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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 September 2012
Don't be put off by the silly 1 star reviews on here because although prometheus isn't perfect and has flaws, it's still a magnificently crafted intelligent sci-fi film that challenges you to think. The problem was that the hype damaged this film, if you hype something for that long and that hard, then there will always be a degree of anti-climax, it's happened before and it'll happen again. People went in with ridiculous expectations and that's why there are so many stupid 1 or 2 star reviews - they never took it for what it was! to compare this,as some did on here, to "The phantom menace" is pathetic and childish to say the least.

The main problem with Prometheus is clearly it's unanswered questions, my opinion is that this will play better when the sequel arrives as it's really just act 1 of a 2 or 3 act play, that said there's still lots to enjoy here, namely Michael Fassbenders brilliant performance as David the Android, the exceptional design work,stunning fx and Naomi Rapace who is excellent in only her 2nd Hollywood role.

Fed up of silly robots smashing things up,superheroes and vacuous teen vampire movies? want sci fi but with a brain? then this movie is for you, sure it's not perfect but its miles better than most movies out there at the moment.
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on 18 October 2012
This is a great film in it's own right, even Ridley says it's not really a prequel, it's just that the idea for this film came about from elements of the first Alien film. Just watch it for what it is, a great piece of Sci-Fi.
Just a gripe now towards Amazon, Why don't you list the extras on any of your DVD / Blu Ray's? This would help many people in deciding which version of the disc to buy. Now originally I was going to buy the film which just came with a digital copy, this was around £15, or I could go for the copy which also had the 3D version, but not having a 3D TV I thought this would be a waste of time and an extra £5. But it wasn't until I read through a load of reviews where someone said to go for the 3D version as it had a film makers documentary which is 3.5 hours long, this I believe does not come with the other version. So I ordered the 3D version (which also has the normal 2D blu Ray version) which does indeed come with a 3.5 hour documentary, but that's not all, there is over 7 hours of bonus features on this disc, which are as follows:

Deleted scenes including alternate beginning and ending
making of Prometheus in depth documentary
Audio commentaries
The Peter weyland files
Weyland corp archive
Plus a Mobile app
Plus more

So if you like your extras then the 3D version is the way to go
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on 8 October 2012
To put it simply I'm going to review the actual content of the blu ray not the film, there are loads of film sites/magazines you can view if you want a review of the movie i'm going to talk about what seems to get ignored the actual product you are buying!

I will just note, I love the film and think it was way over hyped and this led to people thinking it was going to be the best movie ever so it could never live up to these high standards. Just please ignore all the 1 star reviews, this is certainly not a 1 star movie.

The picture
Prometheus is a good looking film on blu ray, it certainly not the best looking blu ray. Ironcally Alien (A film from the 1970's) looks better on Blu ray. There is some grain but there has been a lot worse in recent years.

The Extras
The Blu ray really shines here. Firslty you get a proper itunes digital copy not a rubbish UV digtial copy. You can also chose to download a Windows Media Player file instead, if you don't use itunes, that will work on msot devices. There is a large handfull of deleted scenes each with a cool little explain of why they were cut and what they add to the film. There is also an alternative beginning and ending. The deleted scenes are separate from the movie and cannot be viewed as part of the film, in say a director's cut format.

There is also a strange feature called the "Weyland files" which gives a deeper view into the "Alien/Promethues Universe". there is also commentaries which are good but really only for Alien/Prometheus super fans, the causal viewer will be bored. Finally there is a really cool dual screen feature.

If you have an ipad you can download a free app on the app store (just search prometheus and you will find it), then you sync the app to you blu ray player (you need a BD live enabled player for this) and then as you watch the movie extra features and facts will come up on your ipad at points during the film. It is an amazing feature that I hope to see more of, I noted in Dutch app store there were dual screen apps for the Avengers and Spider Man, whilst they dont work in the UK hopefully this shows that film companies are going to start using this feature more often. Also note the app at the time of wrtting was only avalaible on iPad but I have been informed that it is now available on other app stores as well.

So far this year it has been a disapointing year for Blu ray releases most have been pretty poor, The Avengers and The Hunger Games were a little lacking but Prometheus bucks this trend and gives a truly great bly ray package well worth your money and time.
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I didn`t get to see this in the cinema and like many others was looking forward to it; the negative responses from some quarters led me to approach it with some apprehension when I eventually came to view it.

I needn't have worried; I've watched it four times since I purchased the DVD over a year ago and I've found it to be a fairly enjoyable, perfectly reasonable extension to the franchise.
Yes, it has flaws in continuity with the existing Alien films and has minor plot holes, improbabilities, etc., but this is a visually stunning film; the concepts of the story and the directions it opens up are intriguing and it's realisation is a considerable piece of work all in; that it was a return to the science fiction genre for Scott – who, after all had delivered the iconic original – expectations were, I think, unreasonably high.
This is a good film; it's high production values show at every level – concept design, photography and special effects; the script isn't anything like the disaster some would have you believe and the cast - especially Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender - put in good performances. It has action, intelligent ideas at it's centre and provides new angles on the Alien mythology.

