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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 14 September 2017
Story is mostly what you'd expect from Feist. I do feel he has lost his way a little with his later books. His early stuff like Farie Tale is simply superb and I'm a big fan of this series, but he does seem to be struggling for ideas a little. Still one of the better fantasy authors though, in my view, especially after the loss of David Gemmell.

The story probably just about deserves five stars, but I've given it a four as the pages were a little faded so marginally at the lower end of the "very good" condition that was stated. Bit of a bargain in any case.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 29 December 2013
I started reading Feist when a friend lent me the Wurts and Feist trilogy The Complete Empire Trilogy: Daughter of the Empire, Mistress of the Empire, Servant of the Empire at school twenty years ago (he has never returned to being as entertaining as those). I think the only reason I keep on reading them is habit as the quality has gone off a cliff over time. The grammatical errors in his books are embarrassing, but his last work (A Crown Imperiled (Chaoswar Saga)) even had the wrong characters doing the wrong things.

This final volume was less awful: the characters were right and, apart from repeated failures on tenses, the grammar was better; the constant thanks to editors in his books has often seemed ironic. I enjoyed the sense of drama and confrontation and having grown up with Pug was touched by his ending.

I was unimpressed by Feist's foray into metaphysics: the importance of the One felt like half-baked Pythagorean or Neo-Platonic numerology and lacked any real meaning. I was happy in The Complete Riftwar Saga Trilogy: Magician, Silverthorn, A Darkness at Sethanon when we fought the Enemy/Valheru and their minions, I accepted their turning out to be a tool of Nalor, I was horrified by the angelic army of A Crown Imperiled, but to now be given yet another level was bizarre.

The sense of closure and of things coming full circle was managed with all the subtlety of a blunderbuss: "my friends call me Pug" oh Lordy Lordy Lordy

Perhaps the truth is I should have stopped after the fabulous first series (Magician, Silverthorn, Sethanon) and never allowed my adult self to continue this.
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on 1 June 2014
Undoubtedly a well-written book, but with a great deal of reference back to the history of the Rift War. I am a fast reader (around 500 wpm) but relaxing time is a small part of my day and so a book of this size gets taken in medium sized bites and the previous three books had been spread over something like ten months with several of Mr. Feist's other series in between. This is a book for serious fantasy historians with a reliable memory of the associated books.

I suspect that it is the fault of the readers' market, but books have been getting physically larger year by year to cater for the preference of the readers for thick books (I think the 70,000 word novel is gone forever) and the author has the task of filling this much larger bucket. The size of the bucket inevitably leads to the author working hard to create a river with a great number of tributaries -- and the need for a great deal of back reference. Magician's End is nevertheless a very good book but exhausting.
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on 20 July 2016
A brilliant ending to a Saga which has closely followed my life from Magician through to Magicians End, Ok it has a few terrible continuity errors made by the author and god knows how the editorial team missed them, reading the press and other comments clearly identified that the rest of the readers noticed. But all in all it is a great book with a few subtle twists, heart warming ending and a definite end to a brilliant SAGA.

A brilliant book, well worth the read, can be read solo but you will miss a lot of background if you don't read the series in order.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 25 July 2013
I have them all. From Magician all the way to this one. I love them dearly and have done so since I borrowed a copy of Magician twenty five years ago. I have a groaning bookcase just for Feist's work that I treasure. Sheer escapism.
There have been a couple of weak books but quite a few outstanding ones. I feel this lies somewhere in between.
Once again the build up and description of battles and political matters is written in an absorbing and page turning manner. However the explanation of how the universe works ,primarily by Macros, was possibly one of the most tedious reads ever. Reading some other reviews I noticed a few others had skipped this bit, I wish I had. You'll learn very little and it seems more of a confused filler than giving the reader anymore information.I found myself skipping paragraphs. Something I've never done before.
Don't take this out of context though, the rest of the book is well worth it and I thought Pug's end/beginning was imaginative and well written.
On a side note, will Silverthorn and Sethanon ever be released in Hardback again?
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on 27 June 2013
You'll be sad when you read this book - sad because the saga has ended (we think, unless there are more Jimmy the Hand prequels), sad because you say goodbye to some much-loved characters, sad because Raymond Feist gives them - in most cases - a fitting finale and its worthy of emotion. You'll also be slightly sad that bits of it are needlessly reflective and maudlin, and an opportunity for Mr Feist to say goodbye to his favourite characters.

Still - I got through it in a few short hours and welled up a little. You definitely need to be a Feist / Midkemia fan, though. Tomas throws down some awesome moves in this book - after too long a break from the action!
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on 2 July 2013
Its been a while coming but he finally finished! Thank you Mr Feist! Now move ON!!!!
I can now put this sorry excuse for a story behind me and move on........Magician was glorious, and the first series was great, you could feel the vibrance of the story. Janny Wurts gave us The Empire series alonside Feist, which was superb! Plumbing depths of creativity that amazed.
But then it was a slow, poor, downtrodden, limp journey down hill from there. A painful journey interspersed with some moments of enjoyment. Yet somehow the direction changed so many times that it became lost inside its own constant conundrum.
Simply put, the author became lost and i believe the money overwrote the story (no pun intended, honest!)
Lets hope that the future brings us the past genius that was, Raymond Feist.
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on 15 May 2015
I struggled between three stars and four for this final volume of the series. Book one was a lengthy introduction, book two was almost ruined by the total lack of proof reading and that plot error so this had some ground to recover. Early on there is a discussion about an escape route and two minutes later the same discussion with different words appears as if for the first time so, once again, the flow was disrupted and I feared another book two. But no, it improved and, whilst the characters seemed awfully similar to those in the original Magician series this turned into an enjoyable read.
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on 25 May 2013
I started reading these books as a teenager and it was the Empire and Magician trilogies that inspired me to read fantasy Novels.

The story holds it's own with 2 separate plots, the world ending risk for the conclave and the succession to the throne for the Kingdom. Personally I found this very enjoyable because it made a novel of high magical fantasy without making the non magical characters second to the Pug / Magnus / Thomas ones. I found the long discussions about the nature of reality slightly boring and this is why I gave it a 4 star. It also name checks favourite characters from other books so is one for the fans.

I loved the epilogue chapter - which is definitely one for the fans who have persevered through some mediocre books in the middle of the series.

Not as good as Magician or Empire but I felt it a fitting end. You really need to have read the earlier books to appreciate this one.
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on 2 June 2013
I cannot believe this series has now ended. I almost did not want to pick up the book and read it, but that only lasted for about 10 seconds. I was not disappointed with the ending. Some of the more recent books have felt sub-standard and rushed. My husband and I even wondered if Feist had actually written them. But we were not disappointed with this one. It felt as fresh as Magician. I will not discuss the plot, as I don't want to spoil any of it for readers, but we are left in no doubt that this is indeed the end. I wondered how Feist would end it and if he would do justice to the characters we have known and loved for so long. He did. The ending was perfect. I will miss this series, but I will just have to re-read them all again and enjoy them all again. This is a fantastic book and I highly recommend it.
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