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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 27 April 2017
Hatebreed at their very best! Powerful and motivating music with big positive messages. I love it for working out to, any time I need to get through boring tasks and especially to wake up to in the mornings! Top album highly recommended, and if you're a Hatebreed fan an absolute "must have".
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on 12 January 2015
My nephew was very pleased with this.
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on 30 November 2014
Back with they're latest ultra aggressive template of masculine goal metal. 'Hatebreed' still utilise this restrictive musical area to the maximum extent; and with it, all the characteristics we can expect are alive and present:- from Jamey's intimidating yells, (complete with supporting band shouts), to groove heavy riffs and no solos:- prepare to be invigorated by positive self-belief themes based upon a bedrock of highly destructive anthems. Ultimately, this is nothing new but is perhaps presented with a small trimming of excess flab that weighed them down on the slightly more commercial self-titled CD.

This is a straight-up and honest metal CD, much in the same vein as they're earliest efforts; and with it, comes a set-series of indesputable live numbers such as "Put it to the torch, The language, Nothing scars me". This is a very strong CD and definitely they're best since "The rise of brutality", the metalness of this album is the driving force and rightly so... Unstoppable, unavoidable only acceptance. My digipack version is a gatefold CD with one extra track, "Idolized and vilified". The packaging is a cardboard cut out, with one solitary CD, complete with a booklet and a transparent sticker.

Metal fans! You all know what's on the table here!...
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on 6 April 2013
This album is all killer and no filler. Strongly recommended. It's standard is upped from previous 'Hatebreed' self titled album. You even get to hear the singers non shouting voice briefly before one track. I just like the fact the quality of riffage and song structures never let's up... and then the last track tops it off. A absolute beast of a riff with an awesome ending.
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on 30 January 2013
Reliable is not a word often associated with anything exciting. Tell that to Hatebreed, who have quietly (or very noisily) become one of the most reliable bands on the scene at present.

Like Slayer, Hatebreed have had their sound figured out for some time now and going in to an album you have a pretty solid idea of what to expect. To be able to do this without becoming stale is a rare gift and The Divinity of Purpose is difinitive proof that Hatebreed are as brutal, heavy, crushing and above all exciting as they have ever been. Reliable.

Focusing heavily on the ever present themes of taking control, perseverance and strength in the face of the odds, this is an adrenaline pumping, pulse pounding all out attack of an album that makes you want to get up and DO SOMETHING! Even if you're not entirely sure what.

Clocking in at 37 minutes, Divinity flies by at such a pace that it feels about half that length. Musically it feels like a natural successor to 2009 superlative self titled effort and maybe even surpasses it. Every track wields one sledgehammer riff after another making this possibly Hatebreed's most groove orientated album to date, while losing nothing of the sound that made us fall in love with them in the first place. The brutality, passion, all out aggression, the chanted choruses and Jasta's distinctive vocals remain firmly intact.

Sometimes standing for what you believe means standing alone.
As long as we have Hatebreed, we'll never have to.

Who has more heart than you?! NO ONE!!
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on 24 February 2013
This album is brilliant, much better than their last 2 albums! Think of the album 'Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire' but with 16 years added experiance and growth, mixed with the sound of albums 'Perseverance' and 'The Rise Of Brutality' and your left with 'The Divinity Of Purpose'. Whats new? Hatebreed stay true to their sound yet bring twists of originality to each track. This album is fast paced and energetic, with tracks like 'Own Your World', The Language' and 'Dead Man Breathing' I am now itching to see them again live :)
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on 11 February 2013
Im 46 loved metal all my life, like lots of stuff from YES and Pink Floyd all the way to this. this is so heavy its incredible, brutal but tuneful at the same time. Hope to see them live, gonna take my boys. your head will bang without knowing!!!
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on 18 February 2015
pretty much head down and fxxking charge is how i would describe this metal treat from the respected hardcore legends. There are alot of bands that sound like this, hell some have influenced hatebreed but hatebreed are for me , the daddys. This is great music when you are running or in the gym and its metal, its liberating, uplifting, catchy , brilliant. One of their best for sure, really love it.
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Hatebreed's 2013 album The Divinity Of Purpose is their sixth full-length studio album of original material. It follows up their 2009 Self Titled album which expanded the band's sound a little and it is the first Hatebreed album to come out after Jasta's self-titled 2011 solo album, which took the core Hatebreed sound and made it a lot more commercial and melodic sounding.

The Divinity Of Purpose at first appearances seems like something of a reaction against both of those records. If you look at the beginning and end of the record it is arguably their fasted, heaviest and most direct album to date. There is a lot less deviation from the established Hatebreed sound, and songs are all pretty brief and straight-forward. There are still chanting backing vocals, crunchy guitars, grooves and breakdowns of course, it is a Hatebreed album after all, but the band seem to be in the mood for the fast, loud and angry side of music this time around. It wouldn't be unreasonable to say that they've taken more of a Slayer influence this time around.

With that being said; the record isn't devoid of absolutely all variety whatsoever, and from about the halfway point the band start changing things up a little. `Dead Man Breathing' for example, sounds like something from their Self Titled album, and is one of the slowest moments here. The title-track is a little reminiscent of `I Will Be Heard' after a fashion and `Indivisible' has a punky feel to it.

Highlights include `The Language' which has some fun lead guitar briefly, as well as the aforementioned `Indivisible' and the very catchy `Nothing Scars Me Anymore' which is sure to become a live favourite.

The album was produced by Zeuss again, and as such sounds fantastic. If you are expecting something drastically, drastically different to what the band have released before you may be disappointed. Its more of the same, with even less surprises than usual and yet it's a damn good album. The band are still brilliant at what they do and just know how to make this style of music sound good. This is another set of songs in their trademark style, so its logically going to be a very good album. Even with that `know what to expect' idea that follows Hatebreed around, it has its own place in their catalogue thanks to its especially straight forward, hard-hitting nature and I recommend it if you like the band.
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VINE VOICEon 13 September 2013
You get what you pay for with Hatebreed. No surprises, no major revelations, just solid, grinding, inspirational noise. If you're stuck getting something done - get Hatebreed. If you're finding it hard to get off your butt and do some job, get Hatebreed. I'm listening to this album on a loop as I swim. Nothing makes you go an extra couple of hundred meters likeHatebreed yelling in your ear to burn the bridges to where you're afraid, or to murder your doubts, fears, insecurities, and so on. Hatebreed don't necessarily deliver anything new with each album, but what they do, the do really well.
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