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on 26 March 2013
I chose this laptop as it was one of only a very few that has an anti-glare 17.3" screen (Others are far more expensive). 6GB RAM and 750GB hard disc means it should be future-proof for a few years. I like the full size keyboard and it boots up really quickly.

A problem with mine was a faulty wif-fi card. I could have sent it back to Amazon but I had already spent a considerable time customising it so I decided to call Samsung (free call) and after diagnosis by a Samsung agent it needed to be sent for inspection. The laptop was collected by a courier who texted me for a suitable date then another text for a collection window of an hour on the day. It was duly collected, the faulty card replaced and the computer given a fully comprehensive health check while in the workshop. The same efficient procedure for delivery back to me and the computer is working perfectly now.

Getting to grips with Windows 8 is a bit of a hit and miss affair but I am getting the hang of it.

One thing to watch - it won't run very old programs. It's a 64 bit computer and will not run 16 bit programs unless you use a virtual application such as DOSBox.

Apart from that its a very good machine at the price.
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on 16 February 2017
Good value. Quick delivery.
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on 12 March 2013
Let me just say that Windows 8 is actually a pretty nice and sleek operating system. Sure people are complaining that it is designed for a touch interface however really it is no big deal to move your pointer to a corner of your screen to open one of the special menus. Please do not let Windows 8 put you off this lovely sleek looking laptop. Windows 8 looks great on it - some interesting free apps that work fine.

The screen is great with a lovely display,it has a big disk and plenty of RAM.

My one negative is that the pointer sometimes jumps around by itself. For example if you scroll down a page and then move the pointer to the right for some reason it still scrolls the page up and down. I actually think this is a feature of the Samsung touchpad driver and NOT Windows 8. It can be annoying however I have seen this happen on other Samsung laptops. It is sometimes annoying when you forget to cancel the scroll however please do not let it put you off this laptop. You will now know what it is when it happens.

I spent a few months looking at laptops and this one by far is the best bang for your buck!
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Compared with the chromebook that I bought and returned very quickly (due to the 11-inch screen just being too small, and hassle with getting Netflix/Skygo to work!), the 17.3 inch-screen is excellent. That was big for a living room TV when I was a lad :) More importantly, I`d seen my wife using Windows 8 on her laptop and as I`ve never used an app of any kind I wasn`t sure I`d like it. But it is really logical and works well for my needs, which is pretty much uploading photos, watching said Netflix and Skygo, and that most modern and horrible of verbs, "internetting". It`s quick, looks great, especially the graphite colour, and compared with my old laptop, which had been missing the "s" key for two years, this is a joy to work with.
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on 18 January 2013
The computer looks good, has a good spec and initially worked well. However after a couple of days it froze on me and after trying to recover the computer to its factory settings gave the message hat it needed to be repaired. This followed windows 8 downloading about 50 upgrades and the machine freezing half way through the upgrading process. I returned the item to Amazon who provided an excellent returns service. The computer was collected within 24 hours and a replacement ordered and dispatched before the old one was collected. The new one still hangs occasionly during the Windows 8 updating but otherwise it works well. It has a nice screen which gives a good display. One slight irritation is there are no indicators showing when you use caps on num locks, and the diodes showing the hard disc running, battery indicator etc are minute and difficult to see.
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on 31 March 2013
This is my first laptop after years sat in front of a desk. Excellent screen, superb key board. Have had a few run ins with Windows 8, but nothing that using the desktop interface can't resolve. Don't dismiss because it uses 8, just persevere. Excellent battery life even when using the life extender (80% charge) I can get >4hours of internet use without a recharge. CD tray appears a little flimsy, but then so are most in this price range.

Quick start up and shut down make this a real pleasure to use. Highly recommended.
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on 21 February 2013
Plus points:

On first unpacking the laptop, I was impressed with the sturdy metal and plastic case and on first use the machine is easy to set up and get running. I also liked the speed at which the machine boots up (especially compared to my old desktop) and the fact that there is plenty of power to run all standard applications wihout any problems with speed.

Also, the display is clear and good to use in bright light with no reflections and the keyboard has a positive action with a light touch.

The quoted battery life of 6 hours between charges seems about right; there is an option to extend the physical life of the battery by only charging up to 80%, with corresponding reduction in discharge time.

Minus points:

Any minus points are minor and easily overcome, for example anyone used to using Windows 7 or earlier may find the supplied Windows 8 a bit strange at first, but this is not a problem as it is easy to switch to "Windows 7" mode by pressing the "Windows" key together with the letter D. (Think of "Windows Desktop" to remember this).

The laptop also comes bundled with a lot of applications which may not be needed, e.g. ParcelGenie present shopping app. Unwanted apps are easy to uninstall, however, by right-clicking on the ikon and selecting the "Uninstall" option.

