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on 17 January 2013
After reading lots of reviews on monitors I decided that this was the one for me - orginally I was going to buy the XL2420T but decided to wait for this newer model as a couple of features had been enhanced or improved upon - I'm not gonna go into callibration or other technical features but will highlight a couple of things. I'm also very critical of PC equipment as I want the best that I can afford and get the most bang for Buck - which I feel I have with this display.

1) Amazing response time - the 1ms response time coupled with the 120Hz refresh rate (yes is does look better - go check out youtube for reviews) makes games fluid and motion blur and ghosting are a thing of the past. I use it for Gaming BF3, BL2, AC3 & WoW - all look amazing and have played BF3 and WoW 3D (need Nvidea glasses etc) which also look very good.

2) Looks nice - like the matt finish on the screen not reflective and the stand is stable and allows you to adjust it to fir your viewing preference - also rotates portrait but cant see me using that feature.

3) Wanted to future proof my puchase with 3D and 120Hz, so couple more boxes ticked :)

I was tempted with a WQHD IPS pannel but couldn't find any that specified that they were suitable for FPS and specifically for gaming -- also considered the Asus VG278HE - but decided that 24inch monitor was big enough for my desk setup - have used a various number of displays from a 32 LED Samsung TV which was too big....26 Samsung LCD TV and Asus Predator Gaming Screen (which got broken :'( still crying about that) before and now i'm using this 24 screen it feels perfect.

Picture looked great from out the box but I had to turn the brightness down - also has 3 profiles, but I have settled for one that does all - but like the feature to be able to switch bewtween profiles.
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on 21 March 2013
I purchased this screen based on the recommendation of my friend who got a 120hz monitor recently, as well as the favourable reviews all over the net.

Well, it arrived today, I plugged it in, and at first, I couldn't tell the difference that much. Was a bit worried that maybe I wasted my money. Then I went into my nvidia control panel and realised the refresh rate hadn't automatically been set to 120 or 144hz. (Which, yes, this monitor is 100% capable of, I'm currently using it) Oops! Anyway, upon changing the refresh rate to 120hz my face lit up - the difference is immediately noticeable. Anyone who says otherwise is just wrong. Simply moving the mouse between my 120hz monitor and my 60hz, I can tell straight away which one is 120hz. In fact, it basically makes using the 60hz monitor feel laggy, in a way which I hadn't realised before.

It was kind of like when I first got a good pair of headphones. It was only until I got a good pair that I realised how bad the previous pair was. Same kinda thing with this, it really is.

Now, that was all simply moving the mouse around on the screen. I decided to really test it out by loading up Devil May Cry (The new reboot one, which I really enjoy playing), a game with superb fluid animations, which moves at a very high pace. The result was outstanding. I could not be happier with how smooth everything seems. You have to see it to believe it.

Even on games that aren't extremely fluid compared to hack-n-slashes like DMC - League of Legends, for example, the difference in smoothness was still extremely obvious. The improvement can be seen in pretty much everything which is animated in any way.

Now, the above is likely a review for probably any 120hz monitor going. So I'll talk some about this one in particular. It apparently has a 1ms response time, so, not much to say about that other than "good". It can run at either 120hz or 144hz. The choice is up to you, I'm currently running at 144hz as mentioned. I have read on some forums that certain things can cause problems when run at 144hz, but I'm going to keep running 144hz until I experience such problems.

The build quality of the monitor is pretty high. It has a solid matte finish which I like as it doesn't reflect anything. It looks and feels solid. The stand is great as you can adjust the height of the monitor very easily by pushing a sort of pin in at the back of the stand and pulling the monitor upwards. Additionally, when you put the monitor to max height, you can swivel the monitor 90 degrees to a portrait position, if you feel like it. Personally I'm not bothered but I can see the benefits for people who might want to use such a setup - for reading webpages and working on portrait images it has to be awesome.

I haven't even tried the 3D yet as I'm not too bothered about that and the Nvidia glasses cost £100 or so, quite frankly F that, but if you're into it, I believe it uses/is capable with the latest version of Nvidia 3D Vision (Version 2 I think), which apparently is actually quite an improvement from the first version in terms of how good it looks. (Better colours, less murky etc) I might give it a go one day but right now I don't really care. I would recommend this monitor on the 2D aspects alone, without a doubt.

