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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 May 2013
All Is Hell That Ends Well - Cinematic dubstep... thing. Whatever it is, it works.

Titan Dream - Straight into that feeling of exploration, swooping phrases, great TSFH staple track.

SkyWorld - Would fit right in for an Assassin's Creed trailer.

El Dorado - Arabic + Sci-Fi + Pirates of the Caribbean + Apollo 13 = My favourite track.

The End Is The Beginning - Strange and interesting experimental track combining haunting vocals with a heavy rock sound. Ends dramatically.

Winterspell - Beautifully simple melodies with a heavy backing. Reminds me of David Newman's Serenity Theme a bit.

Blackheart - Soft and delicate chirpyness, into what seems like a ballroom dance, violin solo reminiscent of Lindsey Stirling.

Dark Ages - Starts thudding like a factory, blending into arabic/rock with chanting and just keeps growing in tension. Cool stabby chants at the end.

Our Last Hope - Mass Effecty synth (bit like Mars), Inceptiony low brass, buzzy harmony elements and unusual chord patterns make this feel really chaotic and desperate.

Icarus - Smooth synth and orchestra build establishes a real feeling of noble grandeur. Would fit well as Star Trek trailer music.

For The Win - Would fit an Elder Scrolls Online trailer well, mix of fantasy themes and fast warlike beats.

Sun & Moon - Another experimental track, mixes a slow slimy synth rhythm with grand vocals and some dubstep elements for unexpectedly good effect. Sounds more like Celldweller than TSFH but branching out is pretty much essential on a 3rd album to stay fresh.

Big Sky - Wild West! Nuff said.

Blizzard - Dark plinky melodies with rising orchestra and synth and bass drops, TSFH staple with dubstep influence.

Breathe - Slow moving intro for maximum emotion, real 'end of a journey' sort of track with Mass Effecty bobbley synth sounds. Big emotional chant at the end.

Ocean Kingdom - Instantly atmospheric, feels like a great big adventure! Like a reprise of Titan Dream. Odd really, Breathe would've made a better last track.

The other tracks would probably make fantastic trailer music but aren't so great to just sit and listen to.
The exception being Back To The Earth, which fails to be amazing on account of the awful singer choice.
It might be interesting to hear a cover.
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on 19 January 2013
You know how some older folks just won't accept modern music, culture or technology and simply refuse to become a part of it?
Well, I'm only 19 and already have insight to this point of view...

Skyworld is, of the three albums TSFH have produced thus far, the weakest in my opinion. The music is fantastic, as always, but the majority of tracks fall under the category of 'experimental'... and I consider these mostly failed experiments.

But hey, I'm actually glad that TSFH have stepped up to the bar and decided to try going above and beyond their usual port of call, and I guess they should certainly try again, though I hope not any time soon. The first track caught me way off guard, and I didn't like the dubstep at first, but it's slooowwwwlllyyy growing on me... the other tracks though? No... not so much. My favourite track is Icarus, due to it's high orchestral presence and lack of experimental augmentation, but even this pales in comparison to some of the beauty present in Invincible and Archangel.

Over all, if you're willing to move on with TSFH and taste their experimental side, there's enough of both worlds to scrape through a good listen. But if, like myself, you much prefer and expect that wonderful and epic orchestral sound to blow you away, expect to be disappointed with SkyWorld...
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on 10 November 2012
Trailer music, a label which whilst accurate does not often convey what kind of music one will experience when listening to Two Steps From Hell, City of the Fallen, Immediate Music or Globus. Epic music is a better label, fantastic orchestrations, bombastic choirs, beautiful melodies and soaring power which just makes one want to awe, write absurd youtube comments or fight epic battles on the xbox or computer. Either way, this is the third release from Two Steps from Hell, not including Thomas Bergersen's solo release, which is just as fine and at times exceeds the Nick Pheonix collobaration pieces. Third time public release with mainly new material, does it hold up?

Yes. Over 20 tracks of music and a great deal is good stuff but the main difference with prior releases is how experimental this album gets, there's techno music found in the first track, the vocals are more prominent than ever and feature lyrics in the penultimate one, which is something I'm not personally a fan of, choirs and vocals yes but not conventional songs, just takes me out of the moment of awe which these people bring into the genre. Combining that with some quite generic pieces and this album doesn't reach the simple majesty of "Invincible" or the edge of "Archangel" which made them fresh and interesting to listen to. Also I would have wanted more tracks from their non-public releases on their old albums, Earth, Jump, Run Like Hell, Magika etc.

