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on 18 March 2016
Right from the start, this product has given us pleasure as it came in a box marked 'Fragile'! I bought this with a 6.5lb Spear and Jackson splitting maul to split logs from a felled tree. I am no expert, unfit and pushing 60, yet after a few tries can use this with relative ease. My first attempt at splitting was full of doubt and frustration, so I thought I was doing something wrong. I watched some films on UTube and saw that even the professionals often needed a couple of strikes before the log split and they mostly split in half. So if you are buying one of these, my top tips are:
* watch a demonstration film
* make sure your wood is dry and seasoned
* find where the wood is beginning to crack in the middle and place the wedge there
* don't worry if it takes more than one strike - trust the physics - the log WILL split as the wedge pushes it apart
* avoid large knots - they are very hard to split through
* use your maul to split smaller log wedges from your half log - they split off very easily
* let the weight of the maul do most of the work
* some wood is denser than others, so may take more work to split
Splitting logs is enjoyable, therapeutic and good exercise, so get in touch with your inner lumberjack and happy splitting!
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on 7 January 2018
This really does pack a punch, currently using it to make my way through smashing numerous stumps in my garden. Only issue is to be careful as if hit a bit off can come hurtling towards to like a rocket ( as my shins found out a few times)
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on 11 November 2017
Works very well, have split hard wood with grain going in all directions, may buy another just incase I get one stuck. You have to be prepared to hit it hard with a sledge hammer!
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on 12 November 2013
I bought this product because I'm currently in the process of turning 3 very large dead trees into a big pile of firewood for my wood burner. I usually use an axe to split smaller logs but considering some of the logs from these trees are about two feet in diameter I felt I needed something more meaty. First off a single whack of the sledgehammer saw this thing cleave clean through a chunk of wood I would have spent ages on with my axe. Feeling proud of myself and slightly macho I tried it on a knot riddled lump of oak that had defeated my axe and left my arms feeling like jelly the day before. Three solid whacks and it was split. I honestly cannot describe how easy this thing makes splitting wood, which considering its a splitting wedge I guess is a good thing. Moving along, the item is well constructed of good quality metal. It has a thin spiked tip which I was worried would bend during use but despite a huge amount of punishment the item is undamaged. The blunt end is of course now pretty scarred from repeated hits from a sledgehammer but this is merely cosmetic and the item has not split or cracked. Overall a sturdy, reliable and useful piece of equipment.
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2015
I use this in the workshop for splitting lengths of timber to use for wood turning and other wood craft products, splitting quite long lengths of hardwoods that an axe would not normally split until they have become thoroughly dry. It is effective and, used in conjunction with a secondary splitting wedge and a good sledgehammer, the timber will split along its grain with a few blows. It is not really required for seasoned firewood which normally splits easily with and axe alone.
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on 24 October 2016
I have two of these that I cannot find and needing to split a lot of logs I bought another one. This will never, IME, split a log into four pieces but the point makes it really quite easy to get started. On large logs I used it in conjunction with

That is good once there is a good crack in the wood and this grenade is good at creating that initial crack.

Best of all, because I chose Standard rather than Frustration-Free packaging I saved c. £8 - and it was just shipped in a box sealed up with tape!
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on 28 May 2017
Brilliant! I had some huge logs to split - about a foot across - and with a decent club/sludge hammer it made easy work of splitting the log into four. Now all I need to do is the rest of the log pile!
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on 1 May 2015
I needed to split some old gate posts that were solid oak and about a foot square, having used a chainsaw to cut them to log size of about eighteen inches.

Normally I'd use a maul but it just 'bounced off' as the wood was just so hard. I gave this Roughneck splitter a try and it worked a treat. I used a small hammer to get the point of the splitter started then used a sledge hammer. Took about six blows and the wood split either into two or sometimes into four, either way suitable for my word burning stove. To be recommended.
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on 30 November 2013
Received this wood splitter today and was impressed by the quality and the price. B and Q do an almost identical item for over £25.
I headed outside clutching a few logs (small admittedly at appx 1ft long with a diameter of appx 6 inches.
Applied the point to the grain and gave it a series of firm whacks with my steel lump hammer (I don't own a sledgehammer), and it split the logs efficiently, although don't expect evenly sized pieces.
Great for the fire though!
Wear goggles or some form of eye protection and, don't do what I did and carry the split/splintered logs back indoors without wearing gloves. I didn't bother and pricked my thumb. That will teach me.
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on 12 February 2012
My daughter gave me a £25 Amazon Voucher for Christmas 2011. Normally would have bought DVD's or Computer Gadgets - however with the inclement weather and the fact I had recently opened up a fireplace I hadn't used for years, I decided on cutting and splitting my own firewood/logs. I saw this item advertised in the S******x catalogue and then found it listed on Amazon. Having ordered it, the Splitting Wedge was with me in 3 days. Having now used it, I have found that using it with a sledgehammer, it is an invaluable little tool. Admitedly when you haven't swung a sledgehammer or axe for a few years, it is initially a bit strenuous on the back muscles - however when I think of how the axe used to stick in the logs, in comparison the Wood Grenade Splitting Wedge is much easier to use and much superior.
Can't understand anyone not giving this item a rave review - mind you like other Reviewers I did find it didn't split the logs in "four" as it is advertised to do - but it just means having to split the two halves again to make manageable for putting in the fire.
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