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on 23 December 2012
The issue for me was whether i would invest in a new smart tv or if i should buy one of these gadgets.

First cost : this is around £50 a smart tv 600 up. No brainer.

Second functionality: Here i have to admit to a preference - I own an android Samsung Galaxy. This UG007 runs Jelly bean rather than Gingerbread which is on my phone. Jelly bean is the latest o/s. So how does it work - basically the same as my android phone. The benefits are - obviously - a bigger screen. Since you log in via your google account, you have access to your purchased apps.

So here is my summary:

1. Delivery - delivered quite early considering it was from HK. I THINK there was an HDMI short extension lead missing but thats not a huge issue (but see the bluetooth comment below).

2. Running across wireless. This is the one issue really. Personally my wireless signal was not strong enough so i invested in the excellent TP Link TL-WPA281 AV200 Powerline Extender with Wireless N Access Point(http://www.amazon.co.uk/TL-WPA281-Powerline-Extender-Wireless-Access/dp/B0067GS0YO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1356257808&sr=8-1). This is obviously not the fault of the UG007 because when that was installed the system ran perfectly.

However where i would fault the UG007 is the lack of a dedicated ethernet port. Yes you can use the usb (the UG007 has a hdmi (attached to TV), Standard free USB, and a USB which is used to connect the power and micro USB port). BUT if you use the USB port for an ethernet connection then you cannot attach a wireless (or wired) mouse or keyboard.

For me since i have 2 different "routers" (although one is an extension of the other) I cant use the media centre for the UG007 to see my PC as a server. I cannot comment that this would work ok if they were both connected to tehe same router (although that is what it says).

3. Bluetooth - I suppose you could use the bluetooth connection as a basis for a b/t keyboard or mouse. I havent gone down this route - i tried the b/t connection with my phone but its pretty flakey. IF i had the hdmi extension lead it may be better (at the moment i have to put the phone behind the TV for line of sight since the UG007 is behind the TV. If you have an HDMI socket on the side of the TV the b/t might work better. (but then you would see the UG007).

4. Input data. I have a small RF on the non power USB so that i can use the wireless mouse and kboard. It all works, although the "manual" states that the screen keyboard will disappear when a keyboard is detected. That wasnt my experience, but thats not a huge issue. The wireless mouse works fine (you need a mouse hooked up but you can then point and click on the on screen k/board so the keyboard isnt a must. The mouse COULD be wired to the USB but that would be very aesthetic!).

5. since i dont have the media centre available, personally i use the pocket cloud app to access my PC - that is a bit expensive though, and videos for example are unplayable.

6. Documentation. The documentation is basic but the setup is intuitive. Find a HDMI you are not using, plug that in and so long as you have a wireless signal it will load wihin around a minute.

7. Using with an android phone as a remote. I am not sure that you can do this because the server software you would need to run on the UG007 would need to be compatiable with Android and not Windows. It would be good if gmote or similar could work over the wireless but that may come later. (the UG007 has disk space to hold it).

8. Transfering data. I use the excellent dooblou wi fi explorer on my PC to upload and download from my phone using the browser. Again here both PC and Phone have to use the same connection. I would think this would work fine if they did. I dont think you can transfer between android devices (in my case they could just share the TP link wireless connection) but i may be wrong on that one. Of course you can use a micro SD card but that involves some faffing around.

9. Multitasking. Since the system looks like windows (eg Chrome comes as a loaded app) i do admit to looking for the minimise buttons. You can use the ALt-Tab keys though, but when you do only the app with the focus runs.

10. Settings - you will have to change some of these - e.g. time zone. But this is very straightforward both to fins and to do. You can change the k/board layout and play around with the display. You can also move the apps onto the home page - in effect there is an apps page and you can copy the important ones to your home page - same concept as on the phone itself.

Conclusion. All in all for the price i am VERY satisfied with this. For example Catchup TV has no loss of sync between voice and the same for even HD vids on youtube but again that could be a function of my wireless signal strength. Also the UG007 IS portable. If you have a wireless facility you can take it anywhere or use it in another TV in the house. ALL in all, although it cost me another £50 for the wireless upgrade the whole cost was much much less than buying a new smart TV. If you have an android phone this really is a great way to get to smart tv, using the o/s you know and with all your apps intact. If however you are an Apple person its probably best not to go along this route - i have no idea or interest if apple TV works better. As for running netflix or similar, i have to show my ignorance - i dont "believe in" sky so cant comment on that either. However for just using the internet and using apps (without paying for them again!) this is perfect. Using the Kindle app on a large TV is also pleasurable.
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