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on 18 April 2013

I read allot of reviews and compared allot of the other netbooks and found that this overall was the best one, certainly for the price and the fact that it was a LED screen and could play HD content. One thing I noticed was that there was allot of criticism and bad reviews about this particular model and yet there were some really positive reviews and how they were loving it so was confused as to which to believe!I am of the latter now after a few weeks use. I can definitely understand why the people who hated this model why they did with such a passion!

Straight out of the box if you were only to do light browsing and use Microsoft word you would be fine and would certainly have a good experience, but when you start pushing it and want to multi task and use it as you would like a full blown pc or laptop that's where the problems start but I knew this as the clue was in the 1gb ram and title "NETBOOK".

The problem lies with the 1gb ram WHICH CANNOT BE EXPANDED as the ram is soldered to the board so no slot to remove and upgrade, I don't know why probably due to costs or something. I'd read beforehand that you can improve windows performance by using ready boost by inserting a SD card or even a USB stick, the extra memory is used by windows to install data that would normally be stored on the ram, it certainly helps particularly if you will be installing lots of programs, you can only use up to 4036mb which is about 3gb so you only need a SD card or USB with at least 4gb anything more is a waste. The next thing I did was to set about reducing the memory usage by deleting and turning off various services programs and settings, having done all this I've managed to get memory usage from about 700mb down to about 500mb!! and still finding things to improve speed wise. So its no wonder when straight out of the box if you were to stick a heavy anti virus software and anti-spy ware and go onto open several tabs this thing would crawl and crash!! BTW DONT USE CHROME yes it is fast and better browser but it comes at a cost and uses allot of resources it would be fine on a desktop or laptop but not a tiny netbook stick to IE 10 its just as fast and uses less resources.

Having done all this messing about with settings and putting a 8gb SDHC card for ready boost this laptop pretty much functions as a normal PC and I'm using it as such from watching films, downloading, browsing arranging music, films. But don't get carried away its not never gonna compete with the full blown laptops so don't expect to be editing HD videos or playing PC games on this, but then I never bought this for that! But as of now I'm using it normally as I would with my desktop! with the bonus its just as light and small as a mac air!!

Of course if you are technically minded you could put Linux on this and would be able to play with the big boys comfortably on it.

If you aren't confident with computers and just want something that will work seamlessly THEN THS NETBOOK is not for you JUST BUY A TABLET. But if you are willing to put in the effort and don't mind tinkering with computers then this laptop will exceed your expectations of a tiny 1gb netbook and love it!!

Not a 5 star as its far from perfect but loving it.
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on 10 July 2013
Writing this review on my Asus Eee PC X101CH 10.1 inch Netbook - White.

After deciding on a netbook over a tablet having used my brothers netbook i wanted one.

I went with this product because there was no other netbook in the market that was at this price.

This product out of the box without upgradeble ram is slow. Do not let that discourage you on buying this product. Read further to understand why.

Design is solid and very pretty, lightweight and useable.

Out of the box like previously mentioned first inital use the netbook is slow.

My first step - Get Windows 7 updates (will take a while)

My second step - Remove bloatware that comes with the Netbook.

Remove bloatware that comes with the netbook. If you don't know what to uninstall from the programs list in control pannel. This link will show you what you need to uninstall.


After doing this the difference? Very noticeable.

My Third step - Readyboost.

After reading about readyboost and understanding it i purchased a Sandisk (ULTRA) Class 10 SDHC Card with 8GB Size @ 30MB/S. I then recieved this badboy and inserted it into the netbook and formatted it to NTFS @ Max capacity. (Right click on the drive and click format in my computer) Then right clicked properties on this badboy and selected Readyboost and put it on full capacity (all of the card).

I then inserted my 8GB Crucial usb memory stick and formatted it @ NTFS and then again set it to readyboost.

Both devices are running at full capacity on readyboost and the computer is multitasking and running software with speed and no problem.

Enjoy this product there is nothing wrong with it and for the price its a bargin. Thats of course if you know what your doing.

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on 31 March 2015
I've not had a Netbook before. I followed the advice of others and bought an SD card to boost performance. However, it is still petty slow on even the most basic tasks. Also, the search engines are in Polish!
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on 6 February 2013
Before purchasing this product, I read the other reviews and noticed they all had one thing in common, the slowness from the RAM. After doing a little research of my own, knowing that the internal memory could no be upgraded, I found my perfect solution.

