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on 9 May 2013
Having used my old Acer keyboard for more than four years, I have to say that the slightly different position of all the keys took me a little while to get used to. I've now had the Isku for just over three weeks and I think it is excellent. Here's why:

Heavy; it's not going to blow away on a windy day, should you be unfortnate enough to keep your computer outside.. It doesn't move as much as my old one did either while typing. Instant bonus.

The keys feel really nice to type with! I didn't understand why people said that before, but now I do. They are the right weight, and now that I've gotten used to the new positioning, I can type so quick and smoothly.

Illumination. Okay so that's a bit of bling bling, but it does help you to see the keys in the dark room, and you can adjust the brightness level to suit you best.

One thing you may notice looking at the keyboard is that there is no Caps Lock key. This puzzled me but I bought the keyboard anyway. In its place is the Roccat EasyShift button. I still don't understand the whole macro programming keys buttons, or the point of the EasyShift, but to activate CapsLock you can hold EasyShift and Thumbkey 1, and that will grant you some lovely caps lock.

Altogether, an awesome keyboard for the experienced gamer who needs all the macro keys. I don't use them at all, but for the reasons mentioned above, I love this keyboard and would recommend it to anyone with a bit of money.
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on 28 September 2014
I have bought this keyboard just over a year ago to replace Gigabyte's Osmium keyboard which had shutdown issues. This Roccat performs very well. Nice reaction. Nice feel. I haven't come across any combination issues. I haven't even programmed it yet. Well, don't feel I need to. But one thing really surprised me. The black plastic coating (or is it paint?) is coming off the most frequently used keys, WSAD. It is quite obvious that each key is see through plastic and then black paint is put on top, leaving the letter area clear. This allows the light to come through. For a £60 keyboard, I expect better durability than this.
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VINE VOICEon 10 May 2017
Style: Isku+ Force FX (RGB)|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )|Verified Purchase
The Roccat Isku+ Force FX comes well packaged in a sturdy box with all details of the keyboard in full colour all over it. It turns out this keyboard is something to brag about.

Opening the box and you realise this is a big keyboard. It will use up a lot of desk space, so tidy that up beforehand. My other half didn't care for the styling (said "it looked cheap"), but it does have a sort of look that it means business. Connection is by a single USB cable that once you get the kinks out of it was long enough to reach my PC. Straight away it lights up (Other half now says, "Ooh, that's amazing!")

Naturally, you're able to simply plug the keyboard in and use its basic functionality, however you don't buy a keyboard like this for just simple backlighting, so you'll need to grab the latest version of the Roccat Swarm software from the maker's website to get the most out of it. Downloaded the controller software and immediately a new software / firmware update for the keyboard was available. Never had that with a keyboard before.

You get 123 keys in total, enough for the Complete Works of Shakespeare, and Wolfenstein. There're macro keys, "thumbster" keys, media & hot keys galore, all configurable from the Swarm software. Now, I've played some great PC games in the past, but I'd be hard pressed to max out all the features of this keyboard (rather like the average person only uses a fraction of the functionality of MS Word). A others have mentioned, there's no 'caps lock' key from the outset, but that's easily remapped.

The RGB LEDSs can output any of 16.8 million colours, though I was unable to get the 'rainbow' effect cycling pattern. The other thing that struck me was some of the keys weren't fully lit, something that shouldn't happen with this price point. You can set up different colour combinations for different games.

I would have liked the wrist rest to be detachable, plus the USB 'tether' meant I couldn't just move the keyboard out of the way like a wireless one. It's powered by USB, but there's no USB in socket to connect your gaming mouse (I used a Logitech G700s gaming mouse, in USB mode). Typing normally was difficult at first, but my fingers warmed to it. It's also not silent in use, so why there are options for key stroke 'sound effects' is somewhat beyond me, especially as you can hear lag between hitting key and hearing sound. Still, that might float someone's boat.

Is it the ultimate keyboard for under £100? I don't know, I'm hardly the one to use all of the features that are packed in, but for the hard core gamer it has to be one to check out.
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on 5 May 2015
I'm very picky about keyboards, and though I didn't need this one's 'gaming' credentials I like it for its good range of additional keys, and the feel of it.

The supplied software gives a lot of freedom to modify things (though in some ways, such as keybinding actions, offers a disappointingly limited choice of what can be bound to a key) and works well.

A valid criticism is that the keycap illumination isn' very visible especially when viewed from an angle, so it can be quite hard to see at all.

This is the second unit I have had - I bought the first about three years before this one and it worked well for 2.5 years before some keys started failing to respond at all, or auto-repeated indefinitely when hit. Having contacted Roccat I was told it was a firmware problem but there was no fix. Having looked around the market I (slightly reluctantly) selected the same one again because it was still the best compromise.

So far (I've been using it abour a year) the earlier problem has not recurred. Hoping for the best.
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on 13 February 2017
I purchased this as an upgrade from a budget keyboard and mouse set by Redragon and was very skeptical about the price at first.

However, the quality feel and typing experience alone is something that cannot be replicated by a cheaper version. Even typing this now, I am still amazed by the quality of the keys and even the ergonomic design of the keyboard which can be easily adjusted using the rubber footed stands under the keyboard. (Which are also brilliant for keeping your desk, scratch-free.)

