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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 28 December 2014
The man is a legend. I'm yet to see Clint in anything unwatchable as yet. A slower pace than in his heyday, but well acted as ever with a good supporting cast. Well scripted and directed, Clint is Clint and I found myself relaxed while the movie unfolded. I'm not usually a fan where emotional, tearful female roles are involved, I think a lesser actress would have had me reaching for the off switch, but in this case it was acceptable. If you're a fan of Clint Eastwood prepare to add it to your collection. If you're looking for knuckle dragging Hollywood flim flam then you will be disappointed. Overall a good movie and a credit to the talented Mr Eastwood.
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on 15 December 2013
This only just succeeds, and then only because of Eastwood's enduring magnetism in front of the camera. This isn't one of his greatest performances, an old man, playing an old man being old, but carries the film nonetheless.

Early on we get a glimpse through his eyes, the blurred vision of macular degeneration. He's fighting it, with the characteristic Eastwood snarl, but his job, as a baseball scout, is under threat from younger rivals. He's hanging in there, his judgement and experience still sharp.

And this, for me, is where the good stuff ends. The remaining characters and story are forced into the remaining space around the main character, and there are fundamental problems with credibility. The big one is baseball. Half the film is on the baseball field, the storyline follows the pursuit of an up and coming future star by rival teams, and with baseball written into every line of the script you might have expected to get at least some feeling of realism. My very limited knowledge of the sport was enough to make me realise that there was nothing real going on and that it was all made up by a scriptwriter who knew nothing about the sport.

The relationship between the main character and his daughter suffered from a similar lack of credibility. Clint Eastwood's strength as an actor is in his portrayal of guts and determination, indignation, anger, resentment. He doesn't do exploration of hidden deep feelings. This was ok when she was trying to talk and he was refusing to engage, but when, inevitably, the barriers come down it just doesn't work. Fortunately Justin Timberlake is on hand to take over the romantic stuff, except, wait a minute, this is a film with Clint Eastwood and Justin Timberlake, and guess which of the two of them does some singing? The romance, when the youngsters are allowed to get on with it, is tolerable, but that whole aspect of the film would barely fill ten minutes of a tv rom drama.

So what else is there about this film? 'Hollywood ending', doesn't quite do justice to the ridiculous amount of magic wand waving at the conclusion. You're left feeling that the whole thing was pretentious rubbish, which isn't entirely fair.

When this film came out last year it received two star reviews in the newspapers and I'm glad I didn't pay to see it at the cinema because it would have felt like a waste of time and money. But having just recorded it from sky movies, it was ok. And it proves that Clint Eastwood can still carry a movie.
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on 22 January 2014
WHY has this wee Clint Eastwood gem not been released on blu-ray in Great Britain???????
It,s a great blu-ray,quality pq/audio,as you would expect from a "new" movie.
The film itself,well,Clint has done better,but,this is a great wee feelgood movie,a definite smile on the face when it ends!!!!it,s a first class blu-ray,not available here in the UK?????the bonus of buying the us import is that it,s definitely REGION FREE!!!!!
Davy Cairns,Scotland.
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on 1 October 2013
An unexpected movie starring and produced by Clint Eastwood. A baseball tale with a father daughter relationship thrown in. Fans of Eastwood will enjoy this movie as will baseball followers. Eastwood does not direct this movie and I think it shows.
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on 14 November 2013
I've been a big Clint Eastwood fan since childhood and I never get tired of watching his movies. He was 82 when he made this film and he probably won't do many more movies in front of the camera, so I felt the need to get this movie. I don't think it's his best film but it's still very watchable. Amy Adams is quite good in it too. I'd never heard of her before viewing this movie.
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on 5 January 2013
The trailer for this film displays it as a funny, feel-good film with a few serious things that pop up. It's not. Yes, it ends well and all that, but when you watch this, you realise that when Clint Eastwood's in a film, it's good. It's kind of in the same genre as Moneyball (2011), but it's a light version of a film with the guy that directed Million Dollar Baby (2004), Changeling (2008) and Mystic River (2003). Everyone gives good performances, overall a good film.
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I was unsure what kind of film I fancied watching - This is well worth the watch! So glad I picked it.

The film may start off a little slow for your liking if your generally a little impatient. And Clint's character may seem a little cliche in his 'old stubbornness', but stick with it as it gets better and better and with a great ending!!

If you watch it and disagree, please do reply here and let me know your findings. :-)
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on 7 August 2015
After everyone thought that clint had stopped acting after Gran Torino along comes this little gem. Don't be put off by the baseball theme if that sport is not for you,it's just the background of the story. Clint and the lovely Amy Adams play father and daughter with relationship problems to work at. Hope this is not Clint's last acting role but if it is, it's a good one to end on.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 September 2013
On paper, Trouble With the Curve is just another in a long line of feel good movies, that just happens to be set in the world of baseball. But, thanks to the great cast, plot & sub plots it manages to keep your attention & connect you with the characters in the film that you care about the outcome for each of them, no matter how small they're role. Don't let the main story about baseball put you off, it's not a sports film, but an entertaining, heartfelt drama with the baseball playing as a nice, interesting distraction to join all the characters together.

Gus (Eastwood) is a widowed Baseball scout whose a legend among his peers & can pick the next baseball prodigy from sight & sound alone. Realizing he is losing one of his key senses, his sight. Which couldn't come at a worse time, as Sanderson (Lillard) , one of the Exec's of the baseball team is trying to put Gus out to pasture in favor of new technology. His boss & friend of 30 years, Pete (Goodman) is concerned & talks his estranged daughter Mickey (Adams), a baseball fan who used to follow Gus around the grounds as his scout sidekick, into putting her lawyer carer on the line to help her father & try to bond with him once more to uncover why he sent her away to boarding school.

Clint Eastwood is great as the ailing baseball scout, a curmudgeonly exterior with a lovable softer side & heart full of regrets. Amy Adams (Man of Steel) is brilliant as the intelligent daughter with a love & encyclopedic knowledge of baseball, whose kinda at a crossroads in her life. She has a nice will they ? , wont they ? love interest with a likable Justin Timberlake (In Time). While John Goodman (The Big Lebowski ) playing it more reserved as the good, worried friend/boss who imbues the sincerity of the role perfectly . On the other end, Matthew Lillard (Thirteen Ghosts) was good as the slimy prawn sandwich Exec. who doesn't know squat about baseball & Joe Massingill as the cocky self absorbed hitter, Bo Gentry, whose the subject of all the scouting, are both prefect to dislike & root against. Also co-stars Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) , Bob Gunton (Demolition Man), George Wyner (Spaceballs ), Ed Lauter (The Artist) & even Clint's son, Scott Eastwood cameos as a young baseball star who Gus mentors.

In conclusion, Trouble With the Curve has all it's bases covered with a variety of stories in play, characters to like & dislike, along with a great cast backing it all up. Sure you can see some outcomes before they arrive , but that doesn't make them any less sweeter when they do. Perfect lazy Sunday afternoon viewing. Recommended.
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on 11 August 2015
I approached this in trepidation as baseball generally leaves me cold-it's only rounders after all. However, it's a good story and well put together and whilst it seemed to fail to even reach British Cinemas, and not up there with Clint's finest but well worth a look. I was surprised that Justin Timberlake put in a good performance too.
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