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on 26 January 2014
I've lived with this phone for nearly a year now - and I have to say it is the best phone I've ever owned.

The Lumia 820 is more compact that you'd imagine and just makes the iPhone look very clunky and heavy. Its user interface is just so much more elegant that that of any iPhone or Android as it's not just screen after screen after screen of icons. The live tiles are by far the most attractive and versatile interface once you've got used to it - and that takes little time at all.

The continually applied upgrades (now Lumia Black) just improve the phone's performance rather than invoking change for change's sake (Apple take note!) and the incoming phone number/SMS blocker is one of the star features - get any unsolicited text messages from PPI or Injury Lawyers and a couple of presses turns that number off for ever!

No need to panic either if your phone needs to be factory reset (yes, been there!) as virtually everything on your phone is kept safe up there in the cloud (using a Microsoft ID) and restores back with little added input - just email passwords and a re-build of your start screen are required. Text messages, last called number list they're all there after a restore.

OK, there are far more apps available for the iPhone and Android, but the WP8 ones are getting better and more expansive all of the time - and that's a small price to pay for a phone that is just so good.

The Lumia 820 just gives you that little feeling of being a bit different (and slightly superior!) to all those iPhone users!

If you're thinking about a Windows Phone then just get one of these and you won't be disappointed!

[Added March 2014]
Just added a Nokia wireless charging pad to the line up, and what a superb addition! Now all I have to do is put my phone down exactly where I always did but on top of the pad and it charges - no cables to plug is in... or flat battery due to forgetfulness!

It just makes a great phone even better!
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on 25 August 2017
its a phone that dos not up grade but it works
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on 24 June 2017
Didn't work, but the seller refunded​ full amount
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on 17 December 2012
Having owned a Lumia 820 for a while now I feel compelled to write this review, if not for anything else, at least to set the record straight about this phone as a lot of internet reviewers have maligned it; calling it bulky, too heavy with a limited app catalog.

I'm going to ignore the "limited app" thing because it's irrelevant compare with iOS/Android to take the drawbacks of WP in general and apply them to this phone specifically.

First off, this is a beautifully made phone with a great display.
I know the theoretical pixel-density isn't as high as other high end phones but I feel that's only on paper - unless you're looking at it from less than an inch away. In everyday usage, the AMOLED screen produces deep blacks, the viewing angles are very wide, and sunlight legibility is superb; summing up, a great display.

The clean design also blends well with WP's minimalist interface, and the phone itself is built like a tank with a solid, sturdy design - partly contributed to by the ridiculously tight back panel/shell.
And yes when you pick it up, you *will* notice the weight in your hands. For me it's a reassurance of the solid build and quality of the device. Frankly anyone who thinks a hundred and something grams is too much weight to carry around seriously has issues.

What I loved:

Wireless charging out of the box.
You still need the Qi charger, but the default back panel supports wireless charging.

Nokia-exclusive apps.
Although the WP operating system is tightly closed for manufacturer customization, Nokia's partnership with Microsoft grants it a unique position, resulting in several useful apps such as Nokia Drive, Transport, Maps and City Lens - apps you wouldn't get on say a Samsung or HTC Windows Phone.

Replaceable battery and microSD card slot.
Two features that are just about extinct on most `flagships' and I always wonder why.
I'll probably never replace the battery (in the 10-12 phones I've had so far, I never needed to), but it's comforting knowing that I could if it ever came to that.
And who doesn't need expandable memory?

Colorful, soft-touch panel, also replaceable.
The last time I bought a phone with interchangeable back panels was in 2005. This may not sound like much of a feature, but I love this: it means I could have a sober black phone at my meeting tomorrow, and a cheerful yellow one at the weekend outing. It means I don't have to put on fat, ugly cases on my pretty phone, and yet not worry about it looking old.
There's nothing worse than an expensive phone that's full of nicks and dents in the first few months.

A couple of things that miss the mark:

The `Dolby Audio' sound
Frankly, I only heard a subtle change in audio quality when toggling this on / off, and I could never tell which was better.
Maybe it's just me (I'm not exactly an audiophile), but as a casual listener it's not so great. It's a so-so feature that's not going to win fans.

The "Carl Zeiss" optics.
I don't care where the lens comes from or how big the sensor is, as an end-user all I care about is the image quality. And while the 8MP photos are not bad, they are not incredibly awesome either. Maybe it could have been worse without a certified lens, but its certainly nothing to brag about.

A couple of things I didn't like:

There's no notification led to show missed calls/texts - I miss this from my old Symbian days. I like it when a phone blinks to let me know I missed something without me having to push a button.

The back panel, while contributing to its solid, almost unibody feel, is almost impossible to take off. Let me say this again - the shell is EXTREMELY hard to take off. So much so that Nokia has a dedicated page explaining how to take it off and advising to use only your nails. (I'm serious, look at this: [...])

