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on 24 May 2015
AWESOME! In order to properly work remember to install the drivers first :) it's an awesome keyboard! Not mechanical, but is much better (for me) I hate sticky keys... sturdy material, glossy in some particular parts, but overall, is perfect! From the moment you figure how to take 100% advantage of its full features you won't want another keyboard! The best I've ever had! Worth the price! Major concern point for most users:
- Extremely easy to assemble
- Excellent material, high quality
- Totally worth its price!
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on 3 March 2014
I've wanted this keyboard for quite some time - ever since I first built my own custom PC - so naturally, finding it for this price was amazing!
At first, I was a little worried, as the title almost drew focus to "(PC DVD)" and the images only being of the box, I was worried I wouldn't be getting the keyboard, considering I've seen it for £200+ in other places.
When I received it and unboxed it, the first thing I was instantly impressed by was the weight. A nice hefty weight to each component made me instantly think that I had an amazing quality product.
Setting up the keyboard itself was easy - a few screws and a bit of patience, and it was ready to go!
Unfortunatly, there was no CD for the driver installation provided in my pack (whether this is the same across the board, or just my package, I'll never know) but finding the drivers and software was as simple as going to Madcatz's website and clicking about 3 links.
The Software UI is very easy to understand, and just by changing a few keys I've got it setup to play a number of my online games (such as Warframe, Planetary Annihilation & War Thunder). Changing the colour of the backlight is again simple; with a choice of RGB % sliders, or a full colour matrix, I was almost spoilt for choice.
Using the keyboard as a keyboard is a pleasant experience. The keys aren't too loud while clicking (I would gladly have paid another £100 or so if it had been mechanical) & it only takes a short while to stop accidentally pressing the Macro keys around the Arrows.

Overall, this keyboard is a must have for any gamer, the command module adds that little extra bit of versatility while gaming, and the potential for using it as a gamepad, or whatever else you want to combine it into makes it a steal at £80

5/5 Stars!
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on 12 May 2014
A really nice keyboard that is feature packed. You are able to change the back lighted colour to suit. The keyboard although not mechanical is great to use. The software that you need to use with this keyboard requires downloading (It's Free). There are lots of profiles available for most types of games.

*Note* It is very large so would not be suitable for someone needing a compact keyboard.

Overall if you have the space then this is a very good option.

Highly Recommended
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on 29 April 2014
I guess there is not much to be said in addition to official specifications. I had a V.7 previously, but decided to move onto a more modern keyboard and never regretted it.
Modular design allows great customisation (e.g. I like to position my mouse in between of the keyboard and the detachable NumPad), adjustable lighting is a great option to match other devices I have on my table, the EYE module is perfect for multitasking and saving time finding a specific program I need. A timer (best used for cooking pizzas while you're playing) is a great addition to percise volume control and a watch.
Trust me, it is well worth your money.
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on 2 March 2014
I have seen keyboards like this one in stores before and always looked at them longingly thinking that I could never afford anything like this.
I was however fortunate enough to find this one on here for a price that I could no longer resist it at and snatched up the chance
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on 8 March 2014
I switched to this keyboard from a mechanical black switch. The keys are amazing to type on and feel great. The software is second to none and the back lighting looks great with a choice of 16 million colors. The eye is handy for launching in game applications & just looks cool n nerdy. I would reccomend this keyboard teams up with a R.A.T 5 mouse .
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on 3 August 2014
worked for a couple of hours then the lcd screen went all glitchy so going to return it and buy the corsair k70
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on 5 May 2017
Not all parts of the product came
review image
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on 25 January 2014
This is certainly an interesting keyboard, and the most customizable I have used - and I really like the modular aspect. There are a total of five interactable parts: QWERTY keyboard, number pad with the cursor keys, the "EYE" OLED display with shortcut keys, four side buttons, and a left hand palm rest with a thumb wheel and a button. There are also two palm rests, one for the keyboard and one for the numpad. The keyboard/numpad/EYE/side buttons all slide securely into each other, and should then be held in place by the provided hex screws (however I cannot screw the EYE in place, the screws won't bite), while the palm rests and thumb wheel attachment clip into place. You can attach the EYE to either the top left of the keyboard or the top of the numpad, the thumb wheel to the left of the keyboard or the bottom of the numpad, and the side buttons to the left of the keyboard or the left of the numpad (if the numpad isn't attached to the keyboard) - so there are plenty of configuration options. Only the thumb wheel section relays data as part of the connections, for all the other components,there are mini-USB cables provided, and the main USB connection to the PC is via the EYE.

Speaking of which, the EYE is not quite as useful as I was hoping. The OLED display features a clock, an app launcher, volume control, microphone level control, keyboard brightness, three countdown timers, and a stopwatch. I haven't configured any apps, and I only really use the clock (and occasionally the stopwatch). On the same panel there are media control keys, 1-9 keys, three buttons to switch between profiles, backlight toggle, and Start-key-disable toggle to prevent those infuriating in-game mispresses. The unit is overall solidly made, attaches easily, and all the buttons have satisfying clicks. The keyboard and side buttons backlight can be set to any RGB colour, whereas the EYE has only white backlit buttons.

The software is necessary to do pretty much anything besides use it as a basic keyboard - for example, the thumb wheel does nothing without the software running and a profile selected. The selected profile is not remembered between reboots, so you have to pick one from the system tray icon each time your machine starts. There doesn't seem to be a way to set the media keys function, and it can be a little bit crashy, which will take out the OLED display functions.

