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on 15 October 2013
Often you'll see something for sale at this price and appreciate that you are taking a risk that it won't work properly or be awkward or the instructions are incomprehensible. Sometimes that's not the case. This is one of those occasions.

The device plugs into the dock (remove any iPod mini plate or similar or it won't seat), switch the dock to iPod if it's a radio/dock and turn on Bluetooth on you phone or tablet. You device should find the iLink. Older devices will. Ask for a PIN. Newer devices automatically try 0000. Play some media from any app.

Other reviews talk about dock compatibility. I've done some research: if your dock charges an iPhone, it will work with this. Additionally, it's stops being discoverable when a device is connected. To swap devices as input, just disconnect from one and connect from another as it instantly becomes discoverable again.

It's really simple, really effective and really quite cool in it's simple effectiveness.
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on 30 October 2017
This little Bluetooth adapter is great it just slots onto the apple dock connector and allows you to stream your music from any Bluetooth device. Only thing is, it doesn't have an active circuit in it meaning if your device looks for a signal to know something is plugged into the dock this device will not trigger that action. I solved this by opening it up and doing a bit of rewiring but if you are not happy with this I would advise another product. If you don't need this feature this is a great little adapter that makes that apple only dock work for everything with Bluetooth.
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on 4 March 2014
Like some other buyers I thought this was too good to be true at this price but having read the reviews thought I could afforf to risk it. I have just changed from an IPhone to a Samsung S4 which left my beatiful Bose dock redundant hence the purchase. Sloted the receiver in and completed the sync with my bluetooth and it worked first time without even having to enter the pairing code. I do think those that have purchased this item and cannot connect must have a problem with dock comparability. Totally recomend this item recomend this item.
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on 22 September 2016
Great price, simple set-up. Works out of the box. Perfect for keeping old, non-bluetooth, speaker dock with an apple 30-pin connector working. As an added bonus, Android devices can now be connected too!
Update: If leaving this in a speaker dock as I do there is a design flaw. The dongle goes to sleep after a period of time, and even switching off the speaker (and therefore the dongle) and then switching on again does not wake it up. It only works if you remove and refit it on the 30-pin connector. Other similar products will switch back on immediately when the speaker is turned on.
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on 8 July 2016
Really easy to setup, paired as described with an iPhone 6. I initially paired it with my Onkyo TX-NR414 but despite a successful pairing I couldn't get the device to play music. This wasn't a big surprise as this was a bit of a punt in the hope that it would be able to replace the Onkyo UBT-1 dongle which now seem very difficult to find. I then tried this with my Sony XDR-DS12iP alarm radio. Since it was already paired it connected within seconds and I was able to stream my music from my Music app without doing anything.

Thus in conclusion, this works exactly as intended but for those of you looking for a BT hack for an Onkyo, keep searching.
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on 30 August 2016
So I had myself a iPhone 4 dock (One with the 30 pin bit in the cradle) but having lost my iPhone and getting an iPhone 5s with the lightning connector the only way I could use the dock was via an aux cable plugged into the back. I tried a 30 pin to lightning adapter I bought on the cheap so I could still use the function of the dock charging my phone while playing music but it didnt work at all.
Stumbled upon this and it is exactly what was needed. There is no external power source needed as all the power is supplied from the dock itself and it means I can connect my laptop to it too!

On to the set up, just remember the default pin is 0000, something I decided to forget to read in the manual which lead to me becoming quite frustrated. Apart from that the only grumble is that when nothing is played on it for some time while its connected it disconnects and a fuzzy sound plays, I then have to switch the dock on and off for it to work again but for £9 to convert my dock into a bluetooth compatible dock i am not complaining!
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on 13 July 2015
I plugged it into the Bose SoundDock, paired it with a Samsung S5 and we have music. Also works with an iPhone 5. Perfect with a good clean sound. I also have a Yamaha media amp that has a docking station but that was less successful. The amp did not recognise it as an iThing and the sound, while clean, was cluttered with background clicking and pulsing. I suspect the amp was trying to get track listings and the like from the device and that was not going to happen. I'd suggest that any dock which can read your player's song lists may well have trouble with any of these BT devices. I'm on the look out for one which will be simple enough as to present a clean electrical/data interface to the amp.

In short - great device, I recommend it. Very happy.
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on 5 April 2015
Just got one of these after much research to see if it would work on a Logitech Pure-Fi Anywhere 2 dock, pleased to say it does and paired immediately with my andriod and also worked fine on an I-phone 5. The dock remote still works and the sound is still good, but two points to note. It only works with the dock powered from the mains and not from the internal battery, this is slightly disappointing and not sure if it's a dock power limitation issue or the e-synic device but means you can't use it anywhere. The other is that the maximum volume seems a little lower, possibly due to signal loss, it's still fine but you have to turn it up to near max on the phone if you want a decent level in a room. Great value and good performance., would recommend.
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on 14 January 2015
item arrived quickly via amazon logistics. got this item for 2 reasons mainly first to use on my iDock so that I can play music via bluetooth from my iPhone and samsung s4 which works great . second reason was to see if it could work in my vauxhall insignia sri 2011 as I have the cd navi 500 system with iphone usb connection . Unfortunately it's a no go so I'm stuck for the moment in having to plug my iPhone via usb each time I get in the car .. It was a cheap method to try . otherwise good little device .. pairing is quick and easy and in my case I didn't even have to enter a pass code to connect . sound quality is good . would recommend
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on 17 July 2017
It's difficult to write a positive review for this receiver as I bought it to replace an identical model that was accidentally damaged previously.

The original receiver I had worked flawlessly and I expected the same with this one; however I was very disappointed. It does make a Bluetooth connection to my phone as promised, but also emits dreadful interference noise when listening to music.

I asked for a refund or a replacement but got no answer from the vendor which I find extremely disappointing. This product has been a waste of my money.
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