All in all, this is a phone that's not without its drawbacks (especially if you're not sure about the whole apps thing), but if you're into WP devices I can wholeheartedly recommend this as an excellent phone.
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on 19 May 2017
Could not download applications from Microsoft store. I sent email already to the support with my complaint
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on 3 July 2013
First, I always buy my phones unlocked and SIM-free, as I've found that works out cheaper for me. Never again am I going to be tied in to a contract on a dysfunctional phone I hate (thank you, Three, for teaching me that lesson). I have owned iPhones for the past four years and each replacement has cost about £100 more than my previous phone. As well as calls and texts, I rely on my smartphone for email access, taking photos, playing music, Facebook and Twitter. I cycle a lot and often use my phone for GPS tracking and navigation.

I am uncomfortable with using a £500 device for such a vulnerable task, so I took a look at cheaper Android phones. They were adequate in most respects except that their displays were invisible in daylight - a real deal-breaker. In my view, there are more similarities than differences between iOS and Android user interfaces, although Android is clearly more open to tweaks and geekiness!

Researching the best phone displays in bright sunlight turned up two recommendations: the Lumia 900 and the Lumia 820. After reading up more about the Windows Phone environment, I opted for the newer Lumia 820, reasoning that it will be supported for longer.

Out of the box, the Lumia's screens are beautiful. Who would have ever expected a Microsoft product to outdo Apple on style? I found the Lumia really easy to set up - somehow it sorted out connection to my email IMAP accounts far easier than my iPhone. The contacts app, 'People Hub' is a genuine innovation, drawing together email, phone, Twitter and Facebook contacts. I like the tiled home screen too - it offers the right balance of updates and links to apps.

Outlook/Live.com cloud syncing appears to work well - it was easier to set up this Windows Phone than it was linking my Google account to my Android phone. My Google calendar also appears to sync accurately too. I copied a few hundred songs from iTunes on an iMac and the Windows Phone app for Mac works just like iTunes. As the trend towards cloud computing accelerates I think it's going to be easier to mix and match different phone/tablet operating systems seamlessly.

Call clarity is good and texting is straight forward. I'm personally not bothered that a few hundred thousand apps that I'm never going to download are unavailable for Windows phone. I've got a smartphone which works for me as well as my old iPhone did, but at half the cost. In my view, it appears that the latest range of Windows Phones are being offered at very attractive prices in a bid to win share from the two dominant operating systems. Good news for anyone prepared to follow their own path.
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on 11 April 2013
I was skeptical about getting the 820 - the 920 was way out of my budget and the 720 wasn't available on the network that I wanted. Looking on it online, I thought it looked rather blocky and ugly compared to it's siblings. I was hoping to try it out with the intention of possibly returning it. However I have fallen absolutely in love with it!

Admittedly I am not a smartphone expert, I've played around with IPhones, HTCs and Samsungs now and again but have felt pretty deflated by anything on the market. I simply wanted something pretty, practical and super easy to use - preferably with good parental controls for my toddler (something which my boyfriends iPhone severely lacks in). I also wanted something with a good camera & room for external storage (to double up as an MP3 player.

Camera - Rear facing Camera is great, front facing camera is pretty poor & grainy (I hear from other reviews that the 720 is better in that department). App store has plenty of camera filter apps although no Instagram currently available. There is also an app that makes your own animated GIFS (AWESOME) and Smart shoot which I have yet to try.

Lookswise - I've always been a little biased for Lumias because in my opinion they are the best looking smartphones out there (I have a thing for the colour yellow so a glossy, yellow phone is my idea of heaven). However I thought that the 820 looked a little underwhelming in it's internet photos compared to the other Lumia models. In the flesh, it looks pretty swish! Not as thick as I was expecting. Still saving up for that yellow colour though...(they're around £20-£25 each!) It's worth going to a phone shop and trying a tester if unsure. The screen is bigger than I expected and colours are very vibrant (some people say too vibrant but fine for me - black really looks black).

Usability - So far easy peasy. The tiles are fun to move around, re-colour and resize. The phone is super fast and the touchscreen is apparently sensitive enough to use with gloves. No real qualms with the usability although when I started it up, it told me to sign in with facebook - which then converted all my facebook friends into my 'contacts' which I didn't want and didn't know how to get rid of without deleting my facebook account off that setting. After that, I downloaded a seperate facebook app and solved the problem.

Apps/Games - selection not bad although not as good as Iphone/Android, good for xbox users as you can unlock achievements and add onto your existing gamer score points. CityScape seems great, sadly haven't tried the Satnav/maps yet. I personally haven't felt short-changed on apps (there's still apps for every department) although veteran smartphone users might. All plays well without freezing so far.

