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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 4 May 2015
The Roomba is a brilliant piece of kit that makes light work of all surfaces. I have owned one for over a year and was very impressed until I recently set my Roomba off as I ventured off to do some shopping. My pet dog decided to finish off my extra spicy Lamb Saag in my absence and it obviously proved a little too strong for her delicate palette and shall we say she had an accident. My Roomba however not being able to distinguish between grit and .... (I'll let you fill that bit in) proceeded to spread the offending mess to every corner of the downstairs of my house paying particular attention to my cream dining room rug which was far from cream when I got home. My poor pooch took refuge upstairs, obviously bemused by the ongoing dirty protest by my fully charged robot vacuum cleaner. I know this because I was able to trace the paw prints up the stairs and on to my bed. like I said don't let your dog near curry if you have a Roomba.
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on 23 April 2013

16 months after buying Roomba we had a problem - he stopped picking up. I contacted iRobot and they sent me a list of checks to make and suggested that I might need a replacement cleaning module (the one from the 700 series) - which they offered to sell to me. I haven't bought the new module yet (you can only purchase by phone during working hours), but I probably will. However, I'm pretty unimpressed that a £300 robot broke down four months out of warranty - and the fact that iRobot has a pre-written list of checks for the fault and a ready solution with an updated part suggests to me that this is a known problem with this series of Roombas and not an isolated incident. Under the circumstances I feel that they could have offered the part as a goodwill gesture, but they were not budging on payment (I did ask!)

Since I first bought Roomba I have spent money on new brushes and filters, and have cleaned him regularly as per iRobot's instructions. Our flat is pretty small, and Roomba hasn't been used daily. In addition to the major fault above, his front wheel has also worn out its bearings and the wheel holder needs to be replaced. I really do feel overall that such an expensive item should last for longer. It's a shame, because I love the Roomba, and find him very useful, but I'm not very happy with iRobot right now.

**End of update**

Like others, I thought long and hard before purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner. It felt like an unnecessary luxury, and (almost) £300 isn't a sum that I spend lightly - especially on something so seemingly non-essential. However, I'm also a busy parent and, after a lot of research, I decided to treat myself to a luxury that might also make my daily life a tiny bit easier.

...aaand - it really does. The flat is cleaner than it's ever habitually been. I find that I tidy up a bit before setting Roomba off, to clear the way for him (of course we've anthropomorphised our robot - why deny yourself the fun?). It's tidying that I probably wouldn't have done otherwise, and he then more than repays me by hoovering (nearly) everywhere with no further effort from me whatsoever. The flat's getting hoovered every other day rather than once a week (on a good week) - and I cannot stress enough the satisfaction of setting him off when I leave for work and coming home to find that the flat's been vacuumed in my absence.

Our flat is pretty small and poky (not the open-plan spacious area that I've seen some reviewers suggesting is Roomba's ideal habitat) and he gets into most nooks and crannies. Of course there are some places that he just can't get to; you can deal with it to some extent by adjusting the furniture every so often, but there will always be the odd corner that you need to do by hand.

Although he's fascinating to watch at first, his methods can seem a bit illogical - as others have noted. I'm assuming, though, that there's a reason behind this (irobot must have done the research?) and I now tend to just close the door and let him get on with it. As long as he doesn't run out of battery (which he hasn't, yet), it doesn't really matter to me how long he takes. I haven't yet felt the lack of the features that don't come with this model (invisible walls, remote, timer), but most things can be bought separately if you decide you want them later.

It's probably worth saying that I'm not the world's most house proud person - a bit of dust here and there doesn't bother me as long as the bulk of the floor is clean. Whether Roomba would fulfil all of your vacuuming needs if you were super house proud, I don't know, but personally I'm considering getting rid of my big hoover and managing with Roomba and my hand-held dusbuster.

He does require some maintenance - emptying out the dust each time he hoovers, and also (approx) once weekly brush cleaning etc, but you'd have to empty any hoover, and the other cleaning is really not that much effort. We've only had him for about a month, so I can't comment on the lifespan - various replacement parts do at least seem to be readily available, which is one of the reasons that I chose this brand. For the price, I expect him to do a good few years service - but even after a month it would already be hard to go back to a Roomba-free life.
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on 26 August 2014
I had my eye on one of these for a while thinking how much I would love one but it seemed an extravagance. Now I have got one and it feels like a necessity. The novelty hasn't worn off yet, We love setting him (it is a him) off and watching him zoom around and then reverse back into his docking station to recharge. He is not perfect though, so below is what I hope is a balanced view of the pros and cons.

1) Your house will be tidier and cleaner. Vacuuming has never been this much fun and your house will be cleaner simply because it is getting vacuumed more often. I have no trouble at all persuading the kids to tidy their rooms so I can set him loose, they actually ask if their room can be vacuumed.
2) The amount he picks up, is really quite surprising
3) How easy it is to clean, a 2 minute job. There's a front 'drawer' that collects the dirt, you slide it out and inside there is the filter which comes out really easily. It was the filter that made me realise just how good this little chap is at picking things up....yuk!
4) He gets in places other vacuums cannot reach. I pitied him as he trundled under my daughter's bed....
5) He doesn't fall down stairs and is gentle around can see the sensors kicking in as he slows when approaching something.
6) A truly excellent present for busy people and/or the elderly or infirm.

