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2.1 out of 5 stars
2.1 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Change
Price:£13.55+ £2.03 shipping
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on 23 February 2014
Firstly, as another review on here states that this is 'The best Rambo game out there', I would like to correct that by reminding people that, back in the mists of antiquity (or 1985), Ocean Software made an amazing game to tie in with the release of Rambo, First Blood pt.2. for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64. In THAT game, you had a free roaming map, freedom to choose what weapons to use, destructible environments, and even early AI that encouraged stealth (use a knife or arrow, and less enemies would spawn, use guns, RPG or explosive arrows, and it became very tough, very quickly). Sure it was a little yellow splodge, viewed top down where Stallone should have been, but as a GAME to play, it was awesome.

So with such things possible 30 years, and 534480 kilobytes ago, you would think that developers today would have all they need to make a great game of the Rambo character right?


Not even the most ardent fan of the film series (of which I am an unapologetic contender), could stomach this game on any level, let alone get enjoyment from it. Of all the game style choices they could have plumbed for, why a 'rail shooter'!!?? Maybe, MAYBE, if it had been developed for, and packaged with, a Rambo light-gun, it COULD have been a cheesy bit of fun (like the Rambo III arcade game in this style that was ok), but as it is, you are left looking at the screen with confusion and anger, wondering just how anyone at Reef Entertainment could possibly think that this was even close to a good use of the concept- the idea that a group of game developers sat around and dismissed a 3rd person action game a la Splinter Cell/MGS, or a FPS, or a hybrid like the excellent Riddick games, in favour of this steaming pile of dung, is utterly unfathomable.

The graphics would not have stretched the abilities of the original Xbox/PS2, the gameplay, even as a rail-shooter, is broken, with a nasty red x-hair floating around instead of even giving you the courtesy of aiming down the gun-sights, guns that feel hugely underpowered, and so little involvement or engagement in what is happening, that it becomes dull to a level that is almost surreal.

This is LITERALLY the WORST video game I have had the displeasure of playing in the 35 years I have been gaming. The fact that it is tied to a character and concept that I am a fan of, merely compounds the misery that courses through every aspect of this title.

Oh, and to add insult to Injury, the 'free Rambo figurine' that I got for pre-ordering, is 1.5 inches tall and looks like it came out of a frikkin' Kinder Suprise!!!!

The sad thing is that I know some fans of the movies will read this review and think 'well, it cant be THAT bad can it!?...' and buy it anyway, just because its an itch they must scratch. To those good people, just remember as you put the disk in your console, I did warn you.

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on 24 February 2014
I so love Rambo movies and waited months excitedly anticipating the release of Rambo the game. Oh dear....what a disappointment. Its like some arcade game from the 80's. Its just horrible in every way. Don't believe any good reviews. No gamer would think this game is good. It is a trillion miles short of CoD or battlefield. Just save your money. This aint even worth a fiver.
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on 8 June 2014
what can I say about this game well it is not even a game it like something made for an arcade game it is bad u keep dyeing and u cant even move the person u are in the game it dues it for u and u get 5 life's this game should of not been for the Xbox 360 maybe for the pc but not for Xbox I am saying this cooz I like the movie but they did a really bad on the game I would not buy it so I would say to other people not to buy it
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on 24 February 2014
Robert DeNiro once said the biggest crime anyone could perpetrate was to have potential and squander it. I guess his school's library didn't have any books on the Holocaust, but that's beside the point - this game is a massive squandering of potential in that the source material seems a shoe-in for the videogames format. Admittedly the films moved from tense, poignant thriller (First Blood) to revisionist Vietnam history (Rambo: First Blood Part 2) to out and out anti-commie propaganda (Rambo III, and boy do I bet they regret dedicating it to the brave fighters of Afghanistan now!), but they were entertaining, largely well made, had great set-pieces and kick-butt scores by Jerry Goldsmith (who once said "what can I say about Rambo? It bought my house...")

So, lots of great stuff to work that would make a great first person stealth/shooter. Unfortunately, what we gets is an on-rails, blocky travesty - a light gun game that forgets such things need a light gun. It's not like it hasn't been tried, with Men in Black And Heavy Fire already blighting the 360 as harsh lessons that this format simply doesn't work. That said, even this development team have avoided the fourth movie,in which Stallone has transformed from his "condom stuffed with walnuts" look to something akin to tenderised meat (nothing wrong with getting older of course, but by God don't try to rekindle lost flames!)

Some of the levels are potentially quite good, and the ones that use Goldsmith's original movie scores are given a boost of quality just by that addition (quite why they didn't use them all the way through is another WTF question mark given they obviously have the licence...)

Perhaps the greatest curiosity is in the scoring system, which even with near perfect skill still rarely affords you anything close to the hallowed three stars. This said, there is a glitch that allows infinite rage (slow-mo with infinite ammo and health regeneration) that makes most levels a breeze, and is so useful it's probably dev-included and leaked. Add in the heavy machine guns unlockable In the Trautman challenges and the game is kind of fun, but only if you have no moral objection to what is effectively a cheat (Rambo believes a man's best weapon is his mind, but in this case it is a M60...)

