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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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Home Front Girls tells the story of three girls brought together during the war. Dotty hasn't known a life outside of the orphanage she grew up in, while Lucy is the head of her house after her brother is called to fight in the war, leaving Lucy not only to take care of her younger sister but to support the family financially too. In contrast, Annabelle has lead a much more privileged life than Dotty or Lucy. But with the war coming, these three girls find themselves starting work at a department store, Owen Owen, and learning just how valuable support and friendship is in times of war.

I thouroughly enjoyed Home Front Girls! I started this on a morning and I was instantly taken in by the three girls and their situations. I became so involved in their stories and what they were going through that I raced through the book because I was constantly wanting to know what would happen next to the girls, what information would be discovered and what choices they would make.

The three girls were so very well-written, even though they each had different personalities it was easy to get to know them, and in only a short time I felt as though I had known these girls for my whole life. They were so realistic, their situations were real and the setting was so life-like that at times I felt as though I had been transported back in time and was standing in Owen Owen with them watching the scenes involved in front of me. I didn't have a favourite out of the three girls as I liked each character fir different reasons. I particularly liked learning about their background stories, their fears, their hopes, and the men they spoke about who were away with the war.

My favourite part about Home Front Girls was the friendship between Dotty, Lucy and Annabelle. I liked that at first they were strangers to each other, but as they each started their jobs and the war grew closer, that they turned to each other for support, friendship and company. I enjoyed reading about their time together and watching the bond between them grow and strengthen as time went on. I loved that they looked out for each other, that they were strong for each other and that they went ahead in life together and united.

The descriptions and the setting were outstanding. Rosie Goodwin really brought to life the reality of living through war and how it affected not only the physical surroundings but the lives of the people living there too. The scenes about what was happening in Coventry were very emotional and heart-breaking, and I really felt for the characters in the book, I wanted to reach out to them all. As I became more emotionally involved in the scenes I had a stringer desire to read on as I genuinely cared about the characters and I wanted to know what would happen to them.

Home Front Girls is a gripping, moving and emotional story of war and the devastating effects it has on a community and the real people that had to face life and do their best to get through it together. It is compelling to read as the story explores war, love, family, secrets, tragedy, hopes and fears. But in particular, Home Front Girls focuses on three girls who form an unlikely friendship and the incredible bond between them.
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Home Front Girls by Rosie Goodwin for me was a brilliant read as not only was it well written throughout, mix the writing with a brilliant storyline along with fantastic characters this truly was one page turner for me which I could not stop reading until I reached the last page.
Annabelle, Lucy and Dorothy who is known as the very lovely Dotty all start work in a department store Owen and Owen on the same day just as Second World war is declared. These three girls are as different to each other as chalk is to cheese but as they learn to cope with the trials of war they grow close their lives become entwined in the most unexpected ways, as the girls stick together through thick and thin Coventry is demolished by Germany's bombs leaving nothing but devastation and death throughout. But not only do these girls have friendship in common they each have their secrets and as these unravel we follow the girls learning to accept the many changes which are affecting their lives on a daily business.
Why I loved this book so much was mainly the characters which the author lovingly created and developed by brilliant writing along with a beautiful gift of storytelling. The characters were so real and I could not stop caring for them as how their lives entwined with each other's they each have to grow and some of them have more growing up to do than others and their lives will never be the same again.
The actual storyline was made very real and I could believe how each of the girls turned out the way they did and they were made so real I could see how their lives would have existed all those years ago and the cruelty of the war really held no prejudice against young or old as the bombs stole lives of all ages and all in the name of one man's love of power and riches. This was not the only prejudices which were not held as secrets became known the friends and families accepted the secrets and let nothing destroy their love for each other and their support for each other never wavered throughout. The author when she was showing how the war affected these girls through her words showed how this generation give so much up for peace and what they truly suffered in a not only daily business but at night when the bombs rained down upon them. Throughout this book the true face of war is shown and made very real by very descriptive writing.
Rosie Goodwin fully understands her characters and allows them to grow naturally instead of forcing issues which is a thing other authors can be guilty of. One more thing I do love about her as an author is that her knowledge of historical detail is made totally evident throughout the pages of this best seller. If you like to read books of historical fiction especially around the era of the Second World War make sure you read this one as I promise you, you will not be disappointed the only thing you will desire is more reading material written by this author who is blessed with a wonderful gift of storytelling.
The Home front Girls by Rosie Goodwin is one book I would recommend to anyone who not only likes a book which has a brilliant storyline but one which is filled with real characters who touched my heart and mind throughout each page.
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VINE VOICEon 19 May 2013
It is always worth remembering that those left behind during the Second World War were fighting their own wars. Wars on the home front as well as personal wars and in Rosie Goodwin's new book, this is very much the case for the three main characters.

