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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2012
Well what a lovely little twist, to write the second book in a trilogy from the leading hot alpha guy's POV. And what a guy!!! This is the follow up to 'Naked' which MUST be read first or you won't get this at all.

Having read a few 1st's of trilogy's I had forgotten quite a bit of the first story before reading this. It did all come back to me though and I remembered that I did really like the first story also!! I am worried that I will forget to look out for No. 3 and will miss it or have forgotten the story - I read so many books.........

This one starts with Ethan and Brynn having had an almighty fall-out and Ethan's feelings of despair and concern. There is a really good back story here regarding both of their past and we learn a lot more about why both of them are emotionally damaged and why they fit so well together.

As with the first book, these two could melt paint of the walls they are so hot together and yet so sweet for one another. We are also introduced to Ethan's hot cousin Ivan who may well be Gabrielle's HEA (fingers crossed). The ending got me wondering also, is she?

I really don't want to make this spoilery so will leave it there but I loved the idea of learning what was going on in this alpha male's head - brilliant idea!!!
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on 27 January 2013
OK so I am stuck again in that place of reading a book that was ok to good but frustrated because it could have been drool worthy. I mean you can't deny the chemistry between E and B and the sex scenes are written extremely well, it just falls flat to me when talking about what they are feeling. I feel those paragraphs are dragged out and repeated a bit too much. I also feel the suspense lurking in the background but wish oh how I wish it had that panache to make it a gripping page turner. It has so much potential but for me it falls short. I wonder if book three is going to be the conclusion to their story? I hope so as these books are relatively short and to string it beyond three books I think is pushing the reader's patience too far.
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on 5 October 2014
These books are pretty expensive for what they actually, which is novella. Why do these authors insist on serialising their books? Is it just increase the sales and profits? I quite enjoyed the first, very short, part of this story and downloaded the second straight away. Got to be honest,nothing really happens. I've seen that there are at least 2 more installments to this series, given that I've already spent £7.98 on the first two episodes, am I really going to spend another £10 - £12 to see how it ends up? I'm honestly not that interested. One book and I'd have paid a reasonable amount for it - in line with the cost of other books of a similar length. This book was a pointless filler.
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on 20 July 2013
The sequel to Naked, this book started immediately where Naked ended, as I decided to wait to read all three together I haven't missed a thing.

I was saddened when Brynne left him at the end book 1! So we start with the pair of them very upset and lonely, although we start the book with Ethan. He is so upset with himself , with how Brynne got to find out how Ethan came on the scene, Brynne was angry, hurt, upset and mad as hell! She left him, which did not go down well.

She gets on with her life best she can. After a couple of weeks Ethan writes Brynne a letter, and sends out with some flowers.
The letter comes from his heart, and does the job, as huge has been hurting without Brynne, they had connected very deeply very quickly.

We continue with the love that flows freely between these two, who are learning, to live and grow. The threat for Brynne's safety increases, we go along with them to a charity dinner for the painter artist that Brynne has been working on, that's when her safety becomes threatened, there is a bomb threat, we leave this book as they make their way to the coast for a getaway! although things look set to be rocked! can't wait for the next book.
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on 14 November 2012
At last, one of the most hotly anticipated sequels of the year is finally here and it's another sexy read, probably about twice as long as Naked and, interestingly, told entirely from Ethan's POV.

We pick up exactly where we left them at the end of Naked with Brynne running from Ethan and Ethan losing his head in rage and grief and regret. He's a broken man at the beginning of this one, a wretched creature without Brynne. His exile from her has forced him into utter desolation.

He does, of course, manage to win her back and most of the novel is dedicated to the progression of their relationship told from his very possessive and protective POV. It's very intriguing to get inside the head of an alpha-male like this, to see what makes him tick and what motivates him. Ethan is a man obsessed, his every waking minute and some of his dreams are consumed by Brynne and his fears for her safety and he can't imagine life without her now. She is his Aphrodite and he her Eros. Ethan and his American Beauty.

" I don't know any other way to be with you. It's all in for me. And I want it to be all in for you too."

We get to learn the secret that has tortured Brynne for so long and it's a real shocker. I could only feel profound sadness for what she's had to endure. Ethan's past is also revealed and the poor man has really suffered but he still isn't at the point where he can share all of that with Brynne.

It's a very erotic tale as their passion burns white hot and they light up the pages of this novel with their frequent lovemaking scenes. Ethan maybe filthy between the sheets but he's also a real gentleman with Brynne and I had a real thing for the way he kept kissing her hand. Le sigh!

