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on 25 April 2017
This was the perfect water cooler for my silent PC build. I bought it to cool my overclocked 6700k while also having the goal of a silent PC. The only real issue I ran into with this cooler was that I got my PC so quiet (even with the stock fans) that the only thing left to hear while idle was the water coolers pump! So luckily my case The Fractal Design Define R5 has a built in voltage regulator from 5-7-12 volts that you can plug fans/pumps directly into. So I've been running strong for almost 2 years now with it undervolted to 5 volts (inaudible) and it still runs fine.

The stock fans are fine at low speeds but at higher speeds, they can get quite annoying. Luckily my ASUS Motherboard comes with built in fan regulating software, where I can control the fans and set them at lower speeds and have them ramp up automatically depending on the CPU's temperature. I only now recently replaced the fans with the 2 Noiseblocker M12-PS PWM Fans, so that they would be quieter while pushing more air and boot quietly considering their lower max RPM, though you can also get the same fan in higher RPM versions. Awesome fans, though avoid the eLoop model fans due to a horrible tonal noise at some speeds. So all in all a great cooler for my needs, still cools fine even when undervolted so It's even better at higher volts, also don't fuss about fan/pump noise once you're at least able to control fan speeds in software or even voltage adapters, unless you're also going for a virtually silent PC build. My first ever PC build had an even noisier water cooler but I never even knew it made a sound until I got bought new fans!
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on 20 March 2017
Worked with Ryzen out of the box, idle temps in the 30s, impressed.

Only minor con is the manufacturers need to be more careful as a few of the fins were bent a bit (can always bend them back).

I recommend CoolIt made Corsair AIO's like this one and not the ones made by Asetek as they are an unethical in my opinion and conduct patent 'lawfare' against competitors.
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on 6 January 2015
3 months of daily use and counting, this liquid cooler keeps my AMD fx 8-core cpu below 34 or 35 degrees even while gaming for 2 - 3 hours. I have to make clear this cooler fits certain corsair cases perfectly, but may well not fit some less accommodating cases and I would check measurements before purchasing. Plus, with the Asus sabertooth 990fx revision 2 motherboard, an ATX motherboard, I had to fit low profile ram as ordinary ram would not fit with the H100i installed. The fans supplied with the H100i can be installed to bring air into the case, expel air, or used in a push-pull configuration. I much prefer to have used this particular liquid cooler instead of a heatsink and fan. In closing, I would suggest for novice users, or builders, watching a YouTube video explaining exactly how the H100i can be installed, (I did), before taking action to fit the unit. There are newer models of this range of cooler, however for the right price, after 3 months of daily use, I recommend this cooler. Five stars!
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on 17 February 2015
dont get the gtx buy the gt as on test its better fact.
i would not buy any other cooler for this price , as it just does the job.
im running on an AMD 8 core 4.7ghz cpu and ramps to 5ghz no cooling issues.
apart from the corsair link get the latest version . cool at moderate use in my opinion the thicker radiator is a better option and this one does have the standard radiator which is ok for intel and AMD so a few more pounds will get you the better thicker radiator. in dual 120mm and dual 140mm .
if you are short on space otherwise get the Antec H100i liquid cooler . its got better software ,
should be ok for 2 years in most cases without leaks under normal use.
check the charts as for the money the 280 mm radiator keep this cool up with the best of them .
the only minus is the corsair link software its not wearly cool enough . functional but only 3 settings quiet mode ,balanced mode , performance mode . but actually on balanced mode you can overclock . on performance mode thats the highest setting . its like a hoover in your pc .
summary buy it but play with the corsair link software . alot.
had it a year no issues but gaming needs balanced or middle mode enabled on the taskbar i click it opens up i click it and its ready to game
i game on arma 3 and bf4 mainly ark and run 980ti in sli .
asus republic of gamers full set up built it myself .
only issues i have is the copper backplate get it flat and orientated properly seat it with your hand for a few mins be patint before tightening those screws down gently and evenly . dont overdo it .
and good luck people. its a noisy beast .that needs cleaning even with case fan filters installed.
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on 30 June 2014
I bought this to replace my Cooler master hyper 412s and it really delivers the goods. on the 412s I could get 4424gz out of the processor, now I have been able to move up to 4.6gz. It was only the processor itself that held me back not a golden chip. One thing to watch out for is that it does fit inside your case, beware it is an extra thick radiator and did not fit in mine (cooler master storm enforcer) without modification( double check the case compatibility list on their website, or/and buy a case you know is one the list).

As I had to fit it at the front of the case and lose all the drive bays. I believe the h100i is thinner, now where CM Evo 212 may compare to the h100i they falls short with the H105 performance. The evo's will get overwhelmed at higher voltages same as the hyper 412s and this is were the H105 comes in, I read a lot of reviews and benchmarks and if you are thinking of going over 4.4gz this may well be the product for you as this product is more efficient than the h100i but you don't get the link or control software, just a cool processor which is really all you car about - right!.

Being set up at the front of the case rather than the top I have tried a push fan set up and a pull fan set up. Pull fan is the way to go with front fan as intakes and top fans as exhausts. If you try the other way the case builds up more heat, unless the case was designed for top intakes and front exhausts of course. If mounted on top then use push/exhausts.

Fan noise - even at 2500/2700 the fans are not as noisy as some I have had that have spun slower, they are a little noisy at this speed as ALL fans are when running flat out.

