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on 11 December 2016
Will it set the world on fire? No. However, this is a fantastic tribute to the original Japanese monster films and, in that respect, it does exactly what it says on the tin. Those opening the tin and expecting something different from the contents will, of course, be disappointed - but they can't really blame the product for that!

The characters are archetypal, and reflect those that would always have featured in this type of film. The events follow the expected course and, as is common for this type of film, you can guess the fate of pretty-much each and every character from the moment you meet them. None of this spoils the film - as that is expected from this genre.

So, if you are looking for a film that will leave you pondering the deeper meaning of life - this is not going to be your choice. If you are looking for massive fight scenes, things blowing up and general easy-watching mass-destruction - you should click to watch now.
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2018
A big, noisy but fun science fiction film, very much aimed at an audience informed by the Japanese culture of giant robots and Godzilla.

Director Guillermo Del Toro pulls out all the stops with this special-effects laden effort as massive, human piloted robots do battle with equally huge alien creatures.
My only real criticism is that the picture get rather dark at times making some of the action hard to follow if you`re watching it in daytime light, but otherwise it`s a very entertaining, action-filled movie. It probably doesn`t bear too much close scrutiny, but if one just goes with the flow it`s a good entertaining watch.
It has some terrific concept design; an “art of” book is available that showcases this.

There`s not much in the way of extras on the basic DVD release, just some outtakes, deleted scenes and an audio commentary by the director; the picture is a very decent transfer presented in 16x9 format and subtitles are as listed above in the product description.
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on 29 January 2017
A great fun movie that I absolutely love, ok its acting isn't anything special but if you're a fan of Japanese movie monsters, a kaiju fan and love seeing giant robots knocking some sense into a monster the size of a skyscraper then this is a movie you'll love and its one of those films where it actually has excellent cgi when needed and set pieces and practical effects when it doesn't, its just a movie I love because I'm a kaiju fan and with a burning love for robots monsters and other creatures like king kong and Godzilla (who aren't in this by the way just in case some found my comment misleading) its a blast, although the upcoming sequel in feburary 2018 seems like it will go down a much more well acted, menacing, more of a sense of loss kind of way and its directed by steven s deknight the very person behind the gritty well acted brutal daredevil Netflix series from marvel means it will probably make the sequel a much better movie but this is as fun as films get and I freaking love it.
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on 22 January 2017
Watch it on something larger than a laptop and do not stop watching as soon as the credits start there is one surprise.

I tend to be hit and miss with these sorts of films, but there was the right mix of story line and action for me. I found it gripping from the begining right throught to the end. Actually only two slight comlaints the man with the cane has to many eccentricities for my liking and if your brains are working as one you would not need to talk to each other, but then there are alot of inplausable things so......
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on 1 October 2015
The best way to describe it as a modern day Godzilla movie - but with CGI instead of two guys in rubber suits. So you get one mechanical machine fighting a giant dinosaur type monster. Actually its not bad - it could and should be shorter, it shouldn't try the serious bit and just keep going on the action. But when the actions going the CGI and effects are pretty impressive, as are the destroyed cities. Don't study the plot too long its pretty derivative and as I've stated if you've seen an old Godzilla movie you can pretty well guess whats coming next. But the action is unrelenting and the acting isn't bad. It's worth a punt at the right price point
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on 26 January 2016
I love this film! as a kid who grew up with 50's sci fi, Godzilla, star wars and transformers moving into mechs was a natural progression for me...and this is the mother of all mech movies!
it's such a refreshing thing to find a movie that isn't a reboot, a toy adaptation or over burdened with pointless distractions...but this film is pure popcorn movie magic at its finest!
it makes no apologies for what it is...vehicle for truly huge epic set piece battles between big mechs and even bigger monsters, it sets up the lore early, and then sets about the business of delivering the action right out of the blocks with such glorious enthusiasm and energy!.
this is no deep intellectual movie...it isn't ment to be, it's ment to be a hugely entertaining ride! And it delivers!.
in an era where all to often movies and those that make them feel they need to carry a message in order to justify themselves... Pacific Rim retains its focus on one thing and one thing only... BEING FUN!.
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on 29 March 2014
If you've watched most of the trailers and snippets on the tube, you'll have seen most of the more spectacular bits of this much heralded epic.
Of course we've all grown a little blase at the small scale intricate detail, and the large scale amazingly huge gadgets,critters,and sets in this sort of CGI extravaganza, but I for one say keep 'em coming, I loved it!
Don't expect anything over juvenile levels of sophistication, it's a destruction-fest, and that's it.( just hit it with a cargo ship, that'll fix its' wagon!).The cast does a creditable job of work on the usual kind of dialogue for this kind of affair. The FX are of course jaw-dropping.
But, they've also used the old Godzilla trick of setting a lot of the action in the dark,rain or underwater, for dramatic effect, or because it limits how big a virtual scene they have to synthesize,I know not.
Anyway, Mr DT, full marks, but now, please get on with Hell Boy 3! We all know you can do comedy adventure now, and Big Ron's still the daddy!
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on 10 January 2018
I'm a fan of Idris Elba and Charlie Hunnam so I was hopeful that's was going to be good and I wasn't dissapointed. Who doesn't like to watch giant metal machines fighting huge alien monsters? It had to potential to be a mega flop but it's got the right amount of drama, humour, tension and action to make it a really good film. All over this is a very entertaining treat. So good I watched it twice.
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on 9 November 2016
Film's great- no problems there. But if you're buying the BluRay steelbook version, be aware it's the single disc version and thus doesn't include the Directors Notebook feature and deleted scenes. Which is made doubly annoying when the disc's packaging claims it does! Not the seller's fault by any means- they've advertised it how it's presented on the packaging slip- but it does kinda effect the purpose of buying a collectors edition if stuff's missing! And it was missing the download code, too, but that's a pretty common thing in my experience.
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on 8 November 2016
If you ever needed a film to show off the capabilities of a 4K HDR TV then this is it, the only problem I found was that the level of detail made the sets look well, like sets :) its not Citizen Kane but its a great big dumb action film where you can watch it and become a big kid again, love it.
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