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on 20 June 2013
This monitor was designed with the help of top counter strike players, so it is designed for gamers.

1. It does not take ages to turn on, it takes a couple of seconds, which is faster than my plasma tele and the same speed as my previous Dell LCD Touchscreen.
2. Black dots or faulty products happen unfortunately. Mine came perfectly fine and was very well packaged.

So I've only been using it a couple of days, but straight out of the box I was impressed, it's sleek and sexy, it's the first monitor I've had with such a range of positions available, it really is designed for gamers with 90degree twist, large tilt and vertical slide. It's bright and the 3d works beautifully, I've never used my 3d tele, and any other 3d I've seen has not really impressed me, but this really did impress me. The NVIDIA 3d system is not just for new titles, most old titles seem to have some 3d (but some with cursor issues apparently). My test game was Borderlands 1, and it blew me away even on small depth (the depth of the 3d is variable via shortcuts ingame)

The only difference between this and the XL2420T is this is built in 3d.

All in all I would so far recommended this monitor to anyone who can afford it and is looking for a stylish 3d monitor.
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on 16 April 2015
Excellent for gaming, i don't much use the 3D feature as much as i thought i would. However 120Hz games is awesome, so much smoother. I have adjusted the colour on the Nvidia Control Panel, ALL COLOUR CHANNELS to Brightness = 45%, Contrast = 45 %, Gamma = 0.72, Digital Vibrance = 50%, Hue = 0%. I did this because the standard brightness made it looked washed out (i know its a TN Panel).
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on 11 February 2014
What else to say, sadly not many game can use its abilities but the few does... well, they really changed what I think about gaming. especially the Tomb Raider, simply amazing
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on 14 November 2013
Great gaming monitor if only it had builg in speakers then it would be a top class. other than that i love it !
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on 6 May 2013
In fact there were several white dots I was very,unhappy Amazon was very helpful and sent me another the idea of paying over three hundred and seventy bucks for a monitor that has the pocks hell no! Now this monitor has mix reviews now off the bat out of the box is a not good but if you take some time to make some adjustment's well it just shines amazing picture quality in order to get that you have to give up a little time to make the adjustments. this monitor came with the NVidia glasses and bad man looks fantastic this did not hinder the game in any way now normally I get headache and watery eyes when in the cinema but with these just a smooth interaction
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on 4 June 2013
T'm going to try to keep this concise.
This monitor takes AGES to turn on, and it's so annoying, because sometimes it turns off when you're turning it on.
For example. i'll have it on standy by, with the red light on. I will place my thumb, over the red light (as it's touch activated), but instead of turning on the monitor does nothing!

I can't check to see the status of the red power sign, to see if it turned white (which means it will turn on in 15-90 seconds, always random), but that doesn't matter. Because whenever I remove my thumb, the red button goes off.

So then you have to turn it from completely off to on mode, but if you had it on HDMI (let's say for PS3) and want to use it on your PC (DVI), you have to wait so long. You have to wait for the monitor to turn on, realise that there is no connection on the HDMI, then wait for it to do some other s***, after which you get a blue screen which lets you chose DVI but you better chose it fast, if you don't, it goes into standby and the WHOLE process repeats.

For this, and many more reasons, this monitor takes JUST SO LONG to turn on, my computer is up and ready way before the monitor.
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on 10 May 2013
The monitor I received was defective in that a scrambled signal displayed on the screen. The scrambled signal was such that it was impossible to see to make selections between menu items, leaving you in the odd position of not knowing if it was a problem with the monitor or a problem with not being able to make the correct signal adjustments. It was the monitor!

Obviously not all BenQ monitors are not like this one but my only experience of it has been negative and BenQ support never followed up my initial contact with them seeking any helpful advice. I was told someone would email to advise me but they never did. The Amazon returns process was perfect and I got my money back. I ordered the Asus VG278HE to replace it and it's very nice indeed. It works.
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