I did notice myself when first using it that it was slow, so dug out my 8GB SDHC memory card, whacked that in and used that to boost the RAM. The difference it has made (giving another 4GB of RAM) is wonderful.

I brought this as something small to take with me into university everyday (I have to travel to central London)rather than taking a full sized laptop. It is certainly small and lightweight, perfect for me to carry around with me.

I'm still adjusting to using the smaller keyboard, which is only to be expected. I changed the power settings, dimming the screen down more and saving on power. It actually lasts me for days before I really need to charge it (current use at uni is minimal, but that will soon change). It's main uses include internet browsing (via Chrome) and Microsoft Office. So far so good.

For someone considering this product, but worried about the slowness and the RAM, just stick a memory card in, set it to be used as ReadyBoost, and away you go. Just note that the memory card cannot be accessed for anything else as long as it is used for memory. I rarely use the SD card slot on any device, so makes no difference to me.

For me, this has been a great buy. The reason it only received the 4 stars was due to the speed, which has a separate solution. Overall it is a good NetBook, it suits my needs and have yet to have any issues with it.
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on 18 July 2013
I purchased a X101CH in May 2012. My idea being that I needed a small machine, for presentations, powerpoint etc.

From the word "go", I had problems, the machine is very, very slow for it's specification, my five year old Toshiba is alot faster, than this machine!.

The major fault is that the X101CH locks up every 10 minutes or so for two minutes, along with a loud buzzing noise. I have tried installing numerous operating systems, but still the problem persists. Also there was a "1080p" sticker on the machine when purchased, the graphics resolution does not go that high!!!.

Another problem I noticed is that the USB connections can only be used one at a time as there is not enough power to use two USB devices at the same time.

The PSU failed within a week of purchase.

Asus are being "awkward" to say the least, my research shows that this, the machine locking up, is a common fault.

I will not buy any ASUS product again as both the product and customer service are of poor quality.
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on 7 January 2016
After reading the most helpful 4-star review, I can agree with most of it - except the solution of using an SD card as a 'Readyboost' feature to speed it up. You really won't notice much difference. I used a good quality 8GB SDHC card in it and dedicated 4GB of it for this, but the effect was hardly noticeable. But do not fear! I am writing this review on my X101CH and about a week ago when I bought it, it was so unusably slow. The 1GB RAM is the most limiting feature which really is the root cause of its constant freezing and stalling. The CPU however is absolutely fine, and good enough (it's dual-core too).

First thing to notice a slight difference is hover your mouse over 'Computer' in Start Menu, right-click, click Properties, and then in the window click 'Advanved System Settings, then click 'Settings' under the Performance category. A 'Visual Effects' tab should open. Tick for 'Best Performance' which unticks everything in the box, then manually tick the lowest box 'Use visual styles...' (keeps the nice Win7 taskbar). Then go into 'Advanced' tab, and click 'Change' under 'Virtual Memory', and for the C drive, click 'Custom' box and type "2056" in 'Initial size' and "4112" in 'Max size' - this sets a portion of the hard disk to be used as RAM (similar to the Readyboost, but hard disk is much faster than SD card). Click 'OK' or 'Apply', then 'Apply' when back under the previous box. Make sure you apply all changes.

Next (this is optional but recommended), update components of the netbook. Go to "http://www.asus.com/Notebooks/Eee_PC_X101CH/HelpDesk_Download/", select Windows 7 32 as OS and download BIOS 1203 (latest one) to computer. Now open in Start 'ASUS Update', choose 'Select BIOS from file' (something like that), and find the downloaded BIOS 1203. Then press 'Flash' (ensure netbook connected to mains and DON'T turn it off or use it at all when it's flashing the ROM). The second important software from the website is Intel Chipset under 'Chipset' - download it and install (restart later). Then under 'VGA' do the same for the Intel Graphics driver. Those 3 are the most important. Restart netbook when done all.

