.

The only down side was the height of the chips which for me proved a little problematic when installing these with a wide heat sink. However, this is due to my specific set up where I have RAM slots directly adjacent to the CPU. If you have the same then I recommend that you get your MB earthed to your PSU and install your RAM first.

Happy building/upgrading ^_^
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on 27 November 2013
Brought 32Gb (4x8Gb)for an Asus Sabertooth x79 board and they have been rock solid running happily at the full 2400Mhz. Very happy with purchase and supplier (Atelco Computer AG) product arrived in fantastic time considering it came from Germany (this wasn't clearly stated at time of purchase). RAM was well packaged which was just as well as the outter box was a little worse for wear but contents where well protected.
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on 25 July 2013
Bought the set of 4 modules, installed them on a Z87 card from ASUS and they worked fine from the start. I went into the Bios program, turned on XMP and it suggested to run the modules at 2401 or 2133MHz, I chose 2401MHz and it worked without any hassle so I think these are a fairly safe bet if you have a newish motherboard. Also there are no issues with overheating or anything (so far anyway).

The extra cooler module makes them fairly high and I had to change the direction of the CPU Fan to fit it all but that was also done fairly easily so 5 stars from me.

Things that work... happy days...
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on 1 July 2014
So I installed this memory, got windows installed, booted up, and slapped on my favourite MMO. Everything worked fine. Then I remembered that you need to enable the XMP profile in your bios to use this memory at its 2400mhz speed. So I rebooted, entered bios (she didn't mind), noticed it was running at 1333mhz, enabled XMP, booted and loaded my fav MMO.

There was a very visible and noticeable difference after making this change. Windows 8.1 seemed to be more snappy, more 'instant'. I'm on a fast system so the improvement wasn't jaw dropping to be fair (i5 4670k, 250gb samsung evo ssd, Sapphire r9 280x duel-x), but it was noticeable. One area I did notice was the MMO loading time; it dropped considerably - shaving perhaps 5-10 seconds off.

I bought 16gb of this memory for £120. At this time, 16gb amounts memory were going for £100+, with the modules at that lower price bracket being 1333mhz-1600mhz. I decided that an extra £20 was worth it for the extra speed. I'll be honest, the speed difference that you'll notice isn't massively groundbreaking, so I'm not going to give this memory the whole "omg don't buy anything else!!" because there isn't a great deal in it between this and slower modules. But if you're an enthusiast and don't mind spending an extra £20, then I heartily recommend this memory.

I should also say that it comes with a really sexy "Powered by Kingston HyperX" sticker, which is silver and black foil, and the X is all ninja-like. I love my stickers.
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on 2 December 2014
Great in my PC with AMD A10-7850K though not been aboe to clock it at 2400MHz suuccessfully and currently running at 2100MHz and I know its something stupidly simple I missed when setting at 2400.

Just not had the patience to go back and fiddle with the APU and RAM clocks let alone voltage frequencies. My system is currently fine with most titles outside of Thief and Crysis 3. However this will need to be changed soon I realise as the next gen titles, like FarcCry 4 for example, or actually needing the things I predicted would come out very soon while other morons thought would come out in several years time, like FOUR CORE CPUs and have trouble running even on TWO?!

Somehow loads of people paid to write reviews about gaming and gaming PCs do not know what they are talking about and given out loads of false information that not only makes no bloody difference to gaming, as I show on my Computing and Gaming blog, but have now hindered these people and many have wasted their money on PCs that are almost already useless at gaming without going out and purchasing another CPU. Oops!

They also need a lot of video memory, stating 4GB cards which are...well rare and still expensive, however my APU has a large part of 16GB to play with. Probably around 12GB when gaming, maybe 14GB depending on what else you have runing in Windows at the time.
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