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Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 2 March 2010
Very good series, good storytelling, fantastic effects and above average acting...but note that the DVD box-set come without any subs, even English ones. I'm really disappointed
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on 13 September 2013
Granted, I have only had the chance to see Disc 1 and part of Disc 2 in the Bluray edition, but I do not think it is really worth the upgrade to be honest-especially at the price being asked for.
It looks like it's upscaled DVD at best. There appears minimal difference in video quality with the DVD set.
The average running bitrate per episode is in the mid teens and at times can dip under 10. Standard DVD bitrate average is much lower around 4 or 5 Mbps. Those figures say the image therefore must be alot better, but to the naked eye it's only slight in my opinion.
On Disc one I found the image to judder at times when there was camera movement. Disc 2 seemed better and to date have not noticed the judder, but had problems with the first episode chaptering which cut out and repeated a previous segment. Whether this is an authoring problem or just my particular set, I can't tell.
The image is quite clear but very soft on the Blu-ray. Skin textures can look waxy and undefined at times. The SFX shows its age and looks quite flat & poor. Aliasing is especially rampant in the SFX shots.
There's not a huge difference in the audio to the DVD, although it is slightly better. There are no subtitles english or otherwise.
Those who have the U.S. Slipstream R1 standard definition DVDs are not missing out on anything by not having this set since those original Andromeda DVD sets were of a very good quality to begin with.(Not sure what the R2 sets were like) The transfer to Bluray is merely upscaled DVD and nothing like what has gone into the remastered TREK Blu-ray sets.
No particular extra effort seems to have gone into producing this set and even at a lower price, it's not greatly worth the purchase if you already own and are satisfied with the DVD set.
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on 7 July 2014
First for the blu ray disks: As other reviewers said this is not a proper transfer to HD but rather an upscaled dvd as was Farscape. Unfortunately even as an upscaled dvd its not so good especially since Andromeda was a more recent show than Farscape. The colors are a little better and there is a little more detail but nothing more. So if you already have it in dvd my advise is don't waste your money.
Now for the series: as i said in my review for Andromeda was a series with a great premise : "a trans galactic Utopian society the All Systems Commonwealth (something like a trans-galactic version of the united federation of planets) falls because of betrayal and brute force and 300 hundred years later an ex-commonwealth officer who survived trapped in the event horizon of a black hole together with a diverse crew tries to reestablish the commonwealth and end the "dark ages". Is it possible? how it can be done without compromising the values you represent? One plus of the series was also the magnificent starship Andromeda which was sentient!"
It started rather good and then in the middle of the second season, after the departure of its creator Robert Hewitt Wolfe, deteriorated into bad action and finally to absurdity. The first season is, in my opinion, the best: the premise is here (even if the execution was not always the best) , the story arc is here with a continuous building of it's (ambitious) Universe and all the characters are still here. Captain Hunt is still the idealist, but also sometimes surprisingly the realist, who tries to rebuilt civilization in a hostile universe before he deteriorates into a space cowboy. The other characters are also getting their development before they either depart from the series (Rev Bem, Tyr Anasazi) or become unrecognizable (Trance and Romie the ship's avatar.)
So buy this if you don't have it in dvd otherwise buy it only if you have good amount of money in your pocket!
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on 11 February 2003
This is a fantastic collection, just brilliant. Kevin Sorbo has made the transition from Hercules to Cpt. Dylan Hunt with complete success. It still has the same humour which could be found in HLJ which is such a pleasure to watch. The other cast members are all fantastic and make this one of my favourite Sci-Fi hooked on TV programmes. Looking forward to box set 2.
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on 16 August 2014
I remember watching this when it was first on the box. I loved it then and I love it now. This series was written because the great man thought Star Trek had lost its way. I think it is better - outdated special effects perhaps but it has not lost its ability to hook you in. The final series was lost to British Tv so I hope Amazon will get enough support to bring the full set of seasons. If you like space drama - Star Trek/Star Wars watch this .
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on 31 August 2014
A few reviewers have criticized this blue ray dvd by not being
Up to normal blue ray quality. .I think the standard is ok
But there were few different reasons why a chose this set over
Normal dvd version
1 the price,the dvd versions used to be in staged release ie
Season 1.part 1 Season 1 part 2 etc all sold separately
And thus the price would cost over 2 times the price of the blue
Ray version which for the whole season costs nearly £10 which
Is a bargain. The quality of the picture is slightly better and the sound
Far better than normal dvd

No subtitles on the blue ray but neither on the dvd versions

A win win choice for me
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on 7 December 2013
When, I first watched this series it was on Sky with adverts and now I know why many of the stories did not make sense. The simple fact is this is a brilliant sci-fi show. It has good writing, directing and excellent acting. Each story is gem and every time I watch I find new better things in it that I did not see before. Like good wine it gets better with age and this series will become remembered as a true classic not just by sci-fi fans but by every one who sees it.
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on 12 November 2014
I have been watching this on Amazon Instant Video through Fire TV. Firstly a word on that experience - the picture quality is excellent, they have left it in its original screen ratio and not tried to crop it for widescreen, which seems to have been a good decision and did not detract from my viewing at all. It is also great to be able to call it up anytime and not have to mess with loading DVDs. I have a funny feeling I won't be buying many more DVD's when I can buy and watch stuff immediately with AIV.

As to the series itself, I was surprised, watching it this time around, how very good it is. The actors make a great ensemble and work well together, plus the stories are interesting and not just ray-gun zapping technobabble. I was most surprised at the performances of Brent Stait and Keith Hamilton Cobb. Given what Brent Stait, as the Magog Rev Bem, had to do to act through his make up and costume, he does an amazing job of portraying a believable and sincere character. I had thought that I wouldn't like the Rev Bem character this time around, but I was wrong. Keith Hamilton Cobb, cast in role to physically try to out-muscle Mr Sorbo, also makes the character of Tyr Anasazi completely believable. To be given the brief to portray someone from a society that follows the philosophy of Nietzsche can't have been easy but his calm and measured speech can be really effective and yet when he bursts into violence can also be very scary! I loved the moment when Dylan deliberately blows up a fleet of valuable slip-fighters and Tyr screams, "Have you lost your mind!"

If you watched this show when it was new, I can recommend a re-watch, there is a lot here to enjoy. Oh and, sorry but I can't resist, Lexa Doig looks just as awesome. I love that ship!!
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VINE VOICEon 15 July 2013
Just finished watching season 1 and I am mightily impressed. I enjoyed it when it first appeared on TV back in early 2000. Watching it again, it rates with the best of Star Trek or Firefly and the like.
The essence of the series is the Commonwealth vessel Andromeda, captained by Dylan Hunt (Kevin Sorbo), responds to an urgent distress call to find itself lured into a Nietzschean trap. Warships surround them and open fire. In a last ditch effort to survive, Captain Hunt evacuates the ship and manoeuvers toward a nearby black hole. There he remains trapped for 300 years. A salvage freighter tows the ship out 300 years later and with the help of the salvage Captain (Lisa Ryder) and crew, Dylan now must fight again to re-establish justice and the lost commonwealth.
Great story lines, great characters, lots of really bad baddies, hi octane action and in the midst of it all, the Andromeda Ascendant fighting for truth and justice. The ending of Season 1 just leaves you craving more...excellent Sci-fi.
Andromeda - Season 1 [UK DVD]
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on 10 May 2015
A good value pack, a much underrated sci series, unique like Startrek of having a positive vision of hope for humanity and that if we work together we can effect positive change.In other words not the familiar dark doomey vision of the future which is all we get from Hollywood. A creative an equal spread of roles for men and women to.
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