My only niggle is the lighting, with competitors offering a wide range of RGB backlit keyboards but at a lot higher price, this is probably excusable, however, I think the spread of the lighting is not as good as it could be, leaving some keys looking dim in comparison to others. One other slight setback, one that however does not affect me, is the colour of the P keys at the top and the T keys at the bottom. They are permanently blue as far as I am aware. Changing the keyboard to another colour blends your chosen colour with ROCCAT's predefined blue option for those said keys. As I said though, using a blue and white setup; this doesn't affect me as my keyboard is set to a pulsing blue anyway.

Finally, as I mentioned in my review for the KOVA mouse from ROCCAT; the software for this keyboard is nothing shy of awful. It is slow and at times, very unresponsive. The keyboard did however work on my Mac though so I must give it some credit. (Software must be used on a Windows PC though!)
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on 7 September 2015
i would love to give this 5 stars as i love roccat gear however i cant excuse the poor lighting options on this keyboard they are dreadful very dim and barley noticeable in normal light colors appear washed out, even at night on the brightest setting it is still very dull and poorly lit, i will be changing to corsair probably which is a shame as i have stuck with roccat for years the keyboard its self is full of features and a joy to type on but i just cant get over the very poor lighting
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on 21 March 2017
Now, where to start with this keyboard. First, if you are looking for a high end keyboard whilst on a budget, I can not suggest using this keyboard anymore than I already am, it is, frankly, flawless. A non mechanical keyboard which gives the same amount of "input" feel than you would with mechanical keys.

- A sleek, comfortable design, the lower section of the keyboard has enough room for the user to comfortably rest their hand upon whilst typing or interacting with the keyboard. Along with good wrist support to boot.
-Multiple macro selections, with 5 profiles allowing for a versatile arrangement of set up functions and pre-made or, user made macros.
-Extra macro's, can be accessed whilst holding the CAPS key, which, makes a large range of letter and number keys become other macro keys, very good for those who intend on using a huge amount of macros within MMO based games.
-A back light which is neither to bright, or to dark, visible in both light, and dark environments.
-The user interface for their inbuilt program for keyboard set-up is top class, easy to understand right out of the box, along with helpful instructions if they are needed.
-Quiet, no loud key tapping. Very good if you need to stay quiet whilst gaming or using the keyboard at night.

The only flaw I can really give this keyboard, is the size, it is not the best keyboard to use if you intend on moving around a lot with your PC, as it is a struggle to fit in most bags or PC travel packs.

Overall, I would purchase this keyboard again if mine was to ever break, it is, as stated. Flawless in my honest opinion.Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard UK Layout - Black
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on 4 November 2016
Used this keyboard for about 2 years and here's my thoughts: it's too big, it doesn't feel as nice as a mechanical and it's way too shiny.

Size: this thing will take up most of the space on a small desk which is a nightmare for if you use your desktop for anything else.

Tactile: the tactile feel is good for a membrane keyboard but I'm definitely preferring mechanical keyboards now I've had the money to invest in one. If you're looking at keyboards in this price range you can probably afford to go all out and buy a mechanical and if you can't then save your money and go for a cheaper membrane.

Materials: material quality was mediocre. The chassis mainly hard, textured plastic, however the parts surrounding the keys are made from gloss surfaced plastic. THIS WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. Seriously, the shine looks awesome until you actually put your hands on the keyboard at which point it becomes a nightmare to keep clean. Save yourself the hassle and buy something different.
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on 8 October 2017
This is one of the better, perhaps best, non-mechanical keyboards on the market. I've owned one for many years which only recently died on me due to the unfortunate combination of an overexcited dog and nearby liquids. Although primarily designed for gamers, as somebody who types tens of thousands of words per week for work, I've found this keyboard to give me a wonderful typing experience. The keys are responsive, do not suffer from keyboard chatter and never miss a stroke. It doesn't have that 'clack' sound that many enjoy, but personally, I find that a distraction anyway.

If I had one complaint, it would be that the media keys at the top of the keyboard seem like an afterthought. They don't light up, nor are they conveniently positioned and so I hardly ever use them. However, I pair my keyboard with a Roccat Kone XTD mouse and use the Roccat Talk function to use Easy+Shift (replacement for Caps Lock) to make my mouse my multimedia controller. Setup is a bit finicky but with everything configured, my mouse can perform all of the multimedia functions with no loss of functionality.

If you're after more spectacular LED lighting effects, you will probably want to consider something else as the Isku FX is limited to one colour at a time, although has a variety of effects such as colour cycle and breathing - if that's your bag. For those who may need to prize off the keys at some point to clean up underneath, be aware that the clips holding the metal bar under the spacebar are quite brittle.

I purchased my replacement keyboard on an Amazon Warehouse deal that was better than half price, though stated as being slightly damaged. My initial observations are that while the outer packaging was banged up, the keyboard itself and inner packaging is in perfect condition.
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on 27 August 2016
Very nice keyboard i love it!!! 1 Stars as i paid £79.99 for a new keyboard and i received an open and used keyboard. their was no clear film to peel of. their was dust in between the keys and some small bits of dirt where it had been on someones desk at some point. box was taped up as it was already opened. their is a second hand option thats costs £59.34 but as i paid full price for a new keyboard and received a used one so 1 star for that. just to add i gave the keyboard a clean and its A1 condition.
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