Now, to address the topic which I've seen has attracted the most negative attention when looking at reviews and comments for this monitor - the colours. To me, they are quite bright. This is probably because it's set to the default FPS mode, and I think for this purpose it is great. These colours allow you to see as much as you are able to see, really. I've seen charts and graphs from colour fanatics and yeah this monitor may not be the holy grail of perfect colour production, but to be honest I doubt most people will care - it's not that noticeable, and for games, which most people will buy this monitor for, it's absolutely fine. I cannot be bothered to play around with the settings personally.

Really, can't recommend this enough assuming you are a gamer at all. If you are looking at a new monitor, it is absolutely worth the price difference between a 60hz one and this beast (Around £60-80 difference I believe at the moment). Go for it, you won't regret it.
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on 13 January 2014
If you are reading reviews for this monitor, you probably have just bought one or are thinking about buying one. I fall into the first category here and have to admit that I don't play games on this PC (but my grandson does) so I felt that I didn't really need a monitor with this spec for what I do on the PC.
However, I read all the reviews and bit the bullet, and although we've only had it for a few weeks, this is what I think about it. From the off I should say I'm not the kind of person that understands all the technical guff, I just wanted something that I can basically plug in and use. (It turns out that you can't).
Anyway, the monitor comes in a big box and you get only a DVI cable supplied (no HDMI cable) but apparently if you want to use the HDMI connection you will not get the 120hz option? The monitor looks great and it's easy to assemble the sturdy, fully adjustable stand. So I used the supplied DVI cable and the monitor immediately showed that it is indeed capable of 144Hz even though it is advertised as 120Hz. My previous monitor was a 22 inch widescreen and the screen size difference is very noticeable. So far, all good news, but then I saw just how true the other reviews are about the default settings. They're not just awful, they are really awful!! The colours are bleached out and it's so bright it's like looking into a light bulb, so why a manufacture would build these default settings into a monitor is beyond me. But fortunately, other reviewers have given the settings they have used and are happy with, so surely it can't be too difficult to set it up? Well it's not really. The Menu system takes a bit of fathoming out at first, it's slow, it's clunky and there's bits in it that I have no idea about but I managed to set it up in the suggested way and it did improve. Now these settings might be fine for gaming, but as I said, I also use this PC for general stuff, and looking at a web page or a document was hurting my eyes as it was still so bright. In the end, I just tried every combination of everything in the Menu I could find (which, believe me took quite a while) until I finally got something I was sort of satisfied with. Now, I do appreciate that this monitor is designated a "gaming" monitor, so for general PC use it might not be the ideal choice, but anyway, it's still set on 144Hz, it's plugged into an nVidia GTX 670 graphics card and I'm happy enough using it.
The settings I ended up using for general work (web browsing, M/s Office etc) are:
First, because I'd messed about with it so much, I did a total default reset on the monitor then selected Picture Advanced Mode = MOVIE, Brightness = 30, Contrast = 40, Sharpness = 6, Black Eq = 8, Colour Temp = User, - Red = 85, Green = 85, Blue = 89, AMA = 5. (Warning, don't over sharpen as text seems to grey out if you do and it took me ages to realise that sharpening was the cause).
I then saved these settings under Gamer 2. Don't forget that you then have to select Gamer 2 in the Advanced Picture Mode Menu. To me, these settings produce a bright screen that's not giving me a headache and has decent colours, but it's each to his own preference and other people might not agree with what I see.
So next we looked at the gaming side.
My grandson is currently playing games like Battlefield 4, Call of Duty Ghosts and World of Tanks at max quality and uses the in-game controls to tweak the colours, brightness etc. so his monitor gaming settings are totally different to mine and he has them saved as Gamer 1. (There is a sort of short cut to change the Picture Mode on the Menu buttons by pressing any button and selecting the square with the dots in and this saves you having to scroll through loads of Picture Mode settings). My grandson is convinced that his gaming play has improved by a big margin since we got the new monitor, he reckons that he now sees things that were not visible on the old screen and his accuracy is much better.
So, all in all, am I pleased with this monitor? I have to say yes because of how it works in gameplay, but if you're not a serious gamer and planning to use it more for general use than gaming, then my suggestion is to think twice. This monitor is a lot more expensive than other 24 inch 60Hz monitors and it definitely needs more than a tweak to set it up to your individual preferences.
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Although my existing monitor was fine I needed something bigger for video editing. I chose this after a bit of research as it was highly rated as being a good all round monitor for work and play.