The most privileged and snobby of girls that you may ever wish to meet is Annabelle, who has had everything and suddenly the war changes that and rather than wait for it to be delivered to her she is going to have to go out and work for it and work hard for it in very trying circumstances. She finds some resolve from deep inside her.

Lucy is trying to hold a family together. She has a sister who is socially awkward and a brother in the army. With no parents, she is very reluctant to ask for help and it is only through kindly neighbours and her friends that she can start to forge a life for herself. Sadly though, the past is still with her and she cannot shake it off. But comfort can be found in many different ways.

Dotty has nothing to lose, as she starts out in the world of work. She had nothing to start off with. An orphan girl who spent all her youth in a orphanage is very much aware of surviving whatever is thrown at you. But her skill as a storyteller and the imagination she retreats into opens doors for her that would perhaps have otherwise remained firmly closed. But some doors are opened to reveal the past and what she once knew is changed.

These three girls strike up an unlikely friendship as they begin to work at the department store Owen Owen in Coventry. And whilst, Annabelle groans about the lack of silk stockings and the fact she has to carry her gas mask everywhere, Lucy is worried about her brother in the army and the news from the front and Dotty is rather shy and unsure of herself and the outside world. War begins to have a very hard effect on the city of Coventry.

When the department store they work in is bombed and nothing remains, the girls have to start again and this time, they all forge different paths whilst trying to maintain their friendship. They need their friendship, it is this that is going to get them through some very dark days of the war as well as the dark days of the past as everything is shaken up and settles in very different ways for all of them.

This is an enchanting book which had me absorbed from the beginning, the way the department store setting brought the girls together and it was some time before the war really started to effect them. If you know your history you will know that Coventry suffered one of the most severe raids of the Second World War. Reading the book I knew where this was building up to and I had no idea of the devastating effect it would have on the city, the three main characters and also the storyline as well as me the reader. Rosie Goodwin captured the raid well and brought it emotionally to life for me. This was a book where I could see where the author could take us, and at points she did go there but there was a lot of unexpected occurrences and events and I enjoyed the book much for it.

Good characters, good setting, good writing, a good read.
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on 20 April 2013
Excellent read which shows how people of all classes were affected by War and the unlikeliest relationships that were forged, Rosie at her best with startling realism and lots of heart ache and love, brilliant!!
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on 28 January 2015
Well when I Bought this Book. I had actually
Read it before some years ago. Only the paper
Back version. Before I bought my Kindle and
I remembered how I liked the book then .But
Forgot some of it. But on reading it the second
Time around .I can honestly say. this is a must
Buy Book for anyone . It has a great story line
Of Three girls who meet during the beginning
Of the war. And they meet at Work .in Coventry
Where this Book is aimed at. And the Girls are
All so Different in many ways. But they somehow
Form good friends. Through out the war
.Each one has there own secrets to tell. But
Keep it under wraps for a while. And Lucy keeps
Hers the longest. dotty. She reveals Her's. And
Annabelle she didn't know she had one till
Her Twenty First Birthday. Which turns out to
Shock her so much. They each go there separate
Ways but make a Pact to meet up at the end
Of the war. No matter what happens. And that
They do. But in between there is Happiness and
Lots of upset. And sorrow. But I won't spoil the
End by telling what happens. Do. Please read
This Book. It is a must. If you love war life stories.
Then this is a definite read. I loved every minute
Of this Book. And couldn't put it down till I read
It. It was just as good reading it the second time
Around. I truly think this Book should have top
Marks. I have read Rosie Goodwin books and
She is a good Author. Real good. Loved it very
Much. Lots of Laughs and Tears. And love too.!
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on 26 May 2013
As I live in Coventry I was very interested in reading this book, its very interesting. Tells of 3 girls working in Owen Owen during the war years and how their lives panned out. It keeps you interested all the way through
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on 27 May 2013
From the first page you are gripped. Living in Coventry and knowing the Owen Owen store very well brings this story all the more to life. Would recommend this to anyone especially if you have never read another book by Rosie Goodwin before.
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on 7 April 2014
This was my first Rosie Goodwin book I have read and I have read 3 more since. Every book is gripping and I can highly recommend them. Living during the war was not easy and this book just shows that whether you are working class or from a privileged upbringing we are just the same. Thanks Rosie, just love your books.
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on 20 February 2014
I'm very glad I bought this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. I shall be looking up this authoress on Kindle to see of she has written any more books. I found it was well written and the story was very good, was sorry when I finished it. Well worth a read for nostalgia fans.
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on 23 February 2014
This is the second of Rosie Goodwin's books I have read recently. Makes a very nice change from the my usual type of read. I thought it was a very interesting, and captured the period well (not that I was there!). Can highly recommend it. Thanks Rosie.
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