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on 10 September 2016
Most other reviewers have said all there is to say about this. Recorded at the one off tribute to Ahmet Ertegun the Atlantic Records founder, Ahmet's wife managed to do what almost nobody on earth could ever do- get Led Zeppelin to re-unite for one last gig and here it is captured in its entirety including rehearsals too.

The question was, could they pull it off after the disastrous performance at live aid a haunting memory from 1985 which was well documented at the time?. Everyone will have an opinion on this but given they broke up in 1980 and this came 27 years later there is no sensible reference point for a comparison. What is apparent is that the very closely guarded 6 weeks of rehearsals evidently did get the magic flowing again from a band that effectively ended in 1980 at the death of the staggeringly powerful John Bonham. The results are as good as they could possibly be and with John's son Jason Bonham on drums, it was the most authentic version of Led Zeppelin that there could ever be.

It's a set list to die for an with a nice twist throwing in 'For Your Life' (from 'Presence' 1976) - Personally, i'd love to have seen a real oddball song like 'Hey Hey What can I do' from the 'B' Side of Immigrant song (1970) or 'St. Tristrams' Sword' from the re-released 'Coda' which I think would have had Zep fanatics gushing over for years thrown in, but the set list is as good as it gets.

The effluxion of time is a strange thing and we'd all like to jump in a time machine and head back to the best times in our youth and see some of the most legendary bands that there have ever been at their peak, but the harsh reality is, that this may well be their last ever performance and I would have given a year of my life to have been at this gig, so I can't be objective as Led Zeppelin are the one band I will never get to see live.

In summary, this restored Zeppelins majesty, integrity and legendary status - this is a very well shot and recorded package and captures a graceful and powerful swansong.
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on 30 May 2014
Sorry i know its recorded using the latest recording equipment both audio and visual, but it hasn't the atmosphere of early led zep stuff you can tell the difference without John Bonham. Just seems like led zep by numbers (Robert Plant struggles at times to reach the notes aswell)
I was there at the o2 but the atmosphere wasnt like rock concerts used to be. Many people go to gigs nowadays just to stand and film it with their phones to show off footage to their unimpressed mates, instead of actually enjoying the gig. Its like theure just buying into the brand to try and look cool. Noel gallagher summed it up when he talked about people walking in front of him eating nachos half way through the gig.
Many bands gigs arent what they used to be theyre just corporate events nowadays, which is the impression i got at this one
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on 31 March 2015
It is quite extraordinary how well they all have kept up their technique. The songs DO remain the same. The atmosphere is also fantastic - the ones in attendance aren't just snobs with money - they are all great fans, and yes, probably fans with a lot of money ... :-) I read that 20 Million wanted tickets to the show - only 18,000 could get in. And they get a show that does not tell on the guys that they are old, except for some notes that Mr. Plant cannot reach anymore, and the fact that he is not moving about with the same vigor. It does not matter at all here. Jason Banham knows more about the drumming of his late father John than he did himself, it seems - he has an extraordinary technique. And they all gel so well. This is truly a celebration - to healthy rock'n'roll, to having a good time, to dance, to sing-along, and to a morning-after tinnitus. The filming works also as a means to make the show intimate for the viewers of this disc - we do get up close, while not disturbing the players. As a concert film, it ranks among the ten best I have ever seen.
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on 16 February 2013
I held off buying the CD/DVD/MP3. I wanted the Vinyl. I love Zep's studio albums.
But I've never been blown away by the Live albums - The Song Remains the Same, How the West was Won etc,
So I knew the Vinyl will become collectable - but wasn't sure what to expect from the concert's music.....
Well - Led Zeppelin have never, ever sounded so good live. Thundering, tight, mysterious, fun, awesome.

Biggest surprise ? = Jason Bonham's drumming was simply stunning. The room shook!

Nothing comes close.
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on 7 January 2013
I'm continually amazed at the stupidity of people!

All the negative reviews of this have left me scratching my head at the reviewers stupidity.

Firstly, this is a group of pensioners on stage, not a young throbbing rockband from the 70's. The youngest guy on this is the drummer and he's a dad. Get a life guys, of course the performance isn't going to have the dynamism of the 70's, but they've still got it!

Secondly, the sound could be better but it's a live event, no live event is ever 100% studio quality. I had the misfortune of seeing Simply Red live once and the sound was so CD like that I was left wondering whether they had been live. At the many Weller concerts I've been too the sound is never CD quality and they're all the better for it! Also, while I'm talking about the sound, watch carefully and you'll see that the amps on stage are all analogue with valves in which in my opinion adds to a great sound!