For video editing it's brilliant, my old monitor was too small so software tended to take up the screen and it was tricky to see the video I was editing. With this monitor there is ample room on screen for the software and the video.

For gaming it's also great, it's a great size for all types of games and so far the range of games I've played on it have looked fantastic.

There are a load of preset picture modes you can switch between and is they don't take your fancy you can set some custom modes.

A great all round monitor.
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on 16 March 2016
A fantastic monitor for gaming, it's hard to appreciate just how much of an improvement the jump up to 120hz/144hz makes without seeing it first hand but rest assured if you do, the difference is immediate and you'll mostly likely struggle to go back to 60hz gaming on the PC. The benefits aren't just isolated to competitive FPS or reaction based game play, the higher refresh frequency adds a level of smoothness that adds to the experience in any game, even when simply panning around with the camera in a game you'll notice the lack of screen tearing that I feel adds to the immersion. If possible, I'd recommend viewing one of these in a local store first.

It's worth noting that you'll need a graphics card capable of running your favourite games at an appropriate FPS level to get the most benefit from the increased refresh frequency and in the time since I purchased this product there has been many competitor models released and a host of new features such as a G-Sync,high refresh rate IPS panels (as opposed to TN that this monitor is) that means it would worth weighing up your options and deciding which features and are the most important to you.
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on 9 September 2013
I needed a new monitor and decided to look for another 120hz screen just in case I wanted to use 3D.
I'll first confirm that yes; this monitor does go to 144Hz - despite the fact that the box it arrives in proclaims it to only support 120Hz.
Illumination is pretty even. Slightly darker at the top if viewed straight on along the horizontal centre line. Looking slightly down, that anomaly vanishes.
Good saturated colours and the menu system is no trouble at all once you've got the hang of it. You get plenty of practice using the menu when you first set up this monitor since the default factory settings for the display are AWFUL. Don't be discouraged if/when you first power it up to see retina burning, over-bright, washed out display. A few tweaks and it becomes one of the best I've seen.
Changing the angle of the display is very smooth indeed - one of the best I've seen (and I've seen hundreds!)
Changing display height I haven't done (it's set on its lowest). Height change I think is rather more problematical and if you want to rotate the screen to portrait you'll need to raise the screen substantially. Though I think with current display resolutions, the need for portrait has pretty much vanished.
I can't comment on 'gaming responsiveness' since I'm not a gamer - but the specs say it should be pretty good.
Overall I'm very pleased with it (though it would have been nice if it had 'worked out the box'). I didn't *need* to spend this much since I don't really *need* 120Hz+. But I don't regret the purchase.
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on 21 May 2016
Amazing monitor had it for years now! So chuffed with it, 144hz which is fantastic for all you pc gamers out there!
It also works flawlessly with my PS4 hooked up to it! HDMI, DVI-D and VGA which is useful! The build quality is amazing! Only little niggle is pushing the power cable into it can be a somewhat daunting task as that is the only thing that seems quite fragile!
Adjustable height monitor too! I do believe these however are now being replaced by a newer version which i can only assume is just as good as this one!
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on 27 June 2016
Bought this after much deliberation for use with Nvidia 3D Vision 2 Glasses.

Worked perfectly with minimal setup, comes with a standard 3 pin English Plug attached. The screen can be adjusted to height and can be tilted backwards and even forwards for getting the optimal viewing position.

The screen doesn't get too warm and is fairly thin and lightweight if you were considering wall mounting. The footprint of the base is quiet compact so it fits on even a small desk or surface.
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on 2 January 2015
if you are thinking about buying a 120 or 144 hz monitor... STOP thinking and buy one !! they make a massive difference for fps gaming... I tried my old 60 hz monitor and I couldnt stand it playing BF4 !! will NEVER buy a 60 hz again !!
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on 12 January 2016
Lasted just over 2 years (just outside the warranty how convenient) before it developed a problem making static all over the screen needing to stay switched on and get warm before the screen would function properly. Got worse every day. After an internet search it seems this is a common problem with this monitor - something to do with the power/interface. Suprised the thing hasn't caught fire or something. Poor quality. Won't be buying Benq again :/
review image
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