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on 4 August 2015
Incredible season, love the racing action. Shows the race in great detail, including all drivers and not just all the front runners. There is a lack of practice and qualifying, which is quite annoying but I guess it's due to the overall length. 5+ hours of racing goodness, incredible crashes, some information but not as much as usual. Great buy, for a F1 fan it's a great addition to the DVD collections.
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on 1 August 2017
if you are interested in F1 then pass. if you absolutely need to know what happened despite watching it live all those years ago like me then give it a shot. not presented in an interesting fashion though. a little hard to watch at times. it was close in the championship but that didnt make it any more exciting to watch. check out 2013 and onwards or go back a few years and you will have more value for money.
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on 21 August 2017
Good film well made
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on 18 January 2013
2012 was one of the most interesting years Formula One has ever seen. Seven different winners in as many races made the headlines in the first stage of the season while Red Bull and Sebastian Vettel dominated again in the latter stage. In the end familiar names topped the championship classification once more. However, it wasn't an easy trip around the globe for Sebastian Vettel as it was in 2011.
With all these stories shaking up the establishment of Formula One the official season review was highly anticipated. A length of more than seven hours surely made amends for the late release.
However, the season review just doesn't deliver.
The content is spread over two Blu-Ray discs again this year. Disc one features the actual season review while disc two is filled with bonus features. The review itself feels kind of strange this year as there is no focus on pre- and post- race coverage. It just contains the race highlights. Of course, the race summaries have always been the key element of a season review but this year it is somehow boring to watch. The races had plenty to offer but the static and clinical approach of reviewing these made some races pretty much look like a Sunday drive. Even blockbusters such as Valencia, Spa or the epic finale at Sao Paulo look dull quite frankly. There is very little footage that is new. And when you spot unseen footage, it is often nothing of interest. That is mainly down to the fact that Formula One Management took over the television coverage of all races except Monaco and therefore new footage becomes less and less.
The review is also lacking creativity. The summaries always follow the same routine: a track map is displayed, then there is the full starting grid, the race summary, results, championship standings and then it continues with the next race.
There is also a lot missing. All the incidents prior to the red flag at Malaysia are not shown for instance.
The best part is the load of the team radio which often offers a completely new view on some situations we had this year. The arguments of Sebastian Vettel are sometimes quite funny to hear.
The second disc contains a lengthy extra titled "The Story of 2012". This one and a half hour feature is pretty much an alternate, more in-depth review of the season. It includes most of the footage the actual review is missing: practice and qualifying coverage, analysis of incidents and background stories. It was fun to watch and made up for the race summaries that are all lacking this particular footage. I don't know why all of this footage was cut from the main review but FOM should seriously reconsider it for next year.
The obligatory onboard scenes from every race are also present this year with the different driver views of the carnage at Spa being the most interesting one.
There is a nice team radio inside report as well as a compilation of super slowmotion shots. Michael Schumacher gets a tribute and Bruno Senna talks about Monaco and his uncle Ayrton Senna. Winter testing also gets its own segment.
All the extra features are voiced over by Will Buxton who did a great job again. The race reviews are done by Ben Edwards who sounded a bit bored to be honest.
Everything of this review is presented in full 1080i High Definition with 5.1 HD-DTS audio. The picture quality is by far not as good as it was in 2011. There are visible compression artifacts; sometimes you can't even read the on-screen graphics. This is a great shame since the 2011 review had a brilliant picture. But squeezing over five hours of footage on one disc certainly isn't the best of all solutions. Another advice for FOM: three discs would have been better.
All in all the season review did not portray the greatness Formula One 2012 had to offer and I hope this year was not an example of how the reviews will be done for the years to come. But still - as always - a die-hard Formula One fan should not miss a season review. And this year should be no exception.
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on 13 May 2013
I waited for this eagerly as I am a huge fan of the ultimate pinacle of motorsport that is F1, and this dd not disappoint. Yes, each race could be reviewed longer and include more, but this is a review not a full documentary; if you bought this you should be familiar with the 2012 season, and this DVD should simply remind you of the happenings at each race.
I also loved the slo-mo extra that is included - expecially on a large HD tv, worth watching twice!
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on 14 January 2013
A lot of people are just reviewing the DVD and therefore complaining that the review does't talk about practice and qualifying much. As an exclusive extra on the blu-ray version, there is a 2 hour extra feature entitled: "The Story of 2012" which is basically the pre-race, practice and quali news and reviews, narrated by Will Buxton as in previous years. I assume they did not fit it onto the DVD version for space reasons, as the 2011 DVD included a full review (including the Buxton pre-race segments) but zero extra features, whereas for the 2012 DVD, FOM have opted for a half-way house approach for the DVD - cut down the main review so more extra features can be fitted onto the DVD, while stick the bits that were cut out of the main review onto the blu-ray as an extra feature. Even with this though, it's a bit of a confusing approach, and for that i'm knocking off a star. However, aside from that, the review is excellent, plenty of nuggets of information, and the extra features are also worth watching, innovative on-board laps, and plenty of interviews, team radio and unseen footage. Bottom line: Get the blu-ray version if you can, the "deleted scenes" from the main review narrated by Will Buxton are excellent. A small problem I have noticed is that on Disk 2 of the blu-ray, the first half of the onboard laps feature has de-interlacing turned off, reducing quality quite significantly, I presume it was an error in assembling the disc, and will report to Amazon. It's still watchable however, and I haven't come across any other problems.
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on 23 January 2013
There were some things which were totally not touched on, like the Williams fire, but overall gave a good representation of a thrilling year.
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on 14 September 2013
The 2012 review provides a good overview of this very exciting season. If you have any interest in Formula 1, I would recommend this product. However this product is not without fault, as in my opinion there is room for improvement. This accounts for the four star rating.