The keys are membrane rather than mechanical, but they still feel quite good to type on. The only real issue I have with the keyboard is the C1-5 keys around the cursors; I find that even though they are markedly lower than the cursors it makes finding them a bit more difficult, I think this is mainly because of the angle of the keys - the lower end of C2 is a very smooth transition into Up. The space bar is a funny shape but this doesn't impact use as far as I can tell.

Good key feel
Very modular and flexible
Many extra buttons to do whatever you like
Thumb wheel can be mapped as a scroll wheel, and can be in an up or down position
Good backlighting
Nice custom USB cables included
Goes together well and feels solid

Advanced functions rely entirely on software (shortcut key mappings, thumb wheel) - the hardware doesn't remember anything
Shortcut keys around cursors can be awkward
Software can be easily crashed by a misclick (trying to launch an empty app shortcut for example)
Superfluous design features not to my personal liking (decals, sloping 'lump' above F-keys)

I bought this keyboard for £80 from ebuyer, and have been using it for over a week. It is a replacement for my old Razer Reclusa. I would say it is worth the money I paid for it - I really like that I can take it apart for travel, and the flexibility of simply unplugging the bits I don't want in a given situation. I recommend it if you can find it at a sub-£100 price.
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on 26 February 2013
Hi everyone hope I can help you out with this review, I don't normally do reviews but in this case I think its a special case, so I will start of buy explaining the reasons and circumstances that led to me buying this product.

When I decided to splash out on this keyboard, it was a replacement for my Corsair K90 keyboard that met sticky end with a cup of tea if you get my drift. So I made the decision of ether buying the same keyboard (Because I loved my Corsair K90, and did not really think I could really beat it) or trying something new, but as I am writing this review it pretty much tells you what my decision was :).

Anyway Before buying this Keyboard I spent a very long time sifting through and trying out many other gaming keyboards, and well just finding that they weird just not quite what I was looking for, Witch was starting to make me rethink my decision going for a whole new gaming keyboard, but I stuck with it and then I found the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 5 gaming keyboard. At first thought the name of the keyboard Mad Catz! seemed very fitting as the price seemed pretty Mad!....£173.27 they must be mad I thought, when I was buying my Corsair k90 for £94 I thought I had lost my trolley then but this was 79.27 more than that. In the end I thought to myself what the hell and did some research and found myself getting more and more balled over by what this thing Is capable of doing, and was starting to justify to me where the big price tag was coming from, and before I knew it i was placing my order. Which was probably the best decision I could of made as this thing Is awesome!!!, and I can say worth the 173.27 price tag ( but I also I found it for 144.00 so that's probably another reason I went with it also lol ) and i can truly say its better than my old Corsair k90.

So now I will give the pros and cons and also hopefully explain to you why you should buy the Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 5 and not it big brother the S.T.R.I.K.E 7, other that the obvious £244.99 price tag.



-Very high quality design and build quality (even better than my Corsair k90).

-The feel and responsiveness of the keys is the best I have experienced yet.

-very good adjustable rests, caters for even biggest of handed people.

-software and drivers work perfectly, software comes with helpful support tips to get you used to programming keys and the Control Module (even the least technical of people could get the hang of it).

- The choice of being able to separate number pad from the main part of the keyboard is a god send for those who have a desk space issue (see cons for full assembled sizes as it is a problem for those who would not want to separate the keyboard)

-thousands or even millions of backlight colour choices, even pink lol.

-The control Module is very good idea in my opinion, it has all the volume controls, video controls, 3 Profiles buttons for access to your custom programs, keys from 1 to 9 that can be programmed to pretty much what you want them to do with the software. on the back there is micro and headphone sockets for easy access which means no going at the back of computer to connect them anymore!.

-Its also a very easy keyboard to type up your letters and other documents, so it's a good media keyboard also what more can you ask for.


-The size of this keyboard is a little problem, if you want to keep the keyboard in its fully assembled form as it measures 52 cm in Width and around about 32 cm in depth, and the height from desk to top of Control Module is 11cm, so pretty big keyboard lol )

-I will still say 173.27 is still bit expensive, but it is better than most sites who are selling in excess of £200 and more. (The price I paid is one I think won't last long, as I think this keyboard will get more popular as time go's on. I would like to tell of the site I bought mine from but I don't think it would be fair on Amazon so its up to you to find the best price sorry, but I will give the date of my purchase 23/02/2013, happy hunting.

-Oh and I found out that now and again I would catch my sleeve on the corner of the wrist rest, so I suggest rolling up sleeves a bit lol.


Well that's pretty much it for why I think this gaming keyboard is the best out there at the moment, but before I leave it at that I did say I would explain why you should get this Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 5 Keyboard and not its Mad Catz S.T.R.I.K.E 7 counterpart, well I will keep it simple its 244.99 71.72 more, pretty much exactly the same in design and shape excepted for the Control Module looking a bit different with its new TFT-LCD Touchscreen with a few more extra commands and macros bottons and you get Replacement, interchangeable WASD and cursor keys but for 244.99 and even more on other sites I don't think its worth the extra 71.72 but this is my opinion and I could be wrong, anyway think I will leave it at this and hope I have help anyone out if they are contemplating on buying this Monster of a gaming keyboard!

Overall, I think this is an AMAZING Keyboard, and well worth the money. If I could give it more than 5* out of 5 I would!
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