Now what primarily uses so much RAM is absolutely UN-necessary Windows services that run in the background. These can be disabled or set to be started manually. Under 'Start' menu click 'Accessories' then 'Run' then type "msconfig". Under 'Services' tick 'Hide all MS services' and untick everything (apart from any Anti-Virus which I'll come onto later). Now untick the 'Hide all...' and all the Services will show. I unticked these ones: ActiveX Installer, Bing Bar, Microsoft .NET, Fax, Homegroup Provider/Listener, HP DS Service, Peer Networking (both), Quality Windows, Remote Access (both), Remote Registry, Remote Procedure Call, Secondary Logon (untick only if you have ONE user account on netbook), Internet Connection Sharing, Tablet PC, Telephony, Remote Desktop, VideAce, Problem Reports, Windows Error Reporting, Windows Remote Management, Windows Media Player Network. Trust me, all of these are USELESS and can be turned back on if needed (highly unlikely). Please trust me on this. Now click the 'Startup' tab (these are services that run on start-up) and untick: Adobe Acrobat, IconUtility, ASUSWeb, AsusSender (all), EeeDocking, VAWinAgent, AsusVibe, HP Installer. Done! Now click 'Apply' and you can choose to restart now or later (Later is best - not done yet).

In the 'Run' program again, type 'Services' and enter. (If nothing happens, go into C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Administrative Tools and click 'Services'). All the services you unticked above (not in start-up, but services) are ALL here so you ever need to enable them again, here they are. The ones you unticked are set here to 'Disabled' - you can also disable (right-click, Properties, under 'Start-up type') all the 'Net.' services ('Net' with full stop and letters after it), all 'Microsoft .NET', 'Routing and Remote Access', 'SeaPort' (bing bar update service). After that, set all the following to 'Manual' (same method): Application Experience/Identity/Information/Layer/Virtualization (5 here), ASP.NET, BitLocker, Block Level, Bluetooth, Certificate, CNG Key, COM+, Computer Browser, Credential Manager, Desktop Window Manager, Diagnostic Policy/Service/System (3 here), Disk Defragmenter, Distributed Link/Ttansaction (2 here), Encrypting File, Extensbile Auth, Function Discovery (both), Health Key, Human Interface, Interactive Services, Internet Explorer ETW, IP Helper, IPsec, KtmRm, Link-Layer, Microsoft iSCSI, Microsoft Software Shadow, Netlogon, Network Access/Connections/List Service (3 here), Office Software Protection, Parental Controls, Peer Name, Performance Logs, Pnp-X, PNRP, Portable Device, Problem Reports, Program Compatibility, Protected Storage, Remote Desktop Configuration, Secure Socket, Smart Card (both), SNMP, SPP Notification, SSDP Discovery, TCP/IP, Thread Ordering, TPM Base, Trend Micro, UPnP, Volume Shadow, WebClient, WIndows Backup/Biometric/CardSpace/Color/Connect Now/Driver/Event/Installer/Modules/Presentation/Time (all these), WinHTTP, WIred AutoConfig, WMI Performance, Workstation, WWAN. And done. You can exit the window, it saves the changes automatically.

Finally, I suggest downloading Iobit Uninstaller and removing all the ASUS bloatware - Iobit is a very well known and popular System Tools developer (see Cnet review). I used its Powerful Scan feature too. The best performance Anti-Virus is AVAST (NOT Security Essentials - this is terrible and really slows down netbook due to high RAM usage) - when installing Avast, click on 'Custom' when it says Install and untick ALL the add-ons/extras (like File Protection, E-mail... etc. you only need the AV). Be vigilant when installing both and be sure to 'Decline' any other software (often in small text - they all do this). Remove any old AV and restart before installing Avast. (Windows Firewall should still be On, Windows Defender 'Off'). Use FireFox as your browser (not Chrome) but IE11 should be OK too. In the browser options, disable all unneeded add-ons. Don't use AdBlock in FF as slows it down a lot. 'NoScript' is a good add-on which disables JavaScript on most pages (just allow the site if needed and it remembers - handy if regularly visit only a number of sites).

I believe that is all. Do a final restart (you might get notification that says No AntiVirus detected - that's OK as long as Avast symbol is there and it says 'You are protected'. I hope this has helped you, and I have to say it has made this netbook VERY usable. RAM usage should be down from about 80/90% idle to 50/60%. I installed MS Office 365 and all Word/Outlook opens fine and quite quickly. Don't install loads of programs on this thing - just the necessary. Enjoy using the X101CH!
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on 31 March 2012
I have had one of these netbook's for about a month now and i am very pleased with it. Its small and light with a very modern design. The texture over the majority of the case gives an up market feel. The build quality is first class, i have rarely been more impressed with a product especially when you take its cost into account. I have extensively used an android tablet which is fine for light browsing but i must be old fashioned and i missed having a physical keyboard.