Please don't be put off by the negative reviews, this is a worthwhile film; do try to view it on a large screen if you can.
There is little in the way of extras on the DVD; only 6 deleted/alternative scenes.
The film is presented in 16:9 letterbox 2.40.1 and has English subtitles/ English audio description subtitles and a separate English audio description track.
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on 25 August 2012
Let me start by saying that Prometheus is a bit mess of themes and plot points not helped by some poor editing choices (this should have been Terry Rawling's gig), but it's an admirable mess that attempts to open the Alien series up to a much bigger sci-fi canvas. The series has been stuck in the formula of attempting to ape the action and pacing of James Cameron's Aliens since Alien Resurrection "graced" our cinema screens in '97 and any potential expansion of the universe since has been merely hinted at rather than properly explored.

When making Alien, Ridley Scott and writer Dan O' Bannon originally intended for the universe to be far wider in cinematic scope. Unfortunately a constrictive budget held them back from exploration beyond the bare essential. This forced Scott and crew to cut back, even bringing the then unfinished fossilised Space Jockey set in to question with worried studio heads (a battle Scott fortunatly won). Paul WS Anderson's later Alien vs Predator may have shamelessly ripped off a few of these lost story elements (resulting in a begrudging story credit for Dan O'Bannon) but they were wasted on poor direction and a narrative more interested in WWF style alien on alien wrestling. With Prometheus Scott has finally managed to take the series back to the places he originally intended to explore, resulting in a film that, much like 2001, tackles the relationship between men and their makers amongst many other things (like who the Space Jockey was, why was he transporting those eggs and what they were originally intended for). And now the door has been left swinging in the wind, wide open for any kind of imaginative or ghastly sci-fi tale or landscape.

Where Prometheus fails is in the single mindedness of it's main characters (not to mention the stupidity that some display in serving the plot). The narrative is also somewhat bogged down with attempts to provide moments between the obvious cannon fodder background characters when it should be affording its leads with depth. Despite this Prometheus succeeds in providing the series with its most interesting character since Ripley bowed out in Alien 3. Micheal Fassbender's David is a revelation. One part Bishop, two parts Ash and a mystery throughout. Both an enigma and a pleasure to watch. Unfortunately like many characters in the film, the editing betrays him and we're left with a couple of half developed but nonetheless interesting sub-plots (like the love triangle between himself, Shaw and Holloway). The film reeks of the feeling that much like Kingdom of Heaven, there's a great film bubbling under the surface of a merely good one.

Because of these half developed sub-plots, Prometheus feels as if half a film. Not only does it ask more questions than it answers (which isn't necessarily a bad thing) it ends as if part one of an ongoing tale rather than as a self contained narrative. All setup, primed and ready to pay off in later instalments to the franchise. The parting shot also translates as a poorly judged fan service, squandering potential for a significant beastie in the execution. The primary problem being that Scott and the writing staff had built the creature up to be the film's big bad, hinting at the kind of devastation it rained down on the race of Engineers 2000 years before. Unfortunately they only provide the creature with a scant few seconds to shine. It's another halfway developed sub-plot waiting to be expanded in an inevitable sequel. And yet despite these misgivings Prometheus manages to entertain and engage throughout.

Refreshingly the film doesn't pander to audiences by over explaining each and every plot point. And though the film does provide a few answers to key questions fans have about the Space Jockey characters and their race it does well not to destroy the mysticism surrounding them and their culture. Not to mention that the production design is top notch, rivalling the aesthetic excitement and intrigue of sci-fi films twice Prometheus' budget. Scott is truly a wizard of aesthetic pleasure. The entire look, feel and atmosphere is exactly what you would want from an Alien film. Prometheus is flawed but pure sci-fi and demands a second viewing. It harkens to a time when sci-fi films explored big themes and dared to delve beyond popcorn visuals. Overall, Prometheus is a solid sci-fi tale that offers further promising and exciting places to explore in the Alien universe. Now, I can't remember the last time I felt that about a film related to the Alien series.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 27 January 2013
I'm a huge sci-fi fan and we've tended to be on the back burner for some time with decent new films of this genre.
So getting stuck into the film it's certainly not bad by any means, but it's confused and rather than take a clearly defined "real Alien" prequel it merely skirts around the edges unsure if it's a new film or a re-treading pre Alien.

There are undeniable nods to Alien, from the actual seemingly abandoned "Alien ship", right down to the Aliens themselves which are very close to the ones you find in the original Alien film (ie the long dead ones which were wiped out by the well known Aliens)...clearly intended on the Director's part. But it stops short of being the prequel it should have been, and leaves more questions than it does answers.

Visuals are excellent as you would expect from a modern sci-fi with the power of up to date computers and talented CGI artists you won't be left wanting here.
Cast is overall quite good with Michael Fassbender taking the part of the android "David" and probably the best performance of the film. Charlize Theron stunning as ever, and decent acting but probably not quite the role I would have picked for her. Noomi Rapace, not a well known actress but does quite well with what she has role wise (I would have picked Charlize for her role). Few other cast members really stand out though, but that's not the real issue of the movie.