When running at general use speeds however (mine are 1200rpm) then all you can really hear is a whisper of them working. I have a total of 5 fans including the two radiator fans.

This is just a great product and even though it didn't fit as standard after I made it fit and tested it, I cannot fault it. It does exactly what it should keeps the temperature pressure off my I7 4770k and as Haswell runs hot I am impressed. Yes I could have bought a product that would proved even better cooling but they are mostly twice the price.
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on 15 February 2014
So in all functional respects, this is a great product. 4770K OCd to 4.6ghz with a one-click change in the BIOS, resulting in CPU temps of 50 degrees running 100% on all cores. In games, I'm averaging 40-50 degrees, even on highly multithreaded games. Not a single system crash so far.

However, there's a fundamental flaw that Corsair appear to have introduced with their aftermarket fans. According to a review I read, by Corsair themselves, you can swap out the stock fans with a set of SP120s. However, something they make no mention of is that the fans should be routed off the H100i CPU header for power, but the aftermarket SP120s are three pin, where this requires four pin. So whilst I can use all the various motherboard fan points for power, I can't actually plug them into this as they should be (and as I needed for the Corsair Link support).

I raised a ticket two business days ago with Corsair, to clarify what's going on but have yet to get a reply. So just beware of this aspect, if you're going for aftermarket push/pull cooling, intended for use with Link.
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on 13 September 2016
Water cooling has come a long way in recent years.

Once upon a time it was the domain of enthusiastic amateurs with home made installations, but now it is pretty much mainstream with all big component manufacturers making their own pre-built, fit and forget, kits.

This kit is marketed as an entry level water cooling solution, but to be honest, unless you are looking at really extreme over-clocking, it really is all you need.

As my case has a cut-out under the motherboard in order to allow changing of the cooler without removing the motherboard from the case, installation was a breeze and took about 20 minutes.

Possibly the hardest bit is to make sure that the plastic cover protecting the thermal paste on the base of the cooling block does not fall off - I used a bit of masking tape to tape it around the block so that it stayed in place until I was ready to mount the block on the CPU.

Fitting the back plate was a little tricky too - make sure you line up the cut outs on the back plate with the rivet type things that are on the base of the CPU socket, and that the plastic insulation layer is laying flat on the bracket.

As for cooling performance - it really is very good indeed. I am running an i5 3570K at a moderate over-clock of 4.2ghz. At idle it sits at 28c. Under full load on a lengthy Prime95 test, temperature were around 65 degrees C, which is well within the acceptable range.

Overall - 5 stars - Great cooling, good looks, and easy to fit.
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on 15 June 2015
After buying an H105 initially, I found out that it didn't fit into my Corsair Obsidian 350D case with an MSI Z797M motherboard by a few mm (motherboard heatsinks obstructed fans) so I decided to return it and go for the H100i which had read sported a lower profile radiator.

I've always found Corsair to be of excellent quality and this was not a disappointment, not only did it fit (dimensions were spot on on the description) but felt much better quality and more features over the 105.

TIP - I would assemble the fans to the intercooler first, work out which way the motherboard/processor will sit and then ensure where the cable jumpers are located and go from there. It takes a bit of planning but you can end up with very tidy results with a little bit of planning.

I have been running all the tests you can throw at the heat sink and it’s coping brilliantly with an overclocked i7 4790k.
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on 25 May 2014
First, great delivery! It came 2 days before it was said to which is always a plus.
But does it work?
Of course it works! Fitting it wasn't a problem and whether you have a intel or AMD you're pretty much set with everything that comes in the box.

I wasn't really interested in a huge bulky fan CPU coolers that sat on my motherboard as they do take up a lot of room and can cause problems with whether they'll fit over ram and such which is why this cooler is great, the big bulky cooling part of this cooler sits away from things like ram at the roof of the case where as the cooler block is pretty small and isn't in the way of all these other components!

I fitted it with a pair of Noctua NF-F12's and not only is my CPU running super cool on small load and surprising cool on full load it's pretty much silent which is a great plus for all you people who like your PC's to be quiet!

The fans that come with it do the job but they are very loud and even with the NZXT sentry 2 fitted they still made a fair bit of noise even when they're turned down which is why I did pick up the Noctua's which fixed this problem and didn't effect cooling at all!

Very happy with the H100i so far and haven't really got a bad thing to say other than if you want your PC to run quiet strap some Noctua's to this baby and you're laughing!
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on 29 May 2014
I have actually had two of these as the first one I had failed after three months some electrical issue with the pump. Corsair were willing to replace it if I sent it back to them in the Netherlands which cost about £50 which was a bit of a pain so be aware as the cooler itself only costs about £75 - £85 depending on where you buy it. Despite this problem I still love this cooler.

I am running mine with a i7 9430k overclocked to 4.4ghz. The H100i keeps the cpu just about cool enough to do this. my idle temps are around 32-38C and my full load temps hit around 85-90C depending on my room temp. The thermal past that comes pre-applied to the H100i is acquitted if it is installed correctly. The Corsair link software is not the best but it does the job for the one or two times you will use it.

Really nice looking water block with the changeable LED corsair logo.
Good cooling
Will fit on a wide range of Motherboards
5 year warranty

Cost about £50 if you have a problem with the corsair to get replaced
Fans a little are about 38 dBA at max speed which some can find too loud
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