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on 9 August 2017
Great sound, comfortable with good sized ear cups. Unfortunately this product is let down on two fronts. First the replaceable parts and the inline amp are gimmicks with nothing to add that you wouldn't set and forget, but second and most important the build quality here is poor, especially the mic, which is not only badly made but doesn't even give good quality speech in the first place. Mine went bad after 8 months, crackling awfully whenever the boom shifted, then started losing electrical connection in its 1/4" socket a couple of months later, before dying completely. This is a lot of money for poor build quality. Avoid.
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on 18 June 2015
Where do l begin!!!???

Well l bought these for my Xbox ONE (you need the adapter to use mic) and l have tested them on a variety of different games, COD, BF4 and Hardline, The Witcher 3, Halo The Master Chief Collection and even on the Gears of War Ultimate Edition beta at the time of writing this review and the sound quaility is awesome ect but if l wanted to hear, gunfire, explosives, jets, helicopters, tanks louder ect l would just turn my TV up or use my X-Rocker gaming chair they do pick up foosteps but rarely and if they do they are hard to pinpoint! I have already been killed so many times due to being unable to hear where the enemy is running from behind, to the side of me on all different types of ground wether its concrete, grass, rocky, snow, steel steps or walkways and if l do hear them than l found it hard to pinpoint where the enemy was and in one example l didnt know if he was above or below turns out above came down steps and knifed me this was on bf4 (domination) l thought that was the hole point in gaming headsets too hear an enemy coming towards you and get that extra advantage apparently not anymore so dont buy if your wanting to hear footsteps.
I also have a pair of TB X12s with the TB Dolby Surround Sound proccessor and think they are better than the Astro A40+mixamp for gaming (but still rarely hear footsteps) and for in partys the X12s and DSS are much better you can balance the sound more fairly compared to mixamp. I can barely hear my mate speak on the A40+mixamp cos the game is so loud and unable to balance the sound on the mixamp the big volume button is for game and chat the small button is for balancing the game and chat volume which it fails to achieve you turn the dial towards the party chat the game dies way to low if you turn it the other way you will not hear whoever is in your party! Its so unbalanced!

Trust me and save your cash, dont believe the huge hype about gaming headsets and hearing footsteps. I personally dont care if you feel more like your on the battlefield using a headset or more in the game they are not worth the price your paying for too hear the game sounds more crisp and realistically as if your in the game. I want to hear more of whats within my surroundings not two tanks blasting each other away at the other side of the map.

The headset usage for music or playing at night time with noise cancelling headset like the A40s are probally their only value unless you like to feel your in the game. I personally find all the noise rather distracting.

So its upto you and spend alot of cash on these but l would recommend a cheaper headset that are dolby surround that do the same job for less cash.
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on 10 November 2014
Bought this headset direct from the Astro website. Audio great, Mic pretty good and the Mix Amp is the most amazing thing ever. My only fault with this headset is that the mute button is so annoying! It is so easy to slide the switch that it happens by just moving against your shirt occasionally which means I have to check it after every game. I have said some embarrassing sh** in games because I thought I was muted. I have also had conversations with myself thinking that my friends could actually hear me.
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on 16 September 2014
The left earphone was hanging by thin cables and the audio in the right earphone had no audio. The microphone didn't work. I pretty much just paid £138 (inc. p&p) for a mix amp, and those are only £50-£60.
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on 21 April 2016
Im kind of disappointed with this headset, the sound is amazing for music althought the surround pinpoint accuracy isnt that good in games like call of duty sometimes im guessing where the enemy is, my trustworthy turtle beach px5's win by far for the accuracy of the surround sound department , if you're thinking of getting the astros for sound whoreing on call of duty then i would skip these and try something else for gaming the astros sound like a high quality stereo headset.
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on 21 February 2015
I bought this headset from a local store and the experience I have has with them is very bad for the price tag. In terms of the build quality they are good and they are not lacking in features however when using the USB with PC it works terribly and makes insane static. So if you use it without the Mix Amp taking away all of the features that make it the 'good' headset that it is meant to be and it delivers mid range speaker quality, very low end microphone quality, I purchased a better solution for £4 from trust microphones. The only positive thing with PC is the comfort and build quality. And addressing its performance on Xbox, from my experience the microphone is still terrible however the ease of set up is nice and is much better than some other solutions i have used like the Turtle Beach X12. The sound quality is also OK on Xbox due to it using an optical cable rather than the USB but if you turn the volume up on the dial much past halfway you are going to get a load of static. So if you want my opinion on whether to get this I would tell you to go against it and get the Hyper X Clouds, they provide much better quality at a lower price however lack some features of the MixAmp Pro
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on 10 June 2015
no problem!
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on 8 July 2013
I chose these headphones as the sound quality and voice chat were said to be exceptional. The sound is indeed superb, you can hear details i never knew were there before but unfortunately the voice chat hardly works on BF3 PS3 (which was the principle reason i bought this headset) - to hear your squad/teammates you must turn the balance of voice/game sound almost entirely to voice and then turn the master volume level right up.
Additionally, for a headset in the £200 price range, i was disappointed to find they have foam instead of leather cushioning on the ear cups. I would suggest caution when considering this headset and only purchase if these failings do not alter your reasons for considering them.
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on 14 March 2014
my son says this product is very good so i am taking his word and giving it a 5 star rating.
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