Also, the sound quality of the internal speakers is a little thin, so if you want high-quality sound for music or video playback, you might want to pay more for the model with this feature, though for normal use it's fine. One could always listen through a pair of decent headphones or attach some powered PC speakers to overcome this.
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This is the 17.3 inch version of Samsung's popular 15.6-inch 350V5C and is similar in appearance and in specifications, other than for the difference in screen size and a 50% larger hard drive capacity. Both were available to correspond with the Nov 2012 release of Windows 8. The model utilises the same silver-coloured casing as the smaller model which is made to resemble the engraved aluminium casing of another brand. The lid and upper case is quite slim, more so than is usual but relatively rigid, although the larger size may allow a very slight amount of additional flexing than its smaller relative (very little in that instance and far less than another similarly-specced model of another brand). The main body is quite stiff and appears no less solid than the smaller model and should be no less resilient. It does not appear to be unduly affected by overtly obvious fingerprints as one in a piano black finish might be.

As I had reviewed that model in some detail Samsung 350V5C 15.6-inch Laptop (Silver) - (Intel Core i3 3110M 2.4GHz Processor, 6GB RAM, 500GB HDD, DVDSM DL, LAN, WLAN, BT, Webcam, Integrated Graphics, Windows 8) I do not intend to repeat all that also applies here. The keyboard uses slightly larger keys to better fill the increased space available but that on the smaller machine were still very well-sized. The price is very slightly higher to cover the larger screen unit but it fits into the sub-£500 bracket (the equivalent 350V5C is just within the £400 bracket) - both as at Dec 2012.

As with the smaller machine, this is available with several choices of processor but all with internal graphics which means that a portion of the RAM will always be borrowed to support the display. In most instances, this will be around 300MB or less but use of photo- or video-editing software may raise that to above 1GB. Buyers who may or will use such products may wish to replace the existing 2GB SODIMM (4 + 2 configuration) with a 4GB alternative to raise the amount of RAM to the full 8GB permitted. A slide-off panel secured by a single screw makes this quite quick and simple for those with the confidence to do it and is an inexpensive upgrade (under £20!).

At the price, buyers cannot expect to see a touch screen or a fully supportive touch-pad that allows extensive if not full support for all of the new touch gestures. Of the 14 possible, it recognises only the three simplest and probably most often used (horizontal and vertical scrolling and pinch to zoom). If you want or need better support, you should consider one of the touch mice or touch pads available either from Microsoft or Logitech, the latter offering two of each. Currently, no other manufacturer of similar products has yet ventured with one or more of their own.

Overall, a well-balanced machine in terms of price and specifications and a good above entry level offering for the student or a family on a budget. Those with a slightly higher budget may wish to choose the next higher version with a faster i5 processor.

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on 28 January 2013
I did a lot of research about laptops before deciding on this one. There are plenty of good options out there and it is really going to be boil down to your budget and what is important to you, be that looks, performance, high spec etc.

I did not like the look of the silver 15.6 model I could view in stores as it looked a little 'cheap' and plasticky so was really happy when receiving this black brushed metal laptop which looks great. The keyboard is really easy to type on and the track pad is very responsive. I read many reviews on laptops and the vast majority of people seem to be put off by Windows 8, I am not really sure why.

Windows 8 is not like a normal operating system you would be used to, think of it more as a smartphone/Iphone based interface with apps and a very uncluttered and clean interface. My best advice is go into a Curry's/PC World and try it out, if you don't like it straight away and get frustrated opt for Windows 7 if you get the hang of it and see how easy and fantastic it is then the choice is easy! It integrates well with your email and you can customise apps like National rail to show current departures for your trains, weather, sports news etc. (this can also easily be turned off if needed).

Back to the laptop, I really think this is a great piece of kit, I have always been a fan of Samsung screens and TV's and this one does not disappoint. Anti reflective to avoid tired eyes and bright and sharp for photo editing (you do need to upgrade the graphics software to get the increased brightness).

The only negative I can give is that like other brands this does come with a whole heap of installed software, some useful and other not. Just takes some time to research what each does and then disable or uninstall if needed. Having said that I have been running these all loaded for some time and performance is excellent and good enough for most people (if not gamers or serious video editing).

Great laptop and would definitely recommend it for a budget 17 inch laptop that still looks great and not plastic.
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on 4 December 2012
An excellent machine.
Very nice bright display, plenty of performance, big disk.
Windows performance numbers 5.4
Processor 6.9 (same as my previous HP I5)
Memory 7.3
Graphics 5.4
Gaming 6.3
disk 5.9

BUT - Windows 8 absolutely sucks
it's trying to be a tablet operating system that would work well with a touch interface but is just hard work with a mouse. The start button and bar are missing, it's replaced with a whole screen with huge icons that's barely organised into groups.
I've wasted a week trying to get stuff to work and have decided to dump it and buy a copy of 7.
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