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on 14 December 2014
So much better than Apple's latest basic offering IMO! If you can put up with n wi-fi rather than ac then this is perfect!
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on 20 October 2014
Many thanks for a very good product at the right price.
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on 15 September 2014
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on 21 August 2014
just what I wanted
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on 3 November 2014
Great little computer all boxed Brand new in English massive saving over Apple store price,
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on 20 September 2013
...And trust me when I say this Apple Mini Dual-Core i5 is quick!
I have a wix website that I have to update and design pages for on a regular bases using their integrated Editor program and even a Dual-Core i7 laptop had problems loading it. With the Apple Mini though there are no problems at all, it loads like lightning, as does safari. Facebook and twitter are just one click, and the Mountain Lion operating system is so easy to navigate that making the change from a Microsoft operating system to the Apple was an absolute doddle. With no worries of viruses, or irrelevant software zapping all the memory (unlike a PC), the Mac mini is everything I need...and more, all packaged in a quaint white box. It's Bluetooth enabled which is great if you are wanting to sync it with your phone and iPad.

The App store is great too for downloading software, enabling the user to customise their system with the stuff they actually need.

If you want to burn/play CD's you will need a separate CD writer for this, but the great thing about this mac mini is you can use any make of kit, you don't have to buy Apple licenced hardware. I have a Logitech keyboard and mouse, and a sony cd drive, and they work in perfect synchronisation.

If you dislike the new Office 8 operating system and are sick to death of viruses, then APPLE is the way to go. I won't ever look back!
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on 7 December 2014
why anyone would buy mac book when the mini is so cheap I just don't know
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on 5 June 2013
I got this to have a fully functioning computer on my TV for music, media handling, emails, internet etc. It does all of these perfectly, after a few of the usual Apple set-up glitches (it always seems that Apple products only work perfectly with other Apple products). Mountain Lion is fine - nothing special in comparison to the Snow Leopard I have been used to on my MacBook Pro. I do find that 4GB RAM is barely enough and on a few occasions, the Mac Mini has run out of RAM. I may upgrade to 8GB with a Kingston kit rather than pay for Apple's own extortionate memory upgrade.

I also got the bluetooth Apple keyboard and magic trackpad, held in the Clique tray connector. This is a great solution for lazy sofa browsing, once you have filed down the Clique connector so that the trackpad fits!
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on 25 March 2013
This gives you the full Mac experience, desktop version, at an absolutely knockdown price. I teamed it with a Samsung 22" monitor (via HDMI), a Logitech M505 wireless mouse, and a Mac bluetooth keyboard, and the combination is super. Some experiences that might be helpful to others: you may need to borrow a USB keyboard to get the configuration up and running; don't economise on the keyboard because otherwise you will get tangled-up with key mappings; I found that the Unifying Receiver of the M505 didn't work reliably when plugged straight into one of the USB ports, but works fine if you use a USB extension lead (i.e. male-to-female). I migrated the contents of my old MacBook using an ethernet cable and Setup Assistant, and this was easy and astonishingly effective.
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on 27 June 2014
I have a new iMac at home but stuck with Windows at work. I needed a cheap mac at work because I use apple's Pages, Numbers and a large iPhoto library. Perhaps like many of you, I hung on until the apple WDC in June to see if they were going to update the Mac Mini which of course they didn't do, ( much to the frustration of us devoted mac users ) so I bought this model and upgraded it myself with more RAM and an SSD

So ...... how much improvement can you make to this machine ?

First, the price. I picked mine up from Amazon a few weeks ago when the price dipped to £413 for a week or so, the price of this seems to move up and down a bit depending on stock I assume. In my opinion, £413 or even £450 is pretty good value for a computer bearing in mind the operating system is included, and so are many really excellent apps such as Pages, Numbers, Keynote and iPhoto, which I use all the time. If you havn't tried the latest version of Pages, yet, give it a whirl, its fantastic and very easy to produce some really professional looking documents and reports. iPhoto is also great, especially if you have an iPhone etc

Upgrading the Mac Mini

Current spec is a bit dated now, only a dual core processor, measly 4 GB of RAM, and a truly slow 5400 RPM hard drive. Hmmmmm this is a recipe for a fairly sluggish machine doing anything much more than browsing the internet, sending emails or basic office tasks, try manipulating a 15mb image in photoshop and the standard mac mini spec will dissapoint !