Music/Storage - 8GB with room for a 64GB micro SD card. I didn't really get on with Nokia Radio (which is just a streaming mix of free music of a chosen genre) but there is a Spotify app for those who want an alternative. There's an Xbox Music store which I haven't perused yet and probably wont use.

Kids Corner - Now THIS was the selling point for me. When you lock your phone, if you swipe the screen sideways you will find yourself in 'Kids Corner'. This is a little area where you can move apps too and your little ones wont be able to escape into your contacts without a code of your choosing. They also cannot buy extras advertised within the app in that mode. Youtube Junior is a brilliant free app that has a disabled search function, but series of cartoons/kids programmes already set out for your kids to choose (including Pocoyo, which my toddler was thrilled about!). Kids app selection is alright, again not as good as you'd find on an Iphone but a wide selection nonetheless. Kinectimals is particularly good - like a tamagotchi with incredible graphics. I'm sure any parents with young children obsessed with phones who've had to hang up on the Emergency Services in a flurry will realise that this is a godsend! I can't sell this feature enough!!

This phone may perhaps not be for the die-hard smartphone fan, but it is absolutely perfect for me as a busy mum. Thanks for reading :')
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on 15 August 2013
The phone is brilliant - clear screen, superb camera and excellent software. In particular, the Satnav app is better than anything else I've tried. It's a hefty piece of phone, and the case back is a little slippery, so it will take getting used to. In all other respects, the phone is superb.

BUT - I ordered it a week ago, at £237, and already it's dropped to £199. Either play roulette with the prices, or bite the bullet and put up with price fluctuations! I'd be prepared to accept a fluctuation of a few pounds, but £38 is hard to stomach!

UPDATE: I've been using the phone for a bit now, and I'm getting to know what it can do. I had a N97 Mini until the phone stopped holding a charge, and the difference from the creaky Symbian OS is considerable!

Many people complain about the lack of "apps" for the WP8. I have to say that there isn't anything that I could have on an iPhone that I can't have on the Lumia, and several of the Nokia exclusives are brilliant, and there isn't an equivalent on the other platforms! Cinemagraph is great fun (adds little animated sections to a photo - the pictures are a bit like the ones in the Daily Prophet, with little sections of movement!), and the Nokia Satnav is the best I've tried. I've added my usuals, including Evernote, FB and Twitter and so on.

The Camera is excellent, and the apps that support it (especially Smart Shoot) are brilliant. The screen is very clear and the colours are vivid. I haven't printed a photo to compare it with my Oly DSLR... but they look great on my laptop. The photos automatically back up to my Skydrive when I get to a wifi connection.

Battery life is much better than I have been used to. After a day's moderate use (including the phone automatically checking my emails every 15 minutes), there is still some charge to go.

The constant movement on the homescreen is fascinating, and careful arranging of the tiles makes the phone seem alive. It is quite mesmerising! Nothing is laggy or slow, and the OS is very simple to understand and use. I can't understand why the reviews are so against WP8.

So- only one problem so far, and that is that none of my Nokia car mounts fit! The only official car mount for the 820 is the wireless charging one for £60.
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on 27 August 2013
This does exactly what I want and for me is a lot more intuitive than other smartphones. Love the windows set up. Also love the camera which was one of the main reasons for switching from my old phone to a smartphone.

I also liked the predictive text on the phone. I've never liked touch screens and always preferred keyboards being a touch typist but this is fast enough not to mind too much.

The phone itself holds a micro sim (which I didn't know existed, I thought they were all the same size!). Managed to cut it down using a template which was fine, if not a little nerve wracking! Battery life isn't great but I'm come to understand that's the case with all the smartphones I've seen so I'm not too worried, there are options to improve it and they are worth looking at.

All in all I'm really pleased with this purchase and the seller was excellent.
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VINE VOICEon 10 April 2013
this phone is hyped and downed from several corners of the mobile phone industry and buyers alike. well having used android for several years and having ios products in the home i can say that the windows 8 operating system is like a breath of fresh air and much quicker than android and less locked to manufacturer orientated apps and music stores than ios devices, within half an hour i got to grips with setting up home screen setting up ringtones and notification sounds. the screen is amoled and the dark glass gives a very vibrant and easy on the eye viewing experience, sounds are very rich and can be set to a high volume,battery like all smartphones can be a downfall but once the novelty wears off and less playing around with the phone becomes the norm then it will perform no worse or better than any other device and i expect to be charging once daily or keeping topped up in car whilst travelling to or from work but the beauty of the lumia 820 is that the battery is easy to access which allows for replacement in future years or the ability to purchase a spare which can be kept charged, have not been able to test wireless charging as i do not have the necessary equipment but look forward to giving it a go in the future, the apps which most people maon about as in not being many i find hard to believe as i have looked at thousands and they are growing by the day and the popular and free apps most of will use are there for all to see
would i recommend this phone the answer to that is yes
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