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on 14 May 2014
The metal band that stabilises the mesh is a bit too thick and I have to really force the filter holder when fastening it. The diameter is also a little too small, it feels like it would leak around the edges when you press.

It is a lot more permeable than the paper filters I was used to. Using the inverted brewing method you really have to be swift when turning it over. I haven't managed yet without spilling. Haven't tried the normal way but I think there will be a lot of dripping before you start pressing.

It also lets more particles through than the paper filters. This is kind of the point of this filter instead of the paper ones, just thought I'd mention that it will brew a pretty different coffee compared to the paper filter.
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on 14 September 2013
I never knew my AeroPress coffee could get any better, but this has done it!
With filter paper, the natural oils from the coffee beans are prevented from getting into the cup. With this, the oils flow freely giving the most awesome cup of coffee, I've ever made!
If you're a coffee nerd, or if you just want to taste your coffee at its best, then this is essential.

I'm not going to take any stars off for this, however, be careful when disposing of coffee grounds since you don't want to lose this filter. With the normal paper filters, you don't care where they go - this is more valuable.
It would be really good if the AeroPress guys integrate a metal filter into their product.
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on 6 December 2013
This will last me a lifetime....hopefully. Extra fine mesh prevents even coffee dust from entering your brew. Easily washed after use and quite sturdy considering how light and thin it is. My only niggle is that with the traditional method of Aeropress brewing, the water drops through into the cup without much time to soak out the coffee. However, using the upside down method allows a longer steep time and really brings out the flavor of your coffee. Produces a clean brew free of the usual gunge you get with other methods. Expensive, but you get what you pay for in this life. No regrets!
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on 26 July 2013
I was a kickstarter investor and its been a great addition to my Aeropress, making it all the more easy to travel with. Improved brew with it too over the paper filters, so all round well worth the money.
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on 17 October 2014
A bit too thick: the cap barely locks into place when the device is spotless and won't go on if there are any grounds at all around the edges. Also quite pricey given what it is - you can get a few years' worth of paper filters for the same price, or a couple of other companies' metal filters (which I haven't tried).

No complaints about the taste of the coffee though - seems at least as good as paper; maybe better (I haven't tested side by side). I was expecting the water to run through too quickly using the non-inverted method, but I didn't find this to be the case when making my usual brew (double espresso with relatively fine grounds).
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on 10 October 2015
I struggled to screw the plastic cap on the first time I used this filter and spilled coffee everywhere. Don't overfill your aeropress the first couple of times you use the S filter to avoid this. The cap gets easier to screw in after the first time or two. I think this filter gives a richer, deeper flavour. I use the inverted method whether using a paper filter or this one to give the coffee time to brew without dripping through. This filter works well, is easy to clean and seems well made. It is very delicate so take care when washing/ drying it but it should last a long time if treated with care.
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on 29 April 2015
a rather clever substitute for the filter papers (which are extremely well thought out and produced).
I like the aeropress sufficiently to have bought another to cater for visitors.
This ultra fine stainless steel filter does the job in a slightly different way..The coffee (to me) seems stronger
so that I am using a reduced amount for each pressing using the S filter.
The coffee produced is very good indeed and is well liked by visitors too.
You do of course need excellent ground coffee to achieve excellent results but that seems too obvious to mention
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on 1 November 2013
With this filter it is easier to press down the plunger and you seem to require less coffee for the same strength so it will probably save money in the long run.
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on 31 August 2013
It does the job but is a tight fit.
Prefer the stainless steel disk version as the coffee does not leak out as quickly before you press the 'plunger'.
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on 18 October 2014
The idea is a good one, and it did the job of replacing the filter. However, it proved fiddly to remove after making the cup, and bits of the 'puck' of coffee grounds often came away with it, making it messy to use.

It disappeared after only about 20 uses, probably gone in the bin with the coffee by accident. This represent almost £1 per cup! It also represents around 4 years of filter papes.

Seems to me that the filter paper makes more sense, sorry. I've gone back to using them.
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