So, caveat emptor good games buyers of Amazon - this really IS that bad! You may think that it must have something going for it, but as Colonel Trautman says in Rambo III, "God would have mercy... He won't". Same here sadly.
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on 5 March 2014
First off, let’s get real – this is a budget game offered at a budget price. So let’s set our expectations accordingly.

The first time I read about this game I knew that I had to have it – I mean come on, I get to be John Rambo in a video game! Being developed by REEF, and seeing some of the trailers, my expectations were fairly low. Even hearing that it was an ‘on-rails’ shooter couldn’t discourage me.

Then it arrived, I eagerly installed it to my HDD (yes, all 2 GB of it), and loaded it up. As soon as I heard the music I couldn’t wait to hit start! Anyway, for the first 3 or so hours, I cursed my love for the Rambo franchise; I hated it. Even on easy difficulty it was brutal and I couldn’t finish it! But that is where some of the other aspects of the game kick in.

While playing the story, you earn experience points which can be used to upgrade your health, light weapons, heavy weapons, grenades and wrath. Now even when you reach level 20 you still only have 19 upgrade points, so you cannot have all 25 upgrades activated at the same time. Luckily these points can be redistributed in the main menu to suit the level you are playing. As you level up, you also unlock extra ‘perks’. You start off only being able to equip 1 perk at a time, and by the time you get to level 10 or 11, you can equip 3 at once. The perks range anywhere from 5% health regain for headshots, to dishing out 25% extra damage, wrath burning 10% more slowly, or gaining an extra 10% XP to go towards levelling up. From memory, there are about 30 different perks. Again, you will want to choose different perks based on the level you are playing.

In Addition to this, you also have Trautman Challenges, which you can unlock better weapons to use on any level. An example of a Trautman Challenge is to complete one of the levels using only the bow and knife (stealth style).

You also have a level select where you can choose to replay any of the levels you have unlocked on either easy, medium or hard (Green Beret) difficulty. And let me tell you that without some of those perks, upgrades and unlocked weapons, Green Beret is going to be challenging! (on easy you get unlimited retries per level, on medium 5, and on hard, 3).

You can also play 2 player couch co-op (didn’t try it myself) and there is a Leaderboard section showing you your ranking and giving you all of your stats as well (kill, headshots, KPM, time played etc).

None of the achievements appear to be glitched (I managed to get the full 1000)

The graphics are not the best, but they do seem to get better as you progress through the game from First Blood to Rambo III. There also seems to be a filter applied to First Blood Part 2 that is intentional and makes it look a bit more gritty. As you can imagine there is quite a lot of blood and violence. The sound is obviously excellent, with sound clips of the voices taken from the films, and the music is true to the films as well.

Now onto the gameplay. As I said earlier, for the first 3 hours or so I hated it, then all of a sudden, something clicked and I just ‘got it’. I changed the aiming from automatic to manual, and reduced the sensitivity all the way down to about 20 (from 50!). Now I was getting somewhere. I was able to get through all of the levels on easy difficulty, barely. But then you start to look at your scores and question if you are playing the game right or not? I mean on the first level the first time I got about 250,000 points. The target score for 2 stars was 1,000,000 and 3 stars was 1,500,000!! And when you really start to look at it, the scoring system really is quite complex. You get extra points for headshots, and extra points for kill chains (kills within 5 seconds of each other). You get extra points for perfect QTEs and prefect reload combos. You get extra points for wrath combos, and not dying. At the end of each level you get multipliers based on the difficulty and you KPM (kills per minute) ratio. Taking all of these things in to consideration is the key to getting the best possible scores in the levels, and getting the magical 3 stars (even if it seems impossible to begin with). This game really is a lot more tactical than just shooting stuff.

Once I had the full 1000 and thought I had got everything from the game that I could, my playtime read in at about 15 hours. Not too shabby compared to others here saying they finished it in 3 hours and n3ever went back.

Granted, it is not the best game ever made, but I you are a Rambo fan, you will probably get some enjoyment out of it. As you can tell I actually quite liked it after I had given it a chance.

I realise this is a pretty long review, but there were just far too many saying ‘OMG worst game ever!’ without every really giving it the chance. There is enjoyment to be had with this game, I can promise you that.

What I can say for sure is that this game will make you want to sit down and watch the trilogy again at the very least ;)
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on 24 February 2014
The title of this review is nowhere near as bad as the game, the positive reviews must be from the people that made this crap. Stay away
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on 15 March 2014
Has to be the worst game ever!! Graphics are on par with the sega mega drive from the 90's! I don't even know how they got away with putting this crap for sale! DO NOT BUY! You will highly REGRET IT! I'm a massive Rambo fan myself, but this has destroyed it for me! Poor graphics, poor game.. A waste of time and breath!
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on 12 March 2014
This is the worst game I have ever come anywhere near, its so poor you cant even move the character around you have to wait to be moved when you have shot everybody, whoever produced this game should be ashamed....
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on 15 March 2014
this is one of the worst games I have ever bought. the movement is intermittent with the weapons, it will be traded in in the near future. The write up on the net is similar to my comment
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on 25 February 2014
There is nothing good about this game. Graphics are bad. Gameplay is bad. The audio sounds like it was recorded is with child's toy.
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