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on 7 November 2012
I pre ordered Red about two months ago and couldnt wait for it to come,. As Libra scale was such a disappointment with only two good tracks I was hoping that RED would be an improvement and see Neyo back to his brilliant self. RED has some good tracks and by far let me love you is the best track on it but I feel that most of the songs are too slow and sound the same, please Neyo how many songs can you write about sex? Neyo is such a talented song writer but seems to be stuck on writing songs about sex. Year of the gentleman is my favorite album even as it shows everything that made Neyo such a brilliant songwriter, every song on that album was different which made it so good. I have followed Neyo since so sick and seen him live four time but after his last two albums have started to loose interest. RED is a big improvement on Libra scale but could be so much better. Bring back the old Neyo.
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on 27 November 2012
This is by far the best album I've purchased this year. Last years best purchase was his other album 'Libra Scale'.

Big it up Ne-Yo!
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on 2 December 2012
This is a must for any neyo/rnb fan! Absolutely love it!
Track 2 track 4 track 5 track 7 and track 14 are the best on thr album by far!!
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on 6 November 2012
Absolutely fantastic album from start to finish, i could listen to NE-YO all day and all night! What a voice! A must have cd for NE-YO fans! A+++++++++++++++
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VINE VOICETOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 November 2012
Five albums into his career and 'R.E.D.' finds this exceptional performer
on ever-more secure ground. This is, in many ways, his very finest work
so-far. That Ne-Yo is blessed with one of the most distinctive voices in
the game has never been in doubt but in this new collection his heart,
head and larynx seem better connected than ever before. There is a
glorious flexibility of attack and richness of tone evident in these
seventeen new numbers which, with spot-on pitch and an easy facility
with both words and melody, keeps him head and shoulders ahead of the pack.

The involvement of a truck load of producers has not interfered with the
overall sonic coherence of the album. The diversity of his collaborators
turns out to be a real strength, adding colour and variety to the project.

Whether in dance-friendly tracks like 'Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To
Love Yourself)', 'Forever Now' and 'Shut Me Down' (the inclusion of 'Lets Go',
a spirited turn with Calvin Harris, rips up the rug too!); or beautifully articulated
ballads such as 'She Is' (a scintillating highlight), 'Forever Now' and the
truly lovely minor key 'Alone With You (Maddie's Song)', this consummate
artist never drops a stitch. The fact that he makes it all seem so easy is
a credit to his innate musicality and ability to make each song ring true.

A confident and thoroughly enjoyable listening experience from top to tail.

Highly Recommended.
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on 10 August 2013
A great album from Ne-Yo (Shaffar Smith), easily his best since Year Of The Gentleman and arguably the best from him yet.

There is great versatility and variety shown in this album, which I feel he has not shown enough before. In terms of the concept, each song describes a dream of Smith's that he has realised, some that have turned out positive, others negative. Here's the breakdown:

Cracks In Mr Perfect - 3/5, A very personal and honest R&B track about Smith describing his mistakes in life since becoming famous saying 'its like I become more of an idiot, with every million I get'
Lazy Love - 4/5, terrific slow ballad about being addicted to casual sex when he has work commitments - fabulous backing tones that are reminiscent of MJ.
Let Me Love You - 5/5, We have all heard this one by now, great dancey pop track about Smith giving a girl a chance that has never been in love before, if she'll just open up and put her problems to one side.
Miss Right - 4/5, nice mid-speed R&B feel-good song about Smith finding 'the right one' when he least expected it and had given up hope.
Jealous - 5/5, lovely feel-good song about feeling obsessively jealous about everything a girl does in a relationship right down to the 'sun that touches her skin on a sunday afternoon'.
Don't Make Em Like You - 5/5, great hip-hop style track with catchy chorus, with Smith describing what makes a particular girl he has spotted unique.
Be The One - 5/5, real nice dancy but emotional track about him justifying why he feels he should be given a chance by a girl he likes, when she already has a boyfriend that is undeserving of her.
Stress Reliever - 3/5, very slow, dark R&B track about him coming home to a girl that takes his stress away through sex whether he is in the mood or not.
She Is 5/5, lovely country track with Tim McGraw, originally written for the Libra Scale story about him promising himself he won't fall in love due to the consequences, but now he has, it's too late and puts the blame on the girl for leading him on when it all goes wrong.
Carry On (Her Letter To Him) - 5/5, An emotional slow-ballad about a girl he was in love with leaving him after he has been caught cheating, the lyrics to the song are a letter she has left for him telling him it's over and he should 'go on, and carry on' with the other girl he's seeing. Beautiful song.
Forever Now - 5/5, Terrific emotional dancey-track about Smith planning his life with someone 'forever', but then she unexpectedly leaves him for someone else and wonders what to do with all his plans, hence the 'What am I gonna do with forever now?'. Also one of the strongest tracks.
Let's Go - 5/5, Out-and-out club dance track about getting on with something rather than talking about it. Great collaboration with Calvin Harris.
Shut Me Down - 4/5, Another dance track in similar fashion to Forever Now, about him being excited to meet a girl he thinks is perfect for him and has developed feelings for, but she doesn't trust him because of his reputation, and 'shuts him down' every time he thinks he is getting somewhere.
Unconditional 4/5, quite a simple R&B track about him describing his unconditional love for someone, and making it clear that he will do everything he knows to make her stay. Quite Bruno Mars in style.