Areas for improvement are as follows;

1)To make the reviews more interesting, I think that they would benefit from having a live commentary of each race, with narrated segments in between. The problem with the scripted commentary is that, although it is delivered well by Ben Edwards, it is a but stodgy in places, and doesn't necessarily fit Edward's style of communication. However though, I thought that the script was an improvement of that for the 2011 review.

2)Also, the review could be improved by having a greater degree of analysis of races, ie. on strategy, driver/team performance, and the politics of the sport, the latter of which is hardly mentioned. Perhaps individuals such as Peter Windsor, Alan Henry, Richard Williams etc, could be asked to provide their comments, perhaps in a round table discussion of each race in summary form.

3)Also, some information was not included, such as the controversy of the Bahrain Grand Prix, or the Williams fire. Particularity the former I thought was a missed opportunity.

4)And why only provide qualifying segments on the Blu-ray version. Why not just add an extra disc to the standard version?

Overall a good review, but there is room for improvement.
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on 22 February 2014
I normally love the Season Reviews, but this one is disappointing.

The content is okay - but the way it has been edited is a mess.

Normally for each race on these annual reviews there is an introduction, news, comments on practice/qualifying, switch to Ben Edwards for the highlights, then back for a quick bit of analysis at the end. It works superbly.

However, - for 2012 I think what they have done is run out of time when putting it together, and so thrown just the race highlights onto one disc, and everything else onto disc 2. Consequently, you have one disc with the highlights that is incomplete and another disc that isn't really worth watching on its own.

To give you an example - when it gets to Monza, there's no explanation that Grosjean isn't in the Lotus, but an assumption in the race highlights that everyone knows about this.

I was really disappointed - but I guess that is because they are normally such a high standard.
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on 17 October 2013
I have all the f1 reviews since 1998. I was really looking forward to this dvd after an amazing 2012 season. But this is by far the worst dvd of the lot, its terrible, it shows all the races but very little else, no introduction to the season, no interviews, no news and no behind the scenes footage. Its as though they didnt want to pay for any of the footage to bernie ecclestone.

If its true that there putting more on the blu ray edition then I just don't understand why ? Surely you would do the same content on both, the whole point of blu ray is better quality not exclusive content.

Anyway iv given this review a 1 star which is lucky because if you could give it no stars I would ! I hope this isn't a trend and the 2013 dvd will be a whole lot better but somehow I doubt it if there giving more to the blu ray buyers.
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