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on 5 December 2014
I've had several books on Adobe software, and all of them have been dull and boring, and quickly go out of date. To the point that I stopped buying them.

However, this book is in a league of its own. It's written by illustrator / animator who uses Flash for a living, and almost every glossy page of this book is full of inspiring colour examples of his work, with all the steps on how to make them yourself.

The books now quite old (2007) and yet I still find myself using it because of its inspiring content. This is book is an excellent example to all would be authors on computer graphics software, and I'm sorry to see that it didn't take off as a series. This book just goes to show how fun using this software can be!
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How To Cheat in Adobe Flash CS3, Indispensable. A Critical Review.

I love this book for both what it teaches and the way the book is presented as a quick and fun way to master the software Flash (CS3).

How To Cheat...Flash, is the third of 3 essential books I've bought and am highly recommending for learning, advancing in Adobe Creative Suite 3. The first, the foundation book, CS3 For Dummies, is the essential resource book for learning what CS3 can do. Dummies differs from the more practical books of How to Cheat and the Adobe Illustrator CS3, WOW! book, in that it's function is only to layout all of the tools and how the tools are used in the Adobe CS3 Premium set. That's it. This is where books specifically for the use of showing real world examples are for and How To Cheat in Flash CS3 is phenomenal at it.

To say that an entire production suite that enables one to create artwork. Create animation. Repair photos. Design brochures. Create and publish websites--all of this is possible (and more with this Design Suite.), but there is a steep learning curve with all of the applications, if you're fully interested in doing really amazing work: this is why all three books are essential.

If you want to learn how do animation, whether in Flash or a similar program, this book is for you. It is as much a book about taking illustrations and converting them to computer illustrations and then to animated figures as it is about learning how the Flash software can take your ideas and make them a reality.

As I mentioned in my review of the Wow book for Illustrator CS3, How to Cheat... should be considered an addendum to Dummies. It is fully illustrated (the illustrations are worth the price alone!) and it also includes a fully-stocked cd room that accompanies the text. This book differs in style from the others in that author, Chris Georgenes, takes your basic illustrations and demonstrates basic routines. Then, Georgenes, builds on those elementary to more advanced projects. But, these projects are very attractive to the eyes and fun to read.

For graphic designers, illustrators, film animators, YouTube enthusiasts, marketing managers, web developers, novice website builders, this software and this book are indispensable.

Strongly recommended.
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on 15 September 2007
Superb book !! I can see myself using this book for years there are tons of techniques to learn, explained simply with lots of pictures making it great for quick reference. I teach flash animation and will be recommending that all my students buy this book !!
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on 22 February 2008
You don't really need an advanced knowledge of Flash to use this book. How to cheat in flash is very, very good. It is targetted mostly at cartoon animators rather than users that will want to do Action Scripting, presentation or web development. This book will guide you through from start to finish for a lot of basic animation techniques and provides a good insight into how to implement your own ideas. it also gives instruction on how to perform commands etc on both the Windows and Mac. Again, I would only recommend this book if you are into cartoon animation mainly, otherwise there are probably better books out there.
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on 4 November 2007
A great little book that is a pleasure to open and read. Well illustrated and presented - a book with high production values. The title (forget the cheating bit) describes the contents perfectly - The art of design and Animation - the knowledgeable author teaches great Flash techniques.

A great addition to your flash library.
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on 10 December 2007
Firstly I would like to say that when I reviewed this book a few weeks ago there was a post which thankfully has been removed.
Basically it dismissed this book because it suggested that it helps you 'cheat'
I for one am glad I wasn't put off because this book is fantastic!! It covers everything that you will need to know.
From design styles and basic drawing to using video and audio.
It even tackles action scripting very cool! this book is going to save me so much time only wish I had stumbled across it sooner
there's even a cd with the different graphics so you can play around when your reading this book.
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on 19 February 2008
Its a good book, but no good for begginers.
It assumes you already know where things are and how to do some things.
If your just learning how to use flash (as I am) this is not the book for you.
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on 8 December 2008
Someone said above it's too technical if you are a beginner. If by beginner you don't know how to open panels, use the drawing tools, change line colours etc then this book wont tell you how to do that stuff (as he says in the book that's what the adobe help files are for) which is why I love it.

I get so bored reading intricately detailed instructions from other books such as classroom in a book series ie "....click here, select that, paste that, open this window, if you don't know how to then do this....", this book assumes you know how to navigate your way around Flash and just lets you know how to achieve what you want to acheive.

You can use it from beginning to end or skip to the character chapters, drawing chapters etc etc. Each chapter is more advanced than the previous, and when I say advanced I don't mean code or anything (not found any in it so far) just that maybe masks comes after drawing, creating 3D like drawings comes after 2D drawing etc.

This is more like a workbook you'd get at school, gorgeously laid out with lovely graphics and not too much text. That's what adds to it's greatness.

A must-have for anyone who gets bored easily with the standard Flash textbooks.
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on 22 September 2015
Some good tips for learners
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on 20 October 2014
good product. good price.
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