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Captain Phillips [DVD] [2013]
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on 4 December 2016
If I could add a few stars to the Film Rating I would. Tom Hanks is better than Outstanding as the Primary Hostage, and gave an astonishing performance; that superbly captured the the tension, drama, and complexity of what to us mere humans was an impossible situation. The film captures superbly the intricacies and tension involved in a fast moving hostage scenario.

It also highlights perfectly the extraordinary level of training and skills possessed by the Navy Seals. Much is written about the Navy Seals involved in this kind of situation, most of it aimed at popularist dramatisation for circulation figures. This Film however brings into sharp focus, the reality, the extrordinary level of the Navy Seals Professional Skills, and the Co-ordination required in these kinds of situations; in a way I have not seen before. It is as close to the real thing as you can get in a film

It is impossible to recommend this Film too highly. Tom Hanks is outstanding, and the whole Production Team have done an incredible job putting together a tense, realistic, record of events of a Real Life situation that took place in 2009. By the time it ends, you gain an immense respect for Tom Hanks ability as an Actor ..... but above all else, you gain a true perspective on the superb level of training and expertise possessed by the Navy Seals, and an enduring, respect for their professional skills.

Truly .... Truly ..... Outstanding ....., it is an unmissable film, run dont walk to watch it.
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on 23 April 2017
This film takes tension to a whole new place. It tells the true story of a ship hijacked by Somalis as it is en route to Mombassa. I researched the story afterwards, and pretty much what happened for real is what happened in the film. I'd read about differences in what the individual characters really did, but you know what, it's a great film, and if it's been modified a bit by Hollywood, then that's another discussion. This is tense, gripping stuff all the way, and so realistic it's like you're actually there. Totally well acted, compulsive viewing.
An Angel's Alternative
Cold Steel on the Rocks
We Are Cold Steel
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 11 February 2014
'Tom Hanks' remains among todays finest actors with many notable film role's to
his credit down the years including 'Forrest Gump' 'Cast-a-way' 'The Terminal'
and 'Saving Private Ryan' among them.
'Captain Richard Phillips' is in charge of cargo-ship 'The Alabama'
The route they have to travel takes them into the 'Somalia Basin' ships travelling
in those waters are well aware of the threat posed by 'Somalia Pirates'
The 'Alabama' travels alone through the notorious waters soon drawing the attention
of the 'Pirates'
The ship initially out-runs the pursuing hijackers, however they come again...........
this time they board.
The Captain has ordered lock-down, however the Pirates insist on searching the
vessel to locate the crew who have attempted to hide from the intruders.
The Captain does all he can to protect them
The film shifts up a gear when events take a turn when a trade-off leaves the Captain
in a hostage situation.
Things are going to become desperate for the hostage and hijackers alike.
Based on real events--the film is a tense affair, edge of your seat stuff indeed.
An outstanding performance from 'Tom Hanks'
Superb picture and sound quality throughout.
Features include :-
Commentary with director 'Paul Greengrass'
also:- Capturing 'Captain Phillips' - 58 minutes of in-depth behind the scenes featurettes
on the making of the acclaimed film
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on 15 March 2014
First off it's a great film and a really good story.

I liked how it addresses certain issues about the pressures of the modern world and the basic instinct of survival, and young people finding their barefeet in this world. (checking for glass).

The intensity is good, The Bourne Ultimatum's director is on board, but he doesn't beat about the bush. The things I like in a film are locations, I want to be able to take in the views, landscape and scenery. I felt there was not enough of this, and the camera is hooked on the action - This also hinders the project when you consider how long the middle scene of the film is. Of course the intensity is rightly there, this is a true story afterall, but there was just no background action in play, it was full steam ahead and you do start wishing they'd... (won't spoil it).

So, this film is good and it gets the awards - true stories are enough for most, seeing them adorn the silver screen - ooh, look! That happened in reality. But I just wonder if it could've possibly yanked it's head out of 'Bourne' mode once in a while, a little something on mainland. It ends abruptly too - it's a good ending, but abrupt. Would have liked to have seen a bit more relationship between Philips and Muse, cos I really feel like there was something to follow up there, I mean it's been a few years now. When you think of Castaway and how it gently lands and gives you something to think about, I was expecting more of that - 'Scenery for thought' would be good.

But at least this film does give you something to think about, the pressures of life etc. Just wish it didn't push us off a cliff and leave us dangling! That Somalian character calling him 'Irish', you want to know more about him...
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on 18 April 2017
This is a great edge of your seat film which I will certainly watch again. I found it very disturbing with the true to life characters and wonderful performance by Tom Hanks, based on a true story
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on 8 April 2016
Good watch, but it should have been longer and more entertaining. The snipers are a bit unreal if you ask me - how you are supposed to make a very accurate shot when two boats are bobbing up and down violently is beyond my comprehension - so, a little far fetched towards the end. I'm sure the story line could have been made a lot more exciting and prolonged without compromising the budget though. I hope that these vessels are currently allowed to defend themselves with better weapons than water cannon though - otherwise there's no real deterrent against these modern day, desperate "Pirates of the Seas".
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on 3 April 2017
Very tense drama of a real life event. Although some ex-crew members have challenged the veracity Capt Phillip's account this does not stop it being a good film. Director Paul Greengrass typical no fuss almost documentary style gives space for the nuances of the situation and the central Somali character played Bharkad Abdi is allowed to be a real person and no cardboard cutout villain. Tom Hanks delivers a brave performance.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 March 2014
This is compelling viewing in part because of the superb perfomance given by Tom Hanks as the Captain of a container ship attacked by Somali pirates. The tension builds and builds troughout the film, before reaching a startling climax. The relative powerlessnes of modern technology in the face of a determined and resourceful challenge comes across througout from the ease with which the attackers could attack a massive modern ship to the constraints on the military on addressing the challenge when human lives are at stake.

This is remarkable human drama - the stresses on the Somalis are made clear too - and Tom Hank's performance is powerful, engaging, and entrirly believable.

This is a must watch film
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on 23 February 2016
Loved the video covering topical issues threatening global logistics and transportation. Tom Hanks is as good as ever plus the supporting cast, including the Somali pirates are believably scary. Watching the extras tells of the directors approach to keeping things real and actually keeping some of the cast apart until filming. This makes for genuine suspense and sympathy for the crew on the nir occupied ship. Are the Pirates a match for the highly trained navy seals and US military might? The tension is well recorded and is efge of the seats stuff.
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on 9 May 2014

Another of those films that I saw at the cinema and then immediately went on to Amazon pre-order for the DVD.

We closed the blinds and turned off all lights, one cold dark early evening, to try and create a cinema-like experience and make our 46" television look larger (!) and settled down to watch this fabulous film.

Even though we had already seen it, the tension was still palpable.

Tom Hanks is an actor who can do no wrong; always makes good choices; always puts in an amazing performance beit serious or comedy; and you know that you are in for a treat when you see his films. Probably only a few others who are in this league - Clint Eastwood, Meryl Streep, Matthew McConaughey.

Highly recommended.

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