If Avatar was all CGI and not much story (which in my view it was, great visuals but predictable corny story/plot) Prometheus is a bit of a let down in it's conclusion, it doesn't deal with the questions you want, it fails to be the full blown no messing around prequel it should be. The ending clearly leaves things open for sequels which one hopes explains things (can we smell cash cow?). But as a stand alone movie you will probably be a little let down in the overall package.

It's great to see Ridley Scott back in the Director's chair, I only wish he'd have had the guts to do a proper prequel rather than too many nods and winks to Alien, but never taking the risk to really push the genre a bit more. The plot is decent enough (but with some padding in places) despite the lack of conclusions (it's at least more interesting than Avatar) Scott is famed for the original (and probably the best) of the Alien series (only Alien and Aliens were worthy IMO), and Bladerunner another cult classic. This doesn't live up to either movie either in tension or story, or dare I say cast (both films had superb casts this one merely decent), despite the stunning visuals it can't match the moody atmosphere of Bladerunner, not build the tension as well as Alien managed.

Overall I can't say it's a 2 star movie (clearly it's not awful or bad), but it's not really up to more than an "ok" 3 stars overall. I did quite enjoy the film the first viewing, but felt little incentive to watch it again. I can't hide my disappointment with the ending which explains little and merely leaves the door open to numerous sequels.

Had Scott sat down and done a full blown no fluffing around "Alien Prequel" this could have worked very well, esp since there is much to work with material wise, but we want answers and a proper prequel not a half way house! As it is it's not likely to satisfy Alien fans (and I'm one of them), and it's not departed from that title enough to stand on it's own as a (non Alien prequel) Worth a watch no question, but this isn't going to find a place in the sci-fi classic collection.
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on 15 October 2016
Rubbish. There is little I could say that hasn't already been said very well by one star reviewers. Alien remains a classic: script, theatrical and dramatic content, cinematography, acting. Prometheus has none of those qualities.
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on 21 July 2016
This was so anticipated- and well .... Disappointing in so many ways. It has all the alien genre tensions and the film begins well but there are too many unexplained issues. Fasbender is excellent. Try the extended addition.
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on 17 October 2012
Prometheus looks fantastic and sounds wonderful. Your expectations will soar when the film opens with magnificent landscapes, perfect cinematography and epic music. You also witness finely crafted homages to Kubrick and an effective introduction to the character of David played nicely by Michael Fassbender.

Unfortunately, once the character development commences, the cracks show and you worry that like Ripley on the Sulaco, the Alien franchise may have a fifth wheel. Some of the characters contradict themselves to such an extent it's like watching Nick Griffin wearing a turban. I don't need to catalogue inconsistencies in the actions of the characters - They are well documented online. Additionally, Guy Pearce is unconvincing as a pensioner. But then you see a big sparkly spaceship float past your face in 3D and you forget about it for a bit.

Ridley Scott has attempted to distance Prometheus from Alien. He stated that Prometheus is not a prequel - Some would say with good reason. Alien is a damn fine film and comparisons could only be damaging. Unfortunately for Scott, but happily for the rest of us, Prometheus is crammed with references to the 1979 classic that are impossible to ignore. The various creatures that stalk the crew have been rescued from HR Giger's blueprint designs for Alien and it is hard to divorce nostalgia from the experience. The engineers are hulking great albinos, curiously reminiscent of Jason Statham - They are unveiled in the first scene which removes a lot of tension from the film - But eventually you see a zombie astronaut torched with a flamethrower and crushed under tractor wheels and that's entertaining. There is also a valiant attempt to usurp John Hurt's chestburster with graphic DIY surgery. Moreover, when David walks around inside a giant holographic space-map, Prometheus really is quite stunning.

In truth, the problem with Prometheus is not Ridley Scott's direction - the man has created a visual masterpiece. Unfortunately the casting and script let the film down and the production team should be prevented from tampering with Ridley Scott from now on - I wanted to love this film. I even watched it twice in the vain hope I'd missed something on first viewing. However - Unlike Bladerunner, I don't think Prometheus will be unearthed as an underrated classic. It's not dreadful by any means - It's just flawed. The elaborate decorations on the world's most delicious birthday cake are indeed made of bird poo. They don't taste great, but by the gods they look amazing.
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on 6 December 2012
Prometheus is mindless nonsense. The plot can be summed up like this:

Find a ship

something bad happens

So return to their ship

something bad happens

so go back to the other ship

something bad happens

Go back to their own ship

something bad happens

Go back to the other ship: surely their luck must improve?

something bad happens

Quick, run back to their ship. Surely it must be safe now?

something bad happens

Go back to the alien ship. Maybe the neighbourhood has improved?

something bad happens

Maybe their ship wasn't so bad after all? Let's go back and find out

something bad happens

Did I leave my coat in the alien ship? I'll be back in a minute

something bad happens

Back again!

something bad happens

and so on until something really bad happens to both ships

so ... let's find another ship. Which they do.

Surely nothing can go wrong with that one?

Well you will have to wait for the sequel to find out. But I'd be willing to bet something bad happens to it.
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