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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
Is That You Angus?
Format: Kindle Edition|Change

on 30 October 2012
Anyone who has spent any time at MAG (Motorcycle Action Group) rallies or read MAG's publication "The Road" will have encountered Fergus or read his meanderings. Conversations with the gentleman are often as surreal as his writings. At last he has published a book, hopefully one of many.
Fergus treads his way through life batting the googlies that life bowls him off into the long grass with a loud "Huzzah" like a latter-day WG Grace - in fact his hirsute visage bears a distinct resemblance, although Mr Grace probably never wore an open face helmet or rode a BMW. The "cover "of this book, if an electronic book can be regarded as having a cover shows his physical similarity - it is a shame that the book is currently available only as a download, as a hard copy of the publication on your coffee table would be an excellent tool for frightening small children into submission, or failing that could be hurled at them - at only around 160 pages it would be of appropriate size and mass for shock value without being heavy enough to cause permanent damage.
If you have enjoyed reading the Harry Potter stories, then this has no similarities other than a passing reference to Mr Potter and a highland backdrop to some of the action. To cut to the chase, this tale uses the vehicle of a trip to a Scottish bike rally and around Scotland with his mate Ron and Ron's biker dog, Rocket, to relate contemporary events and numerous recollections from throughout Fergus's technicolour life ranging from covert trouserless dog walking to an encounter with customs and excise relating to the import of plastic chickens (go on, you have to read the book now to work that one out!). How the Angus reference of the title comes about, I will leave other readers to find out.
From picking up the book (well, downloading it to my laptop), I found myself forced to read through non stop. On many occasions during this time my wife gave me a sharp "what are you giggling at like a girlie now ? look.
I am of the considered opinion anyone who sits with this book in front of them for any time without at some point laughing out loud must be illiterate or dead (or possibly both). Rumour has it that an anthology of Fergus's previous short articles are to follow. I for one look forward to this with great enthusiasm.

21/11/12 Looking at other reviews on this site today I saw the note that Fergus is no longer with us, a matter confirmed by the obituaries announcements in the Grimsby Evening Telegraph. Fergus was a top bloke who I know will be sorely missed by all who knew him, and we will sadly be deprived of further writings from him. A sad day indeed.
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on 14 November 2012
When I heard that Ferg had written this book I knew it would be worth reading; having read his articles in The Road, and from many happy discussions with him how could it be otherwise.

He didn't let me down. He is quite big on lateral thinking, though this is frequently horizontal; and he so often views life through his special bulging eyes that I was in danger of being sedated by my shipmates as I laughed out loud and in tears.
So it was with a heavy heart that I finished this, Ferg's first book, in the knowledge that he is no longer with us.

If you knew Ferg, then this is a fitting way to remember him. If you didn't know him, by the end of the book you'll probably think you did; you'll certainly wish you'd met him.

Having read all 64 of the reviews currently on display and noted the comments of the very few dissatisfied readers I feel compelled to point out that the book is listed as " Books > Travel & Holiday > Speciality Travel > Adventure"
This might have lead a few to start reading this book expecting a travel guide, or a serious anecdote on travel. I believe that Ferg wrote this as a humorous anecdote, though I doubt very much that he had to make anything up. I'll ask Ron when I see him.

Perhaps this book would be better listed as "Books > Humour > Essays", but however it's listed, it's still a hilarious read.
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on 30 October 2012
It is rare that I find or take the time to pick up a book. Luckily for me I can read this one on my computer whilst I pretend to work. I am extremely glad that my lack of integrity and poor work ethic allowed me to bury my head in this book (metaphorically speaking. I suppose the electronic equivalent is headbutting my monitor) and enjoy it immensely. I am looking forward to more tales of an obviously mad man.

UPDATE - It is with the deepest regret that I have to announce that Fergus OConnell sadly passed away on 7th November 2012, only a week or so after publishing this, his first book. He will be sadly missed by everyone who knew him and I am sure after reading his book those who did not know him personally will also feel this loss.