I did feel, after their reconciliation, that their story began to lack direction and I didn't fully see the threat to Brynne or where Raine Miller intends to take the story next. There's no cliffhanger at the end of this one but certain elements of the story are left unresolved and things unsaid.

I had to have a giggle at the dig Ethan makes against the Fifty Shades books. Sure, they're not mentioned by name but it's obvious what Brynne and Gabrielle are cooing over.

I mean, who reads this crap? Who has time? Why even read about sex in a book when you can have it instead? I don't get that. And billionaires in their twenties? I mentally shook my head and pretended to care. I'm such a bastard.

So, this book is mostly just an erotic romance, the rest of the plot doesn't really move much further in this one. I developed a real fondness for Muriel, the toothy newspaper hag who, when she spoke, kind of reminded of an extra from My Fair Lady with her exaggerated cockney! There's obviously going to be a connection between Ivan and Gabrielle - perhaps they will get their own story eventually.

4 stars contemporary romance
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on 11 November 2012
Yes! THANK YOU Raine Miller, that's a little more like it!

This second instalment knocks the socks off the first one, it flows much better than Naked, and the POV has changed from Brynne's to Ethan's which gives you a better indication of his character and what drives him forward. His love for Brynne is almost possessive and a little unhealthy, but there is no doubt at all that what he feels is true. The drama aspect has also been stepped up a notch in this book, when Brynne's past slowly starts to have an impact in her present.

A video was made when she was only 17, without her knowledge or consent. It's only when she awoke, she knew that her body had been subjected to sexual abuse and the three men that had participated in this terrible ordeal circulated the video in her old High-School, destroying her and her family in the process.

Fleeing to England to undertake her education in art restoration, she thought her shameful nightmare had been long and buried, but it's only now, years later, the presidential election is in full force, and the son of the rallying Vice President is one of the perpetrators in the video. Having shipped his son off to Iraq, his Father is hoping this video never sees the light of day, as it could destroy his chances and his career. However, with the opposing party wanting a piece of the action, Ethan believes that Brynne will become a target - a pawn, to be used in one of the most reverent campaigns in America.

Now, with imminent threat looming, Ethan must do all he can to protect the woman he loves. It's a little consuming though when the London 2012 Olympics are approaching and Ethan's cousin is receiving death threats of his own.


I am really pleased I continued with this series, because I really did like the first book, but it seemed rushed and too abrupt, but that's probably because I didn't want it to end where it did. This second book was a welcomed surprise. If my hunch comes to light, I think we could see a nice little surprise in book 3. Can't wait to find out!


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on 6 March 2013
Well I have got to say that this book did not disappoint I loved it just as much as the first one.

I really felt for Brynne and the things she went through but that made her the strong character that she is. Ethan is such a sweety even though at times he could be a little overbearing he has so much love for this girl and he is not afraid to show it.

I'm glad she opened up to him but he needed to open up a bit more i think he needs just as much care and attention as he is giving Brynne. He just needs to be loved and I'm glad that they can both find the love and security they need with each other.

I cannot wait for the next book I am counting the weeks and it is out 10 days before. My birthday so I think. This can be a nice early birthday present off my hubby.

This book deserves 5 stars and mor and if I could I would give more. This is a must read book along with the first one!!!!
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on 19 May 2013
I really enjoyed part 2 of Brynne and Ethan's story it was hot and steamy just like book 1.

Point of view, I loved how it was in Ethan's point of view, hearing the dirty things going on in his mind made this book for me.

Story, this is just the continuing story of there developing relationship, not a great deal exciting happens but at the same time i did not want to put this book down - I adore Ethan blackstone.

Characthers, the main characthers develop nicely in ths book and you get to meet Ivan, Ethan's flirty cousin who sounds intriguing, will we see more of him in eyes wide open??

Sexiness, yes this book sizzles, yes Ethan is crude but is so damn sexy with it, and Brynne meets him head on!!

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable book.

Straight onto 'eyes wide open' :)
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on 17 December 2014

I have to be honest I was a bit worried that this was going to be like other sequels I have read and be a big disappointment but I'm happy to say it wasn't. The story is such a beautiful one that I'm eager to read the next to order now lol
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on 11 June 2013
Brilliant! Loved all two books so far and just going to read the third. Good storyline great chemistry between Ethan and Brynne! lots going on as far as cloak and dagger with security and a very long story about both their tragic pasts, Kept me reading and reading into the night (hence the panda eyes) but worth it. The only thing I have a problem with is the fact of the price of the third book £6.99 which for the kindle is quite a bit and adding on the other two books works out rather expensive which some people can't afford to do. Having said that it has not stopped me buying it of course. Would recommend this book and hopefully will be recommending the third book when read.
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