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on 14 March 2014
If Aeropress had designed their product with this filter from the start it would not have been the success it is. I love my Aeropress because it is so easy and quick to use, easy to clean and makes the smoothest and best coffee. I bought a metal filter because I take the Aeropress to work with me and I thought it would be easier to transport than taking the filter papers every day. I also thought in the long run it would save money. I have gone back to using paper filters and wont be using the S Filter again, here's why.
The holes in the S filter may be small but they are not small enough. The water runs through too quickly and the coffee doesn't brew. You have to modify the way you use the Aeropress in order to get a good cup of coffee and this is the problem, what used to be quick and simple becomes a faff. Put the plunger part way into the tube then turn it over and put the coffee and water into the tube then wait 2 minutes before screwing the filter cap and S Filter onto the tube then turn the whole thing over quickly onto your mug so the coffee doesn't spill out and then plunge the coffee. What a palaver! and you might as well be using your old cafetiere
Next comes clean up which is so easy with paper filters, unscrew the cap and push the filter and coffee grounds out into the bin or recycling. With the S Filter you take off the cap but then you have to get hold of the filter and pull it off the wet coffee grounds then push the remaining coffee into the bin but somehow it never comes off the end of the plunger as cleanly. I end up having to wash the filter and the end of the plunger and rinse the coffee grounds out of the sink and you might as well be using your old cafetiere .
Did I mention the holes in the filter are small but not small enough? One of my favourite things about Aeropress coffee, as it was designed to be brewed, is the smoothness of the brew, no bits at all and I can drink every last drop. With the S filter you end up with fine grains of coffee in your mug and you might as well be using your old cafetiere.
Paper filters don't affect the taste of the coffee and anyone who says they can tell must have extraordinary senses or they aren't brewing their coffee strong enough. Paper filters use so little paper it isn't worth thinking about and they can be recycled anyway. Also take a look at my photo which you can see via a link under the main product photo. My photo shows just how much paper and card was used to post out this tiny little filter. It's more paper (taking into account the thickness of the card etc) then I would use in paper filters in months. These things should be posted in the little white card envelope that Kafeologie package them in and should not come with a mountain of advertising crap and a great big Amazon card envelope.
Stick with paper filters - Coffee, water, plunge, done. or if you don't want to use paper filters you might as well be using your old cafetiere
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on 31 October 2013
Bought this to save myself some paper filters for the aeropress. Read the description that stated it gives purer coffee (since paper filters soak up some of the oils etc) and that clinched it for me.

However upon trying to screw in the aeropress base once placing the filter, you really have to press down hard as the edges of the Kaffeologie appear to be too thick for the aeropress. In fact I have to use a cloth or cotton towel to apply pressure to do this. This just about manages to rotate the first plastic 'latch' a quarter of the way into the first slot... won't go any futher but is enough to hold the base in place!

2nd issue is that once you pour water over the coffee grinds, it all seems to seep too quickly through the filter before I have had a chance to stir it and press down on the aeropress....hence lose out on coffee intensity if all you want is an espresso!

Otherwise for an American coffee it works fine as you need to add more water anyway and can aeropress more effectively before the water runs through the mesh...


Am giving it an extra star as it seems the more you use it, the easier it becomes to screw the base on. Also the product website has some good brewing tips..i.e. the inverted method which works best for this. The standard filters are still better/easier to use for a quick espresso however this product is a good alternative if you run out.
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VINE VOICEon 7 January 2014
The problem is that the disk is thicker than a paper filter. The suggested video for fitting the disk on Kaffeologie's website proposes adding successively more filter papers to the lid until it can be stretched into accepting a disk as thick as the metal one. The problem with that is that the tough ABS plastic from which the Aeropress is made does not stretch like like and the fit remains tight.