Ride free Ferg, you were one of a kind xox
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on 2 February 2013
I picked this up because I used to read his rambling's in BSH mag and thought I might be good for a laugh...I was right!
Very funny and easy to read, with some laugh out loud moments! I would recommend this to all British bikers as I sure they can relate as I did, to the strange things that happen whilst out on the road going to festivals and bike shows.
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on 31 December 2012
I've recommended this to everyone I know even if I did receive some raised eyebrows. My hard sell methods clearly need work. These wonderful 200 pages don't though. An insight into the world of bikers and a roaringly funny tale of life on and off the road. Like the classic works, Fergus perfectly captures what it is to be human and fumbling your way through life on this planet. All with a lightness of heart and a very old fashioned and thoroughly British optimism that it will all work out in the end. No matter what kind of top the product development people decide to put on the ketchup bottle. I laughed louder than Black Ops at that bit apparently. I was priviledged to know Fergus and fortunate enough to be a recipient of his weekly musings. Telephone conversations with him were just as delightfully random. Sorely missed but we are now lucky enough to share a part of him always.
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on 24 November 2012
I had my kids looking at me like I was a mad man from laughing so much. A brilliant tale from a man who will be sorley missed. RIP Fergus
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on 10 April 2013
Openly Sniggering in waiting rooms and public places! Not to mention whilst trying to settle to sleep with a little read! It was not a good idea whilst Fergus narrated his Jolly Japes and mishaps

I shook the bed as I tried not to laugh out loud This was I must say much to the disdain of my beloved and our 3 cats and doberman (not all in bed at the same time or we'd need one for us!)

At the doctors' surgery the poor unwell folks must have thought I was a looney sitting there hunched over my kindle device Shaking and sniggering as yet again Ferg related one of his mishaps or pranks (with me feeling an ever increasing urge to go buy a pair of crazy eye glasses!)

Anyway Fergus and Ron what characters and The two Ralphs from Germany The tour of Scotland,
Fergus' suffering girlfriend or two, Hmm Do I mention the case of plastic chickens from Hong Kong, Yes I think I will, that and More are all in there! Oh and the references to Angus it will all become clear thru the book

One thing I admire was Ferg never needing to say the F word or C word or any thing of that ilk!

Yes there was drink involved but it was back then when everyone was doing it and NaySayers Note that he mentions they were "taking it easy" for the next day they were on the bikes

Sleep the Long Sleep Well Ferg I wish we'd been introduced and partook of a beverage or two!!
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on 2 November 2012
Was pointed in the direction of this book by a mate.
Liked the sound of it so downloaded it and on starting to read it found I knew some of the characters mentioned from the rally circuit.
Very funny book and the author takes you on a journey, literally a motorcycle tour, but goes off at tangents with stories of his life.
Rarely can I say I did LOL, laugh out loud, as well as grinning and nodding at some of the stories thinking " been there and done that too".
You don't have to be a biker or into motorcycling to read this book, you just need to be interested in people, characters and tales.
Oh and the ending, brilliant.
Enjoyed the book so much I invited the author to do a radio show with me on it.
Would recommend the book 100%.
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on 14 November 2012
I read this when a mate told me about it.
From the start the authors obvious love of the biker lifestyle, his description of events which to non bikers may sound bizare but to us bikers is the norm, and his love of the surreal shine through.
A book writen by a biker, for bikers, and with the hope non bikers will understand a bit more about what makes us tick. ( and probably cement a few attitudes as well.)
I only met the gent once, those eyes once seen are never forgoten, even when drunk at a rally! I will never meet him again, sadly.
The world needs more gentlemen, exentrics like this.
If you are a biker read this and see the similarities to your life. If you are not a biker, read this to see what you are missing!
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on 23 December 2012
Privileged to have known the man, rode with him, got drunk with him and now read his ebook. An icon of motorcycling. If you didn't know him just read the book, you'll get to know someone who you wish you had known.
I found myself crying with laughter at some parts. If you're into biking you'll recognise those funny times that you've had yourself and if you're not a biker buy the book anyway it's witty, funny and an inside look at the inner workings of Ferg.
Unfortunately you will meet very few people in life like Ferg. An immense man in all respects. Buy the book in honour of the man, sit down with a beer and enjoy.
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