Despite this though Two Steps from Hell still delivers plenty of excellent, epic and entrancing tracks, my personal favourite being the magical "Winterspell" which just conveys that childhood sense of seeing snowfall perfectly. Also others, such as "Blackheart" with its dark strings and "For the Win" which does what every track in the vein of "Heart of Couage" does perfectly builds you up for the fight and the victory. So overall, some of the experimentation doesn't work and can be just annoying at times whithout adding much in constrast to the orchestration, but I will stil buy it, because Two Steps from Hell are forever at the top of the game when it comes to making life seem bigger, more epic and more majestic at every turn.
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VINE VOICEon 3 May 2013
I accidentally came across Two Steps From Hell a year or so ago when I liked the sound of Protectors of the Earth and found out it was one of their tracks. Having since lapped up Invincible and Archangel, Skyworld is their latest effort and it doesn't disappoint.

The guys are trying a few different things here, with the opening tune All Is Hell That Ends Well breaking out into an electronic theme towards the end being quite a shock the first time you hear it. They have also thrown in a few, well, songs, which are a pretty mixed bag and apart from Sun & Moon don't work too well for me. At first I worried this was a sign of a new direction for Two Steps, but I needn't have done as there is still plenty of epic movie trailer goodness going on in this album.

Particularly stirring tracks are Skyworld, Blizzard, For The Win and El Dorado. They are great examples of the kind of orchestral wizardry that instantly make you feel as if you are taking part in the best moments of a great action movie whilst actually only listening to a bit of music. Two Steps can make your hairs stand on end like no one else, and although they take musical cues from some of the great movie composers, the quality of their original work is staggering and I not only wholeheartedly recommend this album, I can't wait for their next either.
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on 9 December 2017
loved it
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on 31 January 2013
I must admit, eversince I downloaded my very first Two Steps From Hell album I've fallen in love with the epic score! so I was surprisingly disapointed when I downloaded 'Archangel'. I felt that commercially, Two Steps From Hell had lost its way. The album felt disjointed. There was no continuity with the songs and the previous oomph! had gone. When I thought that all was lost, thank goodness for SkyWorld! What a magnificent album! From the very first track you are left captivated and transported into another world. The tracks are all of a reasonable left and don't leave you hanging just as you're about to get into a particular mood. I feel that Two Steps From Hell have shown their musical maturity with this album and have overcome their difficulties with Archangel, and rediscovered their inspiration with 'Invincible'. Purchasing this album will in no means be a waste of time or money. Give it a go and you'll see what I mean.
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on 14 January 2013
Well, it's here.

I know it's hard to keep things fresh without rehashing out similar stuff. TSFH must be congratulated for at least giving it a go. Most of Skyworld is my favourite type of stuff. But it got off to a bit of a bad start "All Is Hell That Ends Well" starts off as the usual with a soft start then goes into the great bombastic beats that I love. Then suddenly goes to some sort of techno remix with someone twiddling all sorts of sound effects dials. It does somewhat jar. When I heard it the first time, I thought that there had been a problem with the download. I'm not so sure about the songs either. "Back To The Earth" might have been better without lyrics. But then, I guess you have to try new things to keep it fresh.

Still a good album nonetheless.
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on 27 January 2014
I was already a huge fan of Two Steps from Hell through their "Invincible" and "Archangel" albums... and "Skyworld" just reinforces that. Some tracks which start off a bit strange (for TSFH), such as "el Dorado" transform into soaring pieces of musical art. "Starfleet" is another one which triggers all kinds of images in my head.

Some people see albums like these are fluff, or pseudo classical... but if they open their minds and their ears they will be transported to worlds as yet unknown, or have their hearts broken. The tracks may be shorter than most classical pieces, but the quality more than makes up for that.
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on 1 January 2014
It was a hard call between this and Archangel, but as an album, it is on average better in my opinion. Ever wondered where ad agencies, game producers & even some well known composers get their riffs, ideas for musical feel or even complete tracks ? TSFH, Audiomachine and their ilk are those places. The BBC seems to love TSFH as pieces of the albums appear in adverts for BBC World shows regularly. If you like the works of Alan Silvestri (Van Helsing) or Hans Zimmer (Dark Knight & Pirates of the Carribean) and have a general liking for modern classical or neo-classical music, albums like this are glorious.
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on 8 January 2018
having illusions, battle cry, invincible, i found this music is not as good
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