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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 12 February 2013
Sure it was a lot of money (I paid £133) but for the 92% efficiency it provides, the 7 year warranty and connections / power available to hook up 3 graphics cards + 12 sata hard drives, it's a bargain.

I currently have it in an i5 2500k, AMD 7970 3GB rig with 4 HD's and on idle, this PSU draws between 115-120w.

Gaming wise, the average is 150-180w, the most i could get it to consume was 290w playing Metro 2033 at maximum direct x 11 settings.

Considering the fan on this doesn't turn on until you hit the 380w mark, this PSU should stay silent for any single graphics card setup.

With the wattage i'm consuming, i could easily have 2 decent graphics cards in my rig and this PSU wouldn't break a sweat.

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on 5 January 2014
This is a great PSU. I bought this for a small server and it is extremely efficient and silent.

The "i" model comes with a USB dongle to allow monitoring of the PSU. It connects between a special socket on the PSU and an internal USB header on the motherboard. Software then provides real-time info on the PSU performance.

The problem? Well the software constantly polls the hard drives and this prevents them from spinning down. For a very energy efficient system as is possible with this PSU, this is an unforgivable oversight. I ended up by uninstalling the software and disconnecting the dongle. The PSU works fine without it.

I would recommend purchasing the Corsair AX760 PSU instead of the AX760i. It's the same power supply but without the dongle connection and problem software. You also save about 30 pounds, get a quieter system and save even more electricity.
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on 7 December 2016
I bought this for a future build and didn't test it on arrival. My mistake, because it is defective and will not fully power on. It just power cycles over and over, or barely comes on and supplies less voltage than my motherboard needs. Can't even provide enough energy to POST.

This one is going back like several other reviewers mentioned, and I am definitely not impressed. If you buy one of these do make sure you test it immediately on arrival, as the quality control on these is poor. Corsair is shipping faulty devices so watch out.

UPDATE: Huge thanks to Amazon who made an exception and exchanged the defective item, however the replacement was also defective and powered up once then died within minutes. It too is going back and I'll try a different brand. (also, the automated bot posting the reply below with a USA telephone number on the UK Amazon website looks silly. Quality control issues from top to bottom over there at Corsair lately...)
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on 1 April 2013
i think i may have a dud psu here, but read on if you may have the same problems as me.

its not great when you build a pc and go to turn it on and you get nothing, just a click and straight back off, i'm quite an experienced builder and immediately tried an old spare psu, to ensure it wasn't the other components and they're all fine, and the pc was on like a charm, the self test button is a little pointless as it doesn't tell me anything i don't already know,(in that it doesn't really work either) the psu will click and the component fans and motherboard light up (very briefly) as if its connected but something is not quite right inside. the packaging was amazing so it can't be from the courier, and although the cables state 1200i only! corsair inform me they are universal, let me know if thats not right!? corsair tech support and rma are usually top notch and this has a 7 year guarantee so i'm expecting it to get fixed or swapped pretty soon as its driving me up the wall, will check my review and revise if indeed my opinion changes.

I was expecting so much quality, as with all my other corsair components, vengeance ram, h100, force3 120gb ssd, air force fans.


after a couple of weeks and sending the unit back to the netherlands! (at my expense) ~£30 which i did manage to wrangle out of the seller who sold me the item in the first place, to which i commend them! as if i would have returned it to them they would have only been in the same situation, it was replaced by corsair and the new unit works as promised, however i should have got the 760i as the 860i is a bit overpowered! i thought my system would use much more power but its around 300w! these intel processors don't use as much watts as they used to max 95w on my processor but they actively switch most of the time, but nevermind thats another story ...

the built in usb dongle corsair link causes my system to freeze once attached so i'm not using that and other than the system lag on switch on ~5 seconds - which i can live with ... its barely noticeable or audible and the only good thing is that i know it will be a steady part for me to build around on and it won't need upgrading for a long while.
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on 28 March 2013
What can i say i was very uneasy buying this power supply as lot of cosair power supply's have had a bad coil whine. I have looked on other sites and it seems to be an issue for all companies. So i must say the delivery on this was on the mark and better thank you>
As soon as i got this i thought wow its small, i have an old coolermaster 1000w psu and that was 1/4 bigger.
I just had to plug it in and swopped my old psu for this one. My specs are 2600k 4.6 ghz watercooled ssd drive + 2x wd black drives and a gtx680 not to mention all the fans and other stuff.
I started the pc and for a second i thought it haddent sarted as it was so quiet and strange that the fan never started on the power supply.
When it booted to descktop i just had to overclock up my card for a quick benchmark i got the card to 1200 on the gpu and some on the memory with out any problmes and the fan still never kicked in on the powersupply i flicked the switch to normal mode to make sure the fan did work.I must say it was spinning but i still couldnt hear anything.
It looked like the company that i bought it from had tested the powersupply and then re-sealed it very carefully for which i am very greatfull becuase there is nothing worse than getting a dead powersupply and having to send it back. My only gripe with this one is that the sata power cables are very stiff to put in the hadrives.
Yes the 6 pin motherboard cable will fit around the back of my haf 932 but for cable manament i will need an extension lead there is nothing wrong in buying an extension cable and sleaving to match the rest (you cant get a power supply to complettly fit every case)

Well 2016 still using this power supply still no problems and still loving it

A word of warning I just bought a gtx 980 ti don't run the 8 pin to 2 X 8 pin splitter for this card I have found the card needs a lot of power when gamming and the cable gets really hot use 2 single 8 pin less stress on the cables I lost 3 hard drives and all my data because of this
all back up and running again and still using the same power supply and graphics card
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on 30 September 2016
I purchased this unit as I thought it would provide me with the ultimate in quality and energy efficiency. It has lasted 6 months and died. Luckily I had the old PSU with which I have had to replace it while this one is returned. There's an irony. To add insult to injury Corsair requires that I pay the return postage for this unit (to Holland)! The Post Office has charged me £31 for the cheapest postage option. When I returned a WD hard drive they covered the postage by way of a shipping pre paid shipping label as it should be! So this unit has cost me £170 to date.