The screen is good, having a matt finish which i prefer over a glossy screen as i intend to use this in the garden this summer. It is nice and bright when on mains and even on its lowest setting when running on battery it is perfectly useable. It has a webcam at the top of the screen that is fairly good quality and fine for msn messenger.

The keyboard is very good, i have not owned a netbook before and was worried about the keyboard after always using full size laptops. The keys have a nice precise feel and weighting and there is no flex at all.

Battery life appears to be a bit of a shortcoming on this netbook. I think i am getting in the region of 3 hours from a full charge although this is improving with each use as the battery goes through a few cycles. This however is fine for my needs as it mainly stays plugged in. The battery is only 3 cells and this helps keep the very thin form factor and this is the pay off for the slimness.

I was worried about performance of netbooks in general after reading loads of reviews of various models. I am quite happy with it though. I have office professional 2010 installed on it and word and excel open quickly and work fine in general use. Web browsing is fine as long as you don't have too many media rich windows open. I have put an old 4gb SD card into the media slot and set it up for ready boost and this improved the performance somewhat. I have just ordered a 2GB memory stick to further improve things. (N.B. please be aware i have reviewed my X101H, it appears as per the comments below that the X101CH may not be upgradeable) The computer itself runs very quietly and the fan is just a gentle and unobtrusive hum.

Windows 7 starter is fine and has all the basic functions you would need. It comes with a fair bit of junk software which i have removed. It boots up very quickly and will come out of sleep mode and be ready to go in 5-10 seconds.

To sum up i am very pleased with this little laptop, it suits my needs fine. If i was travelling regularly battery life may be an issue but for a home based machine this is ideal. It looks more expensive than it cost mainly due to the very thin and light design and the high quality feel. I thoroughly recommend you give this little netbook a second look.
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on 9 January 2013
I bought this machine for my daughter to replace and upgrade a previous netbook - having decided that a tablet wouldn't necessarily fit the bill for the amount of use and homework etc. The spec - especially the hard drive capacity - rivals that of full-sized laptops of just a couple of years ago and the performance matches that - with a little tweaking.

The tweaking is the operating system. The stripped-out Windows 7 "Starter" manages the double whammy of both lacking the capacity to do much useful (struggled and failed to install a network printer) and overwhelming the 1GB memory, giving a machine which works frustratingly slowly in its supplied form. Additionally, the full installed version of Microsoft Office is only available on the payment of a further license fee :( .

The solution is simple - slap a Linux distribution on (for the technically-minded I set up a dual-boot which still allows access to Windows). Asus already supply some machines with Ubuntu (Linux) pre-installed (sadly, hard to find in the UK) so, having checked the comparative spec, I was confident that it would work - especially as the hard drive already comes partitioned as if expecting it...

It now runs much quicker than originally supplied and has the full functionality of a full-sized machine - including proper touch-pad scrolling and a full (free) office suite.

Additionally, it it gives the impression of being designed and built as a small but quality product with the textured case resisting the scratches of everyday use and the keyboard giving a reassuring quality feel. In its supplied form it struggles to compete with a tablet but as "tweaked" is able to play with the big boys.
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on 14 July 2013
Brought this for my daugther to introdcure here to computers.
Installed some basic office apps but nothing too resource hungry.
However, even internet browsing it slow and virtually impossible.
Try opening 2 or more programs at once and the whole machine grinds to a halt.
And as you cannot upgrade the RAM, thats it - your stuck!
ASUS customer service is terrible as is this machine.

Sure, if you buy cheap you expect cheap but this is just ridiculous!

Take my advice - avoid this machine and anything ASUS - it's just not worth it.
Go for a better brand with good customer service and a machine with a decent spec that can be upgraded.
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on 25 September 2017
Any 4 or 5 star reviews here have got be questionable. This is without doubt the worst experience of my browing life. It is unusable, freezing lag and a battery drained in 90 minutes. They should not be allowed to sell trash with 1gb of ram that cannot do even the most basic tasks.
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