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on 10 January 2018
Creative, unusual, good quality
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on 2 March 2017
Hi, I have bought it at the end of January and it is already not working. Otherwise the idea is great
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on 13 December 2013
Had to have a go before giving to the kids (2 1/2 & 4), hubby plays violin and found it in tune, and great to play with. He was impressed by the clear recordings. What a novel idea. Hoping it will inspire future maestros in the family! Glad it has a volume control, and I was impressed that it comes with a book of words for singing along to the tunes. A couple of tunes and instruments we weren't too familiar with, but does not distract from the fun.

Update after a year: still going strong, all three kids play with it almost daily, not damaged at all, battery life very good. Such a good purchase, the kids still love it.
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on 29 June 2013
This is a really special toy! It doesn't appear to be the most eye catching toy, particularly as B have used clear plastic casing (which lead my other half to ask whether it was a prototype), but it is undoubtably the most enchanted toy I have come across. The toy springs to life with the most beautiful music which sounds incredibly like the real thing. There really are endless options as you introduce different instruments to pay different songs. My nearly two year old loved it as soon as he saw it and he will play with this for years to come. I haven't come across anything else like this before - it is such a beautiful and clever idea.
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on 21 April 2014
Fabulous, educational toy with years of mileage.
I have four children 1-7yrs and they all love this for different reasons.
It has been one of the most expensive toys we've bought for them yet it has a tremendous value in developing their love of music. Recognition of instruments and seeing how different things work together to create something beautiful.
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on 10 November 2014
I bought this on a recommendation from a friend for my 3-year old musically-inclined little boy. Like other reviewers, I was having some issues finding something for Christmas that was likely to catch his interest, since he's only partially interested in cars/dinosaurs/toys marketed at boys. I will update this after Christmas once he's played with it, but here's a review of my impressions as a parent.

The toy looks quite odd. It's like nothing else that we have, but the design is very engaging, with colourful pieces, lights, sounds and a very, very simple interface at the basic level of operation - pieces-pit, play-stop. There is a colour-match element and a shape sorting element as all the pieces have different shapes colours and matching slots on the toy. But this is a toy with layers, so don't stop there.

The 15 songs with which it is pre-programmed can be played by any combination of from 1 up to 6 of the 13 orchestra pieces. There are buttons that light up the instruments that will play harmony or melody (this changes song by song) if selected by the child, so you can have pure harmony (karaoke!), pure melody or a combination. I presently have it playing Beethoven's 5th for piano and guitar.

Then, once you have cracked the instrumental sounds and the harmonic and melodic interface, you can start playing with tempo and then it gets silly, which is probably the bit the kids will like the most.

There's a volume control, although the lowest is still quite loud and the loudest is bedroom-disco loud (which again they will love).

Finally, whilst the music plays, relatively subtle lights in the pit flash in time to the music, with a colour for each of the instruments you have selected.

So, it's now playing B.I.N.G.O. for tuba and xylophone. Much improved by the addition of clarinet.

There's a compartment in the back that the loose pieces fit into - so it can be packed away without much risk of loss or damage. The pieces are about the same size as standard chess pieces and are made of a nice tactile, flexible plastic. The item itself is surprisingly heavy - probably about 1.5 kg+. It has plastic table-protector pads underneath. There's a built-in carry handle, but it's unwieldy to use it to carry the items and I doubt that any small child would have the strength to carry it with the handle.

Which brings me on to my only concern: durability. I am not convinced that this toy would survive being dropped. The plastic housing looks crack-able and the electronics are all on view, so you can see how much techno-wizardry has gone into this toy. The given age-range is 3-13, however, I suspect that the smaller children will find this heavy and difficult to carry. I would suggest keeping it on a low shelf or table. It has a notice on the back saying to keep it out of prolonged direct sunlight, so this is something that should probably be treated like a proper musical instrument - played with and put away with care.

Overall, I love this toy and I think this will be a keeper (one for the grandparent box of toys we keep for the future). I will post an update on how we get on at Christmas.
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on 28 December 2015
My 3.5yr old daughter received this for Xmas from her grandmother and it hasn't disappointed at all. On Xmas day it was played with by an 8.5 yo, 4.5 yo and 18mo as well as my daughter and all of them for something out of it. By sitting and playing with her she has started to understand the concept of tempo/accompaniment/melody and what the different parts of the orchestra are called eg strings, percussion, woodwind. When playing on her own she was able to do so independently with little input from adults and I have to say is absolutely delighted with her 'computer' as she calls it.
I am a bit confused though as we have one with 13 instruments and some of the pictures shows only 7. This is a pity as I think the larger number of instruments obviously multiplies the number of combinations one can have when using it, which is part of the magic of this toy.
I did read that this toy took several years to develop, I think the unusual nature of it and how clever t is certainly displays the amount of effort that 'B.' put into it.
As always with B toys, it is well made, gender neutral and very tactile.
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on 27 December 2015
High hopes were dashed on Christmas day.

It's faulty and as I bought it early for Christmas (in October), I'm past the 30 days return policy so am stuck with a £70 useless piece of rubbish, a very upset 5 yr old and no way of recouping the money.

Really awful. It makes horribly loud buzzing noises, gets stuck on a single note, and stops a few seconds into each song. I've replaced batteries, moved it away from sources of radio waves, and tried everything I can to no avail.

I know this is not relevant to the product, It was going to be something my son and I could play together as I'm disabled and mostly bed bound, and can no longer play the piano or violin. So it's not just my son who's upset, it's me too.
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on 27 April 2015
Fantastic toy, was dubious as a bit pricey but worth every penny, I have four little darlings and there has not been a day since Christmas that this has not been played with, it is in the playroom in the music corner and even though it was purchased for my 2 yr old daughter her younger brother 10mths old has got the hang of it and loves watching the lights, it doesn't look like much, but it is a very special multi sensory toy
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on 9 August 2015
I bought this for my 7 month old for Christmas, his 4 year old brother loves it too, as does the rest of the family! Quality materials and a great premise, you can make this as educational as you like, or just have fun with it. Probably the best thing is the songs don't get boring as you can have a different configuration each time! Durable, will grow with the child so well worth the money.
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