October 2016 update:

I received an RMA number and a system on which to track the progress of the PSU repair/replacement. It was never updated by Corsair. 28 days after I posted the orginal back I received a replacement (which appears new). So in short:

Cost a lot.
Failed after 6 months.
£31 to send it back.
No updates whatsoever.
4 weeks to resolve, and not even a sniff of even an apology.

No, I would not have bothered buying the original had I known.

Very disappointing.
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on 18 March 2013
Very satisfied with this power supply the hybrid mode means the fan dose not even turn on.
the wires for the psu are also all black along with the sheathing making it very stealthy
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on 4 July 2013
Unfortunately, I did get a defective unit on my first try. But Amazon was great about returning it. The other that I bought is running very well. The fan hardly ever runs as it only turns on above a certain temperature. When it does run it is nearly silent. If the Corsair link software it to be believed, the unit is incredibly efficient, with extended periods at 99% efficiency. The Link software is great for controlling current usage on the PCIE slots and total wattage among other things.
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on 8 May 2013
Having had my Antec Earthwatts 680 go bang after 14 months, I found myself having to make do with an old FSP AX500-A power supply I had kicking around while I waited for Antec to sort out a warranty replacement. After a week or so I decided it would be better to invest in a power supply I could trust to get the job done.

I run an AMD FX-3850 processor on an Asus M5A97 EVO R2.0 motherboard, with a single XFX 7850 graphics card on twin 22" monitors. Also single SSD (boot drive) 750GB hard disk, two system fans and a Noctua NH-D14 on CPU cooling duty. Expansion cards include an old IDE interface card plugged into the PCI slot (I'm too cheap to get another DVD reader) and a DVB TV card. I have the computer plugged into a power meter so I can keep an eye on consumption.

I imagine the computer spends most of the time running near idle, with daily use for web browsing, listening to music, watching videos, creating and maintaining spreadsheets and using database applications. I occasionally play games, and more often use Handbrake to convert TV recordings into mp4 files; this is a very CPU-intensive job and something that the FX processor excels at.

So what I needed was a power supply which would perform well at both low and high power draws. Lesser power supplies will offer up to, say, 88% efficiency but only at 50% load. None of that here, it's 90% plus across it's full range. So while I'm writing this review the system is drawing 70W from the wall (single monitor, excluding monitor itself). Transcoding video (with CPU at 100%) we're at 180W. On my old FSP power supply it's more like 115W and 250W respectively. (Yes, that's pretty crap but it is an old supply and can only just support this system.)

On top of this, I'd have to go up to 530W or more for the fan in the power supply to kick in. It's so well built it just doesn't produce enough waste heat to need active cooling below this. Even if I did turn the fan on (there's a switch on the front of the PSU for this) it's completely inaudible below the CPU and case fans.

Corsair offer a 7 year warranty on this PSU. I don't expect to have to use it (and neither do Corsair) and that's the main reason I purchased this unit. Everything in the system is built on top of the power supply.

You get a full modular power supply, with all the connecting leads you could ever need. The supply is rated to 760W and (nearly) all of that is available on the (single) 12v rail. Which means I can happily run it right up to its limits without any concern. I could fill my midi tower case up with hard drives, add an extra graphics card, overclock the CPU so I can cook dinner on it and the supply would just sit there ignoring me. At most it would turn the fan on.

Read the reviews and you'll also find out how clean the supply is. The last straw for me was when I put my oscilloscope onto the 12v rail of the FSP just to see how 'clean' it was. I couldn't disconnect it fast enough to be honest. (By 'clean', I mean the quality of the power supplies outputs.)

I paid £125 (with free delivery) for this little lovely. A week ago I would have baulked at paying that much for a power supply. I changed my mind once I'd read a couple of reviews.

This is an example of beauty through function. How can someone fall in love with a power supply? Get one and you'll find out.
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on 15 November 2013
I bought one of these to go in my super monster machine at the end of August. Been nearly 3 months now and its been rock solid. Good selection of cables and comes in a nice velvet pouch. Now at the time I only bought ONE GTX 780 so its a bit of an overkill for my set up but I bought it with a view to SLI'ing in the future. Another reason I chose this one is because it is silent. The fan doesn't even turn on until 50% load. Now you could argue I'm not giving a thorough review as I haven't tested it above 600W but there plenty of reviews on various hardware sites to tell you how silent and power efficient it at those ranges. My pc is silent cannot hear it at all (though this is also partly due to use of Asus Fan Expert 2 and BeQuiet silent wings 2 as well).

So to summarize, this is for enthusiasists who want
1)SLI/XFire future proofing option of 1200 watts
3)Digital Power Efficiency (above 90% according to various reviews)
4)Money no object Quality (i.e. would rather not drink alcohol/eat chocolate for a month to save to buy a Quality piece of kit - I know I would rather do this.
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