Upgrade the RAM

I replaced the 4 GB of standard RAM with 16 GB of Crucial Ram ( x 2 8 GB sticks ) around £100 either from Amazon or direct from Crucial. This the maximum you can put in a Mac Mini because it only has 2 slots. Took about 30 seconds to install and was recognised immediately on reboot, so an incredibly simple and worthwhile upgrade, particularly if you are working with images

Replace the stock spinning Hard Drive with an SSD

It really is astonishing the difference even a cheap SSD makes to the way any computer performs. It turned this standard Mac Mini from a low performance entry mac into a really very usable fast machine, that will rip through very intensive tasks now with ease, and files open instantly rather than waiting for the stock HD to spin up and look for the file

Fear not, installing an SSD into a Mac Mini is easy !

There are lots of SSD's to chose from, the Samsung ones get good reviews, but I went for one of the latest Crucial ones, a 256 GB one for £100 which has good reviews, and Crucial support is very good if you need it, you can actually speak to someone on the phone 24 / 7 quite easily !!

Crucial also have an excellent step by step guide on their website showing you how to get the old HD out and put the new one in. Be careful though, you do need a special tool to move the logic board slightly to get the drive out. I bought a cheap kit from Amazon for £7 which has the special tool, the right size Torx screw drivers, and a couple of plastic spudgers to gently lift up the various connectors. Basically, i followed the Crucial instructions ( would apply for any other make SSD ) and the whole exercise took about 15 minutes and was pretty straight forward

What happens when you switch on with a new SSD ?

Basically nothing !!! Of course you have no operating system on the SSD yet

Installing the OS onto the SSD

There are various ways of doing this, all of which I found a bit daunting, and thought I was going to come unstuck here, not being in any way an expert or "Geek" Creating USB Stick boot drives, recovery partitions, cloning drives etc was all a bit too much for me. Apple to the rescue though ! They have a great feature called Internet Recovery, which basically allows you to download and install the latest OS version of Mavericks directly onto the SSD. I used this feature and it worked perfectly, but you will need to use your Apple ID, but it is certainly the easiest way to do it, obviously you will need to connect the Mac Mini to the internet, cable or wireless is fine. A few points though, BE PATIENT, when you first switch on the Mac Mini with it's new SSD, it takes at least 10 minutes for, I guess a small script to run from the logic board to check out your new hard ware ( in my case, the RAM and SSD ) before the Internet Recovery instal instructions come up on your screen. Follow the instructions BUT, don't immediately select instal, because you need to format the SSD first which is also done from the recovery screen instructions. Check out [...] which shows you exactly what to do ............. it was easy. Complete download of Mavericks took about 20 minutes on a fibre broadband connection. Then just log into your apple account to download your apps and finish the set up etc


With 16 GB of RAM, and an SSD hard drive, my £413 Mac Mini has been transformed. Performance is now very close to my current model iMac 27 with a Quad Core I7 processor and an apple specced SSD. In my opinion, this proves that installing an SSD will transform any computer, much more so than trying to find the very latest processor, its an old spinning HD that is the bottle neck now in computers

A word of caution

I am not endorsing any of the products I chose to use, or giving advise or recommendations in this review, I am simply expressing the ease with which I personally found doing these upgrades were, for me. If you take the process step by step and follow the instructions that I did, then you should have no problems, I didn't, and everything is working perfectly

Enjoy your Mac Mini, a great little computer, made into a truly useable one for an extra £200 of upgrades and an hour or so of your time, what more can you ask for !
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