Anyway, my only negatives are that there are arguably too many dance tracks on this album (too many tracks altogether in fact) - with Be The One, Let's Go, Forever Now, Let Me Love You and Shut Me Down it gets a little too much, and a terrific dance track he produced in marketing his Malibu Red drink called Burnin' Up is absent from the album, which for me was a bit of a disappointment. He seems to have gone for quantity rather than pure quality a bit to try and cover all bases (the deluxe edition has 17 tracks!). But overall, Ne-Yo is by far the leader in the R&B market at the moment and if you like R&B, then this really is a must have.
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on 17 November 2012
Ne-Yo returns with a far much better record than its 2010 predecessor, Libra Scale. The album contains a strangely healthy balance of R&B and a David Guetta-ish Europop sound. Production-wise, he enlisted Shea Taylor for most of the work and once again hooked up with his long-time collaborators - Stargate, who manage to lend their hand on three tracks including the radio-friendly `Forever Now', and `Miss Right'. However, the latter's sound leaves you feeling like you've listened to a hushed-up version of 2006's So Sick - I felt a bit short-changed here!

Lyrically, it is `Jealous' which proves to be a winner. With lyrics such as; "What I wouldn't give to be your shoe, Just so I could caress your feet" one can tell how Ne-Yo is not shy to put on his wordsmith mantle. `Stress Reliever' comes with a sombre and melancholic sound set against the interwoven vocal harmonies of Ne-Yo - this is R&B in its purest form, what a perfect song! Another ear-pleaser is `All She Wants', the only problem with the song is the rather redundant verse by Young Jeezy, which fails to add any value at all. Other personal favourites are `Should Be You' ft. Fabolous & Diddy and `Dont Make Em Like You' ft. Wiz Khalifa.

All in all, RED is a good album. Is it better than Libra Scale? Yes. Is it better than 2008's Year of the Gentleman? No.
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on 12 December 2012
Libra scale was a bit disappointing but Ne-Yo is back on form with RED
First track is not my taste but after that the Albam is great.. On my I pod and CD in the car
Will not get fed up with this CD Love it
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on 18 October 2013
Bought this CD in used condition for a fraction of the normal price. It arrived in perfect condition. Absolutely loving it.. Neyo continues to get better and better. Really Really enjoying most of the tracks and would highly recommend this if you are in any doubt about buying it.
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on 11 November 2012
I first heard of Neyo's new musical venture through one of my local newspapers. Neyo was being interviewed and he seemed to express a goal to create music that would appeal to people from various backgrounds. His message resonated with me because I personally believe that music is meant to be multi-cultural and universal. I enjoyed the fact that many of his songs seamlessly meld R&B, soul, electronica, and dance influences into his creations. As with millions of other people, the exciting "Let's Go" (featuring Calvin Harris) was my first introduction to R.E.D. "Let Me Love You" (Until You Learn To Love Yourself), "Miss Right", "Don't Make Em Like You" (featuring Wiz Khalifa), "Be The One", "Stress Reliever", and "She Is" (featuring Tim McGraw) are some of the catchy songs that are on this cd. "R.E.D" by Neyo is best if you are open to listening to love themed music that combines R&B, dance, and electronica influences.
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