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on 25 February 2013
Looking at some of the reviews below, I can't really add much more, personally though I was very impressed and would recommend this phone to anyone.
My previous two phones ran on Android and at the time I was impressed, over time though I did tended to find that phones occasionally became un-responsive and eventually needed a factory-reset, very annoying.
I thought it was time for a change, I'm very pleased with this phone, it's very responsive, easy to navigate, less apps but I've found all the apps that I need with some of the gaps like navigation filled in with Nokia software which is bundled with it, the bundled apps have turn out to be quite good, they do the job without any hassle at all.
I've never had an IPhone so I can't really compare, but I'm assuming the IPhone doesn't have office products or games that are linked to XBox, you are able control the XBox with the phone which is especially useful when needing to type something using the keyboard, and its very easy to connect, also, I haven't tried this but apparently some games can use it as an extra control. It is bundled with very basic versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and because I save sync all my Uni notes/assignments to Skydrive, I'm able to view them on my phone. Apart from OneNote though, it's not really practical to edit/create documents using the phone.
The battery life hasn't been great so far but I have been using it constantly and charging it every night, the phone easily handles music and videos, and taking a photo is very quick, just hold down the camera button even when locked and it'll be ready, photos can be synced to Skydrive as you'd expect.
Finally, making calls, text messages, social networking, all seems to work well, you're favourite people can be pinned to the main screen, the keyboard is nice to use, that's about it really.
I must also add that it works very will with windows 8, which is also good.
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on 21 December 2012
I bought this phone because I wanted something different than the iPhone.
My previous phone was an iPhone 4 which I was happy to own.

The features I would like to highlight - Nokia Lumia 920
- Really good camera that takes much better pictures than my iPhone especially in low light and indoor shots. The camera is so good that it can replace my Pansonic point and shoot camera in many situations.
- Incredibly large high-resolution screen where you have to scroll less than on the iPhone.
- Attractive design that stands out from the post-crisis black and gray steel and glass

- The phone is wider, thicker and heavier than the iPhone
In return, you get almost a small tablet
- Missing a few apps but hope they will soon arrive in Markets

All in all, the hottest phone I have ever owned
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on 12 December 2012
I've been using the 920 for 2 weeks now, and I really, really would like to give it 4 and a half stars if it was possible, as it really is the only phone to give me the "well that was simple"-experience. And, mind you - I have used every mobile phone OS out there since -96. The first iPhone was a bit like that, but back then I hated the battery life so much that I just couldn't really like it.

The pictures and video this thing takes are absolutely amazing. This takes better pics in low light than my 3 year old Panasonic pocket cam. Really, better photos than a device that was built for it. I was somewhat horrified about the OS as some of my friends said was "strange", but now I have to say I don't understand a thing they said about it. I picked it up in minutes without opening the guide and my 2-year-old was playing around with it even faster. The only thing I've seen her pick up that fast is our iPad. So honestly I have no idea who can say the OS is difficult. It is the best looking phone out there and everything works snappy. Calls are clear as day and the antenna is powerful enough to not drop calls even when driving around.

Then the cons: although it syncs everything like a snap, it can be almost too accessible - I've had my daughter make many a "SADFJASKDFKSDGJAGJRAEIRGJ"-update on my Facebook page. Thankfully, it does not allow for purchases without asking, a bit like in the Apple store system. It has a "kids corner" though, which opens by swiping left on the lock screen and activates only the games section and my 5-year-old uses for playing. It is a bit bulky, but I'm afraid I won't be wanting a smaller screen after this. Also, I kind of presumed a some kind of wireless charger would be included in the price but no. Battery life is only ok in my opinion - with my usage it can go just under 2 days as I'm not browsing or syncing all the time. I recommend activating the battery saving option immediately and closing bluetooth and WLAN when not in use.