I'm glad Led Zep never reformed for a tour, some things are best savoured but when the gods of rock get together for a one-off it has to be enjoyed and I'm seriously enjoying this. I'm also loving watching the DVD with my young sons who love Zep.

Seriously, if you're disappointed by this item, package it up, send it back for a refund and don't embarrass yourself by advertising your own stupidity in the review section.
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on 15 July 2015
I didn't even apply for tickets. How could they, pensioners all (with the exception of Jason Bonham), ever live up to memories of Shepton Mallet, the Albert Hall, Earls Court and Knebworth (seen them all). I was WRONG! How they did this after so many years, and with Plant's avowed declaration to never reforming Zeppelin again, beggars belief. Knocks 'The song remains the same' video into a cocked hat and is almost as good as the Earl's Court show on Zep's 'DVD'. I should have entered the lottery. I regret it now; but this DVD at least shows me, in some small measure, what I missed. As AC/DC always say; Play LOUD!
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on 16 April 2016
Outstanding! Pure and simple. Probably the best 'live' album that you are likely to hear. Every beat and riff demonstrates the bands supreme musisicianship and leaves you wanting for nothing. J.B on drums will undoubtedly have put a huge smile on his fathers face. Jimmy Page is on his game throughout and will put shivers up your spine (did mine) JPJ has the knack of making bass and keyboards look effortless, and plays both in such an understated fashion that he makes it look easy. Robert Plant's distinctive vocals carry all the way through the numbers and do not disappoint. I can only imagine what the atmosphere was like on 'the night' and envy those that were there. Superb !
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on 3 March 2013
As a long term 'Zeppelin' fan (since mid 1970's), I would have been expected to give this the full 5 stars. But I just cant, somehow that old Zeppelin 'majesty' just isn't there anymore. Robert Plant's voice just wasn't able to keep up for the full set, though having said that, on a couple of the songs, he did sound remarkably close to the original recording. Jimmy Page's guitar riffs just didn't seem to quite cut it either. But then again the guy is in his sixties after all, and simply could'nt have the kind of dexterity he had in his twenties. Maybe I'm being over critical, having been caught up in all the hype surrounding this supposed 'one off' "renuion". And perhaps expectations were atificially inflated.

None the less, if you're a Led Zeppelin fan of whatever vinatge, you will still enjoy this, just the fact of them being back together, performing again (with John Bonham's son, Jason on drums), who by the way was probably the highlight af the whole set.

The sound quality on the DVD and CD are excellent, but you wouldn't really expect anythig less from Zeppelin, but the sound on the Blu-ray has to be heard to be believed. Through a surround sound system it trully is briliant. Just be carefull if you've got thin walls though, the neighbors might not be just as into Led Zepp as you are.
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on 30 December 2012
I was in Hammersmith for the premiere and I was also lucky enough to be at the O2 in 2007.
I had seen Led Zeppelin twice before Birmingham 72 and Earls Court 75.
I also had a ticket to see them in Munich 80 which had to be cancelled.
I have all of the studio albums and the 3 previous live compilations.
What did I think of Celebration Day, it is good but I have heard it all before.
The packaging is poor quality, it should have been produced like a hardback book.
How The West Was Won is definitely the best way to experience them in concert.
The Song Remains The Same and The BBC Sessions are also well worth buying.
What is and what should always be essential listening.
Those with very deep pockets can look forward to the 2013 - 2014 box sets.
Celebration Day [2CD+2 PAL DVDs--CD Case]
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on 24 November 2012
This package was an early Christmas present from me to me, and it hasn't disappointed. I thought 'Good Times Bad Times' was a little wobbly to start with, but that impression soon went. 'No Quarter' was slick, and made me smile, as the sound just took me back to my late teens. When they all walked off stage the first time, I sympathised with the young woman in the front row, who was in tears. So was I, after that, to my mind, best-ever rendition of 'Kashmir'. It has always been my favourite song of theirs, but it seemed even better with Robert Plant's now more mature voice. I hadn't realised before just how good a keyboard player John Paul Jones was, but I was just a little disappointed occasionally with Jimmy Page's playing. He appeared to get carried away on the odd occasion with effects, and lost rhythm - not that it lasted for long. Jason Bonham did a brilliant job; it's no wonder at all, as the notes say, that he cried when he walked off stage - it must have been a VERY emotional experience. It was all quite, quite wonderful, and so good to see them all enjoying themselves. And Robert Plant just has to be one of the coolest men ever. I thought that when I was in my teens, and now at 60, I still think the same thing. And I also mean 'cool' literally, as he appeared to be as cool when he finished as he was when he first walked on the stage. I can see this DVD being played pretty frequently!
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