It is not impossible to close the lid - but I have concluded that trying to force it closed while using the inverted Aeropress method - and thus dealing with a precarious syringe full of hot coffee and grounds - I would rather go back to using the papers. I nevertheless give the product 3 stars since it does, for those prepared to persevere, produce a good taste. It is just that I don't believe the cost and the awkwardness are worth the relatively high cost.
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on 8 September 2013
This filter lets a lot of particles through into the coffee. I get a thick syrup of ground beans in the bottom of the cup and at the best ground size (for the coffee beans) its undrinkable due to the volume of particles allow through. I had to increase the ground size and that negatively impacted the flavour. At a significantly bigger grinding size less syrup gets through but its still much worse than the particles let through by the paper filter at any ground size.

The flavour of the coffee is different to using the paper filter. The flavour is weaker but often smoother so at least in some ways I think the filter does produce a better coffee. But the particles in the bottom of the cup do ruin the positive effect for me, getting a mouthful of fine bean pieces is a horrible way to finish a cup of coffee. My Sumatra beans actually taste better overall with the paper filter, I suspect because the coffee is made under a higher pressure since the paper filter is harder to push through than this is.

I just can't recommend this filter, it for the most part negatively impacts the actual drink the Aeropress provides. It needs to be significantly finer to reduce the drawbacks.
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on 25 April 2014
I bought the coffee filter as i was told that it was better than the paper filters at allowing oils to pass through, which would have been absorbed by the paper filters. I havent done a side by side analysis, but being more hassle free of not needing to pre-wet the paper filters i bought the metal filter.

It is easy to clean after use, but it is a very tight to screw into the aeropress. Even after following the manufacturer's instructions. It takes around a fortnight of daily use before the the screw 'relaxes'.

The filter i bought has burn 'marks'/discolouration from where it had been spot welded. I tried to scrub it off but to no avail. I contacted customer services and was told promptly that it was normal on some of the filters. This suggests that only some of the filters have this issue. I dont think it is a problem, so i left it. But it you are unhappy with it im sure the company will exchange it for you.

The company was very keen to follow up with me and post my thoughts on Amazon, which suggest they believe in their brand and product. Good job!

All in all, i think this is a good product, which does take a bit of time and effort to wear in. But my main gripe is the cost, it is very expensive for what it is. Due to the coffee nerd culture i dont expect the price to fall. But for what it is, it fills the niche nicely.
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on 27 July 2013
This is the best reusable aeropress filter disk I have found so far. Very fine holes, but enough so that there is no clogging or stalling. Very well made.
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on 22 October 2013
Takes some getting used to, to make sure that the water you pour into the Aeropress doesn't just gush through the sides of this mesh instead of brewing. And once you've skilled yourself up to avoid that, it always leaves a fine residue in the coffee cup, which is a shame. The overall taste of the coffee is very good, but I'm not sure this is worth the investment over the paper filters, to be honest. I'm sitting there right on the fence, which is a shame for something that cost me 60% of the AeroPress itself.
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on 12 July 2013
The kaffeologie filter is a must for aeropress users, as clean if not better brew than paper filters, essentially the same process and usage with out the waste, my main motivation is to ensure my aeropress is a robust travel companion.
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I really like the slight difference in taste between using the filter papers and using the S Filter, with a marginal preference for the fuller bite of coffee with the S Filter.

And I must admit the patient need to stretch the cap where the filter paper goes, so it can accommodate the S Filter was an added pleasure in my coffee craft. It took 7 filter papers, 7! (But you don't waste the filter papers, they can still be used!)

Don't know what I'm talking about - see the helpful series of videos (and its also all in the instruction leaflet which comes with the filter) which Kaffeologie have produced, link below in the comments box.

Paper filters do slightly take the edge off the taste, so, in need of mellow, paper filter, when you want to feel the bite, mesh!
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on 16 October 2013
This thing is too thick to allow the base to fit onto my Aeropress once the filter is in place (because of the metal rim you can see in the photographs). If you force it on it is almost impossible to get the base off afterwards. Forget about the inverted method of using the Aeropress as you cannot get the base to click into place. First cup using this method, therefore, went everywhere. Tried the normal method and, frankly, the result was rather thin and tasteless. Will not be bothering with again and will return. Having said all that I am not generally in awe of the Aeropress anyway so will probably return to the old filter method or buy another cafetiere the breaking of which led me down the filter route in the first place.
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