To sum up: I honestly think this is the best mobile phone around at the moment. I can't wait to see what they come up with next.
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on 8 October 2013
If you need a phone to make calls texts social media and take great pictures / videos ,then this is perfect.Camera is better than anything offered by Apple or Samsung .Well built with nice speakers and a screen to match the big two .Shortage of useless apps but most of the cross platform ones .Nokia camera aps and satnav are cool and free .
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on 19 February 2013
As you would expect from Nokia this phone is of superior construction. Display is awesome and so is the camera. User interface is intuitive compared with the old Symbian generation. This is my idea of what a smart phone should be - so easy to setup. Links with my car, connects to Wifi network, no problem! Found plenty of apps which I have hardly had time to play with.

Only thing I would like to see updated is custom ringtones for email, texts etc where as right now can only add custom tones for contacts.
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on 14 May 2014
I had an old Samsung Windows phone, but it finally died after 1.5 years.
I decided, given the lack of apps on the windows store, to try a switch back to Android with an HTC Desire. Wow... such a disappointment! So after just 2 months, i figured back to windows...

I haven't tried a Nokia in AGES, so figured I'd give it a shot - and very a happy I did!

Build quality is awesome! This thing feels heavy, is heavy, and feels just... solid to hold!
Not too big, not too small - fits in the pocket without much notice.
Fast - switching between apps, and multiple apps, is speedy. Speedier than my old Samsung Ativ, and the HTC Desire.
Responsive and really nice screen - very quick, smooth, and the video and images are *great*
Camera rocks! Its the best camera phone I've had so far - i find myself sometimes not even taking my canon point-and-shoot with me anymore. Okay, it's not a DSLR, but it does reasonably replace a cheaper point-and-shoot for convenience and "good enough" factor.

Battery life is a bit short - if edge or WiFi is on, doesn't even last a full day.
I find the antenna a bit weaker than my Samsung (for WiFi)
No external micro-SD slot - my Samsung could take an additional 64mb, and that was cool for some reason...ok ok, i didn't use it all, but still... i could have, darn it!

Would i buy it again? Totally. Do i love it, despite the minor flaws? Yup. Would I recommend it to a mate - seems yes!
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on 30 September 2013
Although I'm a big user of my smartphone my needs are fairly simple, e-mail, a bit of web browsing, buying stuff from Amazon when I think of it (or at least adding to my wish list) and streaming Internet radio.

I also like to take photos. I've tried a fairly cheap Android phone, iOS (3GS) and now the Nokia 920 Windows Phone and I'm very please with the Nokia. I found equivalents of everything I use on the iPhone in the app store without difficulty.

If you are wondering, get a Windows Phone and give it a go !
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on 11 December 2013
I bought this for my boyf b-day, he loved it! He found it easy to learn how to use it and has an amazing camera! The pics on this phone look 1000 times better than on my Iphone 5.. Items arrived on time, perfectly wrapped and the seller has been really sensitive to put a label on the package that said to not leave the item to anyone else than the buyer. Great phone!
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on 1 September 2014
Probably the best phone I've had to date, this also includes variants of iphone. Now with the release of Windowsphone OS 8.1 it transforms it into an excellent bit of kit. I thought i'd miss the apps coming from an iphone 4s but to be fair most of the apps I use are either available or have worthy alternatives in the windows store.
Would definately recommend it, I'm on a month to month Three all you can eat plan (sim only) so it just works. It's also 4G ready for when its rolled out to a city near you.

Excellent really, can't complain.

Justbe aware that if you use it whilst charging it from a NON-Nokia cable or charger it will be sluggish and unresponsive. This is due to the delivery of the charge and nothing to do with the phone.
Stick with the wireless charger from Nokia or the cable that it ships with and you'll be fine.

Hope this helps.
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on 24 April 2014
I have had this phone now for 8 months and I have no complaints with it. It is fast, intuitive and looks good. Takes excellent photos, good music and video player and has a cool interface for all your apps on the home screen.
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