1) Some of the 'hype' suggests you can just set this robot off and it will clean your house unaided. My house is large. I find that he works best if given a confined space and then moved to another location. Also his charge only lasts about 2 hours and once he is docked he does not set off again of his own accord. Once docked, he takes about 2 hours to charge.
2) He moves around randomly sometimes. I know in the blurb it says he's supposed to do this, there is method in the madness, he is mapping the room etc but I'm not entirely sure that is true. This is another reason to put him in a confined space as opposed to just letting him loose on the whole of the upstairs or downstairs.
3) The instructions say you must not let the battery die down, which I assume means you have to leave him docked with the docking station turned on all the time.I have not yet had an electricity bill.....
4) The 'fluff drawer' is quite small and it rapidly fills up. So you need to keep an eye on it and empty it. Not every 5 minutes, but I check him every hour.
5) I've got quite a thick rug....he got stuck on it.
6) You may find you start talking to it. I know I have e.g. 'so where are you then....?'. Bit worrying really.
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on 20 June 2013
We switch the roomba on when we start the kids bath time/ bed time routine.... .... By the time the kids are asleep in bed we come downstairs to a clean floor... Brilliant product, worth every penny!
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on 13 May 2014
House has never been so clean! We have wooden floors downstairs which generate loads of dust! Just press the button before I leave the house and let it get on with it! Definitely recommend .
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on 29 December 2012
I bought the Roomba 620 because we have a very hairy dog and he is always shedding hair and this model is meant to be 'Pet friendly'.

It's an OK robot and once charged does a fairly good job of cleaning the room, it works in a random fashion, bumping in to furniture, turning 30 degrees left or right, the going in a straight line until it hits something else and so on and so on. Eventually it covers the whole room quite well but because it's a 'bump bot' it can knock things over and close doors by mistake.

Cleaning wise it did a fair job but the brush is terrible at collecting pet hair, I don't know if its the bristle material or our particular dogs' hair, but virtually no hair made it to the collector bin, instead jamming the brush frequently.

Once it has done cleaning, it returns to its base station to recharge but sometimes it doesn't seem to be able to find it.

You can buy 'Light Houses' as extras to mark out areas it should not go but none are included.

Eventually I returned it and bought a Neato XV-25, again from Amazon. It is MUCH smarter, it maps the room with an Infra-red eye, goes around the outside while hardly touching any furniture, then does neat lines up and down the middle of the room. It builds a map in memory as it goes so seems to find it's base easier even if it is out of line of sight. It also includes a magnetic strip you can put along door sills where you don't want it to go, no extra charge.

Other pluses on the Neato were a Bin full indicator, much better brush that doesn't get full anywhere near as much and most importantly you can schedule it to do automatic runs daily or weekly via the LCD display. The only downside is while the Roomba is quite stylish looking, the Neato looks like someone trod on a Nintendo 64 :)

At the time of buying (December 2012) the Neato was £30 more than the Roomba but with similar specs to the top-end Roomba models.
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on 6 September 2015
As a disabled user (rheumatoid arthritis) I was looking for a solution to my difficulties lifting And manoeuvring a heavy Hoover around my flat. I have done a lot of research into lightweight models of Hoover which turn out to never be particularly lightweight – or they pose other problems such as having to hold down a button throughout the entire hoovering process which can be difficult or impossible for many disabled users.

I'd read many reviews for robot hoovers which announced they functioned well as an "in between proper hoovering" Hoover. I was instead looking for something which could fully replace my Hoover so I never had to use it again! The I obot Roomba 620 has definitely been the answer. Despite spending more than I was perhaps expecting to, it was definitely worth it.

I've had the Hoover a few weeks now. It cleans superbly, reaching pretty much all areas of my wooden flooring living room and carpeted bedroom. The sensor works well to avoid the Robot damaging any areas of my home. You do not need to worry about being able to lift the Hoover – it is pretty heavy – as it has a button to return itself to the docking station and to start and stop cleaning as required. It can literally change the way you look after your house – and for disabled users it is a revelation! Depending on your mobility, it may be worth investing in the model which comes with a remote control. Either way, your old hoover can be left in the cupboard!
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on 27 February 2015
I just had to park my old faithfull 520 in a corner until I get parts from the USA (for some unknown reason you cannot get the brush assemblies in Europe any more). It has been cleaning our house every weekday (with some repairs and refurb) for the last 7 years.

So how does the new one compare:
1. It is a bit faster.
2. The new brushes are significantly better in dealing with carpets (though this means that it may get clogged up several times on the first run).
3. The vac and dust collector is also better.
On the negative side it is even more temperamental in terms of parking itself onto the charge-base on a wooden floor.
All in all - it does the job, which is not to clean - it is to gradually clean it up and keep it clean. As all Roombas it needs to be run at least several times a week to be useful.
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on 3 December 2012
I seriously don't know why a) I hadn't heard of this robot vacuum cleaner before; and b) every household doesn't have one...and like 10 years ago! This has been the best purchase of the year for our family. We have kids and so there is constant mess and a greater need to keep things clean with the kids playing on the floor. We switch the iRobot on daily when we're about to leave home and when we return home the floor is nice and clean! The iRobot is far more intelligent than we originally thought pre-purchase (it remembers your room/s amongst other things) and the model we bought is less noisier than my Dyson. Ok I still need to vacuum the stairs once a week (which the iRobot can't do) but I'm not complaining as the iRobot already hoovers under my sofa and cabinets (not something I was very good at before)!. The robot is small, lightweight and easy to function. Overall for the same price as a good vacuum cleaner (around £250 for the basic model) this is by far the best invention and cleaning item I own. Just waiting for the manufacturer to invent an iIron, iDust and an iCook!
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on 5 December 2013
Bought this to replace my 555 series roomba which was nicked! I know! This fella does clean but its quite basic and not as easy to clean the filter really fiddly. For me the 555 was perfect why do firms always